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  1. Sofarsogood

    Lexus specialised workshop

    Anyone tried them before: http://www.lexustuning.com.sg
  2. Sofarsogood


    Anyone driving a soft-top/Boxster now in Singapore, and care to comment if it makes sense at all in this climate? I am just thinking the soft-top prone to mechanism failure, or worse, vandalism??
  3. Sofarsogood

    Lexus Owners (To share driving experience and advise)

    Seems like you have driven it hard already. Is yours the executive version? How much did you get it at? I don't like the start-stop function, although manufacturer said that it can withstand thousands and thousands times of this. There should be a way to permanently disable this?
  4. Sofarsogood

    Lexus Owners (To share driving experience and advise)

    Anyone has comments on the IS200T? I took one out for the test drive and the throttle response was pretty good. Interior/styling expectedly good.
  5. Sofarsogood

    Is this allowed?

    C'mon lah. Don't bao toh him lah. Like some comments here, most likely waiting for activation, or just booked out, or waiting to book in afterwards.
  6. Sofarsogood

    KDK fans do bring back lots of memories...

    What amazes me is that KDK fans are not noisy - if you look at those old KDK fans in kopitiams, hawker centres, hardly a sound. And I bet they run almost 24x7.
  7. He has good driving skills. Found this from his FB album.
  8. Sofarsogood

    Average Speed Cameras Being Installed

    I've driven past them. Even though they are mounted on the stretch towards ECP, I think they can record both directions judging by the angle.
  9. Sofarsogood

    CTE exit/entrance that was never used

    It looked narrow for a car to drive through. Maybe an evacuation path?
  10. Sofarsogood

    Recommended place to get good Sofa?

    Try Cheers sofa: https://www.facebook.com/CHEERS.Sofa My friend intro me. After she told me it was MIC, I was skeptical about the quality, but having tried out the sofa, I was amazed. I got an electric recliner 3-seater display set in the end.
  11. Sofarsogood

    THINKWARE / INAVI Users, Come In

    Hello ZMC I have trouble installing the latest firmware on my PC. Do you have an email address so I can send you the screenshot. Thanks.
  12. Sofarsogood

    Malaysia : Drive to Kuantan/Trengganu

    Anyone wanna tag along trip to Hyatt from 23 rd to 25th June?
  13. Sofarsogood

    Rattling IU reader

    Thanks everyone. The holder most likely the cause. I'll take up the ideas here.
  14. Sofarsogood

    Rattling IU reader

    Any VICOM office? Or the HQ at Sin Ming only?
  15. Sofarsogood

    Rattling IU reader

    Hello, Any solution to a rattling IU reader while driving? Cannot take the noise.