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Found 5 results

  1. Sexy is the word. @mercury1 @vratenza this one for your consideration? Munich. BMW consistently continues to pursue the brand’s current model offensive whilst developing an innovative vehicle concept for the premium compact segment. During the annual results press conference, BMW AG CEO Harald Krüger will announce the presentation of the first BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe. With the sporty and elegant four-door coupe, the premium automobile manufacturer is adding to its range in the compact segment a particularly designoriented model for modern, urban target groups. The concept of a four-door coupe, already successful in higher vehicle classes, will in future combine a dynamic charisma and an expressive design with a high degree of everyday suitability also in the premium compact segment. The first BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe will make its word debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November 2019, with the worldwide market launch beginning in the spring of 2020. The BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe sets new accents in individuality, aesthetics and emotion in the premium compact segment. It combines an emotive design with sportiness and the latest innovations in operation and connectivity technology. Therefore, the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe offers the ideal prerequisites to attract new target groups to hallmark BMW driving pleasure. BMW already offers a unique range of compact models for various different requirements and target groups that is unmatched within the competitive environment. The BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe will once again create fresh impulses in this class. It builds on the latest BMW front-wheel drive architecture and shares a multitude of technological developments with the new BMW 1 Series, which will also be presented during the course of 2019. The BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe has been conceived as a global offering that constitutes an attractive enrichment, especially for markets in which car buyers show a strong affinity for notchbacks. As an exclusive alternative to the classic saloon, the four-door coupe addresses all target groups that prefer a sophisticated design and a self-assured look in the compact segment as well. Some video & spy shots to quench your thirst.
  2. The entry point into BMW's lineup is now front-wheel drive. So the new car may have lost the old one's unique selling point, but is the new one still everything you'd expect from the 'Ultimate Driving Machine'? Of course, the drive layout isn't the only thing that has courted controversy with the new 1 Series, watch to see what our testers think about the new car's looks! There's now of course, 381 litres of boot space thanks to the new drive layout, but it looks like there still isn't enough depth to pass our auntie trolley test! And there is also increased space in the rear, but is it enough for three? Can you guess what Jon's pet peeve about this car is from this picture? Watch the full video to find out what the two think about the baby Beemer!
  3. Hi all, 2nd car, bought new. COE, Insurance, Road Tax start on same day. Have been paying & renewing for 3 years. Then for past 1 week, have been trying to pay road tax renewal (6 mths) at onemotoring / AXS came back with insufficient coverage period. Has LTA change something in their system? Called LTA, lady says require insurance coverage for 1 more day. Called insurance, extend coverage need to pay. What is going on? Anyone experienced the same issue? Did you pay for the extension?
  4. CheeJun

    A Land Rover for the city dweller

    Land Rover has finally broken their tradition of building 4X4 for the last 60 years, and come up with this; a Front Wheel Drive only Land Rover. Its currently called the 'Land Rover Compact' and by looking at its dimensions, you can understand where its name was derived. The Compact is still in its concept stage but it is very near production ready and this is probably Land Rover's best bet at infiltrating the un-Land Roverish land of Singapore... People here would question, why would I need all the gizmos and low range gears of a Land Rover? Not to mention the immense size of the thing and how it drinks petrol, its as good as pouring it down the drain and burning holes in all your wallets. This Land Rover is different. Its aimed at the stay home mom who has to ferry the kids to school, and then to soccer practice and then for tuition yet provides the elevated driving road position and the presence which will prevent road going Bengs from bullying you. Its like buying the shell of an SUV yet it doesn't give you the feeling of being ripped off just because it is shaped to be an SUV as it suits the urban lifestyle and doesn't make you pay for all the robustness and 4 wheel drive gadgetry that you don't really need. This particular model here is by far the best looking Land Rover I've ever seen. It looks sleek, modern and contemporary. It would just blast the BMW X5 out the door with this kind of looks rather than the chunky elephant that is rather common on Singapore roads. Buying one of these is like buying a Jaguar while everyone else is running to Mercedes showrooms, it makes you feel unique. And rather special. Of course there will be critics who say that Land Rover is losing the 'brand values' of being a thoroughbred 4X4 SUV manufacturer, but I think this idea is brilliant. I do hope this comes to Singapore because its totally cool.
  5. SYF77

    Will FWD BMW lose its flavour?

    [extract] Never say never. BMW