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  1. DM LED HEAD LIGHTS ================== 2500 lumens LED Headlights ( lastest technology ) energy savings and white light projection. Non heat emission and will not damage headlamp appearance unlike HID. LED Open for bookings now. Message or call us at 6341 6164 to enquire.
  2. Dear experts, Currently driving a Mitsubishi eclipse cross, HIR2 type headlight. Using a Philips ultinon essential LED. Just recently discovered my head lights wasn’t working properly. One LED light has 2 side, only one side is lighted up, one side is not. Happened to both my head lights. Somedays, one side of the head light is functioning properly, and another side has only one side lighted up. Somedays, this will be reversed where one side is lighted up properly and another side is not. LED is gone case (only about 1 year of usage) or is it some other issue? TiA for any advise.
  3. Source: https://www.motor1.com/news/705965/thieves-use-tin-snips-to-steal-porsche-taycan-headlights/ People steal things from cars all the time. Whether it's the wheels, the catalytic converters, the radio, or just stuff from the interior, it happens all the time. In the case of this Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, the thieves decided to steal the headlights. Reddit user No_Supermarket9751 posted photos of the bizarre crime that happened to his friend, and the end result is oddly disturbing. The incident happened on Monday night in Düsseldorf, Germany, No_Supermarket9751 told Motor1. The Porsche was parked on the road, and the thieves used tin snips to cut into the fenders for access to disconnect the lamps. The poor Taycan looks like it just got finished fist-fighting a can opener. No_Supermarket9751 said his friend alerted the police, and the crime is under investigation. This Taycan is clearly out of commission until the headlights are replaced the body damage is fixed. Depending on which lighting options were equipped from the factory, the headlight assemblies can cost between $2,829.43 and $3,602.11, and the control modules are $373.49 to $889.32. There's also a $325.39 motor for each light. The fenders are $652.96 each. Plus, they need to be painted and mounted. This is going to be an expensive repair. This isn't the first time thieves have targeted the Taycan's headlights. While researching this story, we found a forum topic about thieves taking the headlights from a Taycan in 2021. It also happened to another Porsche in 2020, according to a Reddit post. So if you park a Taycan on the street, keep an eye out.
  4. Recently,noticed,alot of newer cars with DRL,never on their headlights at night,they should put the light switch to "Auto",because their cars got DRL & the meters lighted up with they started the car,the owners don't know back of their cars is totally dark,[no licence plate light,no small light],esp dark coloured cars or even worse MPV with tinted rear screen,the driver behind hardly can see anything.. ,so for safety sake,p/s put your light switch to "Auto"..
  5. Hi, just to check, if i buy the Toyota Camry 2.0 (A) Understand it does not come with HID Headlights, Is it an offence if installed? Kam sia
  6. Hi All, I'm driving a '08 Toyota Axio which i bought about 2 months ago. During a recent drive to KL and back, i realised the headlights are not bright enough especially during the stretch when there are no streetlights. I would like to change the headlights to something with is LTA compliant. I saw there are tonn of LED headlights but need to change back to stock during the inspection. I'd rather not take the trouble and change to something which is compliant and brighter than the current. Let me know if you have any suggestions.
  7. My roc is currently on halogen lights. Can I just purchase this to change the lights to LED? http://www.auto-lighting.co.uk/product-eng-5308-Interior-Car-LED-bulbs-replacement-kit-for-VOLKSWAGEN-SCIROCCO-9pcs-cool-white-6000K.html
  8. Any Bro knows where to install LED light strips for headlights? It's the fad these days. I saw some vehicles having the white "eye liner" day running lights in their head lamps. Some are new cars like the Audi, Mercs, Volvo. But some are after market. Anyone knows where to install? I bought mine online. But don't know who can install. Your help and comments appreciated. Cheers.
  9. recently i noticed my headlights turn yellowish. the clear plastic cover the light bulb... looks like stain. i saw some of the cars with such condition too. anyone can advise how to remove the stain?
  10. NOTE: I am required by MCF forum software to pick a "Related Car Brand" - and hence went with the one which I see the most regular occurrence of. This is by no means a flame or "axe-to-grind" post. Do you ever notice, ever so often, that a car's headlights are not turned on even though it is pitch black as coal in the sky? I certainly do, and I confirm this by looking at the most obvious tell-tale sign - their rear license plate lights. If you notice, when you do turn on your headlights meant for illuminating the road ahead of you, your rear license lights will turn on. They will not turn on if you are on DRL (or low light) mode. So why am I raising this topic? Because I am finding that more and more modern models from Honda, Toyota, etc. are traveling on the roads at night with no headlights on! And I attribute this to the fact that the instrument clusters of these vehicles are lit up regardless whether the headlights are on or not. Back in the not-so-long-ago times, the instrument cluster would only light up if you turned your headlights on. But with the new digital instrument clusters, or forever-light-up-like-Christmas analog clusters - careless drivers are driving around without any lights, and potentially might cause harm to themselves, and other unwary/unobservant road users. I keenly remember that my aunt's old Corolla Altis from 2004 already has auto-headlights as a default setting in the light stalk. Is it really that difficult to swivel it over to "A" for safety's sake? Also, no matter how cool or bright your DRLs are - they do not replace the headlights. What do YOU think? Let's talk about that.
  11. As per subject header, any bros here know of any workshop that is able to unseal headlights to spray the base black and install a set of angeleyes in it? Thanks in advance
  12. Hi All, I have noticed some gaps around my headlight area and wondering if i should get it fixed or could leave it as it is. As i am planning a drive up north this weekend i am wondering if it will make things worse with high speed. Pictures are: http://imgur.com/a/uCcri
  13. Hi, My 2006 civic FD headlight (left side) has yellowish tinge. I am planning to renew COE. If you are scrapping your civic FD, I would like to swap the headlight with you, provided yours is in good condition. I would pay for workshop labour and a small token of appreciation. Kindly contact me if you are keen.
  14. Is there any after market device that does auto-off for headlights? Ie, the headlights will go off on its own once the engine is off. I got a "phobia" since encounteering a dead battery after forgetting to off the headlights when I rushed my girl to KKH A&E. Rushed off from the car and came back 2.5 hours later to realise that the battery is kaput!
  15. Dear bros, does it irritate you when a driver behind you has super white and bright headlights shining at you when u drive at night? it certainly does to me.... paisei, no offence to drivers whose cars do have such headlights.
  16. What do you do? I usually try to indicate to the driver by using the 'twinkle twinkle star' hand signal, but 2 recent incidents is making me think twice. The first time after indicating to the driver, the driver turn on the head lights, wind down his window and show me the finger. The second, which just happened, the driver kept flashing his high beam at me and tailgate me for a considerable distance. Wrong to indicate driver he forgot to turn on his head lights?
  17. Looks like Audi Headlight is banned. Wonder how possible is it to be accepted https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CE6-Jxt9HI
  18. Hi everyone! I just installed my headlights a few hours ago and it already started misting up! The garage told me "misting up is normal, but if water gets in we'll replace it." Is this the way it's supposed to be?
  19. I had a steering sound problem. So I was at my usual workshop on Saturday (OPC), getting them to check if the steering wheel bushing or the shaft was required changing. About 30 mins after I left the car there, they called and said that the steering wheel bushing was ok, and the shaft had to be changed. I had no time to leave the car for 3 hours, so I told them next time. It was the day, so I didn't check the lights (didn't make sense to also). The dashboard lights were normal, so I drove and went to have fun. In the evening, it was dark, so I had to switch on the headlights. That was when I realised the dashboard lights were unlit. When I switched off the headlights, the dashboard lights came back. This affected the gear indicator (R was unaffected), aircon display, clock display. Turning signals ran fine, my headlights were on fine, tailights were ok. Only the dashboard backlights. So i went down to my workshop today and see if they could spot anything fast (like check back what they had did on Saturday). Much theorycrafting later (without actually checking back the procedure they had done on Saturday, they had removed the power steering, so could be the connection?), they asked me to leave the car at the workshop to check wiring. So I didn't (had to go to work), and I probably have to waste the coming Saturday for them to check. Being not a believer of coincidence, it's quite hard for me to survive in a place full of coincidences such as car workshops. So I thought to ask if anyone had the same experience before, so as to be better equipped. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  20. From the originator of daylight running LED brings you the new Matrix LED headlights. The new technology, which projects the high beam more precisely, will debut on the 2014 facelifted Audi A8. Audi's latest innovation consists of LED high beam headlights that are split into numerous individual, small diodes working in conjunction with lenses or reflectors connected in series. They are activated or dimmed separately. The new headlights work in tandem with a camera to block out light aimed at oncoming and preceding vehicles while continuing to light up other zones. The optional 'marker lights' flashes at pedestrians in the critical range in front of the car three times in succession. Lastly, the lights also have a cornering function that targets the emphasis of the beam towards the direction of the bend. When the auto headlights function is on, the system is activated from 30km/h on highways and from 60km/h on city streets. According to Audi, the light that the driver sees is always bright, homogeneous and much more effective than that produced by competitors' mechanical dipping systems.
  21. Hi All Does anyone know where I can buy and fit the headlights from the new S-class on a prefacelift one? Thanks!
  22. Why some drivers can drive in nights without headlights on? Their dash board will dark, how to read the speedometer?
  23. Anyone installed Philips Diamond Vision headlights? Is it compliant with LTA? Can it be easily/safely installed anywhere or will it potentially short circuit the electronics of the car? (heard from my car agent that some people installs HID on conti cars and end up short circuit the car)...
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