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  1. Gabriel

    Which one was your fav hp?

    https://www.google.com.sg/search?q=sony+eri...rK4n3rQeZ_4DwAw sony ericsson T68i...the phone where i first checked email via gprs...and at a time when pple were using phones to send sms...
  2. yup..but sometimes..its the driver and the car ...at the same time
  3. Gabriel

    Please suggest the most economical van?

    did i forget to add...i clear carbon...almost every other day oops lol...and i still wonder y i can get such good fc
  4. um..chances are...mod cars are the ones with the dangerous driving...oops...
  5. true...so when driving at night...best to keep to most left lane and when near exits...be careful of cars which try to exit from lane 1 or 2 .....
  6. Gabriel

    Please suggest the most economical van?

    no lowest cost....big jap van are cheap on maintenance but drink diesel...while contis are cheap on diesel but high on maintenance...so comes back to the same thing but for me..given a choice..i'll buy another kangoo.. part replacements always happen at same intervals..and im getting a constant 20km/l with aircon off...even with aircon on...i'll get 18km/l... and do get the previous gen ones..the new gen..parts will cost more...but it has a nicer interior
  7. Gabriel

    KPE Tunnel racing!

    no point chasing also..if were me..me just follow behind..and watch ...oops lol
  8. Gabriel

    How to give flower anonymoously without trace

    i will do it ..only if i'm super rich...flowers are not cheap also...unless i really have so much cash...then i can throw it willing
  9. Gabriel

    How to give flower anonymoously without trace

    so much romance just to start a r/s ?i think better to start it slow...make frens first...then decide if she's the one... if not ..some yrs from now...u will have a girl...who is married to u...and complaining to u that she had some one who gave her flowersconstantly..but doesnt do that anymore
  10. Gabriel

    2 school of thoughts, Ang mo / Chinese style

    anyhow only...wait...u gana hammer ...on ur head...(which head i dunno la )
  11. Gabriel

    2 school of thoughts, Ang mo / Chinese style

    i have the best of both...my dad is ang mo style my mum is chinese style...and um...this should be in lite & easy ..not here i suppose
  12. Gabriel

    Opel Combo 1.3 opinion?

    where u stay ? if tampines ..can try united motors..its behind tampines safra...after the old ITE
  13. Gabriel

    Double sided tape for door visor

    thought u have to get it on ur own?mine i also bought on my own..many yrs after i bought my ride
  14. Gabriel

    Season parking at chinatown area

    i think taking train to work maybe more feasible..that day i parked my ride outside CBD area and took train to MBS...ended up spending only $6 for parking...imagine if i parked at ORQ or MBS itself...most prob i would be paying at least $20 parking