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  1. I can’t find shell helix 5w-30 for the price the 40 oil is going for.
  2. As what’s said contact cleaner works. It’s very easy to do. If you can find it, you probably can buy from shop n fix it yourself.
  3. nazerath

    COE Bidding – 1st Round of April 2019

    Best to put the cheap coe under your own lta asset page than to worry.
  4. 10 months, I didn’t renew. Looking at others. My Boc n standchart that’s due soon had a little better interest that that previously. 20 k minimum but I think 35 to get 1.65 but I switch off Liao.
  5. Was at uob yesterday1.55 for renewal. 1.65 for fresh funds. So Maybank is highest so far?
  6. nazerath

    Shell Helix Ultra at Giant

    Errr I think Tampines not spelled like that le. Lol
  7. nazerath

    Shell Helix Ultra at Giant

    Helix now 29.90 at giant
  8. For me when they try to knock me, I say it’s my fathers car, have to talk to him personally.
  9. nazerath

    China Trip

    This place not many foreigners know. Nice pictures.
  10. nazerath

    Anyone heard of Texas Engine Oil?

    Texaco ever heard before.
  11. nazerath

    Esso discount voucher

    Any anyone give exact location ?813 Bukit Batok West ave 5?
  12. nazerath

    Who like dogs?

    How old is your dog? It’s easier to toilet train with a cage if it’s young.
  13. nazerath

    Who like dogs?

    Some dogs like that. Some spotted too.
  14. nazerath

    Who like dogs?

    I Guess chow with a bit Samoyed