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  1. Here's a video uploaded by SG Road Vigilante showing a speeding Volkswagen Scirocco zig-zagging along PIE, which also reminds me of another infamous incident caused by a speeding Kia Cerato last weekend. This happened along the Upper Bukit Timah Exit with another unrecognisable car seemingly chasing closely behind him. Putting other road users in danger The Scirocco driver then channeled his inner Alonso to manoeuvre between a tipper truck and a silver Van, overtaking both vehicles in one go. Although i have to admit that this was a well executed move, this act of
  2. Well, here we are again. Another day, and another story about a Volkswagen Scirocco being stupid again. Now don't get this writer wrong. The Scirocco is a nice little car, especially when it is done up nicely and not wrapped up in some ghastly chrome wrap with an obnoxious exhaust that blares through the neighbourhood at night. Fun fact, the Scirocco is unobtainium for American buyers due to Volkswagen never making it available there. And yet what do owners here do with their Sciroccos? Read on. From our, uh, fellow, uh, compatriots(?) over at SG Road Vigilante, we have here a S
  3. In our fast-paced and hectic society, it is easy to get triggered when unexpected things happen to you as we can see from this video that has been posted on SG Road Vigilante. In this video that was shot in Yishun a few days back, we can see a van which is the camera vehicle, coming to the rear of a Volkswagen Scirocco. While waiting for the gantry to be lifted, the car rolled back as one pair of its wheels were on a hump. The van driver gave the car a tap of its horn, triggering the Scirocco driver to come down and confront the van driver. For those who have no experience with
  4. My roc is currently on halogen lights. Can I just purchase this to change the lights to LED? http://www.auto-lighting.co.uk/product-eng-5308-Interior-Car-LED-bulbs-replacement-kit-for-VOLKSWAGEN-SCIROCCO-9pcs-cool-white-6000K.html
  5. For most owners who are into cars, they will tend to want to meet owners who own the same car/model as themselves. Hence from time to time, we will see many brand/model-based car clubs gather at places like the indoor stadium to chat and get to know more about their cars. However, we are kind of sure these Volkswagen drivers in the video below won't be friends anytime soon... Uploaded on ROADS.sg, we can see a Volkswagen Golf coming from the opposite direction before colliding straight on with the camera car (a Volkswagen Jetta). The accident happened on the morning of
  6. As seen on ROAD.sg, a red Volkswagen Scirocco has rear ended a SEAT Leon Cupra at the junction of the KJE exit to Woodland Road. The accident happened a while ago on 3rd of April but only started getting viral recently as the Scirocco owner shared the video on a private whatsapp group chat (We have no idea why he/she would do this). Thankfully, this is no serious accident despite the camera car obviously speeding along the KJE exit before filtering into Woodlands road. Sharp viewers of the video would also notice from the car's exhaust note that the accelerator was being presse
  7. Vega

    VW Scirocco

    anyone knows which PI offer Scirocco. thanks.
  8. Hi to all wanna share something.I was a passenger in this great car with my friend driving travel at north south highway when my friend decide to test his car performance.After everything seems clear the car is already reaching 220kmh when a Yamaha R6 600cc bike overtook us like we're traveling at moderate speed like that.My friend were quite shock and tried to catch up but still that bike is way apart from us till we reach the toll where we get to look and it's just an R6!I was so surprised that its a Sg registered R6.Now wanna ask Roughly how fast the bike is speeding to pass by us at such l
  9. Hi guys, any of you VW owners have this problem? i need to lock/ unlock whilst singing a song to unlock the fuel flap went down VW, need $120 to fix anyway the fuel flap can be manually opened?
  10. Source: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/this-urban-jungle/how-did-that-happen-scirocco-ends-up-on-top-of-bmw-after-accident-at-gambas-ave
  11. Juz curious, if you're looking for a used, affordable 2-door for some occasional flings and dirty weekends, which would u choose?
  12. Are you an owner of a VW Scirocco? Does yours look any cooler than this one? This tuned VW Scirocco has been spotted in China quite recently. But why the VW Scirocco? Well, it's probably because in China, they say that this particular model from the German automaker Volkswagen is often fancied by Chinese young men with tight pants. So, while the body of the car retains its originality
  13. [extract] Unveiled at the 2012 Lipezig Motor Show in June, the Scirocco GTS is now available for sale across Europe, with the price in Germany ranging from
  14. Recently a friend of mine was interested in 'upgrading' his Mazda Roadster (that's Miata MX5 to most of you) to a 2+2. Choices included the BMW 320Ci, the Audi A5 and even the Volkswagen Scirocco. We had a small discussion on the cars mentioned above. It made me take a long look at the Scirocco and I realized why I never caught on with its looks or why it didn't make me weak in the knees even though it drove extremely well, had a great sports car driving position and was very well put together. The reason was that the Volkswagen Scirocco is actually a fifth generation Honda Civi
  15. eh, dude in the white scirocco. the expressway is not your personal race track. u wanna race the Z4 go to a track or something no point poking at my arse when everyone across the lanes is slowing down for the camera and the speed limit is 70km/h. i am less than a car's length away from the vehicle in front with another 7-8 vehicles ahead all slowing down. i cant give way to you cos lane 2 is packed as well and i got nowhere to squeeze to. both you and the Z4 are farking irresponsible drivers by racing on a packed expressway. wad are u trying to proof??? a regan lee wannabe?
  16. One fine Saturday afternoon as I was driving a Perodua Myvi down a steep road which banked towards the right I got quite a surprise. A Hyundai Atoz suddenly appeared out of nowhere. 'Nowhere' in this context meant that it appeared after it was hidden behind the A-pillar as well as the large elephant-like driver's side mirror. It was the angle the Perodua was sitting on the road that enabled the tinier Atoz to simply disappear behind the two items mentioned above. And it got me thinking. Have the A-pillars and the side mirrors of cars gotten thicker over the years? A-pillars are w
  17. Volkswagen is raising the benchmark for fuel economy in the UK with the introduction of the new Scirocco and Passat CC diesel range that benefit from the firm's BlueMotion Technology. All entry-level and GT trim Scirocco models fitted with the 2.0-litre diesel engine now feature BlueMotion Technology modifications which include Stop/Start and battery regeneration systems, thus helping to create the cleanest and most fuel efficient Scirocco to date. When combined with the DSG transmission, fuel economy for the diesel powered 140 HP Scirocco 2.0 TDI is improved from 51.4 mpg to 57.6 mpg UK o
  18. The team at German tuning outfit, RDX Racedesign, have created a sporty and dynamic package for the Volkswagen Scirocco. In order to keep the weight low, the company used thermoplastic for the new body parts. For the Scirocco, the company developed an aerodynamic kit that includes a new, TUV-certified front spoiler, subtly redesigned sidesills with grille elements built in at the rear, and a rear bumper extension with diffuser and mesh. At the back is a new TUV-certified roof spoiler. All of the body parts combine for a cost of
  19. [extract] Volkswagen will participate at this year's edition of the N
  20. The standard Volkswagen Scirocco R has 195 kW (261 bhp / 265 PS) on tap and it pulls 350 Nm (258 lb-ft). Those figures have been bumped up in three levels by B&B. At Level 1 changes were made to the ECU and the electronic injection was optimised amongst other things. Power and torque increased to 228 kW (306 bhp / 310 PS) and 410 Nm at 1,900 rpm respectively. A Vmax of 275 km/h (171 mph) is quoted. Level 2 bumps this a little further by modifying the exhaust downpipe, optimising air induction, air flows, ignition and fuel injection. As a consequence 238 kW (320 bhp / 324 PS) was
  21. Scirocco R OMG this is an awesome ride. 265-horsepower/350 Nm (258 lb-ft) 2.0L turbo four 0-100 in 6.5s
  22. In Singapore, the current entry-level VW Scirocco is fitted to with the 1.4L Twincharged engine. However, a new entry-level 1.4 TSI (Single Turbo) model could be arriving in the near future as evident in its recent launch in UK. It is the same unit that powers the entry level 122bhp Golf. The European speced entry model benefits from a comprehensive list of standard equipment including a six-CD autochanger with iPod preparation, rain and dusk sensors, a multifunction computer and 17-inch
  23. Which is a better buy considering the 1.4 version for both which is about the same price. In fact, at launch, Scirocco appears to be cheaper than Golf Sports. Comments?
  24. Hi guys, I just need some advise. Between the 2 (scirocco vs 118 or 120) which do u actually prefer? Both are 2 doors, price almost same, power wise I think scirocco shd win slightly, looks wise each got their good point. Actually i prefer roc but come to think of it with that $$$ i can get myself a BM, still better than a VW right? I may even get from 2nd hand mkt for a 2008 BM which even cheaper..... s--t man really hard to convince myself to get a ROC
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