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  1. Stock. Tyres freshly changed Michelin PS4 35 PSI
  2. Ok so I followed your advice on tracking my FC. I pumped full tank and noted my mileage :102541km. I drove until nearly empty and noted my new mileage at the petrol station : 102933km. Therefore I had driven 392 km since the last full tank pumping. I pumped full tank again and noted it took 54.81 litres to reach full tank, ie my car consumed that much petrol in covering that 392km. Per my calculations, my actual FC is 13.98L/100 km!!!! I went to Hybrid Automotive to run a diagnostics on my hybrid system and got a clean bill of health. No error codes noted. Sparkplugs all changed 2 weeks ago. Fresh Michelin PS4 tyres installed around the same time, pressure 35psi all corners. Tomorrow I'm sending my car to Borneo for troubleshooting. Wish me luck Bros.
  3. Should I go back to Borneo to troubleshoot the issue with the high FC since they probably have the most experience with the GS450h or should I go with the external WS that specializes in hybrids? Currently I have no idea where in the engine/drivetrain lies the cause of the high FC. It may not even be the hybrid portion for all I know. I worry that BM kneejerk reaction is to replace wholesale while the hybrid specialist has vested interest to diagnose a hybrid problem and then try to sell me on an expensive hybrid battery change.
  4. I don't have any check engine light so far. I actually called HEVshop and they quoted me around 5000 for a complete battery pack replacement!!! But I googled and checked youtube and apparently there are DIYs for just replacing individual cells of the battery pack since the Lexus GS shares the same Ni-Cad battery cells as the Prius and these cells are plentiful and relatively cheap. Also, lots of times, the battery doesn't need replacing , just that the terminal and metal parts get oxidized and a simple removal of the rust and oxidation may significantly improve the performance of the old battery cells. Of course it's not realistic for me to DIY such a thing but that made me check if there are WS in SG that do such things : Soooo...... apparently there is this hybrid car workshop in SG, Hybrid Automotive that does battery reconditioning and selective cell replacement. I wonder whether going that route is better and cheaper but I also read that if 1 cell goes, the other cells are also close to failing so it might be more labor and cost effective to replace the entire battery pack. Aiyoh, headaches....
  5. Thanks to all for the advice so far. One big concern on mine is the hybrid battery replacement. My FC is right now 12L/km but I read and heard that the usual FC should be 10L/km or less. Does that mean the cells of the battery are not functioning properly? Should I pre-emptively replace the battery? But the battery is really expensive. If and when it come time to replace the battery, should I go with Borneo or approach an outside shop that specialises in hybrids?
  6. So I decided to renew COE of my 2009 GS450h and sent the car to a outside workshop for evaluation and 100k service/overhaul. The mechanic informed me that the front bushings/shock absorbers were worn out and needed replacing. Also my tyres which are Michelin Super Sports were cracking and needed replacing ASAP. He also advised to change the 6 spark plugs since it was 100K and also advised me to de-carbonize the engine as de-carbonizing would help the engine power and FC He offered to source all the parts for servicing as well as the parts that needed to be replaced (bushings and shock absorbers). But he also told me if I wanted to get the parts myself, he would be OK with just doing the labour. Should I source the parts myself? Is there a reliable cheap Lexus stockist who can get me the right parts? Should I also get the Michelin tyres myself or let the workshop source everything (tyres/bushings/shocks/spark plugs) and save myself the time and stress? Lastly, how useful is de-carbonizing the engine?
  7. I've owned the car since 2014. Quite sure it's genuine mileage since BM has the service records. I was thinking of getting a used ES300h or another newer used GS450h if I decide to scrap. If not another hybrid, maybe a used normal ES/GS. Never really checked in real life but the car computer says around 12L/100km for FC.
  8. Afternoon to all the Lexus owners here. I would really appreciate some advice. I own a 2009 GS450h hybrid and I am considering whether to scrap the car or renew the COE. If renewing COE, whether to renew for 5 years or 10 years. Mileage of the car is 100,000 km. I have serviced the car quite regularly with Borneo. I've thought about it for some weeks now but still unclear of the overall pros vs cons of scrapping and buying another car vs renewing COE. Any input, wisdom, fresh ideas and past experience from the members here would be dearly appreciated.
  9. Natnut

    Corolla Hatch/Auris launched at Geneva 2018

    The recent reviews from US, Australia and UK are quite good, some saying that the new Auris /Corolla hatchback has Golf like ride and handling.
  10. Natnut

    KIA Stinger GT

    If I was the owner of a yellow stinger, I would just drive the car for a few years, then bring the car to the manufacturer for a complete respray under the official recall conditions. Voila! A practically brand new exterior for free without expensive polishing and self-maintenance. Sounds like a free lunch for Yellow Stinger owners.
  11. Natnut

    KIA Stinger GT

    This engine has been in existence in Kia-Hyundai cars for years especially in Korea and USA. The Hyundai Genesis G80 Sport sells in the USA with this engine and furthermore is covered with a 10 year warranty in the USA. USA warranty laws and lemon laws are very strict and consumer oriented. You can be damn sure that any problems with the 3.3T engine within the 10 yr period and the law will come down firmly on the consumer's side. Basically, Kia/Hyundai must have over-engineered this engine for longevity as no manufacturer wants to lose money doing expensive buybacks and engine replacements under warranty.
  12. Natnut

    Opel Insignia 2017

    If I'm not wrong, Astra is built in Poland while Insignia is built in Russelheim Germany. Hopefully, that means better build quality.
  13. Natnut

    Opel Insignia 2017

    What was their initial offer and did they hint at what price they would consider seriously?
  14. Natnut

    Opel Insignia 2017

    So has anyone bought the 2litre turbo with AWD? Any longterm feedback on this car?
  15. Natnut

    The 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia

    Apparently, the true selling price of the Veloce is 220K (after haggling). Still a bit too pricey considering it's a new model entrant into Singapore, with a brand that's notoriously unreliable and with poor resale.