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Found 41 results

  1. Wow! Most Expensive now to Most Powerful Red Dot Passport Singapore passport becomes 'most powerful' in the world......CNA says one......... http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/singapore-passport-becomes-most-powerful-in-the-world-9341920 INGAPORE: For the first time, Singapore is the single most powerful passport in the world, thanks to a little help from Paraguay. By removing visa requirements for Singaporeans, Paraguay helped Singapore edge out Germany for the top spot in a passport index developed by global financial advisory firm Arton Capital. Read more at http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/singapore-passport-becomes-most-powerful-in-the-world-9341920
  2. just received a renewal notice from ICA for my son's passport. question : is there any difference if i renew now (before expiry), or apply new when this pandemic is over ? i don't think we will be seeing the light at then end of the tunnel so soon also.
  3. Hi all, FDW passport due to renew any one know the best way to renew by ownself? online application? Not going through agency as it costs more.
  4. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=319893605451986&id=100022940471086 WA Lao eh. Now even before go into Malaysia already start asking for money Lao. How Sia? Dr Mahathir... Hope you read this forum and task team to investigate.
  5. DACH

    Honda Passport, reborn

    The Honda Passport is a rugged, US-born SUVhttps://www.topgear.com/car-news/la-motor-show-2018/honda-passport-rugged-us-born-suv This is the Honda Passport. And if you’re sick of SUVs forgetting about the U (for utility), it could be the answer to your woes. Honda says it “can tackle the kind of tough terrain normally reserved for less refined body-on-frame or off-road focused SUVs”, and has thusly provided lots of pictures of it being flung through mud and towing heavy things. It sits above the CR-V in size, though carries just five people. And – betraying the fact it’s a US-only car – comes with a 276bhp 3.5-litre V6 engine as its only option. Fans of JDM cars or Gran Turismo will remember when that was the golden horsepower figure for an NSX, Nissan Skyline, Mitsubishi Evo and many other performance heroes… That engine is mated to a nine-speed automatic gearbox – no divisive CVT here – and a host of off-road systems including all-wheel drive, torque-vectoring and a traction system with Snow, Sand and Mud modes. You can have a front-drive version, but it really wouldn’t be in keeping with what the Passport’s about. Spec AWD and you also get the full 2.7-tonne towing capacity. Mind, there’s more than a nod to the S (for sport) of SUV, too, with 20in rims as standard, and inside you can have 4G-fed wifi and a banging stereo controlled via Apple CarPlay. A full Defender wannabe this ain’t. It’s been designed in the US, and will be built there, too. And not sold on European shores. Does that make you sad?
  6. go to the link for the pics ... personally I find the man's reaction totally unbelievable ... I don't believe in angels. S’porean locked up in inhumane conditions in KL after flying in with less than 6 months passport validity Summary: • The Singaporean man flew into KL with his friends for a gaming competition on June 8 and were expected to come back to Singapore on June 11. • However, he did not renew his passport which had about five months of validity left before it expired. • He was denied entry upon arriving at KLIA (KL International Airport ) on the June 8, at 3.15pm. • He was told he would be deported back to Singapore and he felt quite stupid about not renewing his passport beforehand and being a burden to his team. • He did not know what to do next and was told by immigration if he wanted to book a return ticket back himself or one could be booked for him. • He wanted the KL immigration to book his ticket for him, as he was feeling down and did not have enough cash. • The immigration officer then told the Singaporean man he would be denied entry into Malaysia for one month if he chose that option. • When he said he was okay with that, he was then told he might never come back to Malaysia again. • That was when he was taken to a cell the size of a four-room HDB flat to be locked up with 100 other people inside. • He was told to turn off his phone and take off his belt and put them in the storeroom and wait for his ticket, no questions asked. • The conditions in the cell were horrendous and reeked of foul odours from the lack of proper sanitation facilities. • There was not enough space, was filthy, gag-inducing and the people inside were piled up on top of one another. • There were apparently other tourists who were locked up in there, as well as supposed illegal immigrants. • There was a separate cell for women and children. • The Singaporean man was inside for 26 hours in total but it was barely tolerable. • He claimed he saw one of the cell mates being beaten up and choked by the Malaysian officers for asking questions. • He also said those with money could bribe their way out more easily. • Fortunately, the Singaporean man’s father contacted Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs after he stopped receiving messages from his son after a period of one day. • The Singapore immigration was shocked to hear of the man’s experience when he returned back and said Singapore’s lock-up had facilities such as beds. • The Singaporean man ended his note as a caution to other Singaporeans not to take chances and said his account is to shed light on what can actually take place overseas, outside the confines of Singapore’s predictable bureaucracy and standards. Reactions to his allegations and storyThe comments section of the Singaporean man’s Facebook post is a hotbed of accusations and counter-accusations, as well as people demanding for proof and poking holes in his story. One major contention is that his case appears to be more severe than normal given such a straightforward violation, as other individuals who travelled into Malaysia with less than six months passport validity only got turned back without much repercussions other than being inconvenienced. The condition of not being able to return to Malaysia ever again is considered very severe. The Singaporean man has repeatedly said in response to multiple comments that he is remorseful for his mistake and takes the blame for what happened in the first place, but he also wants to let others know how it is like overseas, away from the secure confines of Singapore’s jurisdiction and shedding light on how issues are handled. To satiate those who called for evidence to his claims, the Singaporean man provided a photo of the document that listed his transgression in Malaysia: The document said the reason he could not return to Malaysia is because he is a “prohibited immigrant”.
  7. Yamapi

    Lost passport overseas

    Must obtain a document of identity from Singapore embassy in order to return to Singapore?
  8. We aim at constant expansion of range of services we render to our customers and at enhancement of our Customer Service quality. Guided by this principle, we provide visa issuance, Residence Permit, Driver License, id card, medical insurance services and documents to our customers. Applying for a visa may entangle complicated procedures, but our company staff will guarantee you all-round assistance in completing these procedures and documents. Visa support service includes completing 2-years multiple entry visa application which requires the customer to provide the minimal package of documents. In case of property purchase, we also assist our customers in applying for a Residence Permit. Another vital service we offer our clients is providing them with medical insurance required for visiting a particular country. Visa support service and registered documents along with other aspects of our business operations ensures highest quality and shortest time of service and guarantees best results. email: (weuniontrack at gmail dot com) or via telegram::....... registered12
  9. Hey folks, important announcement...I think those affected will have to go back to ICA to redo everything over again. Check your passport to avoid delays for your holidays ok? ICA has discovered a technical glitch affecting a batch of passports that was printed and issued to Singaporeans between 23 May and 3 June 2011 If your passport number is found in this list, please bring your passport and IC to ICA Building, Level 3, Counters 25 to 27 for verification. Affected passport holders can also contact us at our 24-hour hotline: (+65)6391 6611 for clarification. http://www.ica.gov.sg/
  10. Tricor


    I have a passport which is valid for 4 months and I need to travel to JB this weekend. Will I get into trouble entering or leaving Singapore or Malaysia custom? I don't understand why passport need to be valid for 6 months cause our new passport is only valid for up to 5 years. So minus off the 6 months, this mean our passport is usable for 4 1/2 years.
  11. Matrix0405

    Old passport, new problem

    Have old documents signed using an old passport (when passport had the same no. as NRIC). This old passport expired more than 5 yrs old ago and disposed. New passport was issued with new passport number. Problem lai liao. Now unable to show that the old documents are signed by me as unable to produce passport with the old number. Called ICA and was told some other people also have problem but ICA don issue/certify letters to say that the old passport (or that number) belongs to me. 1. Anybody face similar problem and how did you solve? 2. Lesson. Keep your old passport.
  12. Donut

    Cost of new SG citizenship

    http://sg.finance.yahoo.com/news/think-singapore-citizenship-sacred-guess-160000979.html Wow, our passport is worth $2.5 million............ i assume its in US dollars 1. Singapore – Price: $2,500,000What else could I tell you about Singapore that you don’t already know? It’s a global technology and banking hub that’s already being called the “new” Switzerland by investors from around the world. It’s also seen as a prime location for many companies looking to establish a presence in Southeast Asia. The fast track to Singapore citizenship lies through the Economic Development Board’s Global Investor Program. Through the program, you get instant PR status. And within 2 years you can apply for citizenship. Benefits of Citizenship: Tax Haven: There are no wealth taxes (capital gains, inheritance tax, etc.). Visa-Free Travel: Travel to 167 countries worldwide. Easier to Buy Property: Citizens notably have fewer restrictions to buying multiple properties in Singapore’s hot property market than PRs and foreigners do. VERY Business Friendly Nation: Unlike other nations, you can start a business in only a few days in Singapore, leading many to call it the most business friendly nation in the world. Lower Taxes: Taxes for high wealth individuals (20% flat tax) and companies (17% flat tax) are lower than most industrialized nations. Waiting Time for Citizenship: After waiting up to 3 months for approval to join the Global Investor Program (and $2.5 million dollars), you’ll be awarded PR status. After two years of residency, you can then apply for citizenship. Residency Requirement: Yes. Upon granting of your PR, you’ll be given a Re-Entry Permit that’s valid for 5 years so you can retain your PR. But you must either set up a business in Singapore with 5 Singaporean employees or you must reside in Singapore at least 6 months out of the year. Military Service Requirement: No. PRs under the Global Investor Program are exempt from serving NS (what’s up with that?!).
  13. Which country's immigration does not stamp your passport upon exit? So far, encountered UK. There is no immigration officers at the International departure hall of LHR airport. Immigration declaration is also for entry only, no departure portion. Anymore? 1. London, UK
  14. Argh... LTA does not accept my passport for the purpose to authorised someone to scrap the car. ?!?! I didnt want to pass my IC because i am always weary that the some one may be careless with it and it may be misused.So i passed the person my Passport instead. But i was applauded that my passport is not good enough to id me ?!?
  15. 1. Just to share as it just happened to my brother this evening. 2. 1st thing 1st, go to nearest police station to make a police report. Make sure you have a copy of the report with you. 3. With the police report, you can try your luck at the Malaysia custom. Based on my understanding with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they may or may not let you pass based on historical records. My brother was really lucky as the Custom actually let him pass. Once you reach the Singapore Custom, you are deemed safe and sound. 4. However, if you are being turned away by the Malaysia custom, remember that they have no right to detain you, you can de-tour and call your family members to help to go to the SG immigration dept to get you a DOI. With the DOI, your family member can meet up with you in JB and pass you the DOI. With the DOI, which is equate to a temporary passport, the Malaysia custom will let you pass. 5. If you are in KL (only place that has SG high-com in MY), you can get a DOI there too. Regards,
  16. my fren's passport was stolen over the weekend when they went bkk... they have reported to malaysia high comm when they were in bkk but now my question is..can they still work in sg ? and what should be done? i tried calling ica hotline..but seems to be forever down...
  17. My passport has a validity of 10yrs...left about 1.5yrs to go. Just wondering if I can renew in advance? My photo taken 10yrs ago doesnt look like me cos i put on weight LOL.
  18. Seem like now a day, it become a disincentive to be a Singaporean? Recently survey show less than 50% of PR willing to take up the Red PP, now we have people trying all means to give up? Is it more difficult to give up the Red PP then to acquire one? http://forums.asiaone.com/showthread.php?t=44815 Hi, My family (me, wife and my 8 year old son) hold Singapore passports and we have migrated to another country and we will soon be eligible to get the foreign country passport as it allows dual citizenship. We have decided that my son will not do the NS. Hence my son will give up his Singapore passport. But my wife and I want to keep Singapore passports. Do you know if Singapore government will allow us to give up only my son's passport ? Do you know any such cases and their outcome ? Any feedback will help as I can't check with ICA for obvious reasons thanks
  19. hi all, as above wanna go visit a friend in JB this weekend but found out forgot to renew passport, now only 5 month left, a lot country need min 6 month validity, any issue for JB maybe not so strict? urgent and many tks
  20. Malaysia Boleh.. http://www.relax.com.sg/relax/news/530868/...port_stamp.html $2,600 fine for no passport stamp By Joyce Lim, The New Paper | Mon, Jan 10 2011 A couple was detained at Johor Bahru immigration for missing a passport stamp. $2,600 fine for no passport stamp THEY had planned to spend three nights in Malaysia as part of their new year celebrations. But Singapore expatriates (above) Thorsten Tatzki, 41, and Ni Hao, 21, were forced to spend an extra two nights - in detention. The couple were held by Malaysian immigration officers when they tried to leave Johor Baru and enter Singapore at the Causeway, by car, on Jan 2. The officers could not find any stamps on their passports. They spent two nights in separate cells at the immigration office before they were released on Jan 4, after paying a fine of RM3,000 (S$1,270) each and another RM100 (S$40) each for a special pass to leave Malaysia. When contacted, an officer from Johor's Immigration office, confirmed that the couple were detained, but declined further comment. Our queries were routed to the director of immigration, who could not be reached for comment at press time. On Dec 30 last year, Mr Tatzki who is from Germany, drove to Malaysia with his girlfriend, a Chinese national, in a rented Toyota Altis. "We drove past the Malaysia's immigration checkpoint at about 5.30pm and headed to Kuala Lumpur (KL) for the night," recalled Miss Ni, who has been living in Singapore for the past five years. "We did not realise that our passports were not stamped." The couple spent a night in KL and the following two nights in Port Dickson before heading back on Jan 2. Added Miss Ni, who works as a business development executive: "When we arrived at the Malaysian checkpoint, the officer told us that she could not find any stamps on our passport to prove that we have entered Malaysia legally. "We showed her our hotel and shopping receipts and also the receipt for topping up our Touch N Go card, hoping to convince her that we were there for a holiday and were not involved in any illegal activities." But things were not so simple. Said Mr Tatzki, general manager of an Australian company in Singapore: "We were led to a room where we waited for 45 minutes before another officer took us to another room. We spent another two hours in the room before one officer came in and told me that my girlfriend and I had been arrested." He added: "I asked him to explain why we were arrested and how long we had to stay there, but he wasn't very helpful. We had no idea what was going on." >>Next: In cell with women crying In cell with women crying The couple were allowed to make one phone call before they were taken to separate cells. Mr Tatzki called to inform his boss that he would have to miss work the following day. Miss Ni managed to make a call only the next day, informing a friend in Singapore of her plight. Said Miss Ni: "We had to remove all our belongings, like shoes, watches, mobile phones. The cell was very smelly and cold. There was also no proper sanitation. There were three other foreign women with me in the cell and two of them were constantly crying. It was very traumatising for me." Said Mr Tatzki: "(It was noisy) and the lights were left on the whole night. We couldn't sleep at all. "The next day, an officer told me that I could choose to pay a RM3,000 fine or wait to go to court. He said that if I didn't pay now, the procedure would take longer and maybe I would end up paying more later. I felt that I didn't have a choice." The officer told him that they only accepted cash and asked him to call a friend in Singapore to deliver the money by 6pm that day. Even though Mr Tatzki's friend met the 6pm deadline, he was not released. The officer told him that he would have to "submit a report to higher management for approval" before they could leave. The couple had to pay RM100 each for this special pass to leave Malaysia. So the couple were held for another night and were released at 4pm the next day, but only after a bit of drama over having to pay another RM200 for "special passes". Money Said Mr Tatzki: "One officer came into the cell and asked if I had the money. I said yes. "He then told me we needed to pay another RM100 each for a special pass to leave Malaysia. I was very angry because the day before I had asked him many times if it was just RM3,000 each. And he said yes. I had some Malaysian ringgit left in my wallet. But I was still short of RM40 (S$17). "I told them that it was very unfair to us as we were not going to stay in jail for another night because we were short of RM40." Fortunately the sister of Miss Ni's friend, whom she had telephoned the day before, visited her at the immigration office and paid the RM40. The couple were given back their belongings and left the checkpoint at about 5pm on Jan 4. Said Mr Tatzki: "I understand that we made a mistake by not checking for the stamps on our passports. "We hope that our horrible experience will warn visitors to Malaysia to check their passports before they leave the checkpoints." Said a Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman: "Singaporeans should ensure that their passports are stamped at entry when entering Malaysia. It is within the jurisdiction of the country to impose a penalty when this rule is flouted. We do not keep a record of these cases." Photos: TNP, Jonathan Choo This article was first published in The New Paper.
  21. Lation

    Passport photo

    I kenna stop at the malaysia custom last week and they ask me to change my passport photo. This week i need to go malaysia again but have already send in my passport application request. Any bros here know will they pan chan and allow me to pass. Because it is only just less than a week and the new passport won't be here till earliest nect week.
  22. Eddy_theddeus


    hi all , anyone can know if the kid passsport is expiry on 11 jan 2011 ,can she still used the passport cos forgot to renew for her n we r going to desaru this comming wednesday , anyone can advise thk
  23. Friendstar

    Passport expiry. Urgent question

    Hi all. Very urgent question. If my niece's passport expiry is 3 months later, can She still clear custom to Johor? Or is there a minimum number of months before expiry, for instance 6 months before expiry.
  24. Cootie-Monster

    M'sian entered SG using wife's passport

    Is it one look very manly or the other one look very girly?
  25. Yaloryalor

    Passport renewal for Myanmar maid

    Hi Bro & Sis, Anyone got experience to renew passport for Myanmar maid? I heard the agency will only for the work permit renewal, the maid/ owner need to go embassy to do the passport renewal. Need to go 3 am or 4 am to collect the queue no. Need to pay 10% Tax for past 2 years Salaries and Passport cost $300++ Anyone has any experience to advice?