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Found 372 results

  1. Anderang

    Passat B8

    Hi bros, Starting a thread for Passat B8. Collected my Passat Highline on 30 Dec. Great car to drive. Roomy interior. Any B8 bros here? Cheers
  2. Now, forgive me if I'm not making sense here, but isn't it common sense to go a little slower in underground car parks, where the road is a little slippery and it makes your tyres screech like a banshee at every 90 degree corner you have to make a turn at. Especially at the exits and entry lanes, where the road is narrow and there are humps every few metres to deliberately keep your speed low. So, please tell me how an accident like this could happen, as per the video below.This accident happened yesterday, and this video is actually taken by me as I witnessed the aftermath of the accident as I was leaving IKEA Alexandra around 4pm. According to a friend who left earlier than I did, this accident definitely happened before 3.35pm, and Singaporeans being Singaporeans, it obviously did cause a bit of a wait to leave the car park because everyone was slowing down to gawk at the accident and possibly to take down the licence plate numbers to... buy... 4D..... (why, people, why? That's just schadenfreude) So as you can see from the video, the Volvo somehow managed to hit both Volkswagens (2-for-1), the first car being clipped in the right rear quarter while the second car, was, well, kissed pretty hard in the front. From what can be seen of the Volvo, it doesn't look too good for it either. The front left wheel seems to be partially dislodged and who knows what's going on with what isn't visible to the camera. Fortunately for the Volvo driver, in spite of their inability to drive properly in a car park, Volvo has invested tons of money into making their cars really safe, as seen here, here, here and here. Unfortunately, I don't think Volvo has figured out a way to account for a less-than-attentive/capable driver who can't concentrate in a narrow car park and ends up causing a proper headache for everyone involved. All in, the damage to all three cars look to be pretty bad. But the only thing worst than this accident was the line of cars along Alexandra Road that couldn't enter the IKEA carpark because this accident had basically blocked off the only way to get down into the car park. I didn't get footage of that, but I don't envy the IKEA staff member who was standing in the hot sun explaining to irate drivers why they couldn't enter the car park. Here's hoping that guy didn't have it too bad, because we all know how Singaporeans can get if they aren't queuing for something they enjoy, like bubble tea or bakkwa. An ambulance was seen arriving just as I was leaving, so here's hoping that if anyone was injured, their injuries were minor, and let's all practice safe and attentive driving not only while on the roads, but in car parks as well. Especially on Sundays at IKEA, because there are waaaaaay too many people there already and the last thing we all need is for someone to lose their temper over something trivial.
  3. chitchatboy

    Uh oh, more bad rep for Scirocco owners here

    The Volkswagen Sciroccos in Singapore have been getting lots of bad press recently. And it is not getting any better with this video that was created this morning. SG Road Vigilante has reported a video that was posted by a Scirocco's rear passenger showing the driver driving above the 90km/h speed limit of expressways in Singapore. In the video, we can see the car going past 180km/h on the speedometer while it entered into CTE after passing the BMW Z4 and Mitsubishi Lancer in front. We hope they did reach home safely after going along at such high speeds.
  4. VellfireS

    Volkswagen Sharan..

    Saw the VW Sharan on the papers yesterday... I posted a thread on my dad wanting to change his Estima quite some time back.. Do you guys think , space and performance wise , the Sharan is better or go for Vellfire/Alphard/Elgrand? The Sharan looks not bad , 200bhp from a 2L TFSI engine is fantastic.. RT cheaper , FC better.. Please input your comments ... I am open to other suggestions as well..
  5. jadesun

    2020 Volkswagen T Cross

    Just saw the T cross launched at the SG Motorshow. Anyone considering / shortlisting the Volkswagen T cross for their next car? Though it's on the Polo platform but reviews are claiming it's interior space is pretty decent! Wanted to hear opinions and gather pple who are considering this model as well! https://youtu.be/SELq4bRaUCc
  6. Looking for something different in your sub-compact crossover? Lucky you, we are looking at the Volkswagen T-Cross in this video review! We take a look at the aggressive furnishes the T-Cross is graced with thanks to the fact that all cars here are the R-line variant! And the crossover also get some interesting touches at the rear, including its centrally-mounted badging, the new Volkswagen logo, as well as those taillights that run across the width of the car! Watch the full video to see what's what! This T-Cross also has a sliding rear bench, which means that passenger space can be sacrificed if you need more boot space. Talk about practical! And what about on the go? Once again I'm gonna leave you with this simple teaser... Watch the full video to see how the T-Cross fairs in our latest video review!
  7. Bored because you can't travel? Why not challenge your friends to a drag race and get fined under the Road Traffic Act? On 18th January, as seen on SG Road Vigilante, a group of approximately eight people were at this illegal drag race. Seems like there were five spectators, two racers and one starter. It wasn't a very fair race because the starter's hand was blocking the Volkswagen Scirocco. It started later than the Mitsubishi Lancer, who saw a golden opportunity (his view not blocked by the starter) and raced ahead. Where's the sportsmanship, brother? Though, if you ask me, I think this race wasn't about speed. The race track was short, and the cars were driving carefully. Yknow why? Cuz' slow and steady wins the race. Some Facebook users were hypothesizing other reasons for the gathering, while others bashed them for their apparent drag racing. Whatever it is, the uploader shouldn't have bao toh (read: sabotage) his friends. Actually, come to think of it, who was videoing this? Weren't there already eight people in the frame? Or also +1 cameraman? Edit: Added in the original video source https://www.facebook.com/groups/sgroadshallofshame/permalink/1927162840764549/ for easier reference – leaving it to you guys to decide what this 'drag race' really is.
  8. Well, here we are again. Another day, and another story about a Volkswagen Scirocco being stupid again. Now don't get this writer wrong. The Scirocco is a nice little car, especially when it is done up nicely and not wrapped up in some ghastly chrome wrap with an obnoxious exhaust that blares through the neighbourhood at night. Fun fact, the Scirocco is unobtainium for American buyers due to Volkswagen never making it available there. And yet what do owners here do with their Sciroccos? Read on. From our, uh, fellow, uh, compatriots(?) over at SG Road Vigilante, we have here a Scirocco with its engine separated from the car. From the information provided, this took place somewhere in Woodlands yesterday night, 19/1/2021. Now, typically the place one would see an engine being out from the car would be at a workshop. And with this Scirocco being a Volkswagen product, this writer is willing to bet that an engine out service happens quite often. Let's not digress. This isn't an automotive workshop, which there are quite a few of in Woodlands. This is a neighbourhood street. So how did this Scirocco end up being separated from its engine in the middle of a street? This writer is guessing the driver was feeling particularly lucky and decided to test the strength and integrity of the bus stop bollards. Now, this writer is not the biggest fan of LTA (far from it, in fact), but one thing that they have done right is the installation of these bollards at all bus stops and multiple traffic junctions in Singapore. Just think, those bollards are meant to stop a literal bus that weighs at least 10 tons with no passengers on board, so what is one silly little Scirocco going to do to it? And should you need some reference..... This Lotus stood no chance. And neither did this bus. Seriously, people, don't test how strong these bollards are. This writer isn't a betting man but he is more than willing to bet that your vehicle isn't going to be too drivable after kissing a bollard at speed. Which is presumably what the driver of the Scirocco was doing. Furthermore, speeding through neighbourhood streets? Does this driver actually have that little disregard for his/her life, let alone others? If you want to maim or kill yourself, by all means, but don't drag others down with you, especially on neighbourhood streets where human traffic tends to be higher. And judging by how parts of the car, not to mention the engine, are strewn all about the road and the bus stop, the Scirocco definitely hit the bollard at a significant rate of speed. It's quite amazing to see how the rest of the car still looks relatively intact. Now once again, this writer is not condemning all Scirocco owners. Just the ones who can't seem to keep themselves out of trouble and end up causing more trouble and inconvenience for everyone else. And not to speculate, but this most likely could be the handiwork of some "YP". Just saying, you never know. 🤷 Ultimately, it doesn't look like anyone was hurt in this accident. At least we hope not. The only "fatality" here is that Scirocco because the only way that car could ever possibly drive again would be nothing short of divine intervention. Or a seemingly bottomless wallet and a lack of common sense, whichever comes first. Drive safely people. There's a time and place for everything, but showing off and acting a fool on the roads, especially neighbourhood streets, there's never any time nor place for that.
  9. SGCARMART ARCADE DRIVE sgCarMart presents its first event of the year together with Volkswagen Singapore. And we are excited to share this with everybody! Head down to the Volkswagen Showroom on 21-24 January for exciting deals starting from $99,900*. Enjoy an additional $6,000 worth of free upgrades and free one year road tax. Plus, a mini driving course for the kids and an obstacle course for the adults awaits. JOIN US NOW! Event Highlights Special event bundle worth up to $6,000 including 3 years servicing, 1-year road tax and free upgrades Let the young ones complete a driving course and earn a (kiddy) "drivers" licence Test drive the Volkswagen range of SUV through an obstacle course Spin the wheel and stand a chance to win a $500 Capella Hotel Gift Voucher Come experience beats™ Premium Audio in our customized corner! JOIN US NOW! Current Volkswagen Line-ups JOIN US NOW!
  10. A little patience can go a long way, let's be honest. If only the driver of that Volkswagen heeded that advice. If someday, someone needs an example, perhaps they can come back to footage of this accident that happened at the junction of Yio Chu Kang Road and Hougang Avenue 2 Now, let's not point fingers here on who's fault it was, we'll let the authorities handle that. But sometimes, just stop and wait for a little while longer at a discretionary right turn. It won't hurt you to be a little delayed if you can save yourself the hassle of getting involved in an accident. And to add insult to injury, the Mercedes ends up blocking the road to Hougang Avenue 2 after hitting the Volkswagen, causing even more inconvenience for everyone. Perhaps slow down a little when you're approaching a junction, for you never know who might try to dash out on the discretionary right turn. Remember what you learned in driving school. Let off the accelerator on the third arrow before the junction, then press it again as you cross the first arrow. After all, would you rather be a little late to your appointment or injured from an avoidable accident? Plus, accident repairs aren't cheap, and neither is an increase in your insurance policy and the forfeiture of your NCD. Food for thought?
  11. Guys/gals....please take note...should your ride needs to ....better make arrangement. Don't flame me because recall is in USA. Singapore, I am not sure. Volkswagen of America has issued a voluntary recall for about 13,500 vehicles equipped with DSG transmissions. Apparently a faulty temperature sensor in the said DSG transmission is reportedly the problem. Failure of the temperature sensor could result in illuminated warning lamps in the dashboard, and in rare instances the transmission may shift into neutral. The recall affects models like the Jetta, Jetta SportWagen, GTI, and Eos built between September 2008 and August 2009. Affected owners are encouraged to call local Volkswagen retailers to schedule an appointment to have their vehicle inspected and repaired.
  12. Mockngbrd

    New 2018 VW AhTiong (Arteon)

    Why they call their new car AhTiong? https://drivetribe.com/p/LI1gDPksRryOMOWh9W7uLQ?iid=Sds-dbw9RIeqiC8YFiNjyQ&utm_campaign=Main+&utm_medium=FB+&utm_source=Organic
  13. In the past, family focused MPVs have gained a poor reputation for being boring and unexciting. Nowadays, that's hardly the case. In this day and age of SUVs, it's easy to forget that less than 10 years ago, MPVs were all the rage, at least among buyers who needed a vehicle that was highly practical and functional, serving the needs of a family. Over the years, though, MPVs have gained something of a bad reputation. With their traditionally boxy design, hardy interiors and generally unexciting personality, MPVs tend to be thought of as somewhat 'boring'. However, that's not quite true anymore. 1. Sporty design These days, automotive design is definitely much more interesting and expressive than before. Even for MPVs, you nowadays find more sporty exterior designs that draw from hatchbacks and SUVs. The sleeker designs have generallty moved away from the boxy designs of the past. Additionally, chic detailing is also available, such as the new R-Line package available on the Volkswagen Touran. The bespoke R-Line body kit, 18-inch Marseille alloy wheels and black radiator grille creates a look that definitely echoes the Volkswagen Golf. 2. Family friendly Of course, all MPVs have to be family friendly. MPVs standout out for their overall functionality and adaptability to all situations, with seven seats for passengers, a large, configurable cabin with plenty of space, as well as a certain level of ruggedness to make the car 'kid-proof'. The Touran has plenty of family friendly features. The cabin can fit seven, or can be maximised for storage by folding both rear rows of seats down to create 1,857 litres of cargo space. The easy open tailgate function also allows handsfree access to the boot. The Touran also features foldable tables with an integrated cupholders on the backrest of the front seats, rear air-con controls, as well as individually adjustable second row seats, with a total travel of 200mm. 3. Safety first Safety is also paramount. As you'd expect from a modern car, any MPV today will come packed with safety features. In the Touran, you will find Front Assist with City Emergency Brake, Side Assist and Rear Traffic Alert. In addition, you will find an integrated child seat in the Touran R-Line. The outer seats have a seat cushion that folds upwards, which reveals a non-slip step for the child's feet. Fold-out side bolsters and side head restraints also provide additional side support for the child. As a result, you don't have to spend additional money on a slew of kid-friendly accessories for your car (and add to the clutter) - safety comes built in! As the new Volkswagen Touran R-Line proves, MPVs don't have to be dull, people carriers. Loaded with modern amenities and equipment, sporting a fresh and sharp design, while still delivering ample the practicality and functionality, the Touran easily dispels the myth that all MPVs are boring.
  14. While @Toeknee_33 is having wet dream with the news of Mazda developing a new IL6 engine, I am drooling over this, but it will never happen, 'cos... 2013 Porsche 904 Living Legend When VW was developing the limited-edition and very frugal XL1, Porsche Design Studio was intrigued by its carbon fiber chassis and decided to use it as the basis for an ultra-light and minimalist sports car to act a modern reinterpretation of the 904 from the 1960s. Meet the 904 Living Legend concept from 2013, a member of Porsche’s Unseen collection of design studies that was released recently, out of the blue. While VW chose a carbon chassis for reasons related to unbelievable fuel economy, Porsche’s take was to create a purist’s wet dream; a small mid-engined coupe that barely weighs over 900 kg (1,984 lbs). The biggest surprise is in the engine bay where there’s no four-pot or flat-six, let alone a V8. Porsche’s engineers downsized the powertrain recipe to a V2 inherited from a motorcycle. When VW developed an XL Sport concept back in the day and it too had a V2, a 1.2-liter engine from the Ducati 1199 Superleggera. It produced 200 horsepower and revved all the way up to a screaming 12,000 rpm. To imagine the performances this Porsche 904 Living Legend would've had, we’ll remind you the 2014 XL Sport did 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) in 5.7 seconds and had a top speed of 168 mph (270 km/h). It’s worth pointing out the VW was a tad lighter, weighing only 890 kg (1,962 lbs). The end result is a mid-engined coupe that looks effortlessly beautiful, with its clean lines and seductive curves giving it supercar-levels of presence. This could be Porsche’s answer to the Alpine A110 but unfortunately, the world has moved on since 2013.
  15. This Is The All-New 2020 Volkswagen Golf https://carbuzz.com/news/leaked-this-is-the-all-new-2020-volkswagen-golf 2019 promises to be a landmark year for Volkswagen, with the launch of the brand's first electric I.D. car marking a new era for the German automaker. Equally important for VW is the launch of the next-generation Golf this year. We know production is starting this June, but the only official images VW has released so far are some vague design sketches teasing what the 2020 Golf will look like. But thanks to leaked photos posted by Instagram user johannes.vag, we’re getting an early look at the all-new Golf ahead of its official reveal. The photos allegedly show the eighth-generation VW Golf virtually undisguised outside a McDonald's restaurant while the test driver stopped for lunch. Much like the 2020 Porsche 911, the new Golf’s design changes aren’t very dramatic since Volkswagen understandably doesn't want to mess with a successful formula since the iconic hatchback's inception in 1974. As expected, we’re looking at an evolutionary update compared to the current seventh-generation model. It’s still instantly recognizable as a Golf, but the new model appears to have sharper design lines and slimmer LED lights that match VW’s newer models. It also looks slightly longer and wider than its predecessor. The all-new Golf will be based on an upgraded version of the current model’s MQB platform. As a result, it will be significantly lighter and have a larger wheelbase than the current Golf, so it should offer a more spacious cabin and more trunk space. We’re also expecting the interior to get an overhaul, as well as more safety tech and a semi-autonomous system. Expect a range of turbocharged three- and four-cylinder gasoline and diesel units available at launch, followed by mild-hybrid version and a new next-generation Golf R, which could have as much as 400 hp on tap. With production of the eight-generation Golf starting in June, a reveal at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show in March seems likely.
  16. It must have been quite humiliating for this particular Volkswagen Passat. Spotted on ROAD.sg's facebook page over the weekend are a few photos of a BlueSG car that needed to be returned but the driver found himself blocked out of the BlueSG parking lot by an irresponsible VW Passat. We guess the driver of the BlueSG vehicle must have been in a rush and realising that he had no other choice, decided to leave his BlueSG car in front the Passat before proceeding to charge his car. While netizens are all in support of the blueSG driver serving justice to the Passat owner, we feel that two wrongs won't make one right. What would you have done? Tell us in the comments below!
  17. My car Sharan is almost 3 years. Not sure I should continue to service my car at VW. Is their maintenance package worth considered ? How about their extended warranty package? Anyone has experience?
  18. SGCM_editorial

    sgCarMart goes live with Volkswagen!

    Volkswagen is a brand that has undergone immense change in the past year alone, and its new identity is manifest in its new logo that embraces a new digital age. So being as curious as we are, we naturally decided to head down to the local Volkswagen showroom at 247 Alexandra Road to host a Facebook livestream for our second E-markdown, as well as to see what's up from a brand that is at the forefront of the many changes occurring through the industry. Thankfully, you now don't even have to bother with putting on a mask or dealing with check-ins to get your hands on the latest deals from Volkswagen Singapore, thanks to our live Facebook event, which allows you to shop for your favourite cars, and ask questions about them, from the comfort of your own home! You can catch the livestream, or any other future ones for that matter, simply by checking in or following sgCarMart's Facebook page! Regular MCF members would have also noticed the thread about upcoming sgCarMart and MyCarForum events on the Lite & EZ section, while Facebook users can easily register their interest for the event on sgCarMart and Volkswagen Singapore's Facebook page to get a notification when the stream goes live. Make sure you do not miss on any of our livestream events in the future! The duo that you'll recognise from our video reviews first introduced the Volkswagen Tiguan R-line. The SUV got to show off its many convenience features live on Facebook, from its unique cupholder design to its generous rear legroom and electric tailgate, features which are sure to impress anyone! To those that are still uninitiated, the R-line cars gives customers the option of adding a little sporty flavour courtesy of the Volkswagen R performance division, which is responsible for the firm's blistering performance products such as the Volkswagen Golf R. So in the Tiguan R-line you get added goodies such as the sports steering wheel, R-line exclusive front scuff plate, and the R-Line exterior styling package, allowing you to deck your SUV with a sportier look if desired. Those that commented with their most creative explaination as to they would buy a Tiguan while the car was presented also got a chance to win a $20 shopping voucher! And before we moved onto the second featured car, a brief introduction was also delivered for Volkswagen's new logo, which has been redesigned to be more modern and refined. Want to learn more? The full livestream is still available for those that missed it, so even those that missed it can still learn more about the brand here. And onto the Volkswagen Golf, our presenters both agreed on how ubiquitous the Golf is, making it a car that suits anyone, regardless of age or job! As with the Tiguan, those that commented with creative comments on why they would buy a Golf stood a chance to win their $20 shopping vouchers as well! At the end of the evening, three lucky winners were also picked as part of a lucky draw from all those that simply typed 'Volkswagen' into the chat and walked away with $100 worth of petrol vouchers! Then you've come to exactly the right place. Over the weekend of the livestream, all viewers had to to do was to key in the promo code 'ILOVESGCM' when shopping at Volkswagen's online store and they would have been able to redeem a $500 petrol voucher and a $500 shopping voucher when you put in your refundable deposit for a car. Viewers of the livestream also got to shop for both cars at livestream exclusive prices, with the Tiguan Highline starting at $154,900, and the R-line SUV for just $139,900! (List prices at $139,900 and $175,900 respectively). Those more interested in the Volkswagen Golf also got to enjoy massive discounts, with prices slashed to $107,900 for the Golf R-Line ComfortLine, and to $119,900 for the Golf R-Line HighLine! (List prices for both variants are $131,400 and $148,900 respectively). Even if you've missed the deals offered through the weekend, the online store prices are still as attractive as it gets, so why not hurry over to Volkswagen's online store to see what deals are still available to you, or better yet, head down to Volkswagen's showroom at 247 Alexandra Road to see the rest of Volkswagen Singapore's full range of cars yourself!
  19. [FB Live] Get Exclusive Prices Across The Entire Volkswagen Range On Our Facebook LIVE featuring Julian and Idris! Get FREE Udders ice cream when you RSVP your interest here! We are back by popular demand! And this time, we have partnered up with Volkswagen to bring you exclusive prices with instant discounts when you catch our e-MarkDown Facebook Live, and don’t miss the virtual tour around Volkswagen’s newly revamped Showroom! Highlights of the event! Free 100ml of udders ice cream (Limited to first 100 paxs) 3 x $100 Petrol Vouchers to be won During Lucky Draw $20 shopping voucher to be won when you like and share during our Facebook Live event! Make sure you look out for attractive prizes during our Facebook LIVE For all the potential car buyers out there, we will be giving away an instant discount off selected car Volkswagen models during our Facebook Live! #noworriesonCOErises! Get FREE Udders ice cream when you RSVP your interest here! Okay, Sold. What am I suppose to do next? Step 1: Click on to this link and register yourself to this event! Get FREE Udders ice cream when you RSVP your interest here! Step 2: Get reminded Step 3: Stand by at your desktop or mobile during 15 Oct, 8pm! Step 4: Like and Share and participate in our fun activities during the FB Live and win attractive prizes! Bonus step: You can also secure your next car with an instant discount! Get FREE Udders ice cream when you RSVP your interest here!
  20. The Volkswagen Passat is a smart-looking executive sedan that offers all the right things. Take a gander into it and you'll surely be taken away by the roomy interior. But do not be mistaken, space isn't all that it has to offer. The Volkswagen Passat is a marvelous proposition that combines maximum practicality, comfort, luxury, and safety in a stylish package. Really, it is likely to be a better car than what you are used to. Executive styling for the sophisticated driver The experience of all cars starts with its exterior, and with the Passat, from the moment you set your eyes on one, you'll know that it is the right choice. With an adequately-sized chrome grille flanked by a pair of exquisite LED head lights separate LED daytime running lights and cornering lights, the front-end is reminiscent of other cars in Volkswagen's line-up. But what really stands out isn't the familiar front-end, it is the Passat's contours and distinct body lines, its long, lowered bonnet, short overhang and a long wheelbase which works together to create a distinct, elegant look. Ample space for passengers to travel in comfort Open the doors and you'll be greeted with a pleasant atmosphere with a strong sense of spaciousness - thanks to the high-quality materials and its massive interior space. Unlike most other sedans, the rear bench seats easily accommodate three, with a centre seat that is wide enough to accommodate an adult. Perhaps one of the Passat's strongest suits comes from its lengthy wheelbase, you'll see when you take a seat in it and notice the generous legroom, switch over to the rear and you might just start to wonder if you've wandered into the rear of a limousine instead. Apart from legroom, the Passat also offers excellent elbow room and headroom for all occupants. Cutting-edge systems offering maximum safety Up front, the Passat is equipped with a pair of outstanding head lights, casting a beam of a similar spectrum to that of daylight, illuminating the roads with excellent effectiveness while consuming less energy. The pair of automatic head lights is also packed with a simple yet useful 'Leaving Home' and 'Coming Home' feature, it illuminates your path to and from the car, providing an executive feel. At the rear, the Passat's tail lights features an innovative LED array that changes under braking - a design that is not only unique, but also results in a prominent indication of braking. Equipped with an advanced airbag system consisting of 6 airbags, including side impact airbags for the front seats and curtain airbags that protect both front and rear passengers, all occupants are well-protected during an accident. On top of the all-round protection offered by the airbags, the Passat is also equipped with multi-collision brake system that can limit the damage by detecting an accident and initiating the brakes to prevent further collisions. Driver fatigue has a huge impact on driving and safety, the Passat comes with a rest assist fatigue detection system which monitors driver behavior, noting any erratic steering movement and lane deviations and alerts the driver with a visual display on the dashboard, as well as a warning sound. Kick back, relax and enjoy a comfortable ride or drive While the capacious interior should've sealed the deal when it comes to travelling in comfort, the Passat offers more than just that. The driver gets an ergoComfort seat that is designed for maximum comfort. There is a vast array of adjustment options to ensure that you can have the perfect ergonomically supported seating position while the memory function allow you to replicate that setting every time you get in the seat. Long drives are no longer a concern with built in massage function for the driver. With three independently controlled temperature zones for the driver, front passenger and rear passengers, you can adjust the temperature to just what you like for ultimate comfort when on the road. The air conditioning system is also equipped with an active biogenic filter and automatic air recirculation to filter out allergens and keep the air quality at a consistently high level. Enjoy a calm and soothing experience when driving at night with the ambient lighting system, which also makes it easier for you to find your way around in the dark. Equipped with all you'll ever need for an enjoyable trip A capable executive sedan should be able to haul your family along on an enjoyable road trip, with its large, comfortable interior, the Passat is definitely capable of doing so. You'll also be able to carry all the luggage you'll need in its large 586-litre boot. Of course, space alone wouldn't suffice, the Passat offers more than just that. A high-resolution digital display provides all key information you need as you drive, meanwhile an 8.0-inch touch screen display with Bluetooth connectivity and 8 speakers provides all the entertainment you'll need for an excellent trip. Opt for the Highline trim and you'll get the 9.2-inch Discover Pro navigation system with an innovative gesture control. Powered by an efficient 1.8-litre TSI petrol engine, you'll get 178bhp on tap - overtaking will never be a concern, while enjoying a low fuel consumption of 16.9km/l. Mated to a 7-speed DSG gearbox, power is delivered effectively, offering a balanced and smooth ride.
  21. In our fast-paced and hectic society, it is easy to get triggered when unexpected things happen to you as we can see from this video that has been posted on SG Road Vigilante. In this video that was shot in Yishun a few days back, we can see a van which is the camera vehicle, coming to the rear of a Volkswagen Scirocco. While waiting for the gantry to be lifted, the car rolled back as one pair of its wheels were on a hump. The van driver gave the car a tap of its horn, triggering the Scirocco driver to come down and confront the van driver. For those who have no experience with dual-clutch gearboxes, some, if not most, have the tendency to roll back if the car is on a slope as the car behaves very much like a manual car in start-stop situations. Hence, the Scirocco driver wasn't trying to reverse on purpose. Was the horn necessary? Was it necessary to follow so close to the Scirocco seeing that he had trouble at the gantry? And was the van driver guilty of tailgating out of the carpark? Or was it simply just a case of an ill-mannered Volkswagen driver having a bad day? What do you guys reckon? Let us know in the comment box!
  22. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/new-volkswagen-arteon-shooting-brake-revealed-sketch The Arteon Shooting Brake (right) and refreshed Arteon (left) Volkswagen has revealed its new Arteon Shooting Brake in a sketch ahead of the production model’s full unveiling on 24 June. It will be launched at the same time as an updated version of the model on which it is based, the Arteon fastback, also shown in the drawing. Volkswagen Group design boss Klaus Bischoff said: “With the Arteon Shooting Brake we have created a new balance between speed, power and space.” The introduction of a shooting brake to the Arteon line-up is a bold move from Volkswagen, with many car makers considering whether even saloons are relevant in their line-ups, given the growth in popularity of SUVs. For example, the new Lexus IS saloon isn't destined for Europe or the UK. As well as the new Arteon Shooting Brake and design tweaks for the Arteon fastback, Volkswagen says the line-up receives “comprehensive upgrades… with new high-tech drives and intelligent comfort and assistance systems". The interior will have an entirely new cockpit, including the latest infotainment system promising the “best possible connectivity”. Volkswagen says that all engines “feature high levels of efficiency as well as low emissions and powerful torque. This maximum efficiency is achieved by innovative, future-oriented engine and emissions technologies.” The Arteon will likely be available with the 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol and diesel options offered in the saloon, but with added 48V mild-hybrid systems. A hot version from Volkswagen's R division will arrive later, powered by a 329bhp evolution of the familiar EA888 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo petrol engine. The new Arteon duo will also introduce more intelligent assist systems. Travel Assist is designed with long-distance journeys in mind and will “take over steering, acceleration and braking up to speeds of 130mph under the control of the driver”.