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Found 348 results

  1. Shopping for new car. Trying to narrow my options. So to play safe, those car makes and models that are used or currently being used by our police (the normal one, non-traffic police) must be good ones right? Otherwise they won't procure them right? I supposed those cars used by our police must be reasonably comfortable enough for them to drive long hours during patrolling, fast enough to response to scenes of action, robust enough to withstand occasional shoot-outs if happen, and comfy enough to transport criminals behind. So I think safe choices are Toyota Altis, Hyundai Avante/Elantra, Mazda 3 and Subaru Impreza. But will look into other models though.
  2. I was told outside vehicles cannot park at police station carpark even for making police report. Why ???
  3. StreetFight3r

    Supercars hogging roads

    Too boring in sg now play merry go round at suntec Poor bus cannot filter in Only left when tp came Nice cars but dun be public nuisance ar
  4. amazing.... did it say m16 and handgun found in the unit???? or that police armed that way??? POLICE RAIDS DRUG DEALER WITH RIFLES, 20 KG HEROIN FOUND JUMPING DOWN HDB TO ESCAPE https://singaporeuncensored.com/police-raids-drug-dealer-with-rifles-20-kg-heroin-found-jumping-down-hdb-to-escape/
  5. So a quick disclaimer before we continue - We don't know what might happen after the Traffic Police gets alerted to this video evidence, or they might have even stopped the truck driver after the video got cut off. But what's happening in the video seems rather peculiar. Shared on SG Road Vigilante's page is this video of a Malaysian truck doing more than 90km/h on lane 1 on PIE heading towards Tuas on the 22nd of February 2021. Sometime later in the video, the Traffic Police closed in in their car and it looked like they had the intention to notify the Scania truck of its offence. Naturally, most of us would go "haha the truck sure get it from the Police!" but no, nothing happened! What a miracle for the truck driver. But, as I mentioned at the start of this post, the Traffic Police might act after watching the video. It's a little too early to celebrate yet Mr Truck Driver. Here's what some netizens had to say about the matter. What do we think? Well, if he got off without any punishment, he should consider himself lucky and not do it again.
  6. A Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe has been caught doing 'Boom Boom Boom' noises in one of the HDB carparks along Hougang Street 61 early in the morning last night. This has not gone well for him as videos of him revving his car that has been tuned to make "pop and crackle" noises has gone viral. s.MP4 According to unnamed sources, it seemed that the green CLA Coupe owner has been approached by home owners staying nearby for the noise pollution and a fight ensued. The police was called in and the CLA owner looked like he has been charged for causing hurt a.k.a Penal Code 323 as we can see from the Whatsapp screenshots. He was intoxicated too but was not charged for drink-driving as his female friend was at the wheel.
  7. SINGAPORE: The Singapore Police Force (SPF) can obtain TraceTogether data for criminal investigations, said Minister of State for Home Affairs Desmond Tan in Parliament on Monday (Jan 4). The SPF is empowered under the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC) to obtain any data, and that includes the TraceTogether data, said Mr Tan. "The Government is the custodian of the TT (TraceTogether) data submitted by the individuals and stringent measures are put in place to safeguard this personal data," added Mr Tan. "Examples of these measures include only allowing authorised officers to access the data, using such data only for authorised purposes and storing the data on a secured data platform." Mr Tan was responding to a question from Member of Parliament (MP) Christopher de Souza, who had asked if TraceTogether data will be used for criminal investigations and what the legal provisions and safeguards are for using such data. A privacy statement on the TraceTogether website had earlier said the data would only be used “for contact tracing purposes”. The site was updated on Jan 4 which "clarified how the Criminal Procedure code applies to all data under Singapore's jurisdiction". "TraceTogether data may be used in circumstances where citizen safety and security is or has been affected," it wrote. "The Singapore Police Force is empowered under the CPC to obtain any data, including TraceTogether data, for criminal investigations." Under the Public Sector (Governance) Act, public officers who recklessly or knowingly disclose the data without authorisation, or misuse the data, may be fined up to S$5,000 or jailed up to two years, or both, said Mr Tan. "We do not preclude the use of TraceTogether data in circumstances where citizens' safety and security is or has been affected, and this applies to all other data as well," said Mr Tan, in response to a supplementary question from Workers' Party MP Gerald Giam who had asked if use of the data would violate the TraceTogether privacy statement. "Authorised police officers may invoke then the Criminal Procedure Code ... powers to obtain this data for purpose of criminal investigation, and for the purpose of the safety and security of our citizens, but otherwise TraceTogether data is indeed to be used only for contact tracing and for the purpose of fighting the COVID situation."
  8. Ok, there isn't much info on what is happening here but from the images and videos that we have seen, this Private Hire Driver looks like he is going to regret not waking up when the Traffic Policer officers ask him too. As seen on various sources including SG Road Vigilante, a Renault Grand Scenic has been pictured knocking down a bunch of motorcycles in an undisclosed carpark. While that might sound like a typical accident, a video that came with the few photos showed the driver refusing to cooperate with the TP when he was told to wake up. We are guessing that the driver might be drunk and is trying to leave the carpark with his MPV. With all the bike owners watching him and Traffic Police catching him red-handed, we reckon he should have plenty of time to snooze behind the bars...
  9. StreetFight3r

    Bukit Batok Drama & SPF

    5 minutes of shouting match So many never wear mask also Spf please arrest all of them I think for such cases Spf should get all to wear their mask first. Non compliance all arrest and send to lockup + fine Something must be done to protect our police offers
  10. Not looking forward to having the bars, pubs and clubs back in full force cos people who cant control their alcohol intake dun deserve nice things Im assuming this chaos is cos of alcohol since this looks like Clarke Quay? Such a situation police can only wait for backup since outnumbered Feel for our police risking their lives to protect us in times of covid N pple still want to fight Waiting for more info
  11. TRAFFIC POLICE GETS AN ALL NEW BMW 2019 R1250RT BIKE https://www.roads.sg/traffic-police-gets-an-all-new-bmw-2019-r1250rt-bike/ Traffic police gets expensive BMW cars and bikes. This is how they spent tax payers money!
  12. China woman was shouting n resisting arrest Dun see anything wrong with wad spf did police should arrest abang for obstructing police work abang confronted the police n asked for his name kept insisting cannot use force on a woman cannot handcuff a woman need to call female police to come arrest spf should also issue summon to abang for not wearing mask in public hello $300 fine please
  13. kobayashiGT

    Is this guy trying to be police or funny?

    Hello nieces and nephews, this is your uncle Koba here again. Hello. Today, we have this guy who is trying too hard to fulfil his boyhood dream of becoming traffic police. Spotted on Road.sg, this Honda ST1300 - a road touring bike which is kinda familiar to our SPF choice of weapon, the Yamaha XJ900T. Let's have a look. Wait a sec. Fuiyoh! He is a whole package! A long long time ago, there must be young handsome traffic police who gave him a helping and makes him remember how cool traffic police is and since then, he got inspired to becoming one. Alrighty, so nieces and nephews, please take a second look at our traffic police when you spotted one. It may and may not be one.
  14. Now this is one heartening sight! Our local police force is working hard to catch bad-behaving vehicles on our roads! Seen on SG Road Vigilante is this video of an unmarked Traffic Police vehicle zooming up fast on the AYE towards Tuas to catch a motorbike on 13th of December 2020. We can't really see why the bike was being stopped but according to the source, it is a Malaysian-registered bike with a mini rear number plate. While having such a number plate is an offence in our sunny island, we thought the police might also be catching the biker for a speeding offence or having a loud exhaust. As for the rest of us, we now know when you see a white Mazda 3, it might not be a Private Hire Vehicle but an Unmarked Traffic Police car!
  15. Amidst all the gloom around the world and bad road behavior we see on our roads here, there are still good vibes happening around once in a blue moon. Spotted on 25th of Nov 2020 along Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, the footage from this camera car shows it arriving at the traffic lights to see that the lane on his right was stationary even though his lane was moving. As the lights went green, he must have wondered why the first lane remained stuck. Upon reaching the stop line, we could see why as a kind-hearted Traffic Police officer could be seen helping an elderly cross the road. The lady would have taken some time to cross as the lights had already turned red before she even had time to reach the other side of the road. Naturally, neitzens were full of praise for Mr. TP officer on some Facebook pages ...
  16. Ouch. That must have hurt quite a bit for the Honda Vezel driver. Spotted on various Facebook group is this video of a Honda Vezel doing an illegal u-turn at the junction of Telok Blangah Road and Sentosa Gateway on 26Nov 2020. Unfortunately for this Vezel driver, a Singapore Police Force Patrol car was among the cars that had the right of way and needed to avoid the crossover. Naturally, the SPF patrol car turned on its siren and stopped the Vezel immediately... So what can we learn from here? Like what your Army Encik says, if you insist of not following the law, just make sure you don't get caught...
  17. StreetFight3r

    Shot fired by SPF during raid!

    https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/police-shooting-balestier-suspect-attacked-officer-nov-5- SINGAPORE: A man was shot by a police officer during a raid on a residential unit along Balestier Road on Thursday (Nov 5), the Singapore Police Force (SPF) said. Three plainclothes officers entered the unit at City Suites condominiumat about 1am on Thursday as part of operations to track down suspects involved in a series of cheating cases. Four people were in the flat: A 36-year-old man, a 22-year-old man, a 33-year-old woman and a 23-year-old woman. Preliminary investigations showed that while the officers were in the unit, the 36-year-old man “suddenly lunged” at one of the officers and attacked him repeatedly, causing the officer to fall on the floor bleeding from the face, SPF said. A second officer warned the man to stop the assault but he did not. The 22-year-old man was then seen approaching the officer who was attacked, and the second police officer “assessed” that he would join the older man in assaulting the police officer. “Concerned with the safety of his partner, the second officer immediately drew his revolver and warned the (36-year-old man) to stop his assault,” said the police in a news release. The man did not comply with the warning and continued to hit the officer on the floor. Suddenly, he rushed towards the second officer and grabbed his revolver, said SPF. The 22-year-old man then assaulted the first officer, the police added. During the brawl, the second officer “discharged one round” from his revolver at the 36-year-old man. “This did not immediately stop (the 36-year-old man) from his attempt to snatch the second officer’s revolver and the struggle continued," said SPF. Both men were eventually subdued by backup officers who later arrived at the unit. The 36-year-old man sustained a gunshot wound to his abdomen and was attended to by paramedics before he was taken conscious to hospital. He is currently in a stable condition, SPF said. Two police officers were injured. The first sustained injuries to his face and arm, while the second officer sustained injuries to his hands and lips. The third officer attended to the suspect. The first and second officers felt their lives were under threat, Assistant Commissioner of Police Cheong Chee Ming, who is Tanglin Division commander, said during a press conference on Thursday. As a matter of protocol, the Special Investigation Section is investigating the officer’s discharge of the firearm.
  18. StreetFight3r

    Lim Tean arrested

    SINGAPORE: Lawyer and opposition politician Lim Tean was arrested on Tuesday (Oct 2) for alleged criminal breach of trust and is also being investigated for unlawful stalking, said the Singapore Police Force (SPF) on Friday. The arrest came after Mr Lim failed to comply with a police notice to attend a compulsory interview on Monday to assist with investigations into the two alleged offences, the police said. "As Mr Lim Tean did not cooperate with the notice to attend an interview with police, and had stated clearly that he had no intent to comply, the police had no choice but to arrest Mr Lim Tean in order to conduct the investigations," said SPF in a news release. "This would not have been necessary, if he complied with the police notice to come for an interview," they added. ALLEGED OFFENCES The police said that the counsel of Mr Lim's former client had lodged a police report alleging that that Mr Lim had misappropriated a sum of money awarded to him as damages by the court. Mr Lim had acted for the former client in a motor injury suit, said the police. Separately, a former employee of Mr Lim has also lodged a police report against him, alleging that she was harassed by him while working at his law firm, said the police. The employee has referred the police to text messages that were exchanged between her and Mr Lim, they added. POLICE INTERVIEW The police contacted Mr Lim and issued him with a written notice under the Criminal Procedure Code on Sep 23 to attend a compulsory interview on Sep 28 at the Police Cantonment complex to assist with investigations into the alleged offences. Mr Lim was also told that he could reschedule the interview if he wanted, said the police. "However, Mr Lim Tean replied through his counsel on Sep 27 that he had no intention of turning up for any police interview. He also made baseless allegations that the investigations against him were politically motivated," said the police. "The police have a responsibility to investigate reports which are made, if prima facie they disclose a basis for further investigations. Persons called for police interviews must comply. "Mr Lim Tean’s alleged victims had filed police reports alleging serious offences by him against them, and the police have a duty to investigate the allegations," they said. Lawyer M Ravi said in a Facebook post on Friday that Mr Lim has instructed him to act as defence counsel. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/lim-tean-police-arrest-alleged-breach-of-trust-investigations-13178292 https://mothership.sg/2020/10/lim-tean-arrested/
  19. Overweight police officers in East Java go through weight-loss programme https://www.asiaone.com/asia/overweight-police-officers-east-java-go-through-weight-loss-programme "Size does matter for the East Java Police as they are requiring that overweight officers go through a weight-loss programme at the State Police Academy (SPN) in Mojokerto, East Java. The officers will go through a variety of activities designed to reduce body fat for 10 days. Fifty personnel from each East Java Police unit will take part in the programme from July 15 to 26, according to East Java Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Frans Barung Mangera. "It's a programme to lower your body mass index (BMI) for overweight and obese personnel," Frans was quoted by kompas.com. During the programme, the personnel must undergo activities aimed at reducing body fat such as running, wearing a parachute jacket, long marches, aerobic gymnastics, swimming and other sports. Aside from physical activities, personnel also receive psychological guidance. "Through guidance from nutritionists and medical experts provided by East Java Police, dietary habits and menus are adjusted to help reach the goal of this programme," said Frans. The aim of the programme is for East Java police officers to provide better service. "[so the police] are quicker and nimble in serving the public," Frans added.
  20. M-Sport wor. Looks like 320?
  21. chitchatboy

    A new undercover Traffic Police vehicle?

    For those who have been receiving texts via your favourite messaging applications that a ComfortDelGro taxi fitted with several cameras is a Traffic Police vehicle, you guys have been smoked. The Singapore Police Force (SPF) have noticed that the following image has been circulating around and has clarified that it is not part of their fleet. On their Facebook page, SPF contacted ComfortDelGro and verified that the equipment is temporarily installed on this taxi for training purposes. Members of the public are advised to exercise discretion and not circulate unverified information indiscriminately. Here are what some neitzens have to say on SPF's Facebook page...
  22. Remember the time when a video of an LTA enforcement officer that stopped an offending PMD rider by giving the rider a good kick, causing the offender to fall off his PMD? Now, something similar is going viral in Malaysia. According to The Star, the incident happened in Sibu, a town in Sarawak, Malaysia where two police officers were conducting a spot check at Jalan Temple around noon. A motorcyclist that was approaching the road block decided to turn around to avoid them but failed to do so when one of the officers acted quickly by giving the biker a martial art-style kick. In the report, Sibu OCPD Asst Comm Stanley Jonathan Ringgit explained that the offender works at the a hotel nearby and has several offences to his name. Other than not having a driving license and having a modified bike, its road tax has also expired and it was not covered under any insurance too. 46687388_923477234821643_832602979362855331_n.mp4
  23. dudez7

    SPF New Fast Response Vehicle

    At https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/police-spf-new-car-number-plate-recognition-secure-cabin-12983870
  24. Tohto

    SPF New Fast Response Vehicle

    Police unveil new fast response car with number plate recognition, more secure cabin for suspects https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/police-spf-new-car-number-plate-recognition-secure-cabin-12983870