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  1. Just saw the T cross launched at the SG Motorshow. Anyone considering / shortlisting the Volkswagen T cross for their next car? Though it's on the Polo platform but reviews are claiming it's interior space is pretty decent! Wanted to hear opinions and gather pple who are considering this model as well! https://youtu.be/SELq4bRaUCc
  2. There’s a time and place to go fast guys, and the carpark is not one of them. What happened? An overzealous Volkswagen Beetle was going fast enough in a multi-storey carpark (MSCP) at Bukit Merah Central to break through the metal and concrete barriers. Someone managed to record footage of the incident from their car, likely through dashcam. Can’t imagine how loud that would have been on the outside. Hope there wasn’t anyone under the car with those bricks sent flying. Online chatter People speculated on why he ended up here, and noted his choice of car for this stunt. Others also made jokes on his skill (or lack thereof). ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  3. <Toyota GR Corolla Teased with a Game of I Spy Toyota dropped a teaser on Instagram with tons of hidden clues about the upcoming hot hatch, which is expected to use a 268-hp three-cylinder engine. TOYOTA Toyota teased the upcoming GR Corolla hot hatch with an image shared on Instagram that featured hidden clues detailing the new model. The GR Corolla will be powered by the same turbocharged 1.6-liter three-cylinder engine as the global GR Yaris. The GR Corolla is expected to debut sometime next year and go on sale as a 2022 model in the U.S. Ever since Toyota debuted the GR Yaris hot hatch and said that it wouldn't be sold in the United States, we've been itching for a version of one that we could buy here. After all, Toyota needs something to compete with the likes of the Honda Civic Type R, Volkswagen Golf R, and Hyundai Veloster N. Good thing Toyota isn't leaving us behind, because we're getting a GR Corolla soon. The company just dropped a teaser image on its Instagram account that give some hints of the new raucous hot hatch. WHAT WE EXPECT THE GR COROLLA TO LOOK LIKE. | ILLUSTRATION BY BEN SUMMERELL-YOUDE/FOX SYNDICATION | CAR AND DRIVER Naturally, the users over on the GR Corolla forum were quick to point out all the hints, which are scattered around an image of a standard Corolla's interior like a game of I Spy. GR stands for Gazoo Racing and is used on the Supra and the new GR86 sports car. The time indicated on the gauge cluster is G:16, which refers to the G16E-GTS turbocharged three-cylinder engine that's used in the GR Yaris. The 268-hp output of that powerful engine's Japanese version is found on the climate controls in the teaser image. European versions make 268 horsepower and 266 pound-feet of torque, and the engine is paired with a six-speed manual transmission. That's not all. There's even a camouflaged GR Corolla hatchback in the background of the image (we tried to zoom in; you can't see much, sadly). There's a GR Four road in the navigation system, which refers to the advanced all-wheel-drive system that has Torsen limited-slip differentials in the front and the rear and an electronically controlled center differential. Look for more details on the new GR Corolla soon, as Toyota is sure to trickle out details about the new hot hatch before its reveal, likely next year, since it released almost all the details on the new Tundra pickup before its official debut.>
  4. Next Volkswagen Golf will be fully electric, with a range of up to 400 miles and hot GTI and R models on the way... Source: https://www.whatcar.com/news/new-volkswagen-golf/n26089 Some cars come to define the segments they exist in, even if they don’t lead them in any one area. So, while you might not know many examples of family cars, we’d bet that you’ve heard of the Volkswagen Golf. Through almost 50 years of being on sale and nine generations, it’s been featured in everything from books to films, and has counted both royalty and film stars among its owners. That means that whenever a new Volkswagen Golf is on the horizon, the car world takes notice. And while the current Golf is due to receive a mid-life facelift to see it through to 2027, the journey of the all-new ninth-generation Golf has already begun. Taking the proposed ‘ID Golf’ name, the new car will sit neatly in-between the upcoming ID 2, which is due on sale in 2025, and the larger ID 3. While some have suggested that the new Golf would replace the ID 3, Volkswagen officials say the latter,being larger than the new Golf, will act as a kind of ‘Golf Plus’ aimed at larger families. In this story, we’ll take you through everything we know about the new Golf, and answer your questions around the new model. New Volkswagen Golf power and range Given that the new Volkswagen Golf is expected to arrive in 2027, just three years before the proposed ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars in 2030, it won’t surprise you to know that the new model will be fully electric from the outset. While the technical details of the new model are under wraps, we know that the new Golf will receive brand new underpinnings which are scalable and adaptable. This is a similar approach to today’s car, and means the Golf’s components can be widely used across a huge selection of cars – not just from Volkswagen, but also in cars from its sister brands Audi, Cupra and Skoda. It’s expected that Seat, which is due to pivot away from being a mainstream car maker and instead focus on electric mobility, will not benefit from those underpinnings. The key advantage of its new underpinnings will be a new 800V architecture, allowing the new Golf to charge at speeds far beyond the 175kW maximum rate of Volkswagen’s current electric cars. Indeed, Volkswagen has said that the new model could charge from 10-80% in just 12 minutes, if you use the fastest charging points. The new Golf should come with a variety of battery and motor options, allowing drivers to prioritise electric range or performance. The entry-level option should at least match the figures of today’s range-topping ID 3, which means a 77kWh battery offering an official range of at least 347 miles. Thanks to advances in battery technology due before the new Golf arrives, it’s possible that some versions of the Golf could manage 400 miles between charges – enough to get from London to Manchester and back on a single charge. Buyers hoping for a radical Golf GTI and Golf R hot hatch will be heartened to learn that those models will continue to live on, albeit with electric rather than petrol power. The GTI will be front-wheel drive, while range-topping R models will feature two electric motors, allowing for four-wheel drive. Volkswagen had originally intended to have hot versions of all of its electric cars badged as ‘GTX’ models, but now appears to be stepping back from that approach. Indeed, recent patent filings made in Germany have revealed a new GTI badge where the ‘i’ is replaced by a lightning bolt. The brand recently unveiled a hot version of the smaller ID 2, dubbed the ID 2 GTI, which is expected to receive as much as 300bhp from its electric motor, resulting in a 0-62mph time of 6.0sec. Rivals for hot versions of the new Golf will include the Abarth 500e, Alpine A290, Hyundai Ioniq 5 N and MG 4 X Power. Rivals for the regular Golf, meanwhile, extend from our current reigning family car champion, the Honda Civic, through five-star electric cars like the MG 4, and all the way towards a brand new, all-electric Audi A3 that's due to go on sale in late 2027. New Volkswagen Golf design If you’re expecting the new Golf to look revolutionary, you might be disappointed. While the new model will take some influence from the smaller ID 2, most notable adopting that car’s full-width front and rear lights, it will still look in inherently like a Golf. That means a hatchback shape, a prominent Volkswagen badge on its bonnet, and chunky styling on sportier models to mark them out against more conservative options in the range. Being a fully electric car, the new Golf’s front grille is expected to be smaller than today’s car, since it won’t need to channel air to help cool the car’s engine. There will still be a small grille flowing air to cool the battery, however. Expect a full suite of colour options to be available – on the current Golf, those options include Atlantic Blue, Dolphin Grey and Lime Yellow metallic colours, as well as premium and solid paints, the latter being standard-fit. New Volkswagen Golf interior and features Like its exterior, the new Golf should take inspiration from the ID 2 for its interior, likely offering the same 10.9in digital instrument cluster in combination with a large 12.9in infotainment screen. In a boost for usability, however, Volkswagen is expected to pivot away from the touch-sensitive control areas of today’s ID cars back to traditional dials and buttons. Bosses say this move is designed to make the brand’s mainstream models as usable as possible, and reduce distractions while driving. Indeed, one of our issues with the current ID 3 is that not only are some of its controls purely touch-sensitive, but they also don’t light up at night, meaning they can be hard to use in the dark. The new Golf will be one of the smartest family cars when it goes on sale, accommodating the systems needed for level four autonomous driving. This means the car will be able to drive without you needing to keep your hands on the steering wheel on roads where it is safe and legal to do so. By the time the Golf arrives in dealerships, it’s expected that this technology will be legal on much of the motorway network – potentially reducing stress on long journeys. It's expected that the new Golf will have space for five adults inside, and each person should enjoy more head and leg room than in today's car, thanks to there not being the need to package a gearbox tunnel or other mechanical components which might eat into your space. As for the boot, expect it to at least match today's Golf, which swallowed five carry-on suitcases in our tests. New Volkswagen Golf price Thanks to its scalable new underpinnings, and the fact that Volkswagen aims to produce its own batteries for the Golf, the new car should cost up to 30% less to produced than today’s ID-badged electric cars. That means that despite being Volkswagen’s most advanced electric car when it goes on sale, the Golf shouldn’t be much more expensive than today’s ID 3. Indeed, with a starting price of around £33,000, the new Golf would fit neatly in-between the ID 2 and ID 3. Your Volkswagen Golf questions answered Will Volkswagen stop making the Golf? There was a time when the future of the Golf badge was in jeopardy, because Volkswagen instead planned to badge all of its cars as ID models. However, officials have since said that the brand’s most popular names, including Golf and Tiguan, as well as the GTI badge, will live on. Therefore, it’s likely that the next Golf will be called the ID Golf, allowing for the best of both worlds. Which other new Volkswagens are coming soon? By the time the next Golf goes on sale in 2027, it will slot neatly into Volkswagen’s electric car line-up between the ID 2 and ID 3. Above the Golf will be the ID Tiguan, which may replace today’s ID 4, and the ID 5 and ID 6 SUVs. There will also be the ID 7 executive car and the ID 7 Tourer estate, plus the ID Buzz people carrier. Will the new Golf be electric? Yes, the new Golf will be fully electric from the outset. It’s expected to have a battery in excess of 77kWh, allowing range-topping versions to have an official range of around 400 miles between charges. Multiple power outputs will be offered, but most options will feature a single electric motor driving the front wheels. Range-topping R models, meanwhile, will feature a second motor for the rear wheels, giving the Golf four-wheel drive.
  5. Source: https://www.motor1.com/news/684207/2024-vw-passat-debut-specs/ Volkswagen killed the Passat in the United States after the 2022MY but the midsize family car soldiered on in Europe with its more sophisticated MQB underpinnings. The Old Continent is getting a ninth generation of Wolfsburg's best-selling nameplate ever, after the Golf but ahead of the Beetle. Since the vehicle's inception in 1973, VW has delivered 30+ million units. The new B9 comes strictly as a wagon as the sedan is officially dead. Featuring revised underpinnings (MQB Evo) shared with the upcoming next-gen Tiguan and Golf Mk8 facelift, the 2024 Passat Variant is considerably larger than the old Euro-spec B8. It now stretches at 193.5 inches (4917 millimeters) in length, therefore making it a substantial 5.7 in (144 mm) longer than before. Width is up by 0.8 in (20 mm) to 72.9 in (1852 mm) while height is largely unchanged, at 59.2 in (1506 mm). As for the wheelbase, it has been elongated by 1.97 in (50 mm) to 111.8 in (2841 mm). While not revolutionary, the styling isn't evolutionary either since there are quite a few changes as VW has aligned the new Passat with the design of its electric ID models. Recently spotted without any camouflage, the ID.7 Variant looks a tad more futuristic but the similarities are easy to notice. As usual, the exterior appearance will depend on the trim level: Passat, Business, Elegance, and R-Line. Wheels up to 19 inches in size are going to be offered, along with newly developed matrix LED headlights and dynamic LEDs at the rear where a light bar has been fitted. The interior represents a complete departure from the Passat B8 since VW has eliminated most of the switchgear. You'll be accessing nearly all of the available functions from the touchscreen, which will measure a generous 12.9 inches even in the base model. At an additional cost, the infotainment can be upsized to 15 inches. A fully digital 10.25-inch instrument cluster is standard, so the German brand is saying goodbye to the good ol' analog dials that were offered on the outgoing Passat. By moving the gear selector onto the steering column, the engineers were able to free up space between the seats for extra cargo capacity in the same vein as on the ID.7. Further mirroring the electric sedan is a new switch on the left side to control the turn signals and wipers. Comfort in the front can increase by opting for the new heated, ventilated, and massaging seats with 14-way electrical adjustment. That jump in size we mentioned earlier has not only increased legroom but also the luggage compartment capacity by 1.41 cubic feet (40 liters) to 24.3 cu ft (690 l) with the rear seats up. Fold the bench and the volume jumps to 67.8 cu ft (1,920 l) or a whopping 4.9 cu ft (140 liters) more than on the previous Passat Variant. The engine lineup is comprehensive and it includes a mild-hybrid gasoline unit for the first time in the Passat's history. It's a 1.5-liter eTSI cylinder deactivation technology and 148 horsepower (110 kilowatts). Up next is a bigger 2.0 TSI with 201 hp (150 kW) in front-wheel-drive flavor and a more potent configuration with 261 hp (195 kW) and 4Motion all-wheel drive. If you'll still want a diesel in 2024, VW has got you covered with its 2.0 TDI offered in three states of tune: 121 hp (90 kW) and 148 hp (110 kW) as FWD models and 190 hp (142 kW) with AWD. All gasoline and diesel versions of the new Passat route power to the road via a seven-speed, dual-clutch automatic transmission. Then there are the plug-in hybrids marketed as "eHybrid" models. The base variant offers 201 hp (150 kW) and 258 pound-feet (350 Newton-meters) of torque whereas the more potent model pushes out 268 hp (200 kW) and 295 lb-ft (400 Nm), making it the strongest Passat money can buy. These two PHEVs get a 1.5-liter TSI, a six-speed DSG, and a 19.7-kWh battery pack providing up to 62 miles (100 kilometers) of electric range. With the new-generation Passat, VW has implemented support for DC fast-charging at 50 kW to juice up the battery from 10 to 80 percent in approximately 25 minutes. With the battery charged and a full tank of gas (11.9 gallons or 45 liters), you'll be able to drive for around 621 miles (1,000 kilometers) before having to refuel. Making its public debut next week at IAA Munich, the 2024 VW Passat is scheduled to go on sale in the first quarter of next year. It won't be built in Germany anymore as production is moving to Bratislava, Slovakia where it's going to be assembled alongside the new Skoda Superb. Unlike the wagon-only Passat, its Czech sibling will retain both liftback and wagon body styles. Czech Out Its Sister Model: 2024 Skoda Superb And Kodiaq Interior Revealed: Big Screen, Buttons, Knobs 2024 Skoda Superb Specs Revealed: Larger And With Up To 261 Horsepower
  6. Source: https://www.motor1.com/news/681350/europe-seven-big-car-brands-free-fall-20-years-except-one/ As the European car market continues to change (thanks to the Tesla boom and the arrival of Chinese brands) a lot has happened to the traditional segment leaders. Europe is by definition a very competitive market with high safety/emissions standards. It is the third largest in the world, after China and the United States, and second in the adoption of electric vehicles. But who has won and who has lost in the last 20 years? Between 2003 and 2023, one of the most important moments in the European automotive market was the shift in brand dominance. The region has traditionally been led by seven major automakers: Fiat from Italy; Citroen, Peugeot, and Renault from France; Volkswagen and Opel from Germany, and Ford from the UK. In 2003 these seven brands (Opel including Vauxhall) controlled almost 58 percent of new car registrations in Europe (considering 29 markets). Their placement in their respective home markets has allowed them to occupy a relatively strong position compared to Japanese and Korean brands. For example, market share in their home markets ranged from 10 percent of Opel in Germany to 27 percent of Renault in France. While these figures were significantly lower than those of the 1990s, they were satisfying because at that time Korean brands had not yet taken off and Japanese brands were trying to win over European consumers. This started to change with the SUV boom, ushered in by the first-generation Nissan Qashqai. Meanwhile, Hyundai and Kia opened plants in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, producing competitive cars that have met the taste of local motorists. The result? In 2013 the Big-7 accounted for almost 49 percent of volume in Europe, down 9 points from a decade earlier. Between 2003 and 2013, the market share lost by six of these brands varied between 0.9 points for Fiat and 4 percentage points for Renault. The only exception was Volkswagen, which increased its market share from 9.8 percent in 2003 to 12.6 percent in 2013. This year, in June, the situation for these brands was even worse. Fiat, Citroen, Opel/Vauxhall, Ford, and Peugeot hit their lowest level in 20 years. Renault placed second among the lowest market shares, after gaining 0.2 points from the full-year 2022, when it had recorded an all-time low. On the other hand, Volkswagen managed to increase its market share, or at least maintain it. With a share of 10.6 percent in the first half of 2023, it lost 2 points compared to 2013 but gained 0.8 points compared to 2003. The Dieselgate scandal was certainly offset by high-quality cars and the ability to introduce products in the right segments at the right time. Who Won? In addition to the small gain the German manufacturer recorded, the big winners over the past 20 years have been German premium brands, Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, and, most recently, Tesla. All of them have something that the big European brands don't have: greater flexibility. This allows them to offer fresh products on a quicker scale that better fit the latest consumer needs. At the same time, most of them were less exposed to the European crisis than there were between 2011 and 2014, and many have used their strong global presence to save costs. Will their struggling colleagues take note?
  7. Whoa, dunno what to say. LoL, plastic parts for the win. JD power quality 2022. Problems per 100 cars. The lesser the better. See 2:08min. Who is on top of this list? Not Toyota. Who is at the bottom? See for yourself. Haha... In Chinese, scared ppl dunno how bad.
  8. The vitriol in the comments is palpable. What happened? A motorcyclist hit a Volkswagen Golf while lanesplitting on the Pan-Island expressway (PIE) on 7th August. The motorcyclist made a sudden swerve and hit the car, causing him to flip forwards and off his bike. Looks like when an NPC glitches out in a video game. What has people in the comments riled up is that the motorcyclist was registered under a Malaysian plate, which would (apparently) make it difficult for the Golf driver to get compensation for damages as it is a foreign vehicle. Online chatter Some blamed the motorcyclist for the crash, coming up with a multitude of reasons. Others took pity on the driver’s situation, which was indeed very suay. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  9. This one needs to learn what karma is. Watch the video to see why! What happened? A Volkswagen Touran driver was caught on camera having a fit of road rage after a camcar tried to move in front of him after the other lane was closed. The footage shows the camcar accelerating in order to get past him as the other lane was undergoing construction, only for the manoeuvre to be unsuccessful. However, the Volkswagen suddenly braked, almost causing an accident. The driver quickly ran out of the car. The video then switches to another camera to show the driver vigorously shaking the door, slamming it repeatedly before walking back to his car. A CERTIS officer was also present, though there’s nothing to show if he was involved or not in defusing the situation. Funnily enough, the VW driver was caught cutting others off as well in a separate incident, and this time a police vehicle no less! Not sure what turn signal uses the taillights of both sides. I think the officer would be curious too, assuming making such a sudden turn is acceptable in the first place Online chatter Many said “GG” for cutting off the police vehicle in the first incident. Others (rightfully) criticised the driver for his unacceptable and hypocritical behaviour, asking authorities to punish him. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  10. This should be the replacement for the >10 years old Sharan. Photos above are for the standard wheelbase version (4,712mm in length), which will be available in 5 or 6 seater configuration. A long wheelbase version will be added by next year which will be a proper 7 seater (2-3-2 sitting arrangement). The market launch of the ID. Buzz is scheduled for later this year when European customers will be offered a single 82.0-kWh (77.0 kWh net) battery option. Power comes from a single electric motor with 201 hp (154 KW) and 310 Nm of instant torque – figures that match the current VW ID.4. Unfortunately, Volkswagen is not ready to announce range numbers and these will follow at a later date. More battery versions and additional power output levels will be launched starting next year. The maximum charging power when plugged into an AC station is 11.0 kW, while a CCS connector at a DC station allows for charging rates of up to 170.0 kW. Recharging from 5 to 80 percent will take about 30 minutes at a fast-charging station. Customers in Europe will also benefit from an optional bi-directional charging function, which means they’ll be able to power their homes with the electricity in the battery.
  11. Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet (New Age Hybrid Coating) + 10 x Complimentary Maintenance Advantages & Benefits: ✔ Exceptionally long term durability up to 60 months ✔ Back up with 3 years warranty ✔ Free 10 times complimentary maintenance with any packages sign ups ✔ Free Complimentary Parking at their detailing studio ✔ Fantastic water repellent effect ✔ Bird dropping, water spots, bugs splatter resistance ✔ Anti-soiling and dirt-repellent ✔ UV exposure , Thermal, Acid Rain, Oxidation & Scratches resistance ✔ Helps to prevent water marks, dirt, algae and bird fouling from adhering ✔ Presents wet look, high glossy finishing at all times ✔ Drastically reduces cleaning frequencies, saving energy, time and cost ✔ Wallet Friendly (No more polishing/waxing require) ✔ Suitable for all colour car including matt paint ✔ Eco-friendly and harmless to neither human nor the Earth ✔ Professional competence paint protection specialist ensures all vehicles are coated with consistency and fine quality workmanship For more inquires Email - [email protected] Call / SMS / WhatsApp : +65 81610131
  12. This Is The All-New 2020 Volkswagen Golf https://carbuzz.com/news/leaked-this-is-the-all-new-2020-volkswagen-golf 2019 promises to be a landmark year for Volkswagen, with the launch of the brand's first electric I.D. car marking a new era for the German automaker. Equally important for VW is the launch of the next-generation Golf this year. We know production is starting this June, but the only official images VW has released so far are some vague design sketches teasing what the 2020 Golf will look like. But thanks to leaked photos posted by Instagram user johannes.vag, we’re getting an early look at the all-new Golf ahead of its official reveal. The photos allegedly show the eighth-generation VW Golf virtually undisguised outside a McDonald's restaurant while the test driver stopped for lunch. Much like the 2020 Porsche 911, the new Golf’s design changes aren’t very dramatic since Volkswagen understandably doesn't want to mess with a successful formula since the iconic hatchback's inception in 1974. As expected, we’re looking at an evolutionary update compared to the current seventh-generation model. It’s still instantly recognizable as a Golf, but the new model appears to have sharper design lines and slimmer LED lights that match VW’s newer models. It also looks slightly longer and wider than its predecessor. The all-new Golf will be based on an upgraded version of the current model’s MQB platform. As a result, it will be significantly lighter and have a larger wheelbase than the current Golf, so it should offer a more spacious cabin and more trunk space. We’re also expecting the interior to get an overhaul, as well as more safety tech and a semi-autonomous system. Expect a range of turbocharged three- and four-cylinder gasoline and diesel units available at launch, followed by mild-hybrid version and a new next-generation Golf R, which could have as much as 400 hp on tap. With production of the eight-generation Golf starting in June, a reveal at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show in March seems likely.
  13. From helping you to get to work on time, to assisting with the everyday grind, there's many reasons why the Volkswagen R-Line cars are everyday heroes. Whether it is additional style or an extra touch of practicality, the Volkswagen R-Line cars are always ready to deliver whatever you may need on every journey. Here's why we think they ought to be labelled as everyday heroes. Always ready and brimming with style No superhero attends to a crisis without their costume on, and the Volkswagen R-Line cars are no different. Fully equipped with attractive cosmetic touches, the Volkswagen R-Line cars will give you that added touch of style anywhere you go, so you're always ready, whether it is the company gala you're attending, or a visit to the in-laws. Take, for example, the Golf R-Line, which comes equipped with an additional LED light strip across its front grille. This additional touch also comes paired with a black headliner alongside stainless steel pedals within its cabin, allowing you to make a bold and fashionable statement wherever you go. And backing this stylish exterior of the Golf R-line are semi-bucket sports seats and touch-haptic controls on the steering wheel, all coupled with a sportier suspension setup, and a lowered ride height, bringing you a sportier driving experience that's close to what you get in the Golf GTI, but without paying a significant premium over a regular Golf. on drive And for those that truly want to look the part wherever they go, there's also the Arteon R-Line to consider. Taking the already sleek lines of the regular Arteon to a whole new level, the Arteon R-Line comes complete with LED matrix head lights with an LED-lighted front grille, while the distinct bumpers and gloss black intakes are all the perfect complement to the car's sleek profile. And in the cabin, there's also a 9.2-inch Discover Pro infotainment system and a nifty sunroof, enhancing every drive. on grass Keeping you flying above the city But of course, you'd expect more than just style from your superhero. There's got to be strong ability behind those looks as well. And the Volkswagen R-Line cars are no different either. On the Volkswagen Tiguan and Arteon, for example, opting for the R-Line car will net you the additional Dynamic Chassis Control feature. This means you get to adjust the damper settings on your car's suspension, allowing you to opt for a sportier ride for ensuring that you keep time wasted on the road to a minimum. And for those days where you'd rather simply unwind from the stress of the day as you make your way home, setting the system into its default modes will ensure a smooth drive that feels as if you're flying above the city. What all this means is that you get different driving characteristics, all within the same car. Now that's great value! Doubling as your superhero lair And for all those times when home is still too far away, the R-Line cars also can serve as an alternative lair, offering the entire family shelter and a cosy place for a quick bite and refresh before hitting the road again. Drive the Touran R-Line, for example, and you can forget about having to bring along those bulky child seats, as the second row of the car already comes with two integrated and folding child seats. These of course, pair with the Touran's other practical features, which include folding tables behind the front seats and that Easy Open Tailgate, all designed to make every family journey easy. And when you're ready to hit the road again, you'll also do so with the highest levels of assurance, thanks to the long suite of safety systems available in the Volkswagen R-Line cars. Because that's what superheroes do - keep us safe. The Volkswagen T-Cross R-Line, for example, comes complete with features including Volkswagen's semi-automated Park Assist system, a total of six airbags, Electronic Stability Control, safety-optimised front head restraints, and ISOFIX mounting points for a total of three child seats, amongst others. And this is the smallest R-Line car we are talking about! Entertainment aplenty while you wait And you won't just be eating when you come to a stop either. The Volkswagen R-Line cars are also able to offer plenty of entertainment, so you can make a grand entrance wherever you arrive, fitting for any superhero. For the proper audiophiles, there's the Touareg R-Line to look at, complete with its Dynaudio Consequence sound system, which pairs 13 speakers via a 16-channel digital amplifier, as well as a subwoofer, for a total 730W of total output. And even if you opt to drive the R-Line Golf, Tiguan, or Arteon, all these cars also come with wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, so you'll still be able to enjoy seamless pairing with your smartphone and take all your favourite tunes with you everywhere you go! All at a sensible premium But here's the best part: These R-Line cars don't even come at too sizable a premium against their regular brethren, so you don't have to be one of those billionaire heroes to be able to drive about in one. The Golf R-Line, for example, offers you plenty of additional features, while asking for just a $10,000 premium above the Life Plus-trim car. Want to catch more of Volkswagen's R-Line cars? You can always head on down to the Volkswagen Singapore showroom at 247 Alexandra Road, Singapore (159934) to see the lineup for yourself, or click here to book your own showroom appointment!
  14. TL;DR – A Volkswagen Golf R with expired road tax gets caught on camera speeding along the SLE and overtaking a vehicle by using the road shoulder of the expressway and evading parking fees by forcibly pushing the gantry arm up. What. The. Shit. That’s still my reaction after watching the video multiple times. Watch this 76-second shocker for yourself to see why. What happened There are two incidents captured on video of the same culprit. The first incident sees a Volkswagen Golf R speeding along an expressway (caption says it’s the SLE). Besides its insane speed, it’s also overtaking the cam car by using the road shoulder of the expressway! The second incident is video footage of the same Volkswagen Golf R leaving a carpark in a very unorthodox manner. The passenger of the Golf pushes the gantry arm up and the Golf leaves the car park without having to pay for parking. But that’s not all Either the person who uploaded the video or SGRV went to CSI this bugger and found out a couple of things. It’s driving illegally. The car has multiple parking fines by HDB that have been unpaid. These fines all occur in one month (just FYI). The comments section for this is going to be wild. Let’s have a look! Online Chatter ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  15. Any existing owner? Is it recommended to buy a 2011 version where mileage is more than 80k km?
  16. Audi Q2's brother. When will this launched in Singapore? New VW T Roc is officially launched. https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/auto/2018-volkswagen-t-roc/preview/ http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/volkswagen/t-roc/85943/new-volkswagen-t-roc-suv-specs-pictures-and-sale-date As older models grow in size with every new generation, this continual super-sizing creates vacuums in certain segments. Volkswagen's Tiguan, now a big boy, leaves VW without a compact ute for urban commutes. Enter the T-Roc. Surprisingly little changed between the T-Roc concept and the production version. It still sports slim headlights that blend with an also-slim grille. Its fender flares are still well defined, and there's a dash of off-color cladding surrounds the wheel wells and covers the side skirts. In fact, it'll be the first VW you can order with a two-tone paint job -- you can get a second color on the roof, A-pillars and mirror caps. It's the same story out back. The tailpipes are mounted high, and the taillights are reminiscent of the LED units in the new Tiguan. Of course, the T-Roc concept's convertible roof didn't make it to production, but it wasn't ever really assumed that it would. The interior is pretty close to most modern Vee-dubs, with a few major differences. There's a major dose of color that makes its way down the center console and around the entire front half of the car. There's a big infotainment screen in the middle, as well as another screen replacing the gauge cluster. A mode switch beneath the shifter will offer different ways to get over various terrains with the T-Roc's optional all-wheel drive. Speaking of powertrain things, the T-Roc will come with a whole bunch of engine options. Europeans will get to choose between three different gas engines and three different diesels, some of which are available with a manual transmission. Front-wheel drive is available for buyers who don't want or need AWD. In terms of safety systems, the gang's all here. Standard features on all T-Roc models include autonomous emergency braking, lane keep assist and a post-collision braking system that keeps you from starting a chain reaction after being rear-ended. Adaptive cruise control and parking assist are optional. While VW would be wise to capitalize on America's burgeoning subcompact crossover craze, it appears more and more unlikely that we'll get something as small as the T-Roc. Perhaps when Volkswagen grows it into the T-Roc Plus in a generation or two, maybe then. But for now, Volkswagen has only promised that the T-Roc will launch in Europe this November.
  17. Over 60 guests gathered at the Volkswagen showroom on Leng Kee Road last Friday, to get up close and personal with the facelifted Volkswagen Arteon. Here's the recap. A group photo together with the flagship Touareg & All-new Arteon The showroom is ready for the event! The guest is flowing in. . . Dinner time! The face-lifted Volkswagen Arteon. Car clinic conducted by Volkswagen & Sgcarmart together.
  18. Hello to all MCFers! I am extremely excited to announce to you guys that we are going to partner with one of my favourite brands in town with another MCF HangOut! You can now sign up and join us for this Volkswagen car clinic to get yourself familiar with the existing Volkswagen lineups! <<<Click here to register>>> When I think of Volkswagen, the first thing that came into my mind is the wide variety of cars that they offer to the consumers. From a fast hatchback like the Golf to the buffy Touareg, there should be one car that can suits your lifestyle needs when it comes to automotive solution! So, we have reached out to Volkswagen Singapore, and we are going to conduct a Car Clinic on the 23th of Sept at 247 Alexandra Rd, and here's what you can expect! Get to test drive every Volkswagen model that is available in the showroom! Win attractive lucky draw, the grand lucky draw will be a 4D3N Weekend Driveaway of Volkswagen Flagship Model, Volkswagen Touareg! Limited-edition Volkswagen merchandise when you RSVP and attend the event Q&A session with Mr Julian Kho, GM (Editorial) of Sgcarmart, Singapore No. 1 Automotive Portal. And an unveiling of a new VW model! (More details will be updated on the 16 Aug 2022) Stay tuned! <<<Click here to register>>> Test Drive Available! Get to test drive your preferred Volkswagen model and learn more about the car from our friendly staff during the Car Clinic that we have specially organised for you! Special Shoutout! One of Volkswagen's flagship models, the Volkswagen Touareg is a luxury SUV that can simply exceed all your expectation that you ask from a luxury SUV. And here are the three things that I like about the Touareg! The R-Line exterior package levels up the luxury with larger alloy wheels, enhanced chrome detailing, and an 'R' insignia emblazoned on the front grille. DYNAUDIO Sound System (R-Line), that utilises a Dolby 7.1 amplifier with a power output of 730 watts to drive a total of fourteen loudspeakers. 3.0 V6 TSI Engine, 340 PS of power and 450 Nm of torque, good for 0 to 100 km/h in 5.9 seconds. New Model added! Volkswagen Singapore also beef up the line ups by adding in one more model into the selection. The days are still too early. While I cannot tell you which model is it. You can drop your comment down and let me know which model you think it will be. And sign up for our MCF HangOut and get to see the new model firsthand in person!!! >>>Experience Volkswagen's flagship models and enjoy discounts up to $5,000<<< Date: 23 Sept 2022, Friday Time: 6.30 pm – 10.30 pm (Registration starts at 6.30 pm.) Venue: 247 Alexandra Road (Parking is FREE) <<<Click here to register>>> Registration Fee: $10 per registrant HIGHLIGHTS OF THE EVENT : Stand to win a 4D3N weekend driveaway in Arteon R-Line Experience Volkswagen's flagship models and enjoy discounts up to $5,000 on Arteon and Touareg Limited-edition Volkswagen merchandise when you RSVP and attend the event Test Drive Available!!! 🚙 Volkswagen Golf 🚘 Volkswagen Polo 🚙 Volkswagen T-Cross 🚘 Volkswagen Tiguan 🚙 Volkswagen Touareg 🚘 Volkswagen Passat 🚙 Volkswagen Touran 🚘 Volkswagen Sharan <<<Click here to register>>>
  19. Saw the VW Sharan on the papers yesterday... I posted a thread on my dad wanting to change his Estima quite some time back.. Do you guys think , space and performance wise , the Sharan is better or go for Vellfire/Alphard/Elgrand? The Sharan looks not bad , 200bhp from a 2L TFSI engine is fantastic.. RT cheaper , FC better.. Please input your comments ... I am open to other suggestions as well..
  20. Social media is a double-edged sword. Despite the benefits and connectivity it brings, social media can cause harm to you as well. Watch this video to find out how: IMG_7241.MP4 What Happened? All it took was for a Volkswagen driver to upload this 8-second video to screw himself over. The Volkswagen driver was filmed by his passenger speeding down an unnamed expressway in Singapore at above 200km/h before hitting a top speed of 219km/h. "This is my type of therapeutic" and "will prefer to be passenger tho" were used as in-text captions of the video. Considering the maximum speed limit is 90km/h on an expressway, the Volkswagen driver would have exceeded the speed limit by 129km/h. Even though it seemed like he wasn't caught for excessive speeding initially, the 8-second video posted on the driver's social media account will probably get him into trouble with the traffic police. For exceeding the speed limit of above 60km/h, the offender will be awarded 24 demerit points. If he is a new or probationary driver (highly unlikely that he is), his driving licence will be revoked. However, if he is a non-probationary driver with no prior suspension records, his driving licence will be liable for suspension for up to 12 weeks. Or suppose he is a non-probationary driver that was previously suspended before. In that case, his driving licence will be liable for suspension for up to 36 months, depending on how many times he was previously suspended. Was he driving a Volkswagen? Yes, the car in the video is certainly a Volkswagen. The main giveaway was the layout and appearance of the car's dashboard. And yes, that includes the iconic Volkswagen's check engine light, which ascertains that the said car is a Volkswagen. A sharp-eyed netizen went a step further to identify the model of the Volkswagen - the Scirocco R, by simply looking at the car's rear-view mirror. NGL, that's pretty impressive. Netizens' Comments Impressive CSI skills! Absolutely agree. Volkswagen cars starter pack🤭 ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news, and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  21. After 2 long years, we can finally drive into Johor Bahru to do the things we love - pumping cheap petrol, eating delicious food and going for massages. However, not all of us deserve this privilege. Especially for reckless hooligans such as this driver: What Happened? The following incident occurred at a roundabout in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. A Singaporean Volkswagen Golf GTI was travelling at a fast speed and recklessly cutting lanes as he entered a roundabout. Just as he chiong-ed into the roundabout, he was caught unaware of an oncoming Malaysian MPV (?) to his left and collided with it. The MPV involved in the accident immediately pulls over to the side of the road. However, after the Volkswagen driver realised what had happened, he floors his accelerator and scoots away from the accident scene, committing a hit and run. What are your thoughts on such irresponsible drivers? Netizens Comments 😳😳😳 A short and sweet way to describe the GTI driver! I realised this too. Why ah?! ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news, and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  22. Was this incident filmed in a bad context? Or was the Volkswagen driver attempting to evade parking fees? Watch the following video here: What Happened? When approaching the carpark gantry to exit, the Volkswagen Golf driver stopped right before the gantry arm and alighted from his car. He then proceeds to push the gantry arm such that it automatically lifts. Allowing him to get into his car and escape paying a sum of $5? It's a little blur but it's definitely less than $10. . Update #1 - 14/4/2022 Many netizens have pointed out that this might be a case of the gantry operator instructing the VW driver to lift it up due to a spoiled gantry. Well, that may be possible. What do you think? Netizens' Comments Maybe? Or there might be lots of honking around the area which prompted the contributor to film the video. 🤷‍♂️ Well, that's if there is enforcement actions taking against him. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news, and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  23. It is not every day you get to see the legendary Mercedes G63 in Singapore. And it is even rarer to see one involved in an accident. Watch it here: What Happened? A Mercedes G63 and a Volkswagen Transporter 'chiong-ed' along Yishun Ave 8 upon the red traffic light signal turning green. Its 4.0-Litre Bi-Turbocharged V8 engine and all-wheel-drive drivetrain instantly picked up speed. Directly behind the G-wagon was the Volkswagen Transporter. Although the specs of the Volkswagen Transporter is not anywhere near the G-wagon, it is still pretty decent (2.0-Litre, 4-cylinder turbocharged paired to a 7-speed DCT transmission). And surprisingly, the Volkswagen Transporter was hot on the G-wagon's heels (Yes, I know. The G63 driver probably did not step hard on the accelerator). As they approached a red light, the G63 driver could not react in time and slammed hard into a stationary Honda Vezel. The impact was forceful enough to push the Honda SUV across the stop line. Some debris were also scattered across the road due to the accident. And yes. Both cars' repair costs are just going to be loose change to the G-wagon driver. Netizens' Comments Its not about the equipment, its about the driver🙂 This is prove that money can't buy skills! Speeding in a G63 is not satki anymore. There's a time and place for everything. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news, and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
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