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  1. Galantspeedz

    疑情海翻波 青年坠楼重伤

    so what car he driving? Mercedes, Marserati or Marseille?
  2. the 魔really know everything lol
  3. that's not his point lar... have to read between the lines..... ben or fairness is the least of his concern 😂
  4. to be fair, if whole family overseas.... i am not too sure if many will come back.... but if family is here..... much higher possibility of coming to fight same for those that say won't come back fight.... he/she is assuming flights are operating as per normal or they rich / white enough to secure a place on the plane....
  5. this ben davis thingy is only a side show.... i am just wondering if footballers are not given concessions..... why do they even bother to come up with a goal to qualify for world cup.... as the best development years are taken away from footballers..... don't these agencies discuss things before blowing bubbles?
  6. Likely... unless his club or country apply in advance.... then may be have chance
  7. that's your perspective... but there must be a reason why so many foreigners want our NRIC and passport..... so i can't agree that he has not benefited from Singapore citizenship
  8. you see here... how many successful people.... how many say they will come back.... do a poll....
  9. i guess both also at fault... ben want open cheque.... mindef not happy he went press to air his grievances if both have sat down and come to a agreement that has a timeline and by xx age, this has not been done, he has to come back for NS if the approving officer is EPL or Fulham fan then may help also lol
  10. if he is successful in his career... why will he come back and fight
  11. i agree that we can consider doing what SK do in terms for deferment but disagree with the doing other things like community part