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  1. Jusnel

    Australia drought, fire and heat wave

    Judgement Day is coming, I tell you. Its these signs that we have to watch out for.
  2. Jusnel

    Burnt PCB Air Con

    Home air con. Realised the PCB burned. I wonder how it can get burned? Very seldom use this air con
  3. Jusnel

    Finding Freelance to do Car Cam

    Yes. Confirmed 100% Sky.
  4. how can you make this assumption. might as well you say they purposely jam the Changi airport passport counters to prevent us from flying out to other countries? What logic you have?
  5. Jusnel

    Finding Freelance to do Car Cam

  6. Jusnel

    Finding Freelance to do Car Cam

    i cant rem if i ask for receipt. maybe don't have. Anyway, i just check his carousel posting. He claim to be exclusive authorised reseller of Marbella products in Singapore.
  7. Jusnel

    Finding Freelance to do Car Cam

    Since u already make police report, u can bring this up to Maka. They sure be v concerned coz it's their branding and product involved on police records I know Sky buys from Maka. He also claimed to be authorised installer for Maka? If he is really an authorised installer, I'm sure Maka will talk to him, since it's a police case. If he is not authorised installer, frankly nothing u can do, except to complain to the whole world and hopefully no one will go to him in future. He got carousel listing. Maybe u can make some review in there?
  8. The only reason why hiring companies wan to know your last pay is to take chance to low ball the offer pay. They wont pay someone 10k, even though they got the budget, when they know the last pay was only 6k. They will just low ball, just to match or lesser the last pay. So yeah, ban this.
  9. Jusnel

    Finding Freelance to do Car Cam

    I also get him to install my dash cam last time in late 2016. I bought my own maka camera and called him up to install. I must say his after sale service not so good. I had one or two questions, after installation, and but his response rather unfriendly. I take it that my camera is not from him, so he's pushing responsibility away. He knows that anything wrong, we can go back to maka. So my new dash cam, I never call him up.
  10. Jusnel

    Most honest used car ad ever?

    Is Singapore the only country on earth?
  11. Jusnel

    Back to Nature - scallop picking along East Coast Park

    i used to go to Punggol many moons ago to hunt for blood worms on low tides. Super muddy!
  12. Jusnel

    RIP Former Chief Justice of Singapore, Late Yong Pung How

    All high level appointments are chosen by the PM. who is not? Some are useless, some are NATO, some are shameless, some are scandalous, but there are a few who shine out of the lot.
  13. Jusnel

    Most honest used car ad ever?

    Toyota was never simi quality. It is all about giving cheap cars for common ppl.
  14. SIA is smart to immediately avoid flying over that area, the moment the conflict starts.
  15. it can be a pack of lies from Trump. He can make use of this incident, to say its missile from Iran. And let the world see Iran as the mean bad guy, while he sits back and drink Coke. Let the tension build up and he gathers his Allies to start war on Iran. Who is to know? Iran is also scared coz they are not even sure if their soldiers fire the missile or not. Even if Iran can come up to say they got proof that no missile were fired, how many will believe them?