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Found 55 results

  1. just received a renewal notice from ICA for my son's passport. question : is there any difference if i renew now (before expiry), or apply new when this pandemic is over ? i don't think we will be seeing the light at then end of the tunnel so soon also.
  2. Number of cars with renewed COEs hit high of 41,777 SINGAPORE - The tendency for people to keep their cars beyond 10 years has grown stronger. Last year, the number of certificate of entitlement (COE) revalidations hit a new high of 41,777 - 12.6 per cent higher than the previous record of 37,114 in 2018. The number is estimated to represent more than half of the cohort of cars which turned 10 last year. ... https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/number-of-cars-with-renewed-coes-hit-high-of-41777
  3. May 2008 black Toyota Vios left 3 months $8123 is a good buy for renew COE? Current to renew 10yrs $39k. Car condition is good. Each year depre $4780 for 10yrs.
  4. Hi all, 2nd car, bought new. COE, Insurance, Road Tax start on same day. Have been paying & renewing for 3 years. Then for past 1 week, have been trying to pay road tax renewal (6 mths) at onemotoring / AXS came back with insufficient coverage period. Has LTA change something in their system? Called LTA, lady says require insurance coverage for 1 more day. Called insurance, extend coverage need to pay. What is going on? Anyone experienced the same issue? Did you pay for the extension?
  5. Coe has been on hovering 70k plus and nobody know when it will drop and new car and used car (2L and above) price is still very expensive to certain people even for 2L and below for those who currently own a car now and the coe going to expire soon and caught in the middle of buying new or used car but if the currently own car (2L and above) is in good condition and have been service regularly, will be make sense to renew it if just paying 70k plus for the next 10 years as the new/ used car depreciation is above 10k and above for a 2L car
  6. So_nice

    Renew COE for mk5 gti?

    Saw some nice mk5 golf gti in the used car market. Got a few with one owners. Just thinking if it’s worth to buy one and renew coe? Is the mk5 gti a difficult car to maintain? Especially the dsg gearbox. Do share your views pls. Thanks!
  7. Hi just a general question For those under CAT A but more than 130bhp. Do you get to renew on CAT A on renewal or will it be shifted to CAT B? I think it will remain as CAT A. I think it's cool for those C class owners last time to know that their CAT A commands a CAT B price since its reclassified
  8. Hi All, need advise. Been driving since 2004... 1st was van, 2nd Honda city, now is Axio. expecting 2nd child next year. Hence Axio will not have enough space for 2 child seats and mother in law n helper. So need to find 7 seater or 8 Seater. What is the best way to sell my current ride (expire june 2018) and maybe look for Estima (prefer COE car). ISIS (hard to find spares) i prefer Jap cars. 1. why is the price for coe cars so high? if i understand once the car past its 10 yr mark no value, so just have to add the new coe price. but dealers price is up to 80 - 90 K!!!! 2. Is it better to buy a 7-8 yr car and once coe expire, can renew? 3. And of course minimum cash pls.... diapers n baby stuff not cheap... Pls share your experience n advise
  9. Hi all, Just a general query that if one intend to renew coe, we cannot use self bid right through the open budding system. We need use the 3 bids average px determined by LTA? Thanks
  10. Is it possible ?
  11. Bros, i would like to know how this renewal of COE(aka buy new COE) works 1) If say my current COE ending at 2011..then if i buy another COE, the new COE is up to (a)2019 or (b)2021? 2) if in the case of (a) then what will happen the remaining value of my current COE 3) How do i go about buying the new COE? Thanks
  12. http://www.autoblog.com/2015/09/01/infiniti-q30-interior-frankfurt/ Infiniti is supposed to debut the all-new Q30 hatchback at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, but as the show is still a couple of weeks away and the company has elected to release yet another image, we aren't sure there'll be all that much to see come Sept. 15. With that in mind, then, we give you the first images of the entry-level hatch's cabin, and they're, um, wow. We knew the Q30 had a lot in common with the Mercedes-Benz A-Class but as these images show, this is far more than a common platform. The steering wheel, instrument cluster, switchgear, and shifter are direct from the Mercedes parts bin. From the looks of the images, the Q30 will even have a Mercedes-style key. This might not garner much attention in the budget ranks – take the Scion iA and Mazda2, for example – but this degree of parts sharing in the premium market is sure to raise some eyebrows. It's also a rather bewildering move for Infiniti. The company is, in effect, selling a Mercedes-Benz to any new customers it attracts. That'll certainly make a Q50 a hard sell when it comes time for an upgrade. Now, in Infiniti's defense, there are some differences in the layout here. The triple nozzle-style HVAC vents have been replaced with a more conventional pair of outlets, and the instrument cluster hood extends over the built-in navigation screen. That design decision, in particular, will certainly appeal to critics of the tacked-on-tablet look offered by Mercedes. The analog buttons for the multimedia system have also been tweaked, with the result looking far cleaner than the mess of buttons offered on Mercedes' products (we wouldn't be shocked to see this layout arrive on a facelifted A-, CLA-, or GLA-Class in the near future, though). Beyond those changes, though, there are multiple Mercedes design hallmarks here, including the location of the controls for the seat adjustments. So the A class is undergoing for a facelift soon taking on new steering wheels and switches, and Mercedes throw all the old parts to Infiniti?
  13. I can't decide whether I should keep my car past the 20th yr mark. Cause I have spending some money to slowly restore it and replace worn out parts. However, if its not worth keeping, then I should just spend as little as possible to maintain it and scrap when coe expires...... Its a tough question. As for what car I am thinking about, it would be a 2nd hand Tom yam Camry.
  14. A) After renew COE for an OPC car, can we convert it into normal car? Do we still need to pay the $17k ? Can't find this info from LTA website B) does car after renewal of COE, run another 10years., be able to renew COE again ?
  15. LTA will not renew Smart's taxi service operator licence Taxi firm Smart will not get its operator license renewed when it expires on Sept 30 this year, said the Land Transport Authority (LTA) on Thursday. This reduces the number of taxi companies in Singapore to six. The LTA noted that Smart had multiple failures in its service standards over the past two years, such as consistently failing to meet the call booking cater rate. It also failed other standards such as accident rate and first inspection passing rate. In addition, the company failed to meet other regulations for its license to be renewed, including minimum fleet size. Its fleet shrunk from 701 in January last year to 268 last month, way below the minimum of 800. Smart's 268 taxis account for about 1 per cent of the total taxi population in Singapore. LTA chief executive Chew Hock Yong said its closure should not affect commuters much. The LTA will facilitate the sale of Smart's eligible taxi licenses to other operators, and to assist its drivers in finding another company. Smart customer service really quite poor. Complain about their taxi driver's reckless driving and they did not even get back to me about it.
  16. Facing dilemma situation. I will need to renew road tax and insurance for my car by 17 May for 9th year. My 6th bidding for new car will only be in 22 May. What should I do?? Pls help to advise.......Thanks.
  17. Vextan

    Renew domestic worker password

    Anyone renewed their philipppine domestic worker passport in Singapore before ? What is the process, how long it takes and the charges ? Thanks..
  18. From The STAR: http://www.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?f...2003&sec=nation By TEH ENG HOCK JOHOR BARU: Motorists will not be able to renew their driving licence if they have obtained a Singapore licence. State Road Transport Department (JPJ) director Mohd Rosli Ramli said this was done to make it easier to trace drivers who committed traffic offences on either side of the Causeway.
  19. Dear drivers, Please advise which insurance to recommend. Now I have doubt regarding my issue. I brought my 2nd hand car on dec 2010. 1) I am the owner, hirer purchase. But I used my father in law as the insured person. In order to get cheaper quote. 2) My premium cost $1800 and end Dec 2011. But I need to renew my road tax which end Oct 24 2011. Can I renew for 5 month in order to match my insurance and road tax, with 10%. Or need to renew the whole year in order to enjoy the 10% NCD. Please advise on my case. Appreciate your help.
  20. Hi Guys, my inspection due on 15th August, my road tax expires on 15th August. But my insurance expires on the 31st August, does that means that i cannot review my road tax until i renew my insurance?
  21. I think I have short term memory. All I know is I should have vehicle inspected, insurance renewed, then I go renew my road tax. This time round, I renewed my insurance, then I went on to onemotoring to renew my road tax. How come it can be renewed via onemotoring when I havent gone through my inspection? So I should go for inspection tomorrow? Or I wait for them to tell me I renewed without vehicle inspection, and have to go get my car inspected?
  22. Anyone can enlighten on this? You do not need to bid for a COE for COE renewal. To renew the COE for your existing vehicle for another 10 years, pay the Prevailing Quota Premium(PQP). To renew the COE for another 5 years, pay 50% of the PQP. If you wish to keep your vehicle registered beyond its current COE expiry date, you will need to renew the COE by paying the applicable PQP for your vehicle. If the COE is not renewed by the current COE expiry date, the vehicle will be de-registered. The PQP is the moving average of the COE prices (QPs) in the last 3 months. The PQP varies from month to month. Click here for the PQP rates. If the application for renewal of COE is made in the month of the COE expiry or after the COE expiry date (within the 1-month grace period with payment of late fees), the PQP rate for the month of COE expiry shall be payable. Upon renewal, the new COE will commence on the next day after the current COE expiry date. If the COE renewal is made prior to the current COE expiry month, the PQP payable shall be the rate applicable at the point of the renewal of the COE. Upon renewal, the new COE will commence from the 1st of the following month from the PQP month and the balance of the current COE will be forfeited. Upon the COE renewal, any COE rebate arising from any lay-up period during the COE validity period will be forfeited. The 5-year COE is non-renewable, which means you must de-register the vehicle upon the expiry of the 5-year COE. OneMotoring
  23. Pelican

    Renew COE for OPC

    I've read from onemotoring, when OPC COE expire, it has to renew COE at normal car plate price but still remain OPC. After renew COE at normal price, isnt it more worth it to convert back to black plate car? The road tax rebate does not worth the cost of normal price coe.
  24. Hi Brothers, Need some advise and help. My current road tax expires on 29 Dec 2010. Next road tax expires 29 Dec 2011. Current insurance expires 30 Mar 2011 due to me being a second owner. LTA has said I will not be able to renew my road tax unless the car insurance is extended to 29 Dec 2011. However my current insurer Chartis (AIG) said they do not extend insurance more than 6 months. What are my options now?
  25. Jj5599

    Renew COE or not?

    In a couple of years my car would be 10 years. Currently very low mileage. Was wondering whether it is more economical to renew COE than to buy a 2nd hand car, assuming the price of Cat B COE then is around current prices. The 2nd hand car would cost about $70K (5 years old), which means i can drive another 5 years or should i renew COE at around $40k but can drive 10 years. thanks