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Found 52 results

  1. Now, I won't say that I am the biggest follower of traffic laws when I am cycling. Far from it, in fact. Yes, I know that as a cyclist, I also have to obey the traffic laws as laid out by the Traffic Police, but I have ran so many red lights while cycling that if it were reflected on my real driving licence, I would have exceeded the allotted 24 demerit points by.... Let's just say, by a lot. But I digress. Laws, rules and regulations are there for a reason. One of them being primarily to keep us safe. Or alive. Or both. Feel free to apply it as per necessary. But unfortunately for the star of today's post, this uncle either didn't get the memo or he just chose to tear it up completely, because he went against one of the most basic everyday rules. Based on the information in the video, the accident seems to have taken place in Sengkang. Now, I am not saying that I don't do this, and I'm pretty sure most, if not everyone reading this post has done what the uncle has done too, which is crossing the traffic junction when the red man is still on. Usually it is fine, you get to the other side without issue. But there are days when your luck just runs out and the results are... Less than pleasant. In all fairness, I can see why the uncle decided to go ahead and cross the road. Judging from the clip below, oncoming traffic seemed to be clear, with no vehicles in the immediate vicinity of the camera frame. However, my guess is that he may have missed the oncoming motorcycle due to its smaller size and just decided to cross the road. Perhaps the motorcyclist didn't expect someone to suddenly cross the road and may not have enough time to react once he/she realised what was going on, which ultimately resulted in said collision. However, it is also heartening to note that, fellow pedestrians at the junction immediately ran forward to help both injured parties after the momentary shock of having an accident happen right in front of their eyes. Judging from the style and colour of their outfits, two of the pedestrians could also be nurses/healthcare professionals, and if that should be the case, it is indeed fortunate that these nurses/healthcare professionals were at the right place at the right time to help people in need, despite the unfortunate circumstances of the accident. Perhaps, people, just a thought, listen to the rules, or just observe them. Or maybe just take a little while longer to set off from a traffic junction or when you're at a standstill. It could end up saving your life, or your wallet, or both. I mean, I should know. The last time I decided to rush for something, it ended up making a significant dent in my wallet 🙃. But that's another story for another day. Stay safe, people. Life isn't all about rushing from one place to another. Sometimes it could actually be beneficial to take your time, have a breather and smell the roses.
  2. We wonder if these group of cyclists are aware that the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing when they ride in such a large group.. Posted by the people from SG Road Vigilante on 7th of Aug 2020 is a video of a large group of cyclist riding together seriously before a crash causes a chain collision of bicycles. Some of us might find the accident funny while some would be shocked at how dangerous riding on the road could be. We just hope that everyone recovers well from their fall. Of course, such a post will put netizens into a commenting frenzy where everyone will be slamming the cyclists for road-hogging and riding in a group of more than five. Do you feel that these large gatherings should be stopped? Or do you feel that more and more cyclists are taking advantage of our roads? Let us know...
  3. For most owners who are into cars, they will tend to want to meet owners who own the same car/model as themselves. Hence from time to time, we will see many brand/model-based car clubs gather at places like the indoor stadium to chat and get to know more about their cars. However, we are kind of sure these Volkswagen drivers in the video below won't be friends anytime soon... Uploaded on ROADS.sg, we can see a Volkswagen Golf coming from the opposite direction before colliding straight on with the camera car (a Volkswagen Jetta). The accident happened on the morning of 22nd of April at the PIE interchange between Jurong Town Hall Road and Bukit Batok Road. There were no reports as of press time of what caused the Golf owner to drive into the opposite lane. We hope he did not faint or suffer a heart attack, causing him to lose control of his car. We did noticed the Scirocco (yes, another Volkswagen) moving away from danger as the Golf came closer. Good reflexes dude. Maybe if they stayed at home, such things won't have happened... videoplayback.mp4
  4. its now 1st car claim 2nd, 2nd claim 3rd and so forth, please drive safe and keep safe distance. no more last pay all.
  5. I would like to get feedback on this CPA+ feature that are standard in latest Mercedes. It is supposed to alert the drivers of imminent collision and, correct me if I am wrong, activate the brake to prevent collision from happening. This is definitely something that I find very useful and wanted in my ride. But my experieince so far is that the alert will come on erratically, sometimes out by miles when there is nothing to collide into but perhaps the road divider which the car is not deviating into. Think abit too sensitive. I would like to know if this could be raised during servicing and be calibrated? Also I would like to hear any first-hand account of whether this feature has saved your butt so far. In another owrds, whether this feature is well designed that I can depend on it when the need arises. I would think it would benefit fellow owners haha.
  6. Imamiah

    Major ship collision

    Read from yahoo news about the following collision. Swear that i smell gasoline smell from my 14 level flat in sengkang. Did anyone smell it too? Its like a very strong karosine smell. So strong that i got to lock myself up in the room and on aircon :P http://sg.yfittopostblog.com/2010/05/25/oi...essels-collide/
  7. within minutes after a chain collison some stranger would stop their car can tell you that they are from ^&*%^$^ workshop and are here to help you. more than an eye isn't it ? i was involved in a similar situation months ago and the story was relate to fellow forumers of another car forum and we realise they are all ppl of the same workshop. lol such a coincident. anyone wana share their experience ?
  8. HELP! Was involved in a multi-vehicle accident Monday night. AMK Ave 6 at junction with Ave 5. Red light, bus and taxi stopped in front of me in leftmost lane. I stopped and was whacked from behind by a black Maserati going real fast. Power to carcam cut off so wasn't captured. Would appreciate it if any member who recorded the Maserati speeding can share the footage. Thanks. http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/4-injured-accident-involving-smrt-bus-and-4-cars-ang-mo-kio-ave-5 The Maserati is hidden from view by my car (silver Avante).
  9. Let just say I happen to hear about an incident. First car fully stopped, second car fully stopped, third car couldn’t stop. Everyone came down, only bumper to bumper incident. 3rd car front have some damages, 2nd car rear & front some damages, 1st car suffer no damage. Since 1st car have no damages, agreed with the 2nd car’s owner and drove off. Then should the first car report to incident to the insurance where there is no damages, no details of the other 2 drivers. And how can the 2nd car insurance claim for the front damage? He need the VRN of the first car right which he has because due to onboard camera which may review footage later. Then when the 2nd car claim, will the insurance company have details of the first car? Will the first car owner get into trouble? So much for being a gentleman. If first car owner is worry because his current insurance company is one that will deny claims for non-drunkard drivers at their own discretion.
  10. The affected luxury cars included models from Maserati, Porsche and Land Rover. AsiaOne | Tuesday, Jul 22, 2014 XIAMEN, China - A trailer truck carrying 11 brand new luxury vehicles overturned after a collision with a car on the Shenyang-Haikou expressway. According to QQ News, the truck crashed into a black Mazda sedan's rear on July 20 at around 6.20pm. Several passengers in the car were injured, and the truck tipped over to its side from the impact. The truck driver claimed that the sedan suddenly cut into his lane on the expressway, and that he executed an emergency brake to avoid hitting the car. However, there are speculations of the truck tailgating the Mazda on the road. Xiamen media reported that rescue workers arrived at the scene shortly after the accident and sent the injured passengers to the hospital for medical treatment. Two mobile cranes were also deployed to lift the scattered cars off the road. The affected luxury cars included models from Maserati, Porsche and Land Rover. Total damages are estimated to exceed 10,000,000 yuan (S$2 million). Investigations are on-going. - See more at: http://transport.asiaone.com/news/general/story/trailer-truck-carrying-11-luxury-vehicles-overturns-china#sthash.IeAyZDhP.dpuf
  11. An eight-car collision on the Seletar Expressway (SLE) on Sunday night injured five people, including one child. The accident occurred at about 9.20pm, said a spokesman for the Singapore Civil Defence Force. It took place along the SLE heading north, just after the Braddell Road exit. The extreme right two lanes were cordoned off by police, creating a massive jam leading back to the city centre that persisted past midnight. Four adults were taken by ambulance to Tan Tock Seng Hospital, and one child was taken to KK Women's and Children's Hospital. All were conscious. It was not immediately clear how serious their injuries were. When The Straits Times arrived at the scene at 11.30pm, several cars including one taxi were seen with their bonnets and rears crumpled. They were towed away shortly after. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/five-injured-eight-car-collision-sle-20140203 ---------------------------------------------------- reports said SLE..but it's actually on the CTE heading towards SLE
  12. A 23-year-old man was injured after his motorcycle collided into a van in front of him. The accident took place at about 1.15pm along the Central Expressway towards the Ayer Rajar Expressway, near the Kampong Java Tunnel. It caused a traffic jam which lasted for more than an hour. The motorcyclist who was bleeding from his face but still conscious was taken to the Singapore General Hospital. When The Straits Times arrived at the scene, his motorcycle had been tipped over and was balancing vertically on its front. There were no other casualties, and investigations are ongoing. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/motorcyclist-injured-after-colliding-van-along-cte-20131227
  13. The lorry driver must be dreaming or something else. Every vehicles stopped cos of red light and he just went ahead and cause chain collision........ Accident happen just now 03/09/13 at about 7.03am along the junction of Jalan Kayu & Fernvale Lane. The lorry never attemp to stop and no brakes lights..... I have the video captured on my FXD 700 but sorry, IT stuff very blurr, unable to upload video. Tried so many times just couldn't upload the video...
  14. He had escaped a blaze at his workplace in the Jurong Industrial Estate four days ago, as he was out on a job. But Malaysian Tan Kian Eang, 45, was not so lucky early yesterday morning, as his bicycle was involved in a collision with an SBS Transit bus at the junction of Jalan Boon Lay and International Road. Paramedics from the Singapore Civil Defence Force arrived shortly after the accident at around midnight and pronounced Mr Tan dead at the scene. The Singaporean bus driver has been suspended pending police investigations. This is the second fatality from a bus collision in less than two weeks. A 42-year-old woman died after she was hit by an SBS bus in Clementi on April 23. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...on-bus-20130504
  15. Hi all, Some may have seen my post in another thread. Decided to post here instead in order not to clog up further for that thread. Some corrections made, guess i remember some of the sequence of events wrongly. I have also uploaded the first half of the video to show. First half (skip to 4:25 where is started) Second half (just watch first 10 seconds and skip the rest) Sequence of events: First Half 1. Initially I am behind this errant van, keeping a distance from him. 4:20 onwards 2. I change to first lane. 4:26 3. Van signal left and change to left lane. 4:35 4. I also signal left and change back to 2nd lane at same time black car infront of me do the same 4:42 5. At 4:49, the van is still signaling left while at the same time I am keeping a distance from the black car infront and also going to speed up to keep pace. Second Half 6. At 0:06 , the van signal right and next second he start turning very fast and I didn't expect that. At 0:07, he is already very near my car just 1-2 cm near collision. At this moment, I cannot speed up as explained earlier cos my speed wun be quick enough to shoot ahead of him and if i do so and he still dun slow down or stop, he will bang my back passenger door or rear of my car. so i slow down instead so the van can see my car presense and he did and he literally slow down or ebrake (not shown in video.) 7. At 0:09, the van literally stop or ebrake, i move forth and switch to his lane cos at 0:15 there is already a car behind me and i dun want to obstruct him. I admit after switching to his lane, i did slow down a little but i did not ebrake (see 0:10-0:13) cos i am asking if my gf is ok before I move on with my pace, all this while the van behind me still stopped or slowered his speed (cannot remember). Hope this gives a better clearer picture what happen. I know i should honk at the van but i dun have habit to honk if i must to... but in this case, it was too sudden all i can do is to slow down to prevent collision. Advise is appreciated how to handle such situations next time.
  16. Wt_know

    Escape collision and speed up?

    escape collision ... good reflect but why need to speed up to cabut? scare sibei mafan when cops come to ask this ask that? the engine sound not bad ...
  17. FaezClutchless

    A look at Subaru

    [extract] Most of us would know that continental automakers are well known for their safety technologies which are featured on most of their models. Lately, Asian automakers are introducing similar features to their cars and one of them is Subaru. Subaru recently introduced its EyeSight technology in a couple of its models and the firm intends to introduce it to every one of its models. Let
  18. Unfortunately, my car was involved in a chain collision with 2 other cars. Mine was the last. The good thing is nobody was hurt. I've been hearing 2 version of the how the claims would be apportioned. First: The last car will bear all Second: Each car will claim it's OWN damages from the car behind. A is first car, B is second car and C is the last A <-- B <-- C A will claim B for it's own damages. B will claim C for it's own damages. Which is true?
  19. You might have heard of stories where a vehicle gets into an accident when the driver mistakenly steps on the wrong pedal, for example, stepping the acceleration pedal instead of the brake pedal while parking. In order to eliminate such accidents from happening, Nissan has unveiled a new technology which will help reduce accidents caused by pedal misapplication and it will debut on the new, upcoming Nissan Elgrand at the end of this year. The technology is known as the Emergency Assist for Pedal Misapplication with Carpark Detection Function. It uses one of Nissan
  20. So unlucky. Involved in a chain collision accident. 4 cars involved. Mine was the second car from the front. Was raining heavily and the taxi infront of me was slowing down and i also slowed down to a complete stop. But all of sudden another taxi from behind knock my backside. My rear bumper and left rear lights gone. Boot also dented so now cannot open. For my front it looks as if the front bumper is slightly knocked and number plate bent. But the impact from behind pushed my car to kiss into the taxi infront with slight scratches on his back bumper. In fact the taxi driver(front) wanted to settle with me for $20 to $30 but i told him let's just take down particulars for the 4 cars. The last car behind(4th car) is a rather young chap. I am not sure what is his damages like as it was raining rather heavily at that point. But I can only guess that he knocked into the third car. In such situation what is my liability? I am going down to the workshop tomorrow for repair.
  21. Hi all, just to check with experts here, if you are involved in a chain collision. both your car and the car in front was stationary.A lorry rammed you from the back and you surge forward and knock into the car infront. will your ncd be affected? Thanks for the advice.
  22. :o Practise defensive driving everyone, drive safe.
  23. By Rae Tan & Tam Su Ferne AFTER resting and recovering for a month from cataract surgery, he was happy to be behind the wheel of a taxi again. >> ASIAONE / MOTORING / NEWS / STORY Thu, Jun 02, 2011 The New Paper http://motoring.asiaone.com/Motoring/News/...531-281728.html Chery QQ flips in collision with cab By Rae Tan & Tam Su Ferne AFTER resting and recovering for a month from cataract surgery, he was happy to be behind the wheel of a taxi again. Chery QQ flips in accident Click on thumbnails below to view more photos. Story continues after photos. (Photos: TNP) The Comfort cabby, who wanted to be known only as Mr Lim, was eager to "pick up passengers and earn lots of money". But just one hour into his work on Monday morning, he collided with a Chery QQ car while making a right turn at the junction of Jalan Bukit Merah and Henderson Road. The QQ had been coming straight down Jalan Bukit Merah. As Mr Lim frantically swerved away and tried to keep the taxi under control, he claimed to have seen the car flip over three times, violently hitting the ground each time. The car finally landed upside down about 10m away. After recovering from the initial shock, Mr Lim got out of the taxi and sprinted towards the QQ. Mr Lim said: "I peered into the car and saw him (the driver) lying upside down. "Together with two passers-by, I dragged him out of the car and sat him down on the kerb. "He looked like he was in great shock and just sat there quietly. "A passer-by helped to call for an ambulance and soon after, they came to take him away." The middle-aged driver of the QQ, who declined to be interviewed, was sent to Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and received outpatient treatment. SHAKEN The cabby, Mr Lim, 62, was unhurt but shaken. "I don't know what happened. There wasn't time for me to react," he said. "I was making a right turn into Henderson Road when suddenly I saw a car coming straight down towards me. "The next moment, our vehicles rammed into one another. I watched in shock as his car flipped over again and again." Skid marks scarred the road surface. The top and sides of the QQ were badly damaged. The front bumper of the cab and its number plate were damaged. The car driver's wife, who did not want to be identified, arrived at the scene soon after the accident. Her husband had called her about 20 minutes after the accident. She said: "He called to say what had happened and that he was fine. I'm just thankful that he is okay." What kind of force would make a car flip over three times? Mr Ronald Soh, 55, a driving instructor at Woodlands Driving School, said: "The usual cause (of cars flipping) is speed. "When people go too fast, they are unable to control the car, and they could hit a kerb. If the impact is too great (in a collision), they could also flip." The deputy editor of motoring magazine Torque, Mr David Ting, said that it's hard to "pinpoint one reason" for cars to flip. He said: "In theory, cars like SUVs are more likely to flip because of their bigger wheels and the car being higher off the ground. "All conditions being equal, if compared with a normal car, the SUV is more likely to flip. "But while the height of the vehicle can be a factor, it is not necessarily a critical one." Police investigations are ongoing. This article was first published in The New Paper.
  24. http://www.autoblog.com/2011/11/27/1962-ca...sion/#continued
  25. Source: http://news.omy.sg/News/Local%2BNews/Story...517-287227.html involves 1 mini lorry, 1 taxi and 3 sedans!