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Found 37 results

  1. Dear Forumers My friend urgently needs to hire a private investigator (PI) whom is reliable, honest and efficient in the surveillance work. PI may need to attend court Assignment - collect evidences against inconsiderate neighbour. Neighbour has been "torturing" friend's household for years with secondhand smoke, etc. As parents getting weak by the day, friend tried suggesting to neigbhour to smoke at the common staircase landing, etc. instead. Neighbour denied anyone has smoking habit in their house. However, from then onward, neighbour becomes "creative" and smoke through any open windows of friend's house at odd hours of the day eg. bathroom when someone is bathing, bedroom during wee hours of the night... Friend also exhausted all relevant government agencies to arrive at the same advice - get evidences! If anyone has experience or knows of a licensed PI whom fulfills the above-mentioned criteria and charges reasonably, please pm me the contacts. Friend wary of engaging PI from the web or classified ads as no slightest idea on how to shortlist a good one. Would also appreciate constructive suggestions on how to resolve the nuisances caused, how to select a reliable PI, etc. Kindly do not suggest closing all windows, move house. Thanks lots!
  2. Good one: Never answer phone call even its hand free Bad one: Drive with one hand when traffic conditions look relaxed Not sure this one I have is good or bad:- If opposite driver flashes hi beam while I am waiting at a red light junction for opposite traffic to clear, I will flash back "I got it, don't worry, I am not crossing yet"
  3. Soya

    Honest ad

    Good sense of humour. http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=368675&DL=1000 "Wife And Baby Always Have To Hold Their Breath When Accelerating Pass 3000RPM, Bad For Their Health, So Have To Sell. Too Fast, Too Loud And Rarely Got Challenged On Road So Got Bored Of It."
  4. Kklim

    BBC not quite honest

  5. I will also start the ball rolling.... There is a fruit stall at Hougang Central, at the corner of the roundabout into the MSCP, near the Fragrance bak kwa shop. They sell a variety of durians from top end to 3 for $10, or one for $5. I asked for two one for $5. I tri my luck and say if got sweet and creamy the best. The man specially picked two which were exactly sweet and creamy. Best still, ask me try one seed first. I tried and it was great, then he passed me a box of tissue for my durian stained hand. So really professional and good service standard too.
  6. Staff69

    Brutally honest or just daft

    Which eatery has the best toothpicks? Din Tai Fung, says labour chief Lim Swee Say Published on Jul 22, 2013 http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...labour-chief-li By Amelia Tan When labour chief Lim Swee Say goes to Chinese restaurant Din Tai Fung, his eyes are peeled not so much on its dumplings and noodles, but on its toothpicks. He likes them because they are well-designed and of good quality. "Many restaurants give you toothpicks, but the toothpick is so big it can never go through, but this one is so fine that whatever is inside sure can come out," he said on Monday. In fact, he revealed with a laugh, the Din Tai Fung toothpicks are so good, he "can never resist" - he always takes half a box of them during each visit. I am dumbfounded, yet again
  7. Ok! the gauntlet is thrown down! From the other thread, it seems there are many 'HONEST' used car dealers out there. As with all things, there must be a BALANCE! Thus, as there is a BLACKLIST on used car dealers, this would be your WHITELIST! I am starting this thread so that: 1. We can know the good ones, and for that matter, their name does and should not appear in the black list 2. MCFers know who to go to and get an honest deal with no nonsense 3. Build and possibly generate interest and revenue for the good ones, and their repute builds! I challenge those who mentioned they are honest to first state their claim. Along the way, their name should REMAIN in good standing and that will be proof of the pudding. This is a win-win and we can attest and thus see the real decorum of the industry! Disclaimer: I maintain tht and will still remain that the industry is filled with crooks, and it is my personal bias and nothing to do with me being a mod or not! In short, the only honest used car dealer to me, is a dead one!
  8. Icebrush79

    Impossible to be 100% honest??

    What are your views on lying to your spouse/gf. This topic invariably came up last night during Vday dinner, led on by the verdict of the NBG-CS case. Personally, I feel that white lies are unavoidable, in fact, telling the truth all the time is impossible. Some guys will...... Downplay their past to assure their insecure spouse / gfs Up play their financial status / capabilities / bravado to impress naive and impressionable potential dates Go behind their spouse / gfs and send gifts of dinners / flowers / material stuffs to potentials that they feel they hope to score with - and these potentials may not even be gorgeous ones; many time ugly ones but just adding as a variety for her suitor Some lies may even be for good intensions, eg wanting to surprise the gf / or the spouse.... or keeping stuff from them because knowing the truth upset them... Opinions?
  9. Simon29

    A honest Singaporean

    I would not have returned it, unless comfort call me up for interview. Finders keepers rule apply for me. A cabby found $1.1 million in cash that had been left behind by a Thai couple in his vehicle, and instead of keeping it, he drove straight to ComfortDelGro
  10. Hi, Any bro can recommend one which doesnt chop my carrot head? I think my fuse and a few light bulbs burnt. Thanks!
  11. Hi all. just shifted back to Serangoon Central. and there has been lots of changes....... I use to stay in Woodlands and my workshop was along old woodlands road. It was a simple, honest and cheap place. Now can anyone recommend a workshop in my area. I need someone that is honest and affordable. advise pls.....
  12. First time came across the mentioning of this Act in the thread XXX good buddy CEO saw not stepping down...WTF & link: http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showtopic=2672570 mentioned by MCF bro Duckduck in post #02. In actual fact, we strongly suspect that this Act, which has no equivalence elsewhere in the entire planet & throughout 9 galaxies, has been in existence for quite a while but just that not much was mentioned officially. By definition & in all practical purposes, this is the single most powderful Act ever created and the Terrorism Act actually pales in comparison. In this Act, all mistakes minor and major will be classified as honest mistakes (hence giving it the name Honest Mistake Act or HMA) & the person or party making them will be forgiven without any reprimands nor penalties imposed. Not even a slap on the wrist-type of warnings will be issued. It's origin could be traced to the S$388m wrongly paid out to a local telco years back and the man himself called this an honest mistake then and urged all to move along. That we believe led to the creation of HMA henceforth. In recent years, the HMA seemed to have been invoked many times succesfully and likely to be enhanced even further in years to come. The latest train disruption fiasco is another prime example that this HMA will be used again so at the end of the day all will be forgiven and life goes on... Ho ho ho, merry Xmas everyone!!!! [laugh]
  13. Smoking can make your nipples fall off Women with breast implants should take care not to smoke - they face the risk of becoming nipple-less. That's what top plastic surgeon Dr Anthony Youn warned on CNN's health blog The Chart, that smoking before or after a breast lift surgery can cause a woman's nipples to turn black and fall off. Related:
  14. knowing how unhealth food outside can be how many times do you eat out each week exclude office hours
  15. I got his contact from my friend.. to call Mr. Soon, to purchase Amaron maintenance free (Dry Cell) Battery. Thumb up for his service and patient. Most importantly - PRICE. Very honest guy and knowledgeable in Battery. His no is 90239533. I'm not related to him at all. I just want to share the good info with among all the driver. If he as ask who recommend you.. just said : Black_Subaru-Forester
  16. Sunday, January 02, 2011ERP fine My car pass a ERP gantry point with the ERP card not properly inserted. I discovered it immediately and called to inform LTA. They said, "wait for the notice". The ERP notice came one week later. The ERP fee was $1 and the fine was $10. I wonder why the LTA refused to collect the $1 from me, when I found the mistake. They wanted to impose the fine of $10 for the oversight. This is inconsiderate. They government wants to make a profit from an honest mistake! I am aware that the LTA did have some administrative work to print and mail the notice. But this is work that they create for themselves under their system. If they have a friendlier system, they could have taken my report and notify the computer that the matter was settled. But, the LTA preferred to follow their own procedure, for their own convenience, and impost a cost on the citizens. I hope that our government leaders and civil servants realize that they have to treat the people fairly and not impose a burden on them. Tan Kin Lian Report Nuff said.....
  17. Dear All, due to sky high COE, I bought an used car recently, try to do a comprehensive inspection, in usally if you goto workshop to do that, they will request you change this and that because you don't have previous servicing record can anyone recommend an honest workshop to do that many thks
  18. NB...copy cat. Our goverment should patent this word "honest mistake" ============================ http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/S...ory_583583.html US says sorry over flag It was an 'honest mistake' that the Philippine flag was displayed inverted, center right. This wrongfully signified that the South-east Asian nation was in a state of war. -- PHOTO: AP WASHINGTON - THE United States government apologised for displaying the Philippine flag upside down at an event in New York attended by President Barack Obama on Friday, calling it an 'honest mistake.' The red-white-and-blue Philippine flag adorned with yellow stars was hanging upside down, with red on top instead of blue, when Mr Obama met his counterpart Philippine President Benigno Aquino during a gathering of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). In the Philippines, an inverted flag signals the nation is in a state of war. 'This was an honest mistake,' said Rebecca Thompson, US embassy spokesperson in Manila. 'The US treasures its close relationship and close partnership with the Philippines.' Thompson did not say who made the mistake or how it happened. - REUTERS
  19. Good day, My friend would like to buy a brand new "friendly" PSP set. Can u kindly recommend me the honest and friendly game shops that is selling it?
  20. One of our writers took the Chery A1 for a day or two..this is what they think. Warning. If you like China cars, don't click. http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/review.php?AID=26
  21. Picanto

    Be Honest !!! SAF

    read the forum pages in the straits times. for those who do not know, a 19 yr old recruit has just died. the writer is asking the SAF to be truthful about the facts. any regulars here or not? care to explain why the SAF is so fond of covering things up?
  22. Alim

    Honest Aircon Man

    I had problems with my aircons, one leaking and the other one not cold. I called my Aircon guy, he came tested & found out the probs, my part-time maid washed the toilet and turned the aircon pipe up, so water couldn't flow out that resulted the aircon leaking. The other aircon not cold, he found out that there was a faulty valve, so he suggested that he switched the valve from the dinning room aircon which I seldom use to the not-cold aircon. In addition, he checked the aircon gas which was low and he top it up as well. For the above service, I paid only $50 and saved $100++ for the valve. Even regular servicing, he will tell you which aircon no need service cos he can tell we seldom use. During these bad times, his honesty, integrity, reasonable rates and good service is very much appreciated. From my previous experience with other aircon companies, they come and they will maximize their trip by doing everything and charge you for it.
  23. Hi all, Just want to know if anyone can recommend any good and honest 2nd heand car dealers as I am looking to sell off my ride. Basically I have contacted some dealers posted on the classified ads but some of those who has responded seems dubious and doesn't honour their quotes. Some quoted then wanted a percentage to settle this and that. I was told by my SE and some friends from AD that normally for sellers, there will not be any percentage cuts from a sale to these 2nd hand dealers and should only be the offered price minus whatever repayment to the financing companies. Either you top up if loan amount is higher than the selling price or you get back the extra cash should the selling price be more than the loan amount. Anyone can help out and advise? Thanks a million! regards, Mooooooooooo
  24. Now Honest Mistakes are becoming more common .... even Obama use it .... BUT ... "I think that all of these were honest mistakes, but ultimately, there's no excuse for them." Obama takes responsibility