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Found 79 results

  1. 2019 Vehicle Sales Break down Alfa Romeo - 60 Alpine - 14 ALPINA - 2 Aston Martin - 21 Audi - 2,488 BMW - 5,346 Bentley - 69 Citroen - 303 Ferrari - 43 Honda - 15,205 Hyundai - 5,618 Infiniti - 162 Jaguar - 336 KIA - 4,227 Koenigsegg - 1 Lamborghini - 61 Land Rover - 300 Lotus - 2 Maserati - 103 Mazda - 3,095 McLaren - 21 Mercedes-Benz - 7,840 Mini - 453 Mitsubishi - 3,020 Nissan - 2,405 Opel - 629 Peugeot - 124 Porsche - 628 Range Rover - 1 Renault - 779 Rolls Royce - 41 RUF - 2 SEAT - 329 Skoda - 849 Subaru - 1,261 Suzuki - 467 Tesla - 14 Toyota - 12,923 VW - 2,175 Volvo - 874
  2. kobayashiGT

    LTA have new weapons!!!

    LTA have new weapons!!! LTA has gotten a new bike for themselves! While you guys are driving, please keep a lookout for them too! Drive safe! Yamaha FJR1300 Some key features. Smooth 1,298cc inline 4-cylinder engine with YCC-T Sportsbike-type aluminium frame for agile handling Fully-adjustable screen, cowl, seat and handlebars Yamaha D-MODE for softer or hardcore power Easy-to-operate cruise control system Switchable Traction Control System (TCS) Large 25-litre fuel tank for extended riding range Clean and quiet-running shaft drive system Electronically-adjustable suspension and USD forks Sidecases, heated grips and 12v socket as standard YCC-S clutchless gear shifting and 6-speed gearbox LED lights with front adaptive cornering lights
  3. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/two-new-mrt-stations-for-north-south-line-by-mid-2030s-potential-new-rail-line Why government hate the west so much? I really thought the next line will be serving the west to city.
  4. 20 single-deck electric buses each from BYD and ST Engineering Land Systems 10 single-deck and 10 double-deck electric buses from Yutong The buses will progressively arrive in Singapore from next year, with the final batch delivered in 2020 Source: The Straits Times
  5. jameskarlchan

    Eh LTA! Don’t touch my car leh!

    An image of an LTA officer checking the undercarriage of a Mazda RX8 with a flashlight is circulating on WhatsApp group chats and social media. In the image (see full image below), we can tell that this incident happened sometime at night and it's at a HDB estate. Image taken from Roads.sg Just so you know, LTA officers are obligated to come down and visit you whenever they receive a complaint about your vehicle. It could be illegal parking matters or of course illegal modifications, which is exactly what the LTA officer is checking for in the image. The best part about these visits is that you won’t even know about them! Upon inspection and if found guilty of modification violations, you’ll only hear about their visit through a letter from LTA accompanied with a fine/summon that will probably tear a hole through your *censored*. Why people want to “sabo” you If you’ve done modifications to your car and someone made a complaint against you, it could be a couple of reasons 1. They have nothing better to do and damn cb 2. They cannot tolerate the disturbance your car causes to the neighbourhood Generally when people complain, it’s because of No.2. What should you do if you don’t want people to call the polis? LTA has very clear guidelines as to what modifications need or don’t need LTA’s approval. They’ve also included modifications that are specifically not allowed. Everything else not mentioned, is fair game. Taken from LTA.gov.sg Keep within the guidelines and LTA won’t touch your car. As you can see, not everyone appreciates how loud your vehicles are. Especially in residential areas. Like, why? Louder isn’t always better. Facebook comments and feature image taken from Roads.sg Also, we aren't in America where we can own the car for a lifetime. It's just a 10-year lease! Don't need mod lah! Call 1800 2255 582 for the LTA customer service hotline if a car is disrupting your peace.
  6. New Road Between Punggol & Pasir Ris Will Ease TPE Traffic From 17 Nov source: https://mustsharenews.com/pasir-ris-punggol-road/ New Link Between Punggol & Pasir Ris Will Replace Existing Slip Road For those who frequently travel between Punggol and Pasir Ris via the TPE, you would know the pain of being stuck in the jam during peak hours. Since the TPE is the quickest path connecting the two areas, motorists will often prefer to take that route. But the shortest path has become longer due to the large number of vehicles, which defeats the whole purpose. Good news for motorists though, because the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has built a new link road to help ease the traffic situation. New link road will extend from Pasir Ris Industrial Drive 1 According to LTA, the new link road opening on 17 Nov will extend from Pasir Ris Industrial Drive 1, providing an alternative for motorists travelling between Punggol and Pasir Ris. Currently, motorists travel between the two towns via the TPE, highlighted in green below. However, with the new link road, motorists can now travel between the two towns on a much shorter path than before. Here’s a video by LTA to help you better navigate the new route.
  7. Hi all, 2nd car, bought new. COE, Insurance, Road Tax start on same day. Have been paying & renewing for 3 years. Then for past 1 week, have been trying to pay road tax renewal (6 mths) at onemotoring / AXS came back with insufficient coverage period. Has LTA change something in their system? Called LTA, lady says require insurance coverage for 1 more day. Called insurance, extend coverage need to pay. What is going on? Anyone experienced the same issue? Did you pay for the extension?
  8. Anyone knows where to find LTA compliant detailed specs of Traffic lights ?
  9. Hi guys, my IU came with the new car and is about 1 year old. Recently after deduction of fee from exiting a HDB carpark, the IU start to show Err SC. The strange thing is that it can still detect ezlink card/net flash pay. I have checked my Cashcard using a top up machine and I was able to read the balance so I assumed the Cashcard is working fine. Now I am still able to enter my season parking and able to pay for parking using ezlink card. Anyone encountered this before? I am contemplating to change the IU a not as next year, the new IU will be introduced. I don't wanna waste time going to LTA. On the other hand, as my job requires me to run around Singapore and I know some car park only accepts the old school chip cashcard. Zzz. Uploaded a video to show what I mean.
  10. StreetFight3r

    Time to report errant PMD riders!

    Download MyTransport.SG App if u havent already done so. New feature allows you to report PMD riders to the authorities. Launched date 31 July. Users can upload an image or video of the offending device and send it to LTA with information such as the time, date, and location of the incident. You will also need to indicate if the incident is an accident or an Active Mobility violation. The form also asks for the errant device’s identification number, but of course if it was moving too quickly for you to memorise it or even notice or locate it, you don’t have to key it in — it isn’t a required field. You will also need to provide your name, contact number, and email address in filing the report. Aside from identifying errant users, these reports will facilitate LTA’s enforcement efforts on the ground by identifying PMD violation hotspots, said Senior Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Transport Baey Yam Keng. See more from here https://mothership.sg/2019/07/report-pmd-riders/
  11. SINGAPORE: Several measures will be put in place to reduce vehicular speed and improve pedestrian safety at the roundabout in Marine Parade where a fatal accident took place in March. Announcing the measures on Monday (May 20), the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said it will implement tighter turning angles that lower motorists' speeds before entering the roundabout. "To slow down motorists as they turn into Silversea condominium, the turning radius will also be tightened," LTA added. SINGAPORE: Several measures will be put in place to reduce vehicular speed and improve pedestrian safety at the roundabout in Marine Parade where a fatal accident took place in March. Announcing the measures on Monday (May 20), the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said it will implement tighter turning angles that lower motorists' speeds before entering the roundabout. "To slow down motorists as they turn into Silversea condominium, the turning radius will also be tightened," LTA added. The crossing point for pedestrians will be moved to allow them to cross further away from the main flow of traffic at the roundabout, said LTA. These measures are in addition to the road warning signs and speed regulating strips announced in the wake of the accident, which killed an 82-year-old pedestrian. Residents of Marine Parade had called for more safety measures, saying they have seen motorists drive dangerously at the roundabout, and that the pavement on the perimeter of the roundabout is too narrow. The two-lane roundabout has three exits that lead to Marine Parade Road, Amber Road and the Silversea condominium. According to residents, the roundabout is heavily used by drivers to get to the city via Mountbatten Road or towards Parkway Parade on Marine Parade Road. never thought of this road as dangerous in particular. in fact i treat all roundabouts in sg as dangerous becuz we dun use it often enough to be very familiar with how a roundabout works. if want to compare which more dangerous im looking at newton circus. u see cars doing last min exits from inner lanes etc.... drivers not familiar with roundabouts, jus go slower, signal ur intentions, check b4 u exit. if its not safe to exit, just go another round. its a roundabout u can go on and on and on w/o obstructing anyone.
  12. This caught my attention. I prefer a lighter wallet. If I can pay for my MRT rides using my credit card, even better. So this caught my attention. LTA starting a pilot. There are a few steps to follow, and the website brings you through. Basically you have to register and link to your Mastercard. After I did everything and set up, decided to try out. It works! Here is a video of my experience. Overall very smooth but a few points to take note. 1. Mastercard, not VISA. Mine is UOB, but all other Singapore issued Mastercards should work. 2. The MRT gate says 'Bank Card Usage' when you enter and exit. The gate doesn't show you how much was the cost of the ride. 3. You have to check your portal to see what was incurred, and it may take up to 3 days for the charges to be reflected. Overall, easy to use and I will be using my Mastercard to pay for my MRT and Bus rides from now on.
  13. ... if you prefer to receive hardcopy correspondence (road tax renewal, etc). Can do the change at www.onemoroting.com.sg under View Profile > Update Owner Particulars.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTXdDSNjv48 https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2019/05/08/darker-rear-windows-now-an-option/ https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2019/05/11/police-accept-governments-decision-on-new-tint-ruling/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnSuioVSdwA This Malaysian car reviewer explained it logically. I wonder if these jiuhu vehicles were to come across here to SG. So how would our LTA response to this?
  15. With this sort of article coming out (unlike in 2009), prob some shit gonna happen courtesy of Gahmen. Better beware. https://www.reddit.com/r/singapore/comments/aswgqw/record_number_of_motorists_keeping_car_beyond_10/
  16. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/courts-crime/4-drivers-convicted-of-providing-illegal-chauffeured-services-using Huat ah!!! SINGAPORE - Four drivers have been fined for providing illegal chauffeured services using unlicensed vehicles, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said in a statement on Wednesday (Feb 13). The drivers have each been convicted of using a vehicle as an unlicensed public service vehicle, and driving a vehicle without valid insurance. They were each fined a total of $1,400 and disqualifed from driving all classes of vehicles for 12 months. LTA said that three of the four vehicles used were forfeited in 2018, while the decision over the fourth vehicle is still pending. All four vehicles were foreign-registered vehicles. In all four cases, investigations revealed that the drivers had ferried passengers from Singapore to Johor Bahru for an agreed fare without a Public Service Vehicle Licence (PSVL). In 2018, LTA caught 13 drivers using unlicensed foreign-registered vehicles to provide chauffeured services. Enforcement operations were conducted at visitor hot spots such as Changi Airport, HarbourFront Centre and East Coast Seafood Centre, LTA said. Deterrence operations were also conducted at these locations through the uniformed presence of LTA enforcement officers. LTA urged members of the public against engaging chauffeured services provided by persons using unlicensed vehicles, as these vehicles might not be sufficiently insured against third-party liabilities. Passengers may not be entitled to insurance recourse if they are involved in a traffic accident while travelling in such vehicles, the authority added. LTA group director of traffic and road operations Chandrasekar Palanisamy said: "Our enforcement officers have cracked down on these unlicensed public service vehicles to protect our commuters and our drivers." "We work closely with various agencies to obtain the information and investigate these incidents," he added. "LTA views these infringements seriously, and we are committed to taking severe action against offenders." Under the Road Traffic Act, all vehicles, including foreign-registered ones, are not allowed to provide taxi or chauffeured services in Singapore without a valid PSVL. Any person caught using a vehicle that is not issued with a valid PSVL to provide taxi or chauffeured services shall be prosecuted, LTA said. Those convicted face a fine of up to $3,000, or a jail term not exceeding six months, or both. The vehicle used may also be forfeited.
  17. MENU Singapore 70km/h speed limit for eight-seater passenger cars removed; LTA trials revised speed limit for mobile cranes By CYNTHIA CHOO Eight-seater passenger cars will be required to observe the same road speed limits as other passenger cars. Land Transport Authority/Facebook Eight-seater passenger cars will be required to observe the same road speed limits as other passenger cars. Published29 JANUARY, 2019 UPDATED 29 JANUARY, 2019 70 Shares SINGAPORE — The Land Transport Authority (LTA) will remove the speed limit for eight-seater passenger cars from Feb 1, given “advancements in vehicle safety standards”, it said on Tuesday (Jan 29). Currently, eight-seater passenger cars are subject to a vehicle speed limit of 70km/h, whereas other smaller passenger cars do not have vehicle speed limits. ADVERTISING inRead invented by Teads From next month, eight-seater passenger cars will be required to observe the same road speed limits as other passenger cars. “This is in line with the practice in other countries,” said the LTA. ADVERTISEMENT LTA will also begin a six-month trial during which the speed limit for mobile cranes with a laden weight exceeding 24,000kg will be increased from 20km/h to 40km/h. Currently, mobile cranes with a laden weight of up to 24,000kg have a vehicle speed limit of 40km/h, while mobile cranes with a laden weight of more than 24,000kg have a vehicle speed limit of 20km/h. LTA has received feedback from the industry that the speed limit of 20km/h is too low, resulting in longer travelling time on the road, which may cause driver fatigue. In view of industry feedback, LTA will commence a trial on Feb 1 to increase vehicle speed limits for mobile cranes with laden weights exceeding 24,000kg from 20km/h to 40km/h. “This decision takes into account improvements in vehicle technology and design that allow mobile cranes to travel safely at higher speeds, and is also in line with practice in other countries such as Australia, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom,” said the authority. In Australia, the maximum speed limit for such vehicles is 40 to 50km/h. In the United Kingdom, it is 48km/h, and 70km/h in Hong Kong. During the trial, all mobile cranes will be required to adhere to the road speed limit or the vehicle speed limit of 40km/h, whichever is lower. Mr Jimmy Chua, the chairman of the Singapore Cranes Association (SCA), welcomed the trial. “These drivers also have to operate the cranes at the worksite and a slow travelling speed across a long distance may result in driving fatigue and workplace accidents,”
  18. Friend shared with me. Quite fun for those interested. 1544433287345_Car_Prefix.pdf
  19. Mockngbrd

    LTA come for phv liao

    https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/lta-to-streamline-rules-governing-taxis-private-hire-cars SINGAPORE - A long-awaited move to impose tighter regulations on private-hire operators is finally on the way. The Land Transport Authority said on Thursday (Jan 24) that it is proposing to license all street-hail and ride-hail operators, "as they provide the same fundamental service of transporting commuters from point to point". This is a stark change from the time when these newcomers arrived six years ago, when the authority viewed them as "tech companies" and not transport providers. The LTA said on Thursday that regulations will also cover companies which provide pre-booked chauffeured services. Observers expect changes to harmonise regulations governing taxis and private-hire players. The LTA noted that the change will be "different from today's regulatory framework, where one set of regulations apply to taxi operators which provide both street-hail and ride-hail services, and there are no uniform regulations that apply to operators that purely provide ride-hail services". It said a new regulatory framework "will replace the existing Taxi Service Operator Licence and Third Party Booking Registration Certificate". The LTA is also looking at ways to improve safety, but gave no details on how it intends to do this. Preliminary statistics from motor insurers indicate road accident rates have crept up since the arrival of private-hire firms. On the commercial side, the new regulatory framework will allow drivers freedom to drive for whomever they wish. The framework will "allow LTA to prohibit all operators from having driver exclusivity arrangements", the authority added. The Straits Times understands the Public Transport Council will eventually see that both taxi and private-hire companies adhere to the new regulations. When asked, the PTC said it was more appropriate for the LTA to reply. An LTA spokesman would not comment, merely saying "more details on the review will be made available when ready". The LTA is seeking public feedback on the proposed changes. Those who wish to have their say can do so via http://bit.ly/PCDP2P, or e-mail jiaksai@lta.gov.sg by Feb 21.
  20. SINGAPORE - A stretch of yellow-barreled rails over 20m in length was recently installed along the road shoulder of the slip road leading to the start of the Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) towards Woodlands. The rails resemble the rolling barrier system, a road safety feature, seen in several countries including Malaysia, Australia and the United States. Singapore Road Safety Council chairman Bernard Tay told The Straits Times the new guardrails are better at absorbing the impact from a vehicle crash. "It behaves like a shock absorber," said Mr Tay. "Unlike conventional metal barriers, this system absorbs the (crash) impact and deflects it, making it safer for the driver and reduces the likelihood of a vehicle crashing through the barrier." ST understands the system is new here. It is being tested by the Land Transport Authority which will soon be giving details about it. A close inspection of the "barrels" with reflective markers reveal they were manufactured by a South Korean company called Evolution in Traffic Innovation (ETI) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXVUAR5kjOA So how does the rolling barrier system work? When a vehicle hits the guardrail, the rotating barrels convert the shockwaves to rotational energy. The railway-type rails in the system also absorb the shockwaves while simultaneously guiding the accident vehicle away from the impact zone. In theory, this helps prevent unwanted rear-end collisions. The size and speed of a vehicle may affect the performance of the safety barrier. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdPmlriLSkQ The latest road safety technology, however, does not come cheap. The cost of installing 1m of the Roller System is reported to range between US$300 (S$414) and US$400 (S$553). But the cost of maintaining the guardrails apparently will be low as only damaged parts need to be replaced following a crash. In Mr Tay's view, the price is a small one to pay. "It's a good thing that LTA is making an effort to put in new innovation," he said. "Hopefully it (the rolling barrier system) saves more lives and reduces the injury to motorists."
  21. On a private car, this would count as an illegal modification. OK for taxis coz LTA gets a fee for the ad?
  22. 1.5million per km of walkway. That's just... WOW. SINGAPORE: When it poured, some Fajar Secondary School students were late for school while waiting out the rain at void decks or at bus stops. Others turned up at school soaking wet, having run the distance that's not covered by sheltered walkways. But since sheltered walkways leading to the school gate were built this year, the school in Bukit Panjang has seen more students turning up on time on rainy days, said its vice principal. The walkways are part of 200km worth of sheltered walkways that have been built in the past five years under the Land Transport Authority's (LTA) Walk2Ride programme. LTA announced on Saturday (Sep 15) that a milestone in the programme has been completed, at a cost of S$300 million. "Where feasible, walkways have been built to schools, healthcare facilities and other public amenities within a 400-metre radius of MRT stations, and within a 200-metre radius of bus interchanges, LRT stations and selected bus stops with high commuter volumes," said LTA. Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/sheltered-walkways-lta-completes-construction-10724514
  23. Recently booked a new ride, it took several times (2 months) before the Euro 6 emission test passes. Now the next step is "Batch Vehicle Approval" test. Anyone can advise what is this? Cheers!
  24. i am doing transfer of name from my uncle to myself. for section C of the form (particulars of submitter), details of submitter should it be me or the vehicle owner? must the current owner be present at the point of making transfer? or can just bring his NRIC?
  25. Wondered who decided that it's fun to have lanes merged and unmerged a few times on a straight road. Stupidity at its best.