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Found 118 results

  1. What's the best care or best practice? Do we have to switch off our aircon and media player before turning off engine? Any thoughts and considerations? Will it harm the batteries or fuse and etc... please comment
  2. Does such an all in one unit exists? Im looking to modernise my newly renewed 5 year coe altis I want to have car recording camera for front and back of my car. But when putting the car in reverse, it will show the reverse camera in the media player. Don't need a particularly good head unit just one that has basic functions.
  3. Stratovarius

    DAP recommendation

    This is probably going to be a cold topic, but anyone still using Digital audio player? Currently I have the ipod 5g, classic and nano. 5g kinda died with poor battery life, classic put in car and nano as a travel/jogging companion. The nano is really crappy so thinking of switching to one of the below: FiiO x3 m3 https://www.amazon.com/Black-Resolution-Music-Player-Generation/dp/B0743CYBH2 Sony NW A45 https://www.cnet.com/products/sony-walkman-nw-a45-digital-player-nwa45b/specs/ Any feedback or recommendation are welcome. I do applaud Apple for their ipods. My 5g is 13 years and classic is 10. While the battery on the 5g died, my classic is still working fine. Been using it for almost everyday for the past 10 years. Hopefully my next purchase can last as long. And before anyone comment on using handphone, I have a v30+ with 128gb sd card. While it is good, I think a dedicated player can be better.
  4. My CD player is spoilt. Cannot play or eject the cd. Any shop can repair?
  5. Can anyone advise me an external media player that can play flac and wav file in my car.. Currently my in build media player can only play mp3. I am using Alpine PXA-H800 sound processor.
  6. as per title. doesnt matter if single or double din as long as working (can read and play dvd) anyone scraping or selling their cars with dvd? I have the roof mount monitor but the dvd player cannot read anymore. if anyone has, can sell me? I will bear the swapping charges. cheap2 one those below $100 preferably as I only left about 7 mths to scrap. thanks
  7. Hi guys, Does anyone out there own Blaupunkt New York 800 Multimedia Player? This unit comes with 1) GPS navigation 2) USB media player 3) Reverse camera support 4) Bluetooth Parrot Mobile connection 5) DVD player 6) etc This is the product source and specifications. http://www.blaupunkt.de/index.php?id=959&a...cache=1&L=1 Any comments and feedback such as performance, reliability and support for servicing? Thank you very much.
  8. edenker

    Car DVD player recommendation

    Anyone can tell me which dvd player comes with bluetooth & mic that can sync with iphone and make calls/receive calls? And roughly what is the price?
  9. Hi all, Anyone using vision brand multimedia player? Is it china set?
  10. They call her the most beautiful volleyball player in the world!
  11. Any review for this? Am considering to buy this.. helps appreciated
  12. Sk65

    Blu-ray player

    how bro(s) here well verse in this field, can advise? what are the recommended features in a blu-ray player that i should be looking at ar? seemed like there are quite many to select from. thanks.
  13. Green_carnation

    Media Player?

    Sorry guys.. a noob question.. probably i m not so tech savvy. Is there a media player which can play .avi, .mpg files and can be plugged to tv and watch over tv screen? So it will be like usb plug from the media player, and plug the video and audio jacks into the tv..
  14. Spiderman302

    Any flamenco or classical player here?

    Anyone here playing? Maybe can form an interest group? I mean guitar.
  15. any recommendations and where to buy at cheap price?
  16. Picnic06-Biante15

    Piano Player At Age 6 .........

    Yahoo news : Unbelievable 6-Year-Old Piano Player http://sg.news.yahoo.com/video/playlist/fa...-111237233.html How do you even get this good at piano at such a young age? She definitely has a bright future ahead if she keeps it up! can't remember what I am doing at 6 and she is playing piano without reading the script ...
  17. inlinesix

    Region Free or All Region BD Player

    Is there any Region Free or All Region BD Player in the market?
  18. Simonsoh

    In car DVD player

    Hi guys, need some advice regarding the above. currently 2 kids (1 and 3yr old) 2 car seats left right and wife squeeze between my humble forte very uncomfy... but if she sit in frnt, small one nv see mum will cry.. so my idea is install a player to distract them during rides. my requirement very simple... 1) can play cartoon. 2) passenger left/ right seat can watch at same time (either one each at back of headrest or one dangling from roof) 3) cheap (keke) where huh? or any bros got any super idea anot? actually no need power source also can rite? since such full-house rides only a few times a week. use those run on batteries one? but mount where huh? any advice? THANKS many many.
  19. my mum is driving a 2007 model chevy aveo 1.4l it comes with the fitted cd player. but dunno y the radio suddenly cannot work.... i went back to agent and the told me need $500+ to replace.... any where to change a maybe sony or kenwood or any brand cd player? at a cheaper price?
  20. bros, anyone experience this. my media player is down. plough thru the net.. notice only users with Singtel ISP has this problem.. dam suay .. other users with Starhub and M1 are ok. Can any bros also relate to this? I am trying to catch the walking dead movie leh.. let me know if there are any links to catch this show.
  21. Hi does anyone know where to install this integrated TPMS with your DVD player in Singapore? Visit My Website The TPMS controller module connects to your 2din DVD player's video input. You can monitor the tyre pressure via your DVD player (AUX) eg Kenwood, Alpine...etc. Appreciate some advice. Thanks
  22. my Altis stock stereo system is below average at best, the CD player (playing MP3) is very soft (and if turn to loud, gets distorted) and the radio is also very poor, the bass is non existent and only have distortions and crackling sounds...but when i connect my Samsung S2 to the Aux input (just from earphone output) and play with full volume, suddenly the sound from the system is much much better. The bass is quite good (for my standard, which is quite low), my rear view mirror can shake but there is no distortion from the doors or any crackling sound, only when pushed further until body can feel shiok (by then a bit too loud liao), then the distortion will come...the clarity is much better.....not bad for a stock player, by itself is really crap (downgraded from below average liao) but with just a simple input from external player its now 'good enough'. really dont know why like that. If i am not too embarrassed, can play Gangnam dance full blast!!!!!
  23. Antonee

    Mac OSX Lion Flash Player update

    Hi folks, recently a few months ago, there is this "Flashback" virus hitting Mac devices. They act as Adobe Player prompt you to update the flash player but its actualee a virus acting as Adobe Player. I have not update it since then and right now i am having problem watching beedeo and flash stuff in my ping guo air. It stated 'blocked plug in' whenever i went into youtube to watch beedeo. The flash player will again ..prompt me to update latest version in order to view. Anyone using Mac devices can enlighten is it safe to do so now? Kam Xia~
  24. Hi all, I am driving Toyota yaris and is looking for touch screen DVD cd audio/video player that can fit into my car. It will b gd if it can be connected to iPod n iPhone n able to act as reverse parking monitor. Any bro can recommend? Thanks in advance.
  25. Anyone already have this in your Gen2/Persona? Looks good leh ... need some 1st hand comments before committing ... 2-din dvd player