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Found 35 results

  1. Master Key Automotive Key Specialist, our collective vision is to revolutionize the key duplication industry by providing unsurpassed key duplication services. Managed by Winson Chai, Master Key Automotive Key Specialist specializes in key cutting business, particularly in automotive keys ranging from transponder key programming, duplication and related vehicle security products. What We Do Best: · Car Alarm System · Central Locking System · All kinds of services related to automotive key cutting and duplication Our Experience: · More than 15 years in the key cutting industry Our Services: • Duplicate normal house keys • Duplicate Licensed Disney house keys • Duplicate dimple house keys • Duplicate flat car keys • Duplicate high security car keys • Duplicate rectangular keys • Duplicate cruxiform keys • Duplicate bit keys • Duplicate abloy keys • Duplicate original car remote-keys • Duplicate transponder car keys • Duplicate aftermarket car remotes • Convert car remote-key to Flip keys • Duplicate house auto gate remotes • Duplicate contactless door access cards • Repair car remote buttons • Replace broken remote-key shells • Replace car remote batteries • Make Key for All Key Lost • Repair Car Door Locks & Central Locking System • Re-program Car Key (When owner key lost, prevent stolen key being used) • Open Car Door • Install Car Security Alarm System Contact Winson @ 8101 7898. Would appreciate if you give me a call or SMS/Whatsapp instead for faster response! Website: http://soxximaster.com/where-we-are/singapore/yishun
  2. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/two-new-mrt-stations-for-north-south-line-by-mid-2030s-potential-new-rail-line Why government hate the west so much? I really thought the next line will be serving the west to city.
  3. Aaronlkl

    Fengshui Master

    HI, as i'll be collecting key for my new flat, i'll like to consult a fengshui master before moving in. Any good recomendations?
  4. hi bros.. Will be shifting hse shortly and need some fengshui advise on the reno, furnishing direction etc. so thought of engaging master for advise. prefer with good service(advise) at reasonable pricing range. Anyone got experience using one? can recom the contact? Thanks.
  5. As above, anyone? xie xie
  6. Google Maps now lets you find and catch wild Pokémon April Fools’ Day has already arrived in Japan and as expected, Google has a deluge of jokes and Easter eggs to check out online. You can check out our constantly-updating list here. One of our early favorites is the new Pokémon Challenge for Google Maps which, at long last, lets anyone with a smartphone or tablet earn the all-important title of Pokémon Master. From an iOS or Android device, you simply need to launch the Google Maps app and tap the ‘Search’ option at the top of the screen. You’ll see a new ‘Press Start’ option and a blue Pokéball icon, signalling the classic quest that awaits every aspiring Pokémon trainer. In our quick playtest, Google bounced us across to the Pokémon Lab, suitably located at the CERN research facility in Switzerland. As you swipe around the map, you’ll see colorful sprites for individual Pokémon, which you can then catch and add to your Pokédex for safekeeping. There are some nice throwbacks to the original games too; the Pokédex has full artwork for each monster and when you tap on a Pokémon the classic phrase ‘a wild Pokémon appears’ is displayed prominently at the bottom of the screen. Here's a video
  7. very very impressed
  8. VellfireS

    Feng Shui Master Warning

    STOMPer Rich says he met with a Fengshui master from overseas who told him that Singapore will experience severe storms between Nov 2 and Nov 17 this year, because we have disrupted our 'Dragon Venture' luck by constantly digging. The STOMPer wrote: "Are we digging our own graves? "Recently I met a master from overseas. Her predictions made me wonder whether our rapid development is going to cause the death of us all eventually. "OMG, we are digging our own graves! Hey, is there really a need to dig up the whole of Singapore? Well, I drive, so perhaps public transport has no consequence to my living standard. "Let me explain why. My understanding from her is that construction of MRT tracks by digging various underground tunnels had severely damaged the 'Dragon Venture' (龙 脉) of Singapore. "Remember all the deaths that happen in Bedok Reservior? It continued even after the elaborate rituals. "Digging and digging is also in sequence with recent Bedok Reservoir
  9. Epic self pwn. Master Hui Jie (centre) is applying for an injunction to stop his mistress Ms Lim Sor Bee (right) from selling two properties under her name. She claims that their relationship soured after he started seeing a model (left). One of Singapore's most well-known geomancers is embroiled in a court battle with his mistress of 23 years over two properties worth more than $2.5 million. Better known as Master Hui Jie, Goh Chuen Meng, 47, of Hui Master International Geomancy is trying to prevent Ms Lim Sor Bee, 41, from selling a condominium unit he claims to own. Shin Min Daily News reported that the fengshui master claimed that Ms Lim, who is also the director of his geomancy company, was also trying to sell a Telok Kurau condominium unit he owned. Both properties are registered under Ms Lim's name. He also claims that he had paid for the properties but registered them under Ms Lim's name, after she suggested that he do so to avoid having to include the properties among matrimonial assets to be split in case he has a divorce with his wife. Ms Lim, however, claims that she had forked out $760,000 for the condominium unit in 2007, and $1.98 million for the terraced house in 2010. She also claims that Mr Goh had willingly helped to pay for part of the properties as "love gifts" to her to provide security for her future. Married since 1988, Mr Goh reportedly started an affair with Ms Lim, who was his personal assistant, a year after he got married. He and his Thai wife have a son and a daughter together. He also told the court that he had initially wanted a divorce but changed his mind after his wife got pregnant.
  10. AFV_V200

    Any good Feng Shui Master?

    Anyone to share any good contact? please not those atas type. cant stand them. Feng Shui for house. Thank you very much.
  11. Tom_kkh

    Dog eat master!

    one owner left his 7 dogs for 16 days without food and went back to his hometown. when he went back to his home in batam, his dogs attacked him and ate him! it was only discover after the neighbor found him dead in his own yard. 2 dogs bone was also found in the yard. it was suspected that the dogs was so hungry they killed the other 2 dogs for meals. therefore he was eaten by his 5 Dachshunds.......
  12. Any bros and sisters here know the exact location to this master? Best with GPS coordinations please. Their website home page provided the address cannot find on Google map.....haiz. http://www.kohlengleng.net/contact.html
  13. hi all, as per above.. anyone who has good contacts in Philippines or capable of develop Philippines market as a master franchise? exclusive rights will be licenced for 10yrs. retail ladies brand with good margin. must know what Philippines market is all about. thanks.
  14. I thought all the remote control keys are unique, no?? When I request for extra keys, they car agents always tell me that they need send the request to HQ and duplicate the keys in their car factory. --------------- AsiaOne Tue, Jun 28, 2011 SINGAPORE - Police from Central Police Division yesterday arrested a 38-year-old man for allegedly stealing about $330 worth of cash cards and valuables from vehicles in the vicinity of Beach Road. It is believed he used a master key to unlock at least three cars at an open-air car park. He stole cash cards amounting to $150, a GPS also valued at $150 and $30 worth of parking coupons. The suspect was arrested at 3pm at Pending Road. He will be charged in court on Wednesday, June 29 for theft. If convicted he could face a maximum sentence of three years jail or with fine or both. dassa@sph.com.sg
  15. Grindcore888

    Master Stroke or Death Wish

    http://sg.news.yahoo.com/blogs/singaporesc...-190858639.html NSP's Nicole Seah apologises for MM Lee's comment. (Yahoo! photo/Fann Sim) National Solidarity Party (NSP) candidate Nicole Seah delivered a surprise apology to the Singapore Muslim community when she apologised for the comments made by Minister Mentor (MM) Lee Kuan Yew in his book, Hard Truths to Keep Singapore Going. In her rally speech to an estimated crowd of 15,000 at Mountbatten on Monday evening, the 24-year-old said, "On behalf of the Chinese Singaporeans, I would like to apologise to the Muslim community for the comments that MM Lee made." In his recently published book, MM Lee suggested that Singaporean Muslims should be less strict in their Islamic observances in order to integrate better into the society. However, he later issued a statement and said that he stands corrected on how well-integrated Malay-Muslims are in Singapore. Seah, who is part of the NSP team contesting in Marine Parade GRC, also addressed the crowd in Bahasa Melayu, touching on the concerns of the Malays. "I would like you to know that my hopes are for us to progress as one Singaporean regardless of race or religion. I would like to build a community where no one gets left behind." Seah's words had one of her Facebook followers, Alfian Sa'at, posting a thank you note on her page. He wrote: "As Malay voter, I wanted to thank you for apologising for MM's remarks although it's not something you have to do. I keep telling my Malay friends that throughout Parliamentary history, the ones who really spoke up for the Malay minority were opposition MPs such as Chiam See Tong." Seah also touched on the general anger at foreigners in Singapore, saying it may have been "misdirected". She said that the influx of foreigners should not be blamed for Singaporeans' stagnant wages, packed MRT trains and ballooning housing prices. "No my friends, the real target of our anger is the PAP government," she said, to a thunderous round of applause. Seah criticised the government's policies for allowing foreigners into Singapore which led to a variety of problems. The advertising executive also shared the policies she champion when elected. She intends to review industries on a case-by-case basis and will continue to allow work permits for foreigners in industries that are unpopular among Singaporeans. She also plans to review the foreign worker levy to encourage businesses to hire Singaporeans. On a lighter note in her speech, Seah joked that supporters in orange were forbidden from using the toilets at the nearby Mountbatten Community Club. Taking a jibe at the People's Action Party, she said, "I wonder if it was a PAP rally, would they have let us in." However, there was some drama near the rally when a car with an NSP flag was found vandalised with white paint. Photos of the car has gone viral, with netizens speculating that the culprit could have been supporters from the "other" party. A car parked near the NSP rally was vandalised with a dent on the car door and white paint spilled on it. (Photo: Hardwarezone) A car parked near the NSP rally was vandalised with a dent on the car door and white paint spilled on it. (Photo:
  16. WTG Valve Master Engine Addictive (about 3x48 bottles) Min. 12~24 bottles each. Priority given if you can take all or more than 24 bottles each time. (I was using this with Starlet 2E engine which has been sold). Previously a starlet brother here reserved all the bottles but never picked up after 3 months...so I'm putting out the ad again Previous thread: http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showto...2642702&hl= Pls PM me if interested. Self collect in Clementi Ave 6. Have a safe & merry Christmas to all!
  17. Cklasse

    Recommend good Feng Sui master

    Anyone has recommendation for fengsui master for home?
  18. Ahtong

    Be her master for $60k

    Anybody wants to "own" this auntie? ================== Be her master for over $60,000 She said she was willing to "follow" anyone who could help settled her debt. -The Daily Chilli/ANN Tue, Dec 08, 2009 The Daily Chilli A 50-YEAR-OLD woman is "selling" herself for RM150,000 (S$61,441). The woman, a Malaysian living in Singapore, said she was willing to "follow" anyone who could help settled her debt of over S$60,000. She said she could be an employee, nurse, live-in friend, maid or wife for the "new master". "I am looking for one who speaks Mandarin, 50 years old and above and has no bad habits. "You can buy and bring me home for as long as you like. I will protect and take care of my master, sing songs and tell stories to cheer him up,'' said the divorcee with two daughters. She had recently handed over a two-page letter to the media, hoping they would help her find the "buyer", reported Nanyang Siang Pau. The woman, who declined to be named, said she got married at the age of 17. "He used to assault me. I could not stand the abuse but I kept quiet for the sake of my daughters. "After the girls had grown up, I decided to divorce him,'' she claimed. The woman said she then ran to Singapore to escape the constant harassment from her former husband. Four years ago, she invested in a coffee shop with a few friends in the republic. She said the business suffered losses during the economic crisis last year and she was forced to borrow money to save the business but failed to rescue it. Now, the woman is more than S$60,000 in debt. Most of the money is owed to her relatives, friends and suppliers. "By every end of the month, I will received over 10 telephone calls demanding me to pay back the debt. "I do not even have money to pay for the room I am renting now. I have no choice but to offer myself,'' she said. The woman said her daughters, who live in Malaysia, did not know about her problem. The woman showing the two-page letter she gave to the press. "They are married and have their own burdens. "There is no way that they can fork out this big sum of money for me,'' she said. -The Daily Chilli/Asia News Network
  19. Happy Birthday Master Zhang Wu Ji.
  20. Hi, Going full ice for my car now. Wanna ask the masters here if you guys have any nice, quiet & comfort tyres to recommend. i am on a 195/60/15 Aspect DB right now. Thanks
  21. Rickster

    LTA's ERP Master Plan 2015

    [inline pic1.jpg] Motorists will have to dig deep into those pockets from July 7-2008. Five new gantries, forming a cordon along the Singapore River Line, will go live to regulate the evening traffic flow from 6 pm to 8 pm, bringing the total number of gantries to 65. [/color] 2010 ERP layout plan [inline pic2.jpg] 5 years later in 2015.... [inline pic3.jpg]