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  1. Hi everyone, I'm starting a thread for all BMW owner. So we can share everything inside here. I'm currently driving G30, cheers and have a great weekend!
  2. Hi current peugeot owner, will like to know are there usually many issues with peugeot's cars? Checked out the facebook page and read many complaints. Thinking whether should i get the new 3008.
  3. Hi folks As per title, i need to trace a vehicle number to its registered owner. Any idea on how to go about it?
  4. Hi, I want to teack doen previous owner of plate sgn 7995b Just wan to kmow the sevice history of the car
  5. Hi hi Any Swift 1.2 XG owner care to share about the car? Like FC, performance, etc Any problems with the car so far? Thinking of getting one. So asking ...
  6. Hi, Car was involved in a chain accident at pie towards tuas before clementi road exit yesterday around 2pm and the car behind me hit and ran away. Appealing for witness that saw the chain accident. Please help on this matter if there are any witness. Thank you.
  7. Anyone selling their GT, AR147 or 156? Or maybe even the 159, from the earlier batch, if the price is right. Prefer 2005-2006 car due to budget limitations (159 might be far fetched at this price point). Best if it's a manual, wouldn't mind a selespeed if I cannot find manual transmission. Can call 9838 3435 if you thinking of selling. Cheers.
  8. All Swift/Cultus GTi (AA34S) owner kindly fall in here please..... do head count.... n pls post ur model. i'll kick off first.. 1992 Swift GTi Mk3 - Gun Metal
  9. How to change vehicle ownership from father to son? I call lta. Lta say must change insurance. I call car insurance, insurance say must change vehicle ownership at lta first.
  10. "I WAS not surprised to read about Volkswagen receiving complaints about defective parts ("Volkswagen tops list of complaints about new cars"; May 31). With more Volkswagen cars on the road, I cannot comprehend how defects could have slipped through the cracks, with German technology renowned for its precision and attention to detail. I drive a Volkswagen Polo and had to haul it back to the workshop twice in the first two months after I bought it. The first incident - loud rumbling noises - occurred just two days after I collected my car. I was informed after a thorough inspection that its front suspension was loose. Two months later, I experienced a sudden braking force while driving on the expressway. I had to steer the car away from the divider to avoid an accident, damaging the rims and wheels when they hit a short kerb. When I filed the incident report with Volkswagen, the manager who handled my case told me repeatedly to "touch my heart to reflect" if the problem was with the driver, not the car. I felt ridiculed by this unprofessional company representative. In both cases, Volkswagen reported no technical fault with the car and I had to cover more than $16,000 in repairs. Having bought the car in July 2012, I was not protected under the "lemon law". Volkswagen is no longer what it used to be decades ago, when it was a fledgling continental brand keen to establish an Asian foothold. It is unfortunate that Volkswagen has lost the confidence and brand loyalty of customers like me. How Volkswagen employees communicate with customers also suggests the firm is neglecting the importance of maintaining first-class service standards, which could have differentiated it from other brands. Advertising and marketing campaigns to rejuvenate the Volkswagen brand in Singapore are merely surface improvements. Volkswagen must recognise that great service will leave an impression deeper than any fancy billboard and creative advertisement. Eugene Wong Jin Wei" - ST Forum, PUBLISHED ON JUN 9, 2014 12:05 AM
  11. Looking for vehicle owner SLR5667G Toyota Vellfire (White colour) who involved in a hit and run situation on 24 Apr 2019, 1800hrs at Bedok Central Block 213 car park. kindly pm me.
  12. I remember spotting this SEAT coupe in Yishun 6++ 10 years ago. The owner changed from a red SEAT coupe to a yellow SEAT coupe. I am just wondering what happened to the brand? I remembered it looked quite impressive, if my memory doesn't fail me. anyone knows of SEAT? i only know it's slightly related to fiat.
  13. Came across this international web article which I find should make for an interesting discussion thread especially when discussed in local Singapore context This thread is meant to be light-hearted and for many of us to share our own observation and preconception towards drivers of certain car brands on our roads. ============================================================================================== Car Brands vs. Personality Traits of Men Give a man a car and he’ll act like a kid. Give a man his favorite car and he’ll love you forever! All men dream about is having their own car since they are little kids, but as the years pass them by they start having daring dreams which are getting renewed once they get the car of their dreams. Like Owning a type of car corresponds to the verge they’ve reached in their lives. In the same way the pets resemble to their owners, by analogy, men choose their cars depending on their preferences, congeniality and, of course, according to their personality. Men’s ego must be satisfied by the brand and the car’s performances. We’ve analyzed five car brands to show you what kinds of men own such vehicles. Ladies might want to be attentive! Audi Owners The first thing that comes in mind related to these kinds of men is the fact that they are very impulsive, extremely enthusiasts and care about their car more than anything in this world. If you’ll ever ask them to choose between a woman and their car, they will definitely go with the car. They love spending time driving and they are extremely agile and seem like they are always in a hurry. They take great care about their car and if it has even the smallest scratch, they will instantly take it to the car service. They love the tuning and want to own a vehicle with as many options as possible. If you were to be a car, you will definitely have to be an Audi in order to have a caring owner. BMW Owners Related to their personality, the BMW owners are nice guys, friendly and jovial. They love to brag about their car and to stand out in every way, even if that means turning the music up. On the road, they are respectful drivers, they give priority and they have adrenaline in their blood because they enjoy the speed very much. They can’t stand having a scratch on their car but if it occurs, they wait patiently to solve the problem. BMW owners are extremely proud of their acquisition and this thing can be noticed by anyone who sees them. They can often attract the antipathy of the others because of their attitude. Mercedes Owners What we can say about them is that they are some very friendly people that want comfort and the acceptable level of luxury. They are practical men, often undecided and they are not the best drivers on the road. As for their temperament, they are friendly people and very voluble but they always succeed to maintain the necessary distance with the people around them. They are tempered and respectful drivers, who prefer to avoid confrontations than provoking them. Volkswagen Owners This type of men belongs to the category of the people who are very full of themselves, who are very aware of their value as persons and who give the impression of being very sociable. They enjoy driving their car and they are very reluctant when it comes to borrowing it to someone. They are very good drivers who take into account the traffic rules and who love traffic order, preferring to avoid the agglomerated areas. These men love to make promises without keeping them and like to excessively brag about their car and life. Opel Owners They are the men that are part of the reserved category of people. They are proud of their vehicles but they keep the feeling for themselves. This type of drivers is respectful and they take into account the fact that they have to avoid trouble in traffic. They love off-road driving and they feel very relaxed and worry-free when in their cars. They are ambitious people who love to dream about more than life can offer them. http://glamgrid.com/car-brands-vs-personality-traits-of-men/
  14. Starting a discussion thread for past, current & future potential owners of 2010 Polo. Lai lai lai, come share tips, FC, modifications, etc
  15. Car is very important in our daily work, aside it shorten our time travel it brings us everywhere we want. However car maintenance and repair is another significant responsibility of every car owner. There are things you need to consider if time comes when you need significant decision in order to keep your car running for a long time and to avoid any headaches in the future. First thing is how to choose the car service center. Choosing the ideal car service center for maintenance and repair will prevent you from any headache in the long run. Checking the accreditation and the credentials of the specific car service center is important. The next thing to do is choosing what kind of car you want to use. Whether you use brand new or second hand car there will be things to do. Brand new car is absolutely at the start will have no problem about it . All you need to do is to follow the maintenance and guidelines, just like changing oil and regular checkup. For the second hand car you need to learn the background and the mileage of your car because you will use this range on how to take care of your car rightly. To continue to have a good car with great performance trading car should be the best choice.
  16. Since @kdash requested this topic 2 days ago, I shall open a new thread for this topic. Recently there has been a discussion about certain colors describing the demographics of the drivers. It has been perceived that colors like gold, champagne, etc are associated with ah peks or old uncles these days. Colors like white are more popular than black these days, unlike in the past, people prefer black than white because black is easier to maintain. What do you think? What colors these days are really associated with: ah peks? - gold, champagne - black - beige - maroon ah bengs? - yellow - blue with gold rims - black - red And which other groups of people?
  17. This might be a long shot, but no harm trying. Incident occurred at JW St 42 car park (in front of blk 554), approx. 1005hrs. I scraped the side of your front passenger fender while reversing. Did not have any stationery with me, so I went to get some. Upon returning, your vehicle was no longer there. Should you be reading this, please drop me a pm for settlement. Pictures of the damage are attached as well. Many thanks
  18. Would like to find out from current Diesel Engine car owners your feedback on reliability? Is the maintenance cost high? So far any problem with your Diesel engine? DPF blocked? Any such encounter?
  19. Hi, Can anyone advise what is the procedure like if I were to sell my car directly to owner? I understand that the buyer and I need to go to LTA to transfer the vehicle to his name. But do I need to deregister the vehicle before transferring to the buyer's name? I can't find any info about this on LTA site. It seems like from LTA site, we only need to fill up the transfer form only. On top of this, how do I actually settle my outstanding loan? I mean, if the buyer pass me the cheque, does it need to be under my name or the bank's name? Anyone here experienced selling their ride to direct owner? Please advise. Cheers Orac
  20. Hello all. I tried doing a search on the above topic but to no avail May I check with those folks here if they hv the answer? I currently hv a car under my name. 50% NCD etc. My wife drive another but her car is totaled and her NCD is back to 0%. If I am to get another car for her but register under my name, I understand stand that the new car will start from 0% NCD as my other car has the 50%. Will the 2nd car under my name will have the NCD increased by 10% each year if no claims? Cos the insurance under my wife name now will be more than even my 0%. Kindly advise. Thank u
  21. I just like to know if there are any Jaguar X Type owners around here. Been driving this car for more than a year and just wanted to know more people driving the same car and possibly to have a small meet up to understand problems faces from individual owners. Appreciate anyone. Thanks.
  22. any 1 selling swift sport owner's manual?? thks in advance..
  23. God bless him. Real big heart in doing his part for the needy. In cool weather, restaurant owner delivers blankets to those sleeping on the streets in Chinatown 1 of 2 Mr Francis Ng (left) delivering a blanket to carpenter Chua Yong Sia, 61, who has been sleeping homeless in Chinatown for the last few years.PHOTO: LIM MIN ZHANG PUBLISHED5 HOURS AGO UPDATED43 MIN AGO FACEBOOK1,993TWITTEREMAIL Lim Min Zhang SINGAPORE - While many are sleeping comfortably at home in the cool weather, some people spending the night on the streets get by without a blanket. The sight of an old man in Chinatown shivering while trying to sleep moved Mr Francis Ng to action last week. Since last Thursday (Jan 4), the restaurant owner has been giving out blankets to those sleeping on the streets, mainly in mature estates such as Tiong Bahru, Redhill and Toa Payoh. He estimated that he has given out more than 100 blankets so far. They cost around $10 per piece. In the early hours of a rainy Saturday morning (Jan 13), The Straits Times followed Mr Ng, 44, on his solo mission to do good. In about an hour, he delivered nine blankets in Chinatown to mostly elderly men. Some of them lie on benches and reclining chairs, while make do with a piece of cardboard on the ground. The heartwarming act came amid the cool spell in recent days.
  24. To all the dog lovers, please share info with SOSD if you know the owner shown in the video who abandon their dog. TIA
  25. Hi All, For Mazda Owner discussion please continue here http://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2706188-mazda-owner-check-in-list-part-2/ For Vezel Discussion please continue here http://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2706185-honda-vezel-part-3/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) Hitman 2) Norm_Aspirated 3) Maz75 4) Owen_fan 5) pokie 6) chermin 7) M323 (Mazda 8=3+2+3) 1.6M Sports 8) Protege 9) Epoch (Protege 1.6A Sports) 10) Ecaf (Protege 1.6A Classic) 11) Failuredrill (1.6 Auto Classic) 12) Flaser (Ford Laser 1.6) 13) Ahliew(astina 323 1.6 hb) 14) midreef (Protege 1.6A) 15) w2k_83 (Protege 1.6A Classic) 16) M_protege (Protege 1.6M Sports) 17) Bossman (Mazda 6) 18) Jcers (Mazda Protege 1.6A Black Sports) 19) Laser (Ford Laser 1.6(A)) 20) Akbk (Mazda 6, coming soon) 21) Greatodin (Protege 1.6M Classic) 22) zoomm (Protege 1.6A Sports Black) 23) Mhb9 (323HB) 24) Avatar_mp3 (Protege 1.6M) 25) Moneyplant 26) jonjees (Mazda 3 Sports, July) [Readding] 27) Lennonisdead 28) Law_ong (Protege 1.6M Classic) 29) Linus (Protege 1.6A Classic) 30) Mazda_Mad (Mazda 323 1.6A Auto) 31) Zoomprotege (323 Classic - Champagne* Just got rear-end 32) kosten1982 (Mazda3 1.6A Sports Titanium Grey, COMING SOON!wheeee... 33) Chutzup (Famili 1.6A) 34) Tenminste (323 Protege 1.6A) 35) Homey (Mazda6) 36) Altum (Protege 1.6A - Also just got rear-ended 1 week ago, now brand new bumper and boot cover) 37) RobinChoo (Black Protege 03 (A)) 38) Elina 39) Hockmeng 40) Husky (Black Mazda2 - only Mazda2 so far?????) 41) Jamestan (Mazda 323 1.6A) 42) Supermario (MZ3 Basic Grey) 43) Sheltie2306 (Me too, Silver Mazda 323 1.6A, with 4 tail lamps and rear fog light) 44) Zealot (Silver Mazda 323 1.6A 45) Tan280 (Mazda 6) 46) Superman (Mazda 323 1.6A) 47) CyberET (Silver Protege 03 1.6A) 48) Panda (Ex-owner 323 1.6M) 49) Kevinalexandria (Silver protege 1.6A) for TKSS, refer to http://www.mycarforum.com/forum/Asian_Make...P945977/#945977
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