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  1. Aaronlkl

    Subaru gives WRX S4 new range-topping variant

    CVT on a performance vehicle is a big No No!
  2. Aaronlkl

    2015 Subaru WRX

    $14.5k depre for WRX $16.1k depre for STI Who would in the right mind pay such premium for a 'bang for buck' performance car?
  3. Aiya.. i used to it already la.. i got SIA near $12. Its only $9+ today!
  4. Honestly I know nothing abt cao.. Heng I didn't commit.
  5. Went on Singapore's National Day last month. Won a bit nia.
  6. cao? Whats that bro? 100k is a lot to me. I wanna 钱生钱 but I guess kena back fire liao...
  7. SGX-Buy 10000 SHARES OF CHINA AVIATION (G92) ABV 1.57 WITH THE SL OF 1.53 TP 1.62. Msg from my stock advisor.. Dun whether to follow...
  8. Just received all their dividends these few days. Hope to see a rebound soon.
  9. Win also win big. That's the total paper lost for the 4 counters added together.
  10. Aaronlkl

    NDP Rally - did it hit the right note?

    Source: Kuanyewism
  11. 1st round profit $4k nia. Now 2nd round 'su lui' liao… I feel most property counters in Sg going for a free fall.. Damn sian! I'm holding 4 counters seeing red now! Very heavy lost ah!