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Found 24 results

  1. Our paper generals battle rethink 3:1 tactic... 😅
  2. Hi All, I got a problem, the owner of the van I am driving now had passed away which was my late father. I have checked with LTA, I can still drive as long policy still under the estate of (vehicle' owner) while preparing the documents for transfer. How do I get the letter or any identification of being an estate of the deceased owner for my next insurance renewal? From LTA or a lawyer firm and how much will it cost me? The van left 2 years with no loan and the COE cost my dad $86 for a 10 years renewal in 2017. So even I scrape it, I will get not more than $20 or so. Please advise than
  3. 10 Old School Chinese Songs Singaporean Will Continue to Sing In 2014 For The Hidden Meaning 1. 那些年 by 胡夏 ( trying to be young song ) This song bring Singaporean back to their University, JC or Secondary life. Singaporean sing this to remind them of that “someone” whom they wish to “jio” ( woo ) by “cannot jio until” (not possible to woo due to various reasons ) Best Lyrics: 那天晚上满天星星 That night, when the sky was full of stars 平行时空下的约定 In parallel time and space, we made a promise 再一次相遇我会紧紧抱着你 If we meet again, I’ll hug you tightly 紧紧抱着你 Hug you tightly 2. 新不了情 by 蕭敬騰 ( tryin
  4. Hi, One of my tyre having this chip off at the sidewall...not sure how I got it but is it safe to still continue driving on it? Anyone experience this before? Thanks
  5. Yahoo report :Samsung-Apple Fight Moves to Marketing By TANZINA VEGA and BRIAN X. CHEN | New York Times
  6. Eight dirty reasons he's resorted to takeaways 5 Jan 2012 Straits Times AS A frequent patron of coffee shops and hawker centres, I have gradually resorted to takeaways rather than eating-in because of the increasing prevalence of these unhygienic conditions: Crockery and cutlery are washed with only plain water and are often oily when used to serve food. Cups are dipped once in soapy water and then plain water, and taken out ready to be used again. Sweaty sellers with sleeveless shirts bending their bodies over food when cooking or serving. Washing of dishes on dirty floor
  7. Certificate of Entitlement (COE) prices softened at the first tender of 2012 on Thursday, continuing a slide that started in November. COE prices for cars up to 1,600cc ended at $46,889, down from $50,001 two weeks ago. COE for cars above 1,600cc finished at $65,801, down from $70,003. Open category COE, which can be used to register any type of vehicle but ends up mainly for bigger cars, fell from $71,000 to $65,700. The rate for commercial vehicles dipped slightly from $39,589 to $38,699. Motorcycle premiums bucked the trend by rising from $1,481 to close at $1,682.
  8. Should S'pore negotiate a new F1 contract after the current one expires or should they let it go? Not being a motorsports fan, I would be happy to see it leave.
  9. in the name of grassroots. Don't let them get away with this.
  10. http://www.razor.tv/site/servlet/mini_gesi...2588#player_top After effects of stroke? Obviously problem with speech but mind seems still sharp. Not sure if he can win the crowd over though...
  11. Vulcann

    Oh no, another collectable oldie gona be retained. Hope MHA has the budget for an additional head count & has least some place catered for him. Whatever it is, I sincerely hope he will not be placed in PMO together with the rest. The again, place him here, there or anywhere we still have to pay for his multi-million dollar salary right? Silly me... Ho Peng Kee will continue to have a role in MHA By Tanya Fong | Posted: 17 April 2011 2031 hrs SINGAPORE : Senior Minister of State for Law and Home Affairs Ho Peng Kee will continue to have a role in the Minis
  12. SINGAPORE : Motor insurance premiums will continue to go up this year as insurers look to recoup underwriting losses, said the president of the General Insurance Association of Singapore (GIA), Derek Teo. GIA said the industry's underwriting losses widened to S$48.9 million, some S$4 million higher than in 2009. Last year, the average motor insurance premium rose 6.5 per cent to S$1,100. In 2009, it had increased by a larger 20 per cent. GIA said the two major floods last year led to 428 motor insurance claims amounting to S$11.6 million. The number of reported acciden
  13. need your view whether COE will continue to drop...or will rise again? THX in advance
  14. From another forum, really funny! you decide for your children and children's children.
  15. Hi Bros, Need your advice based on whether to change car or not... Current driving a 6 yrs old Hyundai Sonata, it has served me well over the years... Car loan fully paid up... PARF : $16k COE : $12k (based on End Feb 2009) Total rebate : $28k However, like most aging cars, its due for some major overhaul which would cost another $2-3k to allow it to continue for another 4 yrs more... My parents are aging too and finding it hard to get into the car due to it's low sedan profile... With the current low COE but even lower re-sale value of the current car, I am checking
  16. need expert's advice on my current dilemna - to change my ride or continue with it? come late feb 09, my car will be 5-year old. mileage only at 70,000km. condition still good despite it being hit front and back several years ago. broke-even about 2 years ago and will get back about $8-10k if i sell the car now. current downpayment per month = $570, 7-year loan at 1.6%. stopped driving to work since changed job to city (traffic jams and lack of parking). only drive on fridays and weekends, and yes, i need a car to get around alot socially. several concerns - 1) should i ch
  17. With Torres injured and will not be fit until January 2009..... will Liverpool able to maintain the lead on the table ...... Had a bad feeling about this match ....... , against West Ham at home can draw 0 - 0 ........ Looking at the weekends fixtures, ManU, Chelsea and Arsenal are having easy games ..... Weekends fixtures Tomorrow (6/11/08) got 7 matches Fulham v Manchester City Hull City v Middlesbrough Arsenal v Wigan Athletic Blackburn Rovers v Liverpool Everton v Aston Villa Bolton Wanderers v Chelsea Manchester United v Sunderland
  18. Business Times - 23 Jul 2008 Sales of grey imports continue to surge Nissan is now a key parallel import brand due to the iconic GT-R model By SAMUEL EE PARALLEL imports continued to power ahead in the first six months of this year, with 11,860 units registered, or 23.5 per cent of the 50,549 new cars registered in Singapore during that period - up from 2007's 20.9 per cent market share. The parallel import (PI) figure for the first half is contrasted against that of the 36,891 units by the Motor Traders Association of Singapore (MTA). MTA is a grouping of authorised di
  19. Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/afp.../360684/1/.html SINGAPORE: Oil prices continued lower in Asia on Wednesday after fears for economic growth sent them tumbling to their steepest fall in 17 years during New York trading, analysts said. New York's main oil contract, light sweet crude for August delivery, was 64 cents lower at US$138.10 a barrel. The contract sank US$6.44 to close at US$138.74 on Tuesday at the New York Mercantile Exchange. It was the sharpest single-session decline since January 1991. "I was stunned," said Dave Ernsberger, Asia director of g
  20. If Oil Prices Continue To Increase....... Devious actions had to be taken.
  21. COE prices continue to head south Prices continue to fall across the board in the latest tender, with the premium for bigger cars posting the biggest drop. -ST Wed, Dec 05, 2007 The Straits Times CERTIFICATES of Entitlement (COE) prices continue to fall across the board in the latest tender on Wednesday, with the premium for bigger cars posting the biggest drop. That premium for cars above 1,600cc dived by more than $3,000 to end at a 10-month low of $13,114. The COE for cars up to 1,600cc fell by more than $2,000 to finish at $12,001 - again one of the lowest this year
  22. German marque beat rivals in S'pore last year with 21% jump in sales By SAMUEL EE (BT 24/1/07) IN LINE with its worldwide performance, Audi was the fastest-growing brand in the luxury-car segment in Singapore too last year, with sales up 21 per cent to 651 units. Audi was the only premium brand to register double-digit growth in Singapore in 2006 With the car as the only premium brand to register double-digit growth, its authorised distributor Premium Automobiles has set sights on selling 850 units this year. The German marque has been growing steadily over the past few y
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