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Found 8 results

  1. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/government-to-conduct-trial-of-mobile-app-for-parking-charges-8848624 Government to conduct trial of mobile app for parking charges File photo of a carpark in Singapore (Photo: Francine Lim) 15 May 2017 04:51PM(Updated: 15 May 2017 05:10PM) Share this content SINGAPORE: The Government will be conducting a trial of a mobile application that will allow motorists to pay for their parking charges using their mobile devices. For a start, the app will be tested among public sector officers in May and June, at selected public car parks in the city area that still require paper coupons, announced the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), the Housing and Development Board (HDB) and the Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech) in a joint news release on Monday (May 15). The car parks include those in Amoy Street, Circular Road, Emerald Hill Road and Duxton Road. "The mobile app will provide more convenience for motorists as they need not return to their vehicles to add more coupons to extend their parking session," said the agencies. All motorists have to do is key their vehicle number into the app, select the car park, indicate their parking duration and start parking. According to the agencies, the app automatically calculates the charges that motorists have to pay based on their parking duration on a per minute basis. A refund will be given if they choose to leave the carpark earlier than the duration that was keyed in. Likewise, motorists can extend the duration of their parking session without having to return to the vehicle. Among the issues authorities said they will be testing is the payment module, "to be confident of its robustness before we extend the trial to the general public." They added that the plan is to extend the trial to members of the public later this year. Source: CNA/am
  2. Thanks to YSL's ballessness and MIW's excessive gloating earlier this year, WP took drastic actions which set the bar very high. Now MIW have to fall on their own sword. To prevent future circuses and waste of taxpayer monies on BE, I think politicians should have a gentlemen's "Code of Conduct". By Code of Conduct, I don't mean a set of standards to govern their morals. Rather, I am talking about a list of personal lapse of judgement that will not be politicized. So for example if the media reports that yet another MP is having an affair, just have the guy explain the situation for transparancy and then carry on with business. Honestly speaking, adultery is a highly personal and complex issue that in itself is not a sackable offence. Bill Clinton was a tiko and a good President. If we are going to demand exceptionally high moral standards from office bearers, we are going to have BE every other year, and I think it is a waste of time that only excites internet trolls. Opinions?
  3. dear guys, asking on behalf of friend. she got a fit, 2006 model, having problems with ignition coil. was told to replace all 4 rear ignition coils. due to budget constraints. would like to just replace the faulty one, any recommendations to how about doing this
  4. His COC (Codes Of Conduct) is finally made public after miw's 50 years rule. What can we conclude other than hoping his AmPees will actually follow the codes? Q1:- Does this mean there wasnt such a Code for the past 50 years? (judging by the behaviours of not just a few past / existing AmPees) Q2:- Or there was such a Code but nobody within miw, including the PMs who have ruled the country, bothered to check and enforce them? It does not take a top-brain to recognise that the things listed in the code should, for a start, be a given in any democratic society. What's gone wrong in the past 50 years?? That said, its still better late than never. Unfortunately it took 39% of the votes to wake them up on 7th May. Use your vote wisely and powerfully in 2016.
  5. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1130284/1/.html SINGAPORE: Member of Parliament (MP) for Mountbatten Lim Biow Chuan has conducted his own spot checks to verify complaints of irregular bus services in Mountbatten. According to Mr Lim's Facebook page, the checks were conducted on Monday and Thursday at two separate bus stops during the morning peak hour, between 8am and 9am. Mr Lim was accompanied by an officer from the Land Transport Authority during both checks. The first check was made at Jalan Batu, near the HDB estate at Tanjong Rhu while the second was at the bus stop at Block 56, Cassia Crescent. Mr Lim told Channel NewsAsia he was "horrified" that three bus services -- 158, 12 and 197 -- took half an hour to arrive, and said he has written to the Public Transport Council. He said by doing so, he hopes to influence the public transport operators to improve their service, and to stress the need for regular services. "I know how bus companies work," Mr Lim said. "They say there are traffic jams, breakdowns etc. I do empathise. But at the end of the day, bus commuters are frustrated and bus companies must know this." Mr Lim said residents had complained to him during the campaign period. Although he has made similar checks before, he said he decided to publicise his latest efforts on Facebook to be more visible to residents. Mr Lim said: "I realise that when you do it quietly, people don't realise you've been doing it, and come elections, they say you've not been doing anything". Mr Lim said he would follow up with SBS Transit and monitor the services for improvements. -CNA/wk Good sign.. In the past where got MP go do this spot check.. now it is coming.. well done.. and WP clinch aljunied GRC effort is not wasted. [thumbsup]
  6. Parkingidiot

    Changes on how to conduct elections

    Seems that a slew of new changes have been approved for the forthcoming general elections... should make it more interesting from both sides of the coin - for the incumbent as well as the opposition. some of the new changes : 1. "Promotional items such as T-shirts, soft toys, pennants and hats bearing the logos and campaign messages of political parties and their candidates" such campaign material will now be exempted from the regulations governing election advertising. The exemption list had previously comprised only buttons, pens, pencils and balloons. 2. Posters and banners can be displayed on vehicles approved for election campaigning. 3. Candidates may also get an additional opportunity to address supporters. The returning officer overseeing the elections can now allow all candidates to do so on Nomination Day, once proceedings at the centres end. Previously, this discretion was extended only to candidates who were given a walkover. 4. Flexibility will be given in another area: In the setting up and dismantling of stages and tents at rally sites, and for the display of election posters and banners. These can now be carried out by work pass holders and permanent residents contracted by candidates and their election agents. (Ah.. maybe this is the real reason why so many FT allowed into Singapore ) Previously, the Parliamentary Elections Act (PEA) had prohibited non-citizens from taking part in election activity. 5. Election agents have two new forms to fill in when consolidating the expenses of candidates within a Group Representation Constituency. Form 19A details expenditure such as advertising and printing of promotional materials, while Form 20A is a declaration of accuracy. 6. Campaigning via podcasts, videocasts, blogs, Twitter, MMS, Flickr, Facebook and mobile applications. Candidates must declare the platforms they intend to use
  7. around, does anyone know whether clan does the above? When searching around but can't get the answers. Specifically pure dialects like Hokkien, Cantonese TIA
  8. Will this be an useful exercise or it's another 1 million down the drain? Your guess is as good as mine. http://www.straitstimes.com/Latest%2BNews/...ory_231712.html