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Found 79 results

  1. What's the best care or best practice? Do we have to switch off our aircon and media player before turning off engine? Any thoughts and considerations? Will it harm the batteries or fuse and etc... please comment
  2. I would like to ask the bro/sis here. Given a a choice. Would you prefer to work in a job you have more interest in it, knowledge but the boss is more micro manage and demanding OR a job with less interest, less knowledge in it but a reasonable and not so demanding boss. Assuming both job pay and benefit is the same. Which one u will choose and why?
  3. Discoburg

    Nintendo switch

    Any owners of the above mentioned console here? Wonder is it worthwhile to get this console. How’s the games available and the gameplay like? Planning to get one cause it’s Black Friday haha.
  4. Hi Just attempt to change the power window switch from the centre console to the side of the steering wheel(like GetzFie) But the original power window switch is too small to cover the entire hole for the new location. does anyone know where i can buy the switch that fits perfectly into the hole? Image for reference See pic from GetzFie's car Credits to GetzFie for the picture My vehicle is a FL1.1M Thank and advance.
  5. when you turn off your computer, do you switch off the mains as well ? mains being the main switch at the wall power point. I have been doing this after my pc shuts down and light-out but it seems to be causing problems to my pc. sometimes my pc will boot up and then report that something is wrong .... like cannot login in, or some memory related issues. any else ? hoping to save some elect ...
  6. Is it truely environmentally friendly? Is there saving in the long term? Can't imagine the day when one needs to change the battery? Anybody here have convinced themselves that it is time to take the plunge and switch to a hybrid? I am seriously considering replacing my old 4 wheeler that has a mine of her own with a Prius but not sure of the long term implications in terms of cost to the driver.
  7. Recently,noticed,alot of newer cars with DRL,never on their headlights at night,they should put the light switch to "Auto",because their cars got DRL & the meters lighted up with they started the car,the owners don't know back of their cars is totally dark,[no licence plate light,no small light],esp dark coloured cars or even worse MPV with tinted rear screen,the driver behind hardly can see anything.. ,so for safety sake,p/s put your light switch to "Auto"..
  8. given the wet wet weather we have been having, i too have had a few close shaves but me wife and myself have been having this little argument...wonder if anyone here can shed some light on the matter are we suppose to switch on the hazard lights when driving in heavy rainfall? i personnaly think it is quite dangerous cos then no way to indicate drivers turning indication...(but then again maybe these drivers don't even use turn signals sigh... ) my wife says it is taught in driving schools? what is the reason for this then (if true)?
  9. Anybody have this or using any of these? Thinking of connecting to a few key switches in the home for convenience. For example, hall, bedroom, etc. Works with a rocker switch Saw one off Amazon and gonna try https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01EV7FXOA/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&th=1
  10. Dscheng

    Kill switch

    Hi all, Anyone install kill switch before?
  11. Hi all, Recently realised that the car air flow keeps changing from internal circulation to allowing air from outside to enter and then back to internal circulation. When it is switched to the later, the coolness of the aircon drops. It is normal?
  12. Hi folks, Anyone ever install a switch to disable front passenger airbag? Is there such thing in the first place? The reason I ask is I feel like putting child seat in front so my kid can enjoy the full view of travelling in the car and see me driving at the same time. I think it's a good thing cause the kid will learn the mechanics of driving and may even remember directions to places. Good for the kids mental development. I say that is cos I grew up in the 80s and I remember seeing my dad driving when I'm sitting on my mom's lap and also remembered the direction to my grandma's house from home, even though I dunno the road names. I think I was only 3 to 4 years old then. I now see my kid strapped behind the child seat and can only peek out the window at her side, and she don't even know how I make the car move or turn cos she is strapped behind me and can't see me drive. Kinda sad in a way for the sake of safety. So thinking of putting a switch instead of buying a new car that comes with the switch by default.
  13. Need advice. This morning when I turn on the car radio, the HU power on/off switch jam (the button sinked inside), can only turn it off by using the remote control. Will the HU still drawing power from the car battery when parked in the car park? I worry that the bettery may die up if the HU is still drawing power from it.
  14. So far I know only BMW can fully switch off traction control and all wheel braking. Mercedes cannot fully switch off. What other cars? Porsche can or not?
  15. RchLuvSlly

    1.6m units of Hyundai and KIA cars recalled

    In 2009, Hyundai and KIA had to recall 700,000 units of their models due to defective brake switches. Unfortunately, not learning from their experiences, these South Korean automakers repeat their mistake and this time, it's even worse. They now have to recall a total of 1.6 million units of cars they have produced due to the exact same problem. The brake switch defect may prevent the brake lamps from illuminating even when the brake pedal is actually stepped on. Of course, this is a big deal as it may trigger rear-end collisions. In addition to that, the defect may fail to cancel the cruise control feature while braking, prevent the push-button starter from functioning, and may even block the gear shift in the neutral position. Both KIA and Hyundai will start contacting dealers and customers of the affected models in June 2013 and will provide necessary replacements free of charge. The list of the affected models is as follows: - 2007 KIA Sedona - 2007-2009 Hyundai Tucson - 2008-2009 Hyundai Veracruz - 2007-2010 KIA Rondo - 2007-2010 KIA Sportage - 2007-2010 Hyundai Elantra - 2007-2011 KIA Sorento - 2007-2011 Hyundai Santa Fe - 2010-2011 KIA Soul - 2010-2011 Hyundai Genesis Coupe - 2011 Hyundai Sonata - 2011 KIA Optima
  16. 5936

    Samsung Note cannot switch on

    I got a Samsung Note N7000 that I was unable to switch on. Battery was full and tried to do the hard reset vol up+home+pwr key. Tried with another battery and connect to USB = but same dead phone. Any one out there experience this problem
  17. My honda civic car alram went off when i unlock the car manually using spare key. There doesn't seem to be anyway of switching off the alarm at all. Any honda civc owners here have encountered the same problem? And any way of solving it in an emergency eg when auto key ran out of battery and you need to open door manually TIA BY THE WAY, we called up KM for assistance and they say it is notossible to switch off alarm any other way except through use of button on auto key.
  18. Will you joint the 20% of the car owners who took part in the survey, to give up owning a car or forgo driving and switch to public transport? Or you are indeed one of the 20% who has intention to give up driving or owning a car, to switch to public transport. http://www.zaobao.com.sg/sp/sp120729_003.shtml English Translation (Only on those more relevant to the topic) According to a poll by Lianhe Zaobao showed that close to 20% of car owners took part in the survey would forgo driving if COE prices continue to rise further. However, around 40% of car owners say that they will still buy a new car even if COE prices continue to hit new highs. The remaining 40% are undecided and more than half from this group of people are likely to sell or scrap their car upon reaching 10 years old, only 30% of them will renew the COE for their existing car to continue driving. Those who prefer buying new cars are of the view that pre-owned vehicles are costly to maintain as compared to the new cars, which are relatively cheaper to maintain. A real estate agent interviewed said that he has lost confidence on pre-owned cars. He revealed that he has owned 3 pre-owned cars previously and each of his pre-owned cars had been causing him lots of maintenance problems and he had to spent almost $500 monthly on the car maintenance. He said he would never buy a pre-owned car again, as these 2nd hand cars had given him lots of problems. He now owns a 4 years car, which was a new car at the time of purchase, and he spent only a few hundred dollars yearly to maintain this car. Transport researchers were surprised to find that 20% of respondents said they would forgo owning a car and take public transport should COE prices continue to rise. They noted that with even a 5% fall in the traffic volume, Singapore would see significant improvements in its road traffic conditions, especially at peak hours.
  19. I'm currently a Iphone user. If I get a Iphone 4S or 5, I can easily transfer everything from Outlook to Iphone 4S. But as for Galaxy note, I wonder whether can the data be easily transferred to Galaxy Note via Outlook or you need special tools, and whether the transferred is 100% complete. A part from the bigger screen, why do you prefer Galaxy Notes over Iphone?
  20. for me, i've been on D all the way even at long traffic lights. however, recently i've been switching to N whenever gradually stopping to a red light. not sure if its true, but heard that its a good way to save petrol and minimize the engine's 'redundant' output. but i've a query as to whether constantly switching to N and back to D will cause the gearbox lifespan to deteriorate and kaput easily? will be observing my FC on my next topup if it indeed registers a higher KM/L ratio..
  21. Owners of CNG cars can switch to petrol The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has issued notices to all car dealers that vehicles running on compressed natural gas (CNG) can switch to a petrol-only option starting from this month. The Straits Times had reported in October that the authority was considering such a move. Among the problems cited by drivers of CNG vehicles was the scarcity of pump stations. There are roughly 2,700 owners of such cars in Singapore. A workshop worker handling CNG tanks. CNG car drivers face long queues at fuelling stations because of their scarcity. -- ST FILE PHOTO http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/S...ory_741353.html should i???
  22. Been using Cowtax 98 for many donkey years already. Now I sibeh tulan them for raising prices all the time. Thus after some calculation, I found out that SPC is actually the cheapest of them all!! The 98 for SPC gives more discount and cheaper than stupid cowtax. Best of all there is one SPC just near my workplace. Can go there pump after work. Bye Bye Cowtax, I won't miss you unless you can be cheaper than SPC......
  23. E052798

    Switch/Button lamp

    Good Tuesday to all, Any idea how to pry open this button? (see attachment) i wish to change the bulb inside to LED type. Many thanks in advance.
  24. Any experts can advice? My steering switch for audio, the MODE button sometimes work, sometimes not. What is likely to be the cause? Wire loose or.....? How to DIY it? Any advice appreciate, Thank You guys!
  25. * The first thread typo , it should be Audio not Audi Any experts can advice? My steering switch for audio, the MODE button sometimes work, sometimes not. What is likely to be the cause? Wire loose or.....? How to DIY it? Any advice appreciate, Thank You guys!