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  1. Jtb

    Being a Mother or Having a Mother

  2. Jtb

    Weird thing happened to me-Need feedback

    there is nothing wrong, is like trying to take some sample photos of this and that...
  3. Jtb

    AC Issues

    fresh or circulation mode
  4. Jtb

    Electric Toothbrush

    beside flossing, one must always scrape the tongue thoroughly to remove all layers of the day element especially even the sides of it. A plastic scraper will be good if not the normal fine bristle toothbrush may helps. Mouth cleanliness depends very much on the tongue and flossing. You will feel the freshness in the morning!!!!
  5. Jtb

    Suggestions for aircon for 4-room HDB flat

  6. Jtb

    View blocked by plants . . . What to do?

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=sg.gov.mnd.OneService&hl=en_SG use this with photos and location, they will know how to arrow
  7. Jtb

    Mercedes Owners Thread

    from your description every new battery that is replaced is drain-off instantly by a heavy load resistant, it could be a module that is ccted to a floating grd that does not charge the battery when vehicle is moving, so when car is stopped the charge is not there and slowly deteriorating every new battery. Locally, certain parts of the vehicle may not be able to open up here for troubleshooting as I may think some ongoing advises to n fro with the counterpart performing the test. Thought warranty will help to keep the car running in the best condition while having a sound financial protection trough the year.
  8. Jtb

    Electrician lobang?

    yes most are 30mA, coincidentally mine was 15mA as discovered and kept tripping very times and decided to call in for a solution.
  9. Jtb

    Electrician lobang?

    I would think the rating on the elcb is 15mA and it is too sensitive to be tripped easily on any thunderstorm. Check with your town council for advice maybe to increase to 30mA which is also recommended only if the electrician confirms is safe. Top floor usually has the tripping problem as the earth cct at times is just directly above your ceiling roofing. Testing the elcb once a month is a good way to make sure it is working just in case any fault occurs.
  10. https://www.mindef.gov.sg/oms/imindef/mindef_websites/topics/nexus/what_we_have/connexionsg/2016/SGLifestyle/8thingsyourCMPBnotificationletterdidnttellyou.html
  11. Jtb

    Chemotherapy experience at NCC

    just for sharing https://lifestreamgroup.com/brm360.html?search=brm360 https://www.gnc.com.sg/lac-masquelier-sr-french-pine-bark-extract-50-vegitabs.html
  12. Jtb

    Tuners for piano

    my last tuning years ago was $75
  13. Jtb

    Tuners for piano

    93887906 Lim
  14. Jtb

    Foam mattress

  15. Jtb

    Home fires more often now due to PMDs?

    made from 100% glass fabric and is a one time usage https://www.thenbs.com/PublicationIndex/documents/details?Pub=BSI&DocID=99056