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  1. Jusnel

    Rabbit meat, yes or no?

    We cant impose our preference onto others. Its literally one man's meat is another man's poison. The world is so diverse that we have 6,500 spoken languages across the globe. Many of us think we know everything. Animals are meant to be eaten. Period. It's most up to individual's preference of taste and tolerance. We are not supposed to impose our preference on others, and go around calling for petitions.
  2. Jusnel

    Sound-proofing a HDB room?

    This is one of the life lesson you got to learn So yr next home, be smarter.
  3. Jusnel

    Rabbit meat, yes or no?

    It's time for us to be more open and be aware that the world is bigger than we think it is. Singaporeans have not seen enough. We live in this little city bubble. There are animals hunted in other countries that we Singaporeans think are "so cute so cute" Reindeers are hunted and eaten. So Christmas coming, shld we sign a damm petition? Seals are also hunted and eaten. Seals are so cute right? Rabbits, deers, foxes, squirrels, all the same. We see them as v cute right? Sign petition lah. Other countries have hunting seasons for centuries, so we also sign petition?
  4. Jusnel

    Rabbit meat, yes or no?

    Humans are basically hypocrites. Period. Since when we start to play God and to determine what can and cannot be eaten?
  5. Jusnel

    Rabbit meat, yes or no?

    nothing wrong to eat rabbit. Spanish been eating rabbits for ages. the work "Espana", the name of Spain, means the land of the rabbits, because spain has lots of rabbits roaming around, and has become a normal food dish for Spanish I ate it while I was in spain. cooked in stew and tasted v nice. like chicken meat. in addition, I bought the full rabbit skin with fur after the meal. still have it until today. oh come on, Singaporeans, be more globalized ok?
  6. Jusnel

    Living in the North Makes You Less Healthy

    yeah. these are the ulu of the ulus I suspect the air in the north is not good because polluted air will come from JB industries But i also think the MOH shld break the number of patients further, example race, eating habits, disease groupings. Air related and diet related diseases are easily identifiable
  7. Jusnel

    Chromebook anyone?

    reviving this thread. how's the latest chromebook models now? better than before? I'm thinking of getting one, assuming that latest models have improved from the past. reading from HWZ forum, many happy users one thing for sure is you need to be light user to enjoy chromebook not for gamers most of us are actually light users. We don't even utilize 100% of our hp.
  8. if only 250k, i don't even take loan, bro!
  9. Jusnel

    2019 Civil Servant Year End Bonus

    refer to my statement Open your eyes before doing anything stupid.
  10. Jusnel

    2019 Civil Servant Year End Bonus

    The writings are already ON THE WALL Open your eyes before doing anything stupid. 1. Civil servants bonus lowest in years 2. 43,000 unsold private units (exclude ECs) 3. Well known stores are closing down (with staff retrenchment) 4. Companies having hiring freeze across the board 5. Trade wars going on 6. GST % going up
  11. Jusnel

    Stress society

    we are victims of our own success. that's what i always tell ppl about our social problems in Singapore. Blame no one but ourselves. We want success, riches, progression and modernisation, then we got to face the dark sides of these.
  12. Jusnel

    Looking for window cleaning machine or equipment

    how about just using a normal stick, about 60cm, with the cleaning sponge at one end?
  13. Jusnel

    2020 5th Generation Honda City

    oh CVT lag. hmmm.... its the characteristics of CVT gears. But i think the new honda cars shld be getting better in this. wait for this new City to be in showroom and we go for test drive.
  14. Jusnel

    2020 5th Generation Honda City

    with turbo. no lag
  15. it's the same thing for renovation contractors also got many complaints about dishonest contractors from hell but is the garment doing anything?