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Found 62 results

  1. Need some advice on transfer of car ownership: Suppose i want to buy a second hand car (relatively new car, abt 1 or 2 years) directly from a owner, i know that we can make a trip to LTA to do the transfer, which is relatively easy. However, if the owner borrowed a car loan from a bank, how do i ensure that the car will not be towed away by the bank should the owner failed to pay the car loan. How does it work? I saw a few such cases in the newspaper before, and it is really a nightmare to find your newly bought car towed away.
  2. How to change vehicle ownership from father to son? I call lta. Lta say must change insurance. I call car insurance, insurance say must change vehicle ownership at lta first.
  3. The true cost of driving in Singapore https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/true-cost-of-driving
  4. If for some reason need to sell just after 1month how arh?
  5. Does anyone know the procedures involve to transfer car ownership while car is still under hire purchase? Thanks.
  6. Hi, I am meeting with a problem and hope to get advise from fellow forumers on how to resolve this issue. My car is registered under my elder brother name. He is currently meeting with some financial problems and may be declared bankrupt anytime. How do I go about tranfering the car ownership back to my name. The car still have a outstanding loan with Maybank and the road tax and insurance expired on the 2th May. Please advise on the prodedures that I should be doing to transfer the car ownership including the bank loan. Is there any second hand car dealer who could help to do the transfer
  7. Guys, need some advice. Sometime end May i viewed and bought a used car (coe left 1.5yrs at about $27k) from a dealer. Till date in July, ownership has not been completed and i have not paid any installment apart from first installment which i paid together with downpayment when i drove away the car. Brief sequence of events below: 1) Day 1 - View and placed a $500 deposit 2) Day 2 - Sent car to my workshop for checks and negotiated price down further as some repairs needed 3) Day 4/5 - Loan aprroved. Collected car along with a cheque for downpayment and first installment. 4) July - It has been a month plus and dealer kept delaying the transfer of ownership. I have also not received any form of installment advice from approved bank. I have been constantly messaging and calling him but all sort of excuses given and last given yesterday was cash flow problem. What sort of actions can i take at this point of time ? Very stressful :(
  8. KiaCeratoHB

    Conti Cost Of Ownership

    Hi Guys, I've only owned Asian cars so far and recently feel like getting a conti car. May I know how much more does it cost to maintain a conti car say around the level of Golf GTI, C250 & X3? I'm ok with the purchase price but my friends are warning me that the real costs comes if after buying. Maintenance, parts replacements, repairs and the downtime at workshops; the frequency as well as waiting time for parts. So far I've owned a Corolla, Cefiro, Waja, Cerato, Stream and Wish. Cars never spent more than 1 night at workshops.
  9. Guys, please help advice! I am purchasing a used vehicle from Company A, but on the vehicle log card, the owner of the car is NOT company A but another company. (Let's call it company B) When I ask company A to give me the full UEN of the company that own the car, they refuse to give me. They explain that the reason why the car ownership is company B, is because they not enough cash to purchase the car from the seller previously, so they borrow money from company B. So company B keep the ownership of car to be safe. So should I still purchase this car from company A? Is it safe? Please advice! xoxo
  10. Anyone in the car industry can help? Without going thru a car dealer or middle man. I know sometimes car middleman is useful. But my father wish to try to do the sales himself, I am helping him because my father says the sales will free up some cash for his Hainan holidays and other future holidays. He just retired early this year. My father is trying to sell away his fully paid Subaru Forester 2008, to one of his friend. There is no loan on the car. The buyer has personally applied for a bank loan. I am not sure what type of documents the bank will issue when the bank loan is approved. I also want to know, when will the bank issue the cheque/funds in my fathers' name or account. Or when will the money be disbursed so that the car ownership can be effected. Anyone works in bank or car dealers who know the steps?
  11. My accounts dept just came back with the figures for the company financial year for submission to IRAS. And because most of my car running expenditure I charge to company accounts ... this is wat came back. The amount is staggering to say the least .... and its been rising since 2000 for me personally. Wats yours ?? Lets share ..... some costs are flexible like ERP Gantry charges 1999 Mazda 323 TarzanBoy ERP Gantries : S$6 per day x 5 days x 4 weeks x 12 months = S$1440.00 per year Car Road Tax : S$1400 per year Car Insurance : S$800 per year Instalments : S$8000 per year HDB Car Park charges : S$65 per month x 12 months = S$780 Fuel (JB petrol converted to SGP$$) : RM$60 per week x 4 weeks x 12 months = RM$2880.00 = S$1200.00 @ 31,000 km per year average Miscellaneous Carpark charges : S$300 per year Workshop / Repair / Maintenance charges : S$2000 per year (estimate) Thus as you can see ... added in total ... ownership costs falls easily within the S$15,920.00 Disclaimer : Insurance is at 50% NCD with staff discount. Petrol from JB is equivalent to 55% off ... if I pump in SGP , it would be S$2880.00 or more Put in your costs and see how much your car cost you on an annual basis.
  12. Just about to collect a newly purchased vehicle. How can i go about checking that the car has been properly registered under my name and ID as the owner? What kinda documents should i expect to receive on collection? Any help on this topic is much appreciated :)
  13. Blacksnow

    Need some info

    Hi, I need some info from you guys. I am buying a car from a dealer (have already paid down payment last week) So now I can collect the car in a few days time. I am going to give him a cashier order and he will hand over the car. But he said, the ownership can only be transferred a few days later. Is this normal practice?
  14. Hi All, I got a problem, the owner of the van I am driving now had passed away which was my late father. I have checked with LTA, I can still drive as long policy still under the estate of (vehicle' owner) while preparing the documents for transfer. How do I get the letter or any identification of being an estate of the deceased owner for my next insurance renewal? From LTA or a lawyer firm and how much will it cost me? The van left 2 years with no loan and the COE cost my dad $86 for a 10 years renewal in 2017. So even I scrape it, I will get not more than $20 or so. Please advise thanks.
  15. Carfreakz

    Transfer of ownership

    need some advice.... bought a 2nd hand honda accord last yr...but the car was under my wife name, due to some issues my loan cannot be approved. thinking of transfering the car to my name, possible? i understand this will hv another transfer to the log card. dealer told me in order to do that my wife have to "sell" my the car, the procedure is the same as me buying the car from another person, true? is there a way where my wife just transfer the ownership of the car to me, and i maintain my current loan amt? also by doing so, i need to have the insurance under my name too rite? coz currently insurance is also under my wife name, whihc is a whopping 5K! advise needed thanks in advance !
  16. hi guys i would like to transfer my wife's car to me. Car is fully paid up. Insurance and road tax due end of the month. is there a one stop counter at LTA to do this? how long will the transfer take? can we both go down to LTA and get it done in a couple of hours? am I able to pay my road tax and insurance there as well? i dont have a car in my name now. last time i owned a car was two years ago. thanks!
  17. Is it possible to verify the duration of car ownership?
  18. I knew it was expensive but I never knew how expensive till I read this. https://sg.finance.yahoo.com/news/true-cost-owning-car-singapore-160000880.html
  19. http://www.theguardian.com/cities/2014/jul/10/helsinki-shared-public-transport-plan-car-ownership-pointless "Helsinki's ambitious plan to make car ownership pointless in 10 years"
  20. In my opinion, i think the below will help make the system better. Impossible to get a perfect system. But first to dispel some myths (repeated many times but some seem too blur to actually comprehend) A. With higher COE prices, the govt may not neccesarily make a bigger profit. I have not done the maths but the gain in price is offset by the reduction in the number of COEs. Futhermore they lose out on road taxes and ERP revenue. B. Higher prices doesnt lead to less cars. At the moment govt is still allowing for population growth. So as long as all COEs are snapped up, the number of cars will grow. So i think the Singapore govt should (1) Increase the price of ERP. Increase it to the level where it becomes painful to cross a gantry. A ballpark figure that comes to mind is something like $8 to $25 depending on time and location (2) Increase the number of gantries to other popular roads that are often congested. Roads like Lornie, Loyang Ave, Balestier road etc...this will inevitabley push traffic to other roads. Of course these roads then become congested. But bear in mind these are all mitigating measures which WILL NOT solve the problem as long as population increases. (3) Increase the road tax. More increase especially for higher CC cars. - Eg: $1 per cc for cars up to 1600cc (per year) $1.25 per cc for cars between 1600cc to 2000cc $2.00 per cc for cars between 2000cc to 3000cc $2.50 per cc for cars above 3000cc (4) Let the COE system remain as it is. (5) Increase the PARF rebate. Feel free to add on - i believe many of you have better ideas. But my intention is to make car ownership and usage more expensive. And more so for high CC cars. So that those who can only marginally afford a car will now no longer be able to afford one. They will then have no choice but to take public transport. Singapore public transport is already very good. First class has no definition. But as it is, it is easily accessible and easily affordable to the mass public. To me this is first class. You can get to almost anywhere within 90min, and to me this is first class. Trains are clean, are airconditoned, have a good safety record, and to me this is first class.
  21. Trusty

    Cost of ownership

    Audi a6 2.0t bmw 520/3 thinking of upgrading to either of these but i have no idea on these makes. which is more reliable and how is the maintenance like? have driven a 5 before and my memory recalls that it is a drinker...having to top up once every 3 days
  22. Personally I think this writer is a bit daft. Maybe he is very rich or still studying
  23. Anyone know why some car the transfer of ownership is not allowed ?? I checked the car details...the car have road tax but inspection overdue..and all are Coe car. What is the reason ??? Accident car under investigation ???
  24. Moadia

    Car Ownership

    Hi guys I would like to know the general views on car ownership in Singapore.