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  1. Darn! my less than a year old Kia hit by stone again on NSH. There's a small star crack at the center bottom of the windscreen. Should I repair it or just send to Kia to file for claim to change it?
  2. Hi. I have just created a thread above. I would like to find out how to put in a request to change the title to Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 and Driving Assists - Technical, Features & Use I have just found out that TSS and Driving Assists are different. TIA.
  3. my ride is coming to 2 yrs so wondering if I should change battery or tyres? my prev ride kenna battery die 2 times but that was after 2 yrs close to 3 yrs
  4. What's your servicing interval for your car (within warranty or after warranty) for oil change? 5000km for fully synthetic motor oil or 10,000km as industrial standard practice? Which oil should you use? 5W30/5W40/5W50?
  5. Wonder how many people changes their ATF regularly? I do so every 40K.
  6. Hi, my steering wheel vibrates when I brake at 100km/hr. Likely warped disc rotors though less than 2 yrs old. My brake pads are 60% used. Should I change brake pads when I change disc rotors ?
  7. Per the subject, would you do it? (ok, it's only MY, not that 'foreign') Went with family for a short trip to JB after Christmas, and actually did it. It started with a trip to AEON Tebrau on day 2 of our trip. It was in any case more for wife and kids to do some shopping, and I had just had dental procedure done few days ago so didn't quite enjoy the trip as my tooth was still in some discomfort. On the way back to our car at the MSCP, and as we opened the boot to put in the shopping bags, from behind a tall vehicle (i think it was another SUV) parked behind us, suddenly there was a woman who came over (she - and her car parked a few vehicles after the SUV - was blocked by the SUV so we didn't notice her at all when approaching our car), and started asking in Mandarin whether we know how to change tyre, and that she (she used 'they') needed help with it as she/they were not sure how to do it... To be honest, i was initially really skeptical of it, with thoughts of different types/ways of scams starting to form at the back of my mind. I didn't even take note of her accent (which turned out to be Singaporean) as my defence mechanism automatically came out... But at that moment somehow decided to do some good if possible - maybe hoping to accumulate some good karma since my tooth has been giving me problems lately... 😅 So i followed her to her car, with my wife few steps behind me - just to make sure i won't be abducted, maybe 🤣 It was just i think 3 cars away, and when we reached there, saw that the boot was opened (so i didn't see the number plate), a guy was squatting on the rear left tyre there trying to use the tools to loosen the tyre's nut, and there was a spare tyre, a baby seat and loads of stuff (presumably removed from the boot before the spare tyre could be taken out) on the floor nearby. There was also a little girl, maybe 5-7 yr old playing around. The guy was clearly sweating already, so it looks like it's a bona fide case of desperately needing help... They explained that they couldn't loosen the nuts and they didn't know whether it was clockwise or anti-clockwise... and asked if i know and could help. Well, i don't do it everyday, but had at least done it a few times over the few decades of driving, so i told him it's anti, and proceeded to step on the L-shaped tool (what's the name...) latched onto the nut. But it was really very tight, and i couldn't move it, even when stepping on it... Good thing my 17-yr-old son - who's taller and heavier than me - was around, and i called him over to jump on the tool, and then came the lovely 'kiak-kiak-kiak' loud noise, which frightened them, but (i told them) was the sound of the nut loosening. So my son managed to do it. At this point, there were about 6-7 Malays who went towards the 2 cars parked next to mine, and were about just behind this one, and a couple of them said that they had seen the tyre being flat when they arrived earlier... I acknowledged a bit and continued with the 'rescue'. Later my wife told me that the two were SG cars too. After another about 20 min or more, managed to loosen all the nuts and removed the flat tyre, and then fixed the spare one in. The guy was busy tightening the nuts back, and i stressed to them not to speed too much when on the spare tyre, and seeing that they could manage on their own already, i proceeded with my son to go back to the mall's toilet to wash our dirty hands. They thanked us profusely as we left, and my wife mentioned that they are Singaporeans - at which point i also felt they sounded Singaporean... As i walked back to the car, i walked to the front, and indeed saw that it was a SG-registered Altis. When i got back to our car and drove off, wife said that she chatted with the woman while waiting for us, and when they intro themselves, they actually shared a common middle name, plus they actually stay at Hougang, which is not far from us... what a coincidence. Oh, apart from the 5-7 yr-old girl who was playing around, apparently there was another younger girl in a child seat inside the car. Good that we managed to help a fellow Singaporean who was in trouble away from home. Just sharing...
  8. Hi, W.R.T the photo attached, is the track still ok? Thought the side a bit botak already. Been rolling for slightly more than 40k already. It's GR-90
  9. hi there, nowadays banks charge $1-$1.50 per $50 of $1 coins. That's 3% for changing s'pore money for s'pore money. bros and sis, do anyone know of where to get/change $1 for FOC(if have)? thanks for the suggestions.
  10. With sub-micron particles continually sucked in through the filter into the engine, would it be advisable to change engine oil and the filter more often?
  11. Hi Anyone got contact for reliable lobang to change sink faucet with mixer including the tap ?
  12. Hi Guys, Do you know what is the problem ? Anything wrong with gearbox, clutch or the manual transmission fluid ? Last weekend, I went to the workshop for my 40K servicing and got my manual transmission fluid drain and re-filled. According to the mechanic, its the same spec (but different brand) as my factory fill (W90). However, occasionally I noticed that there are difficultly when I try to engage my into my 1st gear. Sometimes have to force it in or re-clutch and re-engage. Changing gears also seem abit "clunky". Strangely, 3rd, 4th & 5th gear is quite smooth. Do you think I should change my manual transmission fluid again (to a more reputable brand) ? Thanks in advance.
  13. Hello all, Just to seek some opinions and advise from MCF members and experience professional. I've just committed to an AD for a new car, and here comes my dilemma... The car comes with a 18' matte/silver colored rims and I do not like the color. I've always been fan of shinny chrome rims as it is easy to clean and wash daily. Is it advisable to purchase a new set of chrome rims (same size 18') and use back the tyres, or it is better to keep the OEM rims and have them chromed so that the performance is not wrongly compromised by the newly purchased chrome rims? If the latter is true, then where in SG can get this service for chroming the rims? TIA
  14. Some car workshops use the vacuum method to suck out the engine oil from the dip stick hole. Is this an effective method of removing sludge from the old engine oil? Or is the convenntional method of allowing the engine oil to drip from the undercarriage a more effective method of removing the majority of the old engine oil?
  15. A post about a customer who refused to pay after a battery replacement workshop rendered its services has gone viral online. Spotted on its own facebook page, FastFix Car Battery Replacement Service explained how the whole issue came about. It wrote in its post that its client, Mr C, reached out to them saying that he needed help as his car could not start. After listening to the symptoms the car showed( car still cranks and aircon is not as strong as before), the workshop concluded that it needed a new battery. However, upon reaching Mr C, whose car was parked in the CBD and hence the need to pay for ERP charges, the guys from FastFix realised that it wasn't the battery that needed replacing. Concluding that there was nothing the guys from FastFix could do to help, Mr C was then asked to pay for the labour fee that had been pointed out before in their Whatsapp conversation. Unfortunately, Mr C disagreed and refused to pay the $50 that they had agreed on as nothing has been done to his Kia. There was not much FastFix could do which probably prompted them to 'share their story' of the client on their facebook page. Here are some of the notable comment in the post.
  16. Hi all, I think many know that Scoot does not allow cancellations or refunds. However, apparently they have a partnership with ChangeYourFlight.com that allows some flexibility in this aspect. Anyone tried using before? I attached a screenshot of the options presented to me. Apparently I can request different amount of refund, with a decreasing probability of success. Anyone tried to request max before and succeeded? https://www.flyscoot.com/en/fly-scoot/before-you-fly/change-your-flight
  17. Hi bro, I am driving a silver car and intend to wrap the whole car black. Do i need approval from LTA or just inform LTA? There is no information on LTA site. Thanks in advance. Rgds
  18. How to change vehicle ownership from father to son? I call lta. Lta say must change insurance. I call car insurance, insurance say must change vehicle ownership at lta first.
  19. Rule change allows car buyers to access bigger loans https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/rule-change-allows-car-buyers-to-access-bigger-loans
  20. Dear All – Hope all is well. It has been a while since I start a new thread. I need some advices on tyre change. I have sleepless nights. I am currently driving a manual Avante 1.6L car. Just this Saturday (4th May) I just changed my 2 old tyres (Kumho) installed in the front, to 2 new one (BFGoodRich Advantage T/A) My previous Kumho was changed on 11 July 2015 at a Mileage or 39800km Last Saturday 4th May 2019, I went to one workshop to request for a tyre rotation service because last November when I went to Komoco to service, they refuse to rotate for me because they told me my Kumho tyres are getting bald head (BOTAK), 2 words from them "NO POINT". In the end under Mechanic’s advice last Saturday (in Bukit Merah Lane), I changed Kumho to BFGoodRich. Kind of confused why need to change now and I cannot find any good review on BFGOODRICH! Per last Saturday, my car Mileage read 79285km (Means my Kumho ran for 39485km approximately. Now the configuration of my Avante is 2 Front tyres is a pair of BFGoodRich 2018 and 2 Back Tyres is a pair of Michelin 2012 (Changed before I change Kumho) My Question now is Is it necessary to change my Back Tyres to a pair of new one? Should I use back BFGoodRich? The threading still left a lot to use. Is Michelin brand. Hence I just want to confirm can we use a 7 years old Tyres? I went to Sin Ming one of the Motor shop to request to change BFGoodRich from front to back so that I want to wear off the Michelin pair when I put them in front, Uncle told me he refused to change because Michelin ones are 2012. He told me his has a strong principle being a professional car mechanic, what happen if after he changed and then my car got into accident? May I know what are my options? I have sleepless nights after I changed to BFGoodRich. Because I intend to change all four to GoodYear which I have been researching for months that Good Year are fuel efficient tyres. Option1: Change Michelin to BFGoodRich? Option2: remain same configuration under COE ends? Option3: Change all 4 tyres to GoodYear? Option4: Sell my car now and get a 7 seater? My COE ending 2020 May next year. Mileage done is still less 80k. one Full Tank 45L I can clock 700km per 1 pump of 95. I only drive on Sat and Sun. Mine is a OPC. Thank you.
  21. Hi, Anyone has good workshop to recommended for wheel bearings replacement? I prefer a ws that is equiped with a hydraulic press and the mechanic needs to be skillful in changing wheel bearings. Not use a hammer to knock in the bearings. Thanks. For those who are interested how wheel bearings should be properly replaced, you can click on below link: How to change wheel bearings
  22. 5.5 Years 110k KM. Should I change out the entire assembly or just the filter?
  23. Recently changed the tyres on my 8 year old Honda CR-V, and noticed that the car veered to the left when the steering wheel is centred. Brought it for wheel alignment and the mechanic said that my front left shock absorber has hardened and advised me to change them. After alignment the car started veering to the right and they had to make some adjustments to centre it. Nonetheless, they said that it was only a temporary solution and quoted me around $1,000 (excluding GST) for replacement of the following components: - Front absorbers - Mounting - Stopper - Linkage - Anti rollbar - Rear absorbers - Stopper My shock absorbers have never been changed before, and the car is seeing around 85,000km of mileage. Should I go ahead with the repair?
  24. ok... im blur already after reading here and there on the process and cost......need help to guide me on the processa and total cost ok, let's say i have a car now with current number plate sss1234s and intend to bid for new number sss6789s. i know i can just go and bid for the sss6789s which cost me $1K. now, how should i swap my current number plate with the new one? how to handle the old number plate? how much it cost to do the paperwork?...any kind soul can provide a "guide for dummies"...
  25. I always drive till my battery flat and then call AA to change. The last time I changed was 4 Mar 2010 when mileage was 116k. Had a 45ah battery for $133. Now mileage 205k and last servicing at 200k TCM said my battery ok. But I got a $10 battery voucher from AA that would expire end Jun. Should I change or wait till it is flat? Till now, there is still no sign that the battery would up lorry. How long more will it go? As usual I would wait till it is flat. But recently, I have been frequenting JB at least once a month and I am concerned that I might be caught with a flat battery with no help from AA and I cant use the voucher.
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