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  1. http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showtopic=2649561 Continue here
  2. Members I may not be the most experienced driver but I would like to share some tips on getting a 2nd hand vehicle. I have seen multiple discussion all over the place that give good advice on getting a decent 2nd hand vehicle. One key theme I noticed is the shifting of the blame to the dealer. The dealer should bear some responsibility for getting you or persuading you to purchase that lemon, but as a buyer, you should bear more responsibility for not doing your due diligence. If the deal is too good to be true, think twice. I have my fair share of bad experience with preowned vehicles but I learnt my lesson. I have listed down some pointers to note when you are looking at 2nd hand cars. It is certainly not extensive, and it is not entirely scientific, but I hope these are areas potential buyers can consider. Please feel free to add-on and correct me. 1) Do not trust STA reports Dealers will convince you that you should send the vehicle for STA inspection, or send to AA for inspection. Although these agencies could give a decent physical assessment of the vehicle for possible signs of accidents the vehicle had, they would not be able to detect odometer tampering, suspension problems, air-con problems, potential "Check Engine Light" problems. 2) Dealer's inconsistencies in their Ads Look at all the dealer's ads. Did you notice only some of their ads have that "STA Rating: B"? Some dealers boast they sent their (some) vehicles for STA inspection. But, why didn't they send all their vehicles for STA inspection? Why are they trying so hard to convince you to buy that B rated vehicle? 3) Dealers did not insist you must use a bank/finance institution of their choice Dealers proudly proclaim buyers could seek their own loans from financial institutions. Is there a problem? Was this dealer black listed by financial institutions? Usually dealers will die die want to earn commission from loans, no matter how small the amount is. 4) Ask for better offers for Car loans Dealers often insist you must take get a loan through them. I had experience of dealers insisted I take their in-house loan of 3.xx%. I walked away. They called me and suddenly offered local banks for 2.xx%, I declined, but finally, they gave final offer of 1.xx% from another financial institution. But I was so turned off, I declined them. 5) Please research on the dealer before making your way down Please search on the dealer before making your way down to view the vehicle. My Car Forum and Hardwarezone have good posts on the dealers with bad reputation. 6) The Number of ex-Owners matters A 4-year old car with 3 ex-owners. But the car is decently priced and it looks very well maintained, and the mileage is low. Is it an ex-rental or PHV car? Or the car got problem? 7) Test drive the car [Comments Needed] If the dealer insist you must pay deposit before you test drive, walk away. Be bold and suggest that you should drive out to the main road. But to be fair to them, if you just passed your TP last week and 19 years old, do you think they will be generous to you test drive their car? If dealer say you can only test drive in car park, walk away. I have encountered dealers who were very confident to let me drive the car around the neighbourhood and onto main roads. Things to note while you are test driving: a) Turn off the radio, turn off the air-con, wind up the windows, listen for weird noise from the vehicle while you are on the road. b) When you have stopped at the traffic lights, is the idling speed rough? Is there sudden rough idles while you are waiting? c) Go over those car park small humps at low speeds, did you hear weird noise coming from the back? d) When the car is stationary, make yourself comfortable into the back seat, don't go into the back seat timidly, just go straight in and sit down, did you hear weird sound coming from the suspension? 8) Dealers offering you "in-house warranty" and free servicing from their in-house workshop when... ...when the vehicle is not even 5-years old and the mileage is low? Is it because the mileage is damn high and odometer has been tampered hence warranty not covered by auto makers? Usually relative "new cars" should still have engine warranty by auto makers. 9) Ask the dealer whether the odometer has been tampered Of course they will say no. But some will challenge you to call up the service center if the vehicle is relatively new. Take up the challenge. You will be surprised and may find yourself a good deal. 10) Call up Service Center after you seen the vehicle You will know the car plate number after you seen the vehicle. If the car is relatively new (i.e: 3 year old or less), call up the service center to check for last service date and mileage. But be reasonable lah... if the car's current odometer is 40,000 KM, and the last service date is 3 months ago with logged mileage of 34,000 KM, this discrepancy is logical. Try...call up service center to find out the last service mileage is close to 130,000+ KM but the odometer reads 40,000+ KM.... 11) Car's colour don't match the colour specified in Log Card Was the car involved in an accident previously? 12) Excessive deposit Some dealers ever asked for $5,000 deposit. That's not very reasonable. I believe $1,000 or $2,000 is a decent amount. 13) Push for Immediate Transfer Some dealers could transfer the ownership to you on the spot, while some would ask for 3 working days. Although Sales agreement stated the date and time of transfer, but as long as the vehicle is not officially transferred to you, the dealer could use the vehicle as a collateral. If they default payment, the debtors could hunt down your vehicle. Always chase for the transfer to be done ASAP. Usually dealers who could transfer the ownership to you on the spot are those with deeper pockets. They could transfer ownership to you because they have paid for the vehicle in full from the finance institution; while those dealers who need a few working days are actually sorting out the paperwork with the finance institution in the background because the dealers don't own the vehicle. 14) Don't be hooked by Car's beautiful exterior and Clean interior The odometer might be tampered. Think of a hot woman who had multiple cosmetic surgeries and solid breast implants but she is formerly a man. Always call up service center if the vehicle is relatively new. 15) <Members, please add on...> 16) <Members, please add on...>
  3. My father got sweet talked into signing an agreement to sell his vehicle on the spot by a dealer located in Turf City. He is 62 years old and doesn't know how to read English. No other person was present when he signed. The person who referred the dealer is from a workshop where my father send his vehicle for repairs. And this same person kept telling my father this is the best price to sell liao. So shady imo. I checked with other dealers and not surprised to know that my father can get a better price elsewhere. I called the dealer and asked him nicely why didn't he explain to my father what he was going to sign. My father thought it was just a letter of offer but turns out it was the sales agreement. The dealer rudely replied say buy and sell car is like going to supermarket buy chicken. Very simple no need to explain. He even told me, if you all change your mind just compensate me because your father signed liao. You better do your homework before you call me. If not we go court lor. This dealer who I spoke to apparently is the boss. I know there is nothing much I can do when my father is too embarrassed to pursue this matter. No unkind comments please. Already feel damn down liao.
  4. Hi Guys I'm looking to get a 2nd hand car once my COE is up in 2 months time. Looking for a car that has another 1-2years left. Narrowed it down to these few models: 1. Toyota Altis 2. Honda Jazz 3. Kia Forte Would prefer the car to be easier and cheaper to maintain. Appreciate your feedback. Thanks!
  5. Nowadays, more and more new car model have replaced the hand brake with the foot pedal brake. Any one knows what is the main reason for the change? Maybe cost savings perhaps as I don't see this as an improvement. With the hand brake visible next to us, we sometimes still forget to release it before moving off. Wonder if the hand brake now changed to foot pedal brake, will this kind of mistake be more frequent? Any bro or sis using foot padel brake can share their experience?
  6. Ford has released a press release for the European market stating that hand sanitisers and sunscreen might be bad for a car's interior as they enter the summer season. According to its engineers, chemicals found in these products can apparently react with certain surfaces, causing them to wear out prematurely unless they also feature some type of special protective finish. “From hand sanitisers to sun lotions to insect repellent, consumer trends are constantly changing, and new products are coming on to the market all the time. Even the most innocuous seeming product can cause problems when they come into contact with surfaces hundreds and even thousands of times a year,”said Ford of Europe Senior materials engineer, Mark Montgomery. Richard Kyle, a materials engineer added on, “There were instances of particularly high wear in Turkey and we managed to trace it back to ethanol potentially being a contributing factor, and most likely a popular hand sanitiser that contained 80% ethanol - far higher than anything we’d seen before. Once we knew what it was, we were able to do something about it.” To prevent advance wear, Ford says that they run tests at temperatures as high as 74°C and in some cases, they even simulate exposure to the sun, launching ultra-violet light rays at a car’s interior. Plastics are also tested for strength at temperatures as low as -30°C before using a rubber ball that weigh quite a lot more than a normal football, to bounce repeatedly off the materials to make sure they don’t crack.
  7. I am helping @faidzal a new forum member to post this thread as he is urgently looking for a 2nd hand Honda Stream engine. If I am not wrong, it should be the R18A engine. All the best! @faidzal
  8. Anyone knows when to get second hand sports rims? Thought of getting a set. Mine is 175 70R13. Is this type of rim easily available? How much should I be paying for it?
  9. Planning to get a 2nd Mazda 2. But dunno which dealer to go for or avoid? Anyone can advice
  10. I am wondering, are admin fees or football fees or whatever u call it... are they still in 'fashion'? If so, then it makes buying a 2nd hand car more costly. Admin fees lar, lagi transfer fees, lagi higher loan interest etc
  11. Hey guys, Looking to sell my ride to a 2nd hand car dealer. Done a search in the forum but could not find any useful threads on this matter. It's my first time selling to a 2nd car dealer, so just want to know any pitfalls or things to take note of. What are the steps involved in the whole process? When do we finally hand the car over to the dealer? Thanks for any valuable advise. Cheers
  12. Recently, the COE increase cause more ppl to go towards purchasing second hand cars. Personally was thinking of changing cars soon, as current car is really old already. Is it advisable to buy second hand car? My previous cars are all first hand.
  13. Hi guys and gals, Do you all prefer to change to a 2nd hand or insist on 1st hand? Regards, Michael2828
  14. Hi Guys, Any reputable 2nd hand car dealers or SEs to recommend? Read alot of scary stories about dishonest dealers running away with the deposit or not fulfilling the deal. Given the new rules (50% DP), the risks of buying 2nd hand cars are bigger now. Any advise or tips will be greatly appreciated. TIA!
  15. Been looking to get a good set of 2nd hand rims. Been told to look out for cracks, warps, signs of welding etc... is it also advisable to bring it to a tire shop for balancing before purchasing ? any recommendations or tips ?
  16. Hi looking to get a new car, 4 door, small, need to cut cost bo bian. maybe 1.6L, fuel consumption not too high, second hand? any recommendations or advise? or just uber/grab sua? i am okay with most brands as long affordable lol
  17. Hi all Bros/Sis, I just saw this Kia Carens 1.8A,reg in 2004.I was quoted last price of $36,000.7 years more to go. I need all the advice what to look out for in this car,I planning to take the car for evaluation at Vicom. Pls pls, I need all the advice I can get. I appreciate all advices
  18. Hi All, Anyone has good and reliable 2nd hand car dealer or salesman to recommend? Please recommend base on your personal or friends genuine experiences. Thank You
  19. The glut in used cars is over and a shortage looms. Second-hand car dealers have managed to sell most of the cars in their inventory after a two-month reprieve from the authorities. At the same time, they are not buying used cars as drivers hold on to their wheels in the wake of drastic loan curbs. A Land Transport Authority spokesman said about 4,600 of the 7,000 used cars that dealers had acquired before the car loan restrictions kicked in had been sold as of Monday. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...y-expected-2013
  20. Hi guys, Some of you might be aware I am buying a second hand Jazz... this is AA evaluation report. I am not a merchanical person so need some expert advise if its worth to get this car. Particularly these few issues: - Rattling noise when change "D" to "R" : Is this serious? Gearbox related? Need repair or replace? - Bottom of gearbox seepage: Can this be fixed? Will it affect my gearbox? - Possible missing front reinforcement bar: AA told me yesterday they check a newer Jazz model have this but mine don't have. Can any 2005 Jazz owner advise me? Heard from AA it can be quite serious as I dun have any front protection without this bar. Please also point out if anything you feel is critical (minus cosmetic)... Thank you so much!
  21. Anyone has experience with this - I am getting a new phone and am thinking of selling my current phone. If I sell my current iphone to a second hand phone dealer, can they transfer the data in my phone for me to my new phone?
  22. Bros, i would like to know how this renewal of COE(aka buy new COE) works 1) If say my current COE ending at 2011..then if i buy another COE, the new COE is up to (a)2019 or (b)2021? 2) if in the case of (a) then what will happen the remaining value of my current COE 3) How do i go about buying the new COE? Thanks
  23. hi guys. been offered a 2nd hand bmw 730 abt 5yr old any advice on the reliability and other stuff i should look out for? thanks in advance!
  24. Hi I bought my first car, a 2000cc conti - 10 years ago. In the blink of an eye, it's time to get a new car and I'm a bit clueless at this. I've been thinking of getting a Japanese car this time round because of the better value retention and also I've been driving Japanese cars during business trips - very impressed. Yesterday, I went to the Mazda, Nissan and Toyota showrooms. Seems like I can get a 1600cc car like an Altis, Maxda3 around 90-99k. However, I also checked and a 2-3 year old Camry or Teana can also be gotten around the same price range. I would like to ask for your opinion - what's the better buy?
  25. I am thinking of buying a second-hand car from Turf city. It had about 3 years left. The paper value of the car is about 15K. How much should I offer above the paper value for this 7 years car? How much discount should I ask from the listed/advertise price of the car?
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