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  1. Pisces69

    I did something bad and stupid today

    Or he just bought the car so dun mind driving all over the place to enjoy his "New" car?
  2. Pisces69

    Used Car Dealers Feedback (Part 2)!

    I heard some pple who do that n get caught wil go to jail. Or is that a different kind of skirt?
  3. Pisces69

    I did something bad and stupid today

    Although what u did was not very smart but I think its already over n no point u keep worrying n having sleepless nights over it. I have similar stuff once in awhile in stressful Spore. Just let it pass n try to b more careful next time. Lesson learnt I hope?
  4. Pisces69

    Fire safety manager (FSM)

    Things move very fast nowadays. If u take the Cert now by the time u wan to look for a related job......It might already n irrelevant. By then a new cert wil b required n u wud have wasted yr time. Maybe no more need for a FSM. All automated n computer controlled n direct connection to Fire Station or Monitoring Station. Only once a year Civil Defence come for inspection to see if all codes in order or they conduct surprise inspection n heavy fine if rules were found broken?
  5. Pisces69

    Used Car Dealers Feedback (Part 2)!

    Thats why when I buy a 2nd hand car....I wil use my observations n judgement to "estimate" the actual mileage by the condition of various things I can see n "feel" while I do the test drive. Mileage shown I dun trust. Especially on older cars. Anyway. I think a well maintained n looked after high mileage car is better than a badly looked after car with a low mileage. Some low mileage cars r being sold cos they had a serious accident.
  6. Pisces69

    Man jailed 7 years for sex with underage girl

    For small dinghy n small boat the toilet is over the side into the sea. If got ger then must fish around shore areas n if she need toilet..... we proceed to nearest restaurant/makan stall by the sea with old fashioned toilet. Recently I went to Western Anchorage(Jurong area) to fish n the local small boat had a toilet. But catch was lousy. Only a few 1-2 KG groupers n a couple of small <1Kg fish. Cost abt $70 per pax (10 to a boat). I doubt I wil go again. Wasted my time.
  7. Pisces69

    Used Car Dealers Feedback (Part 2)!

    If age is catching up n tummy too big.......can use a mirror n torchlight to look.
  8. Ya the smell quite strong. I also cannot tahan. I wil spray n quickly lock up n by next day the smell not so bad. I just drive with windows open for awhile then can close windows n ON AC already. The the AC wil have a nice plesant scent for quite sometime. But Now I read this..........I never do this year. Too lazy. Abt time I disinfect my car AC again.
  9. Pisces69

    MCF Best Member of the Week and Month

    OK I done my part. If I remember.....Tomorrow I praise u again.
  10. Pisces69

    MCF Best Member of the Week and Month

    How come u so smart. I had to stand on my head to see properly.
  11. Pisces69

    Friday Poser

    Cos ang mo country very cold. Wait catch a chill.
  12. Pisces69

    Friday Poser

    Wah.....U also into cartoons. But I think yours more to my liking.
  13. Pisces69

    Friday Poser

    Can I suggest Dr. Winslow? He has helped many already.
  14. Pisces69

    Friday Poser

    Honestly. I stopped watching cartoons like many many moons ago.
  15. Pisces69

    Friday Poser

    Yes. Is that why I hear they watch a lot of cartoons at IMH?