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    Horse therapy gaining traction in Singapore

    for those keen to know how the therapy works, why not volunteer your time and witness the pre and post effects of the therapy by volunteering your time to accompany those elderly from senior care centres along for the therapy. there are dogs and cats therapy, but how many owners are able to bring their pets on a regular basis during weekdays to bring cheers to the elderly? all these therapies need some level of commitments from various stakeholders, but, just how many are willing to do it.
  2. Qpik

    Treasure life...

    Not just AMD, include the following:- 1) ACP : Advance Care Planning 2) LPA : Lasting Power of Attorney It will save immediate family alot of emotional upheaval.
  3. Qpik

    Renting a car in Bangkok

    i would not suggest driving inside Bkk. certain parts of the road becomes 1 way during peak hours. if u drive accidentally drive in, be prepared to pay. don't drive during beginning & end of the mth especially at night, pay day the locals tend to spend on booze. drink driving accidents quite high during these time of the month. n if u hv to drive in Bkk, be extra careful around buses & motorbikes. they don't signal. n seriously get IDL, don't give police a reason to detain you during road blocks just bcos u don't hv it. i know certain rental coy might say no need but why risk it. (hv experienced it afew times) hv fun driving in Bkk.
  4. Hi Philip, for MRSA colonised patient commuting on private sharing transporter. Can you please advise the safety precautions to be taken by the patient and transport provider? Thank you very much. Not saying/asking you to kaypoh...just friendly advice to your cousins or anyone :)
  5. it is good to do up LPA. saved tonnes of red tape should they lose their mental capacity when that day comes. if certified mentally incapacitated, then will face some issues.
  6. Qpik

    Private nursing home recommendations

    i do not have experience with them...just sharing http://www.activeglobalcaregiver.sg/
  7. Qpik

    Private nursing home recommendations

    Engaging a helper for your mother was the best a child can do. And if your helper planning on home leave which you should know in advance, I suggest you register early for respite care. Do not behave like those people who can plan way ahead for their own holiday and last minute scramble for a respite care. Regardless private or subsidised, respite care booking is not like booking a hotel room.
  8. my so shared same thots and asked when can retire. i said only if he can get a place in msia where he can go fishing everyday n stay there alone cos only then can my miserly peanuts sustain his cost of living in msia. n he can contribute by finding his own food :P
  9. Qpik

    MyResponder app to call SCDF

    TS, tap on your post to encourage those who know of people who have demented loved ones to check out the following link: http://www.alz.org.sg/support-services/safe-return-card
  10. This young boy is indeed commendable and put many drivers especially those kaypoh who slow down n look at accident that happened IN THE OTHER DIRECTION n nearly cause accident in their own direction to SHAME!!! Throw an accident, out of 10 drivers easily half are kaypoh n worse tailgater.
  11. Qpik

    Woman dies of asthma attack in her car

    Seriously how many wld go investigate when they find pple recline bk in their car W engine running on a hot day? I hv come across many drivers doing that at the open space carpark near my block. N I walked over n knock at their window giving them gentle reminders not to z in their car W windows wind up n engine running. Statistically, 8/10 bochap. So, it is not surprising to find pple gg abt their own biz.
  12. Qpik

    Beautiful Music

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hG_yW3xNx8 For those GZ listeners out there, just sharing my friend's daughter's school. Wonderful and talented team lead by their reputable instructor, Mr Thum Soon Boon.
  13. Qpik

    Beautiful Music

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqQ8sapP6-g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOR3n32svdE
  14. Qpik

    How To Avoid Dementia.

    To renew interest in an old thread, for those MCFers who have loved ones especially those just diagnosed with mild dementia. Do take the time to read up as much as you can. A good movie to watch is Still Alice for those who want to know more about dementia. Nursing home should not be an option and also take note that caregiver's welfare should not be neglected. Just like those in palliative care, they rather be surrounded by their loved ones as their timer on Earth started counting. Walk the last path with them as one day, you will be walking down the same path too.
  15. Qpik

    Where is your favorite wanton noodle?

    Recently chance upon a market probably unknown to many. Blk 4A Jln Batu Mkt & Food Ctr. This mkt has many WTM. So, my frens went around to try. N concluded the best WTM is the one facing Blk 7. Besides, WTM they hv tasty duck rice also facing Blk 7. Porridge which only open in the mrng cos it is sold out by noon. I hv tried the Western stall, I can't recall exact name but it starts w alphabet "B", tasty n they dont use msg. The mixed veg rice stall is also nice n value for $$$. They hv Malay stalls which I tried Mee Soto. But, I still preferred the one at AMK which is very popular for it's generous portion N yummy soup.