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  1. Huh? Even the bus going at 200km/hr, you also at fault leh. Bus so big you still cannot see? Lucky it is not a motorcycle. Merging or filter lanes, you HAVE to give way and check clear before turning out.
  2. Zippaboy

    Can anyone identify the real one?

    Beware of fake spark plugs. A lot floating on the market now, I seen on the sg harrier fb page, the fake plugs he bought damaged and spoilt 2 of his ignition coil.
  3. Ok my problem, the car dont idle very smoothly when it is not warmed up or when the weather is very cooling. Went to workshop A, plug in laptop. Boss straight away say 02 sensor need to change and quote me a price. As need to order the sensor, i went off without fixing first. Next day, went to workshop B, the boss plug in a handheld device. Then say is MAF sensor dirty or faulty, he proceed to clean sensor. Fix MAF sensor back, he say faulty. Must change. Tell me dont believe, you try with the sensor unplugged. Indeed the car was more powerful and run smoother. So which sensor is the faulty one? Workshop seems very confident it is the o2 sensor. But the maf sensor when unplugged really improved alot. Can anyone advise on this?
  4. Zippaboy

    Honda Vezel - Part 3

    Wrong post.
  5. Zippaboy

    Vios returns to BM in 2018

    Lol i dont know why i even bother to explain this. But my family had the SLK for a short while when i was working in the CBD. Anyway i used it as an example because using expressway/city might not be accurate as you can have a heavy jam on the morning traffic on the expressway as well. That was the car which i experienced the big difference in FC due to traffic conditions.
  6. Zippaboy

    Mercedes GLC

    Any idea when the facelifted GLC will be available for booking? Aftrr much discussion with my wife, we have decided to upgrade her car to a GLC250 or RX300. Ready to plunge in at current prices as her current car was bought at high coe. If the wait is too long, then we might have to reconsider again......
  7. Zippaboy

    Vios returns to BM in 2018

    Smooth flowing traffic or heavy traffic jams in the morning and evening? When i used to work in the CBD, heavy traffic every morning. My FC for my SLK was 8-9km/l. But when i shift workplace to somewhere much further with no jams and start work later, my FC became 13km+/l. Also what is your tyre pressure? Dont be scare to pickup fast, it is more efficient to pickup fast and reach your crusing speed asap. Of course i am not asking you to WOT, but dont be afraid to step more to pickup. Being lightfooted all the way might not necessarily be the best.
  8. Zippaboy

    2017 Toyota Corolla Altis new Facelift

    I accompanied a friend to get his Altis recently too. My sister got a Kia recently too as her first car after passing. Yes, the koreans are worth it for the features and specs. However if you really look into certain areas that most people dont look, the build quality and paintwork, panels alignments etc are still much better for the Japanese. They are close but personally have not overtaken yet.
  9. Zippaboy

    Hyundai i30 N

    Such cars will only appeal to a certain group of buyers. True car enthusiasts who like their car raw and fast. Previously when i bought my WRX STI hatchback for $184k, many people called me crazy too. Lol
  10. Zippaboy

    New Hyundai Tucson

    How different or how much better is the high performance damper for the base vs the S model? It is significantly better? Or less floaty and more stable at NSHW high speed? Worth the extra?
  11. Zippaboy

    Kia Stonic

    Agree. Some oversized rubber on 17 inch rims will look much better. Anyway this is really quite a nippy city car. Quite stable at 100-120km/hr, havent got the chance to test the top speed on NSHW. I was quite surprised it even have cornering lights....
  12. Zippaboy

    2019 Toyota RAV4

    The price is really quite attractive for the TGNA, the new dynamic engine and CVT gearbox. Without driving it, i already think it will be a much better drive than the NA Harrier... With higher BHP and a better gearbox.
  13. Zippaboy

    2019 Toyota RAV4

    Hi guys, I am thinking of changing ny wife's PI Harrier to the new TNGA Rav4. We bought the Harrier at extremely high COE. So it is quite tempting for us to change to a new car now at current COE prices. Power wise doesn't matter as my wife is not a fast/aggressive driver. How is the interior space compared to the Harrier? Especially for driver and rear passengers. I like the new RAV4 because of the TNGA and higher ground clearance. 185mm vs 155m. The boot looks bigger too. As i am someone who dont like to trouble or waste the SA's time and we will feel very paiseh if we test drive and never buy in the end. So prefer to get some feedbacks here first. Thanks in advance for any advices.
  14. Zippaboy

    Kia Stonic

    I am very surprised the Stonic actually have cornering lights. Anyone noticed this too?
  15. Zippaboy

    Harrier 2017

    Just curious what are you driving now?