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Found 104 results

  1. Mikeyfingers

    Disc brakes vs Drum brakes

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone can help me? Would like to know the diff betw disc brakes and drum brakes. Thinking of changing the rear drum brakes on my ride to disc brakes. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Nash10

    Road Tax Disc

    Just curious..is it neccessary to display the road tax disc?
  3. Surf2004

    Change Disc Rotors

    Hi, my steering wheel vibrates when I brake at 100km/hr. Likely warped disc rotors though less than 2 yrs old. My brake pads are 60% used. Should I change brake pads when I change disc rotors ?
  4. Franwilliam

    Brake disc skimming

    Hi guys, Does anyone knows a workshop that can do skim brake disc with a good price? My is starting to vibrate when I brake from high speed..If you guys happen to know please share the info..Thank alot in advance and have a Merry Xmas to y'all William
  5. Therock610

    Advance BBK

    Any bros installed Advance 4 pot BBK from Jxxp Chee? Need your feedback, TIA
  6. Dear All, I came across this article and this is an innovative way to save our lives! Maybe this is the a way MCFers can campaign to use these in all cars. However, we need to be wary of personal details being left in the car. I am not sure if address is necessary. What do you all think? http://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/11540658.Police_come_up_with_imaginative_new_use_for_tax_disc_holder/?ref=mr POLICE have dreamt up a new use for the licence disc holders that every car carries on its windscreen - one which could save lives. The switch from paper tax discs for cars to the new electronic version has meant that the familiar transparent plastic envelopes have become obsolete - but PC Dave Wise and colleagues have thought up a new use for them. They have come up with an emergency contact information and medical alert card. PC Wise said: "This is a really useful replacement for your tax disc. if a driver is involved in a collision or has a medical emergency whilst at the wheel, a first responder will have easy access to vital medical information and we can quickly contact next of kin. "The way the disc folds in on itself means all the information is kept private until needed by emergency services personnel." The policing team, based in Malvern, Worcestershire, put the template for the form on their Twitter account, @MalvernCops. It can be easily printed out, cut out, filled in, folded up and placed in the holder. "We will be linking in with local ambulance and fire commanders to make them aware of this initiative so they can be on the lookout for these emergency contact discs," said PC Wise.
  7. Aaronlkl

    Rotora brake disc

    Anyone know where to buy rotora brake disc?
  8. Hi, my season parking electronic disc can't stick on the windowscreen cos the rubber pcs gone....I saw some drivers use the plastic disc holder that stick on the windscreen...anyone know where to get and how much ? Thanks
  9. My car has reached 50,000km+, I will be changing the disc pad, but should I change the disc rotor too? what is the disc rotor lifespan? What if I don't change the disc rotor? what is the consequence? will it crack? C&C quoted $1900 to replace the pad + rotor. What is the difference between the original Merc and OEM rotors?
  10. alamak...........just bought 02 Blu Ray and while playing....my sony Blu Ray player appears the message
  11. Hi all, Can any bros here recommend me a workshop to replace brake disc (Honda Ody RB1)? The problem is that when my car starts to move after it was parked for a few hours and when I stepped on the brakes gradually, there is an irritating squeaking sound coming out from my brakes. I replaced the brake pads (original) but still the problem occurs so I was thinking of changing my brake disc. Thanks alot.
  12. Why some cars have drum brakes and why some cars have disc brakes? Which one is actually better?
  13. Which one will you choose? paint ur calipers? - did it before, now and then re-coat till paint too thick. not easy to clean cause brake dust like to stick deep into the high temp paint... brake covers? - plus point cleaning is so much easier! but many say calipers cant breath... silicon might fall off... made in china ones might melt... screw or rivet might damage or weaken calipers... worse is tat cover so big disc so small look funny... like poser... wat u think? upgrade disc to slotted or drilled - logically better performance? but daily stop go traffic in SG my friends use say pads finish faster... hmmmm... true? upgrade disc and rotors - unless you get ENDLESS or SPOON or Brembo or a good brand (means very expensive) cheaper one i have heard stories of excessive pad wear, leak, loose, not a perfect fit etc... haiz... So i thought, just spray a nice coat of high temp paint... then it wont look like poser / fake... BUT then i saw this shop in JB had this endless brake cover and my it looked good... really having 2nd thoughts now... i checked on the net (cgi.ebay.com.sg/RED-ENDLESS-Caliper-cover-kit)...and found out thailand does soooooo many types... think i might... just might.. maybe will try the brake covers... anyone knows where to get in SG? the latest endless types...
  14. Kelvinlev

    DVD disc creation

    Hi, all. Have tried many ways to burn music video to DVD, but its either encountering error in the midst or even if disc successfully completed, the created disc was not able to be played on player. I.e. 1)Music video downloaded from youtube, 2)Convert into DVD format, in this case, the format is DVD NTSC, correct me if I'm wrong 3)Using some software to create the DVD with the converted video format Lastly, my aim is to allow the disc to be played on my car audio/dvd player, or even in home dvd player. Would like to be advised by experts here......in case I did the incorrect way or have missed any possible step. Much thanks!!!!
  15. After 33Kkm, I think that my brake rotor disc is warpped (New set of tyres with balancing and allignment). Steering vibrant during high speed. Has anyone claim it under warranty from PI workshop? I claimed before from Honda AD during warranty period. From AD, normally they just change a new set of disc. I am not sure how easy to claim from PI's workshop. My PI workshop is Spark Care Centre. Maybe PI's workshop just do the skimming? Thx in adv for sharing.
  16. 1. Oil light came on. Check engine oil level and the engine oil level is OK. So not due to oil running low. 2, Oil light came on and persist. So took car to a workshop in Ubi for repair. 3. Mechanic jacked up car ....found oil sump leaking....gasket failed. So need to remove oil sump for new gasket and sealant. And need to change oil pressure switch. So left car at the workshop for repair, includes Engine Oil change service and to collect in the evening. Boss of workshop sms later: Hi Sir, tis is from the Workshop. Our man is checking through the car during servicing n find your clutch wearing out soon. Based on the wear rate, the vehicle milage should be approximately 140-150K. THe clutch pedal is giving quite a bit of squeaking sound as a result. Would U like to replace it? Thks. Is it possible to see the clutch disc or plate worn out through the oil sump removal and through the Flywheel?
  17. I need some advice from expert here. After washing the car immediately drive to park (MSCP). The next day, start the car and want to drive. Release hand brake. Put to "D". Car would not move. Press on the accelerator still would not move. Can feel that the break is biting on the disc. Need to press accelerator harder. A loud "Dong" sounds like now the "glue" is broken. Car suddenly jerk forward abit (now I have to step on brake). After that car can drive as normal. Its like the brake pad stick to the disc when it is wet after washing. And remain stick to the dick after one day and glued to it. This only happen after washing car and park for one day. Anybody experience this ?
  18. Tzarh1974

    Disc rotor for Gen 2

    Hi All...i was quoted total of 380myr for replacing 1 disc rotor and rear brake pad. Issit like sibei ex?
  19. Hi guyz would like to know wat i can do if i accidentally threw away my new road tax disc? appreciate any info given~!!! thank u!
  20. Mydotcom

    Smoking disc brakes

    Hi all, I'd just changed my 2 front wheel's brake rotor and brake pads 2 weeks ago. Encountered something weird today... Was travelling along ECP when I suddenly needs to jam brake (Not e-brake kind of jam brake, but the step hard on brake kind of jame brake). I can hear a sharp screeching sound, but car managed to slowed down as per expected. When I reached the carpark shortly after that, I realised that 1 of my front wheel has smoke coming out of it. could it be due to the semi-hard braking I just did ? Or could it be something more ?
  21. Why is there a scratch line on the disc rotor? brake pads still very thick, mileage only 13k km Is there anything I should do?
  22. Wt_know

    Disc Brake Quiet

    hi, where can i buy this CRC DISC BRAKE QUIET ? autobacs ? is there other brand of disc brake quiet that you would recommend ? thanks !
  23. The conversion cost like 1.4k and above, but I do not see many on the road, especially Honda Fit, Airwave or other rear drum cars.
  24. I was told by the shop opposite of p-- ---g that he can skim and slot lines (groove lines) on my odyssey front rotor disks brakes. He's charging for this work for $150 for both disks. Brand new slotted disk is $200+ per piece. My disks brakes have travelled about 39K km. But my questions for this process are : 1. Are my disk brakes able to perform after skimming and slotted of lines? 2. Can the OEM disk brakes able to stand the braking after skimming and slotted of lines? 3. Is this process worth or are there better solutions coz not willing to spend on 4 or 6 pot? Please advise. Thanks.