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Found 27 results

  1. We have all read in the papers about how people win big big in casino and how others lose a large fortune there also. So some will win and some will lose. Is there really such thing as a professional gambler who wins consistently(say 7 or 8 out of 10 games) so that he/she does not need to work? I started this topic out of curiosity and thought it may be an interesting topic. Any real life examples will be great !
  2. Many thread on EPL, MSL and even online soccer management game and etc. So thinking of starting a thread to discuss our very own Singapore soccer league aka the S-league. I know many people will start to come in and throw all sort of insult to our local league. Bear in mind, this is our very own soccer league. If we don't support our league, how we expect a strong national team. Be it of interest to you or not, please give this thread and our league a chance to ''live'' in the world of professional soccer. ....Peace to all.
  3. Looks like a professional group at work this is more exciting than Ocean 11, 12, 13
  4. Kezg1

    Professional House Mover

    Hi All Can any forumers recommend me a good service house mover and not too X . I know there are alot being advertised in ST...but you do not know of their service or whether they are responsible type. Thanks in advance.
  5. They say that if you are determined and willing to work hard towards your dream, you will achieve your goals one day. Alright, I would not say this is a dream but hats off to this guy who must have spent quite a bit of effort training to exhibit such skills. I must say it is pretty amusing to watch him going sideways while travelling straight. http://dai.ly/x1nksnf_professional-wheel-chair-drifting_auto
  6. I will also start the ball rolling.... There is a fruit stall at Hougang Central, at the corner of the roundabout into the MSCP, near the Fragrance bak kwa shop. They sell a variety of durians from top end to 3 for $10, or one for $5. I asked for two one for $5. I tri my luck and say if got sweet and creamy the best. The man specially picked two which were exactly sweet and creamy. Best still, ask me try one seed first. I tried and it was great, then he passed me a box of tissue for my durian stained hand. So really professional and good service standard too.
  7. Just wondering if there is any bros here that know of anyone that can provide an assessment of the overall workmanship for a house renovation. If yes, please let me know. I am having issues with my tiles (uneven) and renovator act blur. I need a 3rd party to provide a fair judgement before I put up my case. Thanks in advance...
  8. Shsoh

    Glare Professional Polish

    Read this a while ago... Seems that this liquid glass technology (Glassplexin) will replace conventional deataling. Check out http://www.glare.com.sg. Any comments?
  9. Hi fellow MCFers, I was wondering whether anyone here has any "lobang" for where I can get professional photos taken? I'm currently looking to get photos of myeslf that can be used on business cards and resumes :) Thanks for all the help!
  10. http://www.asiaone.com/News/AsiaOne%2BNews...712-226595.html S'pore bookies are favourites in the region By MAUREEN KOH SINGAPOREAN bookies - who operate betting websites - are hot. Not only here but also in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, the Philippines and Malaysia. At least, that's what several punters and bookmakers contacted on various betting websites told The New Paper on Sunday. And the reasons they're hot with bettors are the same ones you'd find in mainstream Singapore society. Chief among them: They play fair. Punters say that Singaporean bookies may chase you to pay up promptly when you lose, but when you win, they also pay you promptly. Australian "Mr Grim", who is a member of one website, attests to that. "I like that payment is prompt - that's like a Singapore stamp of guarantee," he told The New Paper on Sunday. Another punter, Gigi, who is from Hong Kong, said she has switched to Singapore bookmakers. She used to place bets with websites run by mainland Chinese syndicates and Hong Kong triads. "You can be sure they'll be at your back for payment when you lose, but it's a different case when you win," she said. Gigi claimed she once had two triad members turn up at her workplace when she defaulted in payment to threaten her. Another reason why punters like Singapore bookies: Their websites - usually hosted in the Philippines - are "professionally-run", said members. Paul, from Australia, said: "Good English in quick news updates indicate efficiency." Wisely, a senior member on a betting forum, said: "Of course it's "safer" to bet with Singapore(an)-managed agents", as they will pay you. He claims he is an agent based in Thailand but collects bets for a Singaporean "master agent". He said: "Singaporeans are very organised, so everything is in order." A random check with members across various forums hosted by at least 10 betting portals indicated that at least half of the websites are believed to be Singaporean-owned. The New Paper on Sunday unsuccessfully tried to contact the hosts of eight websites through e-mails and feedback forms for verification. A spokesman for a law firm in Makati, Manila, that specialises in assisting foreign companies apply for online gaming licences in the Philippines, said there are several key players (websites) which are run or owned by "legitimate businessmen". According to the spokesman, foreign companies can legally set up business in the online gaming, sports and betting industries as long as they comply with a set of regulations. Citing client confidentiality, she declined to provide any figures but confirmed that "a number of these businessmen are Singaporeans who have the money to buy the licenses". A retired bookie said: "There are a few big plates (bookie speak for illegal betting operations) - and they are not restricted to just one website. "They are controlled by only one or two main players but many of the shareholders are Singaporeans." He described these "shareholders" as "individuals who have the money to buy franchises to operate the website". A senior agent, who is based in China, likened it to "multi-level selling". He said: "Master agents then recruit agents - bookies - from all over the region to take the bets." All transactions - wins or losses - are usually wired or transferred electronically. While it may be legal to host a site outside Singapore, placing bets with it is still illegal in Singapore. All forms of soccer betting are illegal here, unless they are placed with Singapore Pools and its authorised agents. To date, Singapore police have arrested 36 persons during this World Cup season for illegal football betting, with estimated illegal bets amounting to nearly $1.5 million. Assistant director of the Specialised Crime Division, CID, Superintendent of Police Goh Lam Kiong, said: "This series of operations show that we are serious about clamping down on illegal betting activities. "We will not hesitate to take action against those involved in such activities, regardless of their role." In 2008, 1,566 people in Singapore were arrested for illegal gambling and betting activities, according to police figures. On Wednesday, Hong Kong and Guangdong police busted a syndicate that collected some seven billion yuan (S$1.4 billion) in illegal bets - mostly on football matches. Hong Kong police arrested 74 people in Hong Kong and 29 in mainland China during the joint operation, reported the South China Morning Post. A police spokesman told The New Paper on Sunday: "Investigations are still ongoing but we don't believe any Singaporean is involved."
  11. Around 1++ - 2 weeks ago, i met an accident at the West(Insurance case still pending). I was driving my car straight down a main road. As i was about to reach the yellow box of a turning spot for the opposite traffic, a car from the other side suddenly dash through towards a side road on my right that leads to a market. I had to brake immediately to avoid him. Unfortunately, i crashed into the side of his car. In this situation under BOLA, who has the right of way? He said i was speeding so he didn't see me coming. Can i have some professional advice on the take of this situation? Last week, my insurance company advised me that this situation is most likely 50-50 cause he can claim that i crashed into him while he was making a turn. Until today i have yet to receive any news so i am a little worried. Thanks alot guys! Oh, and there were no injuries, no skid marks and the contact was quite minor. Can these be evidence that i didn't speed? I really didn't speed by the way. I might have been walking on the line 5km/h below the speed limit, but then again, how can i proof that i did not speed?
  12. http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/M...ory_489708.html This is what i call professional. Not waiting until someone complain or when someone died then call for recall. Recall the moment they encounter problem.
  13. Friendstar

    Professional passport pic

    Anyone knows where can i take professional passport pictures? preferably in central and east. thanks!
  14. All, Can any forumers recommend me a good service house painting company and not too expensive. I know there are alot being advertised in ST but I do not know of their service or whether they are responsible type. Thanks in advance.
  15. Home > Breaking News > Singapore > Story Sep 12, 2008 Man fined for slapping son By ELENA CHONG ANGRY that his two kids had been watching television, a father slapped his seven-year-old son and hurled him against a wardrobe, wall and the ceiling. The 43-year-old marketing executive was fined the maximum $1,000 by Community Court judge May Mesenas on Friday. He had earlier pleaded guilty to hurting his son at their home on Sept 15, 2006. The boy suffered multiple bruises in his forehead, left arm and legs and several patches over his neck and back of his left shoulder. The accused had returned home and found the victim and his six-year-old brother misbehaving. When he questioned them and did not get a proper response, he slapped the victim in his face. He picked him up by his armpits and threw him against a wardrobe in the room. He also later threw the boy against a wall and up against the ceiling. The incident came to light two days later when a teacher noticed bruises on the victim's brother, whom the accused had also caused hurt to. The accused's lawyer K. Mathialahan said his client had been receiving counselling and treatment and attended eight sessions at the Centre for Promoting Alternatives to Violence (Pave) at Ang Mo Kio. Counsel said though the accused had a problem with anger management, he loved his children and had done everything possible to ensure he did not hurt the boys again. http://www.straitstimes.com/Breaking%2BNew...ory_277817.html
  16. Kelpie

    Monk is a professional "job"?

    1. I'm seeing the trend of younger and more educated people becoming Monks. They drove big cars, talk better and don't live the way the Monk that we saw in Movies. I may be wrong, they are like well paid social workers these days. This is just my personal impression. 2. In Japan, Monks have fashion show to showcase nice and modern robes. If I'm correct, Jap Monks can have wife too. Regards,
  17. Though many who are employers practise this, few would ever openly vouch that this is true in their own practice. Performance in work aside ( the male and female have different edge ), the overall package seem less attractive when it comes to hiring a female. Besides the part where employers can be left to 'fill the blanks' when such females employees go on maternity leave...there are more hidden but proven industy facts as to why employers have come to be biased towards employing female when it comes to highly skilled and management posts. What are your views?...male and female views are welcome!
  18. Dear bros & Sis. I would like to recommand this Car Grooming service which I have went to this morning. I paid $49.99 (Promotional Price) for the basic package which include: - Pre Wax Wash. - Hand Polish with Radiant Wax. - Polish of Windscreen, Rear & Window screens. - Dress dashboard, bumper / tires. - Vaccuum seats & carpet - Clean Rims & polish tyres. I have found that they have done a very good job and the service is good. You may give them a try. The also have paint restoration package from $138. They are support by AutoGlym. Address: James Lee & Brothers The Arena Country Club (In-house Car Park). 511 Upper Jurong West Road S'pore 638366. Contact: 9181 3341 (Next to Burger King), Direct infront of SAFTI Military Institude. Webpage: www.jameslee.com.sg FYI. I don't earn commission for this recommandation. It's fully a service acknowledged by me.
  19. Hi guys, just got my "xmas gift" this afternoon.. it's called RIM SCRATCH... any idea where i can get it repair/ touch up??
  20. Can anyone recommend any good & professional workshop to install brake disc and is capable of checking runout? Below is an extract of proper disc installation: If sport rotors are not checked for runout, driving without even applying brakes will exhibit a clicking noise on a
  21. After sending 2 a professional to detail my car what should i do 2 maintain... Someone even tell me 2 only wash with water, others say dont touch at all.. Any bros or sis can provide info????
  22. Held on the 11th march 2006, Shah Alam Go Kart Track, Malaysia Representing Singapore in the D1 Professional Drift Grand Prix race are Elvin with his Impreza Crist Seck with his Nissan 180SX Jansen Tan with his Nissan 180SX Ivan Lim with his Blitz-Yokohama D1 SPL Silvia S15 The event is judged by the famous Dorikin or Drift King : Tsuchiya Keiichi from Japan Elvin's rex : Crist's 180SX Jensen's 180SX Ivan Lim in the Blitz-Yokohama D1 SPL Silvia versus Tenku Djan(Malaysia's Prince of Drift) is his Proton-R3 Trueno AE86 Accidents are inevitable in racing D1 Babe : Another D1 Babe : Even the guys from the West Coast Customs (USA) as seen in MTV's "Pimp My Ride" are here in KL witnessing the D1GP Malaysia Series : Qualifying results : Twin Drift Tsuiso Battle : Winners of D1GP Malaysia Round 1 Shah Alam : 1)Zero Lim A31 Cefiro (Malaysian) 2) Lim Zee King 180SX S13 (Malaysian) 3) Tenku Djan Ley AE86 Trueno (Malaysia) From Left to right : Tenku Djan, Zero Lim & Lim Zee King) More Nice hi res pictures are available here : http://motospx.fotopic.net/c889188.html http://veecee.smugmug.com/gallery/1282479/2 Those who make it to the Top Sixteen : Ivan Lim & Blitz-Yokohama D1 SPL Silvia Jansen & his KC Autolink 180SX Ivan's qualifying : http://www.boomspeed.com/hyperlemon/d1gp_r...fy_BlitzS15.mpg Ivan Versus Tenku Djan(Malaysia's Prince of Drift): http://www.boomspeed.com/hyperlemon/d1gp_r..._tenku_djan.mpg Those who represent Singapore for the D1 Grand Prix race, a big thank you and a big cheers for you guys !
  23. Not bad... Comes with a application sponge and application is very easy. Just apply on, wait for 5 minutes and wipe off... After application, my tyres look wet and glossy again... But not sure how long the gloss would last... And it even comes with UV inhibitors to 'protect' the tyres... Or so it says...
  24. Hi all, Just like to ask, is outside professionally done PPS(toughseal, 3mendouz shine, GLARE etc) better n longer lasting than self DIY(Klasse, Soft99, Meguairs etc)? I'm getting my car soon and considering this seriously. Coz paying for $400 to get someone do something which one can do on his own is abit steep. I dun mind the effort needed, although i'm getting a rather big SUV. My main qn is: Can DIY PPS be as good as professionally done PPS? Thank you