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Found 90 results

  1. Howfastcanyougo

    COE Mercedes - Reliable?

    Any MCFers here have any experience with 10years old or more Mercs? In your opinion, are they reliable? Of course I'm not expecting it to drive or operate like brand-new, but are they worth getting? Also, on average, how much do you spend on servicing and maintenance? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hey guys, i'm looking to move home and need recommendations for movers. I have quite a lot of heavy items (each weighing more than 60kg). I've heard too many horror stories of irresponsible movers who damage your items and those who suddenly demand a top-up on the day of the move. Will they help wrap your furniture or should I wrap them myself first? Please do share your experience and the contact. Thanks!
  3. Hi guys looking to service my home aircon however, i am quite worried to engage the wrong guy as i do not know any. anyone had engage one which you highly recommend? Thanks
  4. Hi bros, Any recommendations for a reliable plumber and electrician with good workmanship? Preferably not the tok carrot head type. Why must the 2 toilets, the kitchen sink and a couple of electrical switches start to conk out at almost the same time? Beats me!! Thank you for you time . . . .
  5. my aunt's one a lot of problems, i need to help her solve it. idling got jerking problem, moving off low power, i researched, seems like some ignition coil problem, may be engine mounting too. air-con sometimes draw in outside air when too cold. thanks all.
  6. I noticed a lot of people like to buy SSD hard disks for whatever reasons. Do you use them with USB hubs ? If you know, any recommendations for powered USB hubs that are reliable for plugging in at least two hard disks ? I'm now using the Amazon Basics 7-Port USB 3.0 Powered Hub that supposedly supply up to 5V 900mA to every port, from its 5V 3A power adapter. The drives power up fine, but "hangs" with high speed data transfers between drives. It will just hang there until the drive is plugged out. It's essentially useless except for lower demand devices like mouse, keyboard. https://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-Port-USB-Power-Adapter/dp/B00E6GX4BG/ Any good ones you using now, whether from Amazon or Lazada or retail ?
  7. Hi guys. Do you have any contacts that does mobile servicing? I will provide my own oil.
  8. Jhyy701

    Audi is the least reliable car?

    I had the impression that Audi cars are very reliable, I was still contemplating whether to get a Audi for the next car, but this report says otherwise, that Audi is at the bottom of the list. Failure rate is 1 in 27??? Is this true? how accurate are the findings??? http://www.mycarforum.com/blog/12/entry-3296-german-manufacturers-no-longer-most-reliable/
  9. Anyone got any reliable workshops in the west to recommend? I used to go Autobay for serving, but it's a little far from where I stay. I used to go Motec too, but too bad they closed down. Thanks!
  10. Hi All, Can someone recommend a reliable and good workshop that I could do the following in one stop? 1. Remove BlackVue from old car and install in new car 2. Remove rim /tyres from old car and install in new car 3. Alignment of the wheel 4. Install a power point for handphone charging. Thank you.
  11. Tungsl

    External Hard Disk - Reliable

    I recently bought a external hard disk backup plus seagate 3T after 2 weeks it die on me and cannot be read because it is now RAW had to go to a data recovery centre the questions are: 1. are there any reliable reports on the most reliable hard disk for consumers (not talking about hard disk to be used in NASA space craft) 2. if yes what brand - Lacie 3. backup sounded a bit ridiculous, used a backup drive to backup another backup drive 4. most company writes life span of 5years but warranty only 3years 5. backup with DVD - any issues, backward compatibility thanks nope the answers provided will be useful for others too
  12. I reversed into the HDB carpark support poles today, and had rather bad chip off the paint. :/ Would anyone have recommendations on any trusted workshops in the East (Eunos/Kaki Bukit perhaps)? I'm afraid the base coat will rust so I'm hoping to get it repaired quickly. Thanks! https://imgur.com/a/d9ifE
  13. Hi All, Anyone has good and reliable 2nd hand car dealer or salesman to recommend? Please recommend base on your personal or friends genuine experiences. Thank You
  14. hi fellow forummers does anyone have recommendations for a reliable car servicing shop near cck or bukit batok? i used to send my tucson to hyundai for servicing but find it very ex. also far from my place. thanks in advance!
  15. Dear Forumers My friend urgently needs to hire a private investigator (PI) whom is reliable, honest and efficient in the surveillance work. PI may need to attend court Assignment - collect evidences against inconsiderate neighbour. Neighbour has been "torturing" friend's household for years with secondhand smoke, etc. As parents getting weak by the day, friend tried suggesting to neigbhour to smoke at the common staircase landing, etc. instead. Neighbour denied anyone has smoking habit in their house. However, from then onward, neighbour becomes "creative" and smoke through any open windows of friend's house at odd hours of the day eg. bathroom when someone is bathing, bedroom during wee hours of the night... Friend also exhausted all relevant government agencies to arrive at the same advice - get evidences! If anyone has experience or knows of a licensed PI whom fulfills the above-mentioned criteria and charges reasonably, please pm me the contacts. Friend wary of engaging PI from the web or classified ads as no slightest idea on how to shortlist a good one. Would also appreciate constructive suggestions on how to resolve the nuisances caused, how to select a reliable PI, etc. Kindly do not suggest closing all windows, move house. Thanks lots!
  16. Or so the report claimed.... 2012 Survey on 800k US motorists, reflects the global market? --- The top 10 Scion (Toyota) Toyota Lexus (Toyota) Mazda Subaru Honda Acura (Honda) Audi Infinity (Nissan) Kia The Bottom 10 Jaguar Ford Lincoln (Ford Motor Company) Ram (Chrysler) Dodge (Chrysler) Chrysler Mini (BMW) Buick (GM) Volvo Jeep (Chrysler) --- Source
  17. Hi Any workshop near NUS (Clementi)? Think pads gone Liao but will be there tomorrow for some stuff. Please post the labour prices if you know also. Thanks
  18. Dear Bros & Sis, Wonder if anyone of you have window grilles contractor to recommend? Will be good if you have pics, websites, prices indicated (if any) so I can make a better evaluation of the contractor. Looking to install window grilles as I have a new addition to the family. Appreciate all your recommendations and thanks in advance. Cheers!!
  19. Hi, Anyone know of any reliable car maintenance workshop in Yishun area ? Going for my 30k service soon. Car - Chevrolet Optra Thanks
  20. my friend has this rare sports car, only one in singapore, he does not dare to service it at normal workshop because he scared those mechanics not well versed with the car and later cause more problems. does anyone know any reliable workshop that loves to tinker with those rare cars, e.g. classic vintage cars, kit cars etc. the mechanic must be willing to learn and most importantly treat it with care. my friend brought it to a previous workshop the last time and the mechanic spoiled his headlight cover because he simply did not know how to open it. i cannot divulge the exact car model because it will expose my friend and he is those low profile type. all i can say is it is a continental marque. thanks for the guru's advice.
  21. Radiator leaking, can any bro recommend me reasonable and reliable radiator workshop? Thanks for the pm!
  22. i keep hearing cracking sounds in 1 of my speaker in my stock speakers after replacing the HU. i din notice last time have or not but it's been a year and the problem still persists and the shop tat helped me told me get a woofer can solve but i fixed woofer liao still cannot solve. 1 of the back speakers (suppose to be a sub) is still having cracking sounds like the speaker cannot take the sound like tat...but cannot be even if i switch on soft the crackling still have. sometimes the cracking stop but most of the times have. anyone know reliable audio shop tat would try to smoke me?
  23. so any mega corporations with enough money can abuse social media too. http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/technology/story/political-messaging-wars-white-house-deploys-twitter-army-20131104 In political messaging wars, White House deploys a Twitter army WASHINGTON (REUTERS) - Besieged by unflattering stories about the launch of President Barack Obama's healthcare programme, the White House saw a news report that it wanted to swiftly knock down. It was from NBC, which said that Obama had overpromised when he said Americans who liked their insurance could keep it, and that the president knew that many people would see their coverage change. White House officials quickly began firing off a barrage of tweets on Twitter, which has become one of the administration's most potent and relied-upon weapons in trying to shape public opinion and media reports. Josh Earnest, the principal deputy press secretary to Obama, began the assault with a series of tweets that said the healthcare law did protect Americans against changes in their coverage - unless insurers altered such coverage.