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Found 562 results

  1. All Arsenal discussions to continue from here.. in Wenger We Trust..
  2. Yeah it's me again. Let's see who has the largest and nicest rims!
  3. http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showtopic=2649561 Continue here
  4. Kelpie

    Any Hokkien Song Lovers here?

    Hi all, Contemplating to create a Hokkien Pop song list. 我問天 KTV - 翁立友 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqxCUQE5gZI Also, find this song rather interesting here : The MV version is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPRtVb0s81c...feature=related Free free to recommend nice Hokkien songs. Thank you very much. Regards,
  5. On FOX channel. I think its a damn nice series. The zombies look too realistic and this series beats other zombie genres hands down.
  6. Carry over from old thread. http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showto...197&st=1950
  7. Dynaway

    Any fishing kaki here???

    anyone here likes or goes fishing regularly???? pond fishing, reservior fishing(luring), off-shore fishing
  8. Here's a dedication to all fathers (and mothers) too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYFC4god31o
  9. Any lucky chaps here? heard that it'll arrive at changi tomorrow
  10. Cerano

    Any mountain bike lovers here?

    Hi guys im thinking of getting a mountain bike from cannondale preferably with lefty suspension. any recommendations?
  11. If you are observant enough, you should have seen the appearance of a new tab in MCF. We have long realised the need for a section for members to sell their extra car items, and that the Garage Sale folders are inadequate to handle the high volume of ads. We have thus come up with sgCarstore, the new only niche classifieds set up for members to place up their extra car items for sale. The Garage Sale folders will be closed on 10-Mar, so be sure to quickly repost all your items for sale into sgCarstore. Visit sgCarStore now. Meanwhile, you can use this thread to point out any errors, or give any feedback for sgCarstore.
  12. Original article: http://www.todayonline.com/Singapore/EDC12...n-the-rise-here
  13. Turbonetics

    Post your MCF decal(s) here...

    here is mine.... colour combination of my 3 decals goes very well....
  14. Phluvcat

    Who here listens to Depeche Mode

    how did you get started with depeche mode? for me, my younger sis brought home the 101 cds and the love affair began. that was in the early 90s. they were one of the gloomiest, darkest, somewhat monotonous songs I heard then. at the same time they felt so sensuous (not sexy but sensuous), moving, abstract and stirring, they connect with reality instead of immersing you in fantasies. eagerly awaiting their next album due in 2013. hope its in the mould of the 101 songs. (p.s. some of their earlier songs are pussy sounding synthesizer pop though)
  15. Chewbacca

    Are there any Mustangs here?

    Or those big, meaty american muscle cars? Not those castrated, practical ones like Focus and Mondeau right now. I don't think I've ever seen one..... Like Corvettes, Cobras, Shelbys or whatever. Not too sure about american cars.
  16. saw this car on TPE today..wonder any bro drive this car can share?
  17. Wonder why no one brought in the ladas THey may be dated, but solidly built cars with simple engines, may have been a good proposition for a cheap opc with minimal maintenance IMHO still better than the china cars The Lada Nivas were well commended for its robustness and off road ability - able to withstand punishment I also find that the ladas have a some what muscular appeal to their design - poor man's range rover defender perhaps Also remembered a friend having a lada samara, the gears required brute force to shift but the engine note , and the way the car moves - feels like a chunk of brute force being propelled against the road, quite a nice feeling
  18. I thought of buying tyres from them. The prices seem cheap. What do you guys think? Is it worth it or not... if not where to go? Tyrepac website Thanks!
  19. Throttleb

    Who stocks Rota here?

    Looking for 4 X 100 16" one for my Dads new ride.. cheers
  20. A really sad state of affairs from the biggest car maker in the world.... http://www.3news.co.nz/Video/Business/tabi...ault.aspx#video
  21. Any bro driving this car can advise on the FC and maintenance ?
  22. Dear all, Just wondering any of you guys here does facial on a regular basis? Or do you do it on your own with facial products on a regular basis? Or you don't do anything at all? Please vote and share your views.
  23. . Come on, admit if u have smaller balls...... http://www.redorbit.com/news/health/111294...renting-091013/ A new study from Emory University, aimed at determining why some fathers invest more energy in parenting than others, has discovered that the size of a man
  24. Tanahseng

    Apps share share here

    Let me start this thread, hoping friends can share what apps for iphone and Android you think it's very handy, good and reliable. For me, the most recent apps I love are FREE GPS for iphone & Android WAZE FREE games for iphone & Android RF12, Gun Strike & 台湾名星3缺1 FREE Photo Editing My Sketch & Deco Pic FREE Online Radio Nothing beats Tunein Radio FREE Chat & Video Viber & Tango Maybe someone can share better apps here. Perhaps mine outdated, but all these I use it very often and find it very good........ Have you recommendation here!!
  25. StreamRSZ

    Geely Car Owners Fall in Here!!!

    Started this thread to see how many Geely Car owners here in Sg or rather how many bros or sis owning geely visit MCF. Lets get the ball start rolling. Pls do not spam this thread if you are not a geely car owner. 1) MKman - Geely Mk 1.5M 2008 2) 3)