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Found 93 results

  1. Hi, Usually when we change the timing belt, we will change the water pump since they involve the same labour cost. But what if the water pump is leaking when the car is almost 4 years old at 40k, do we change the timing belt because we are changing water pump? Or is my friend mech trying to earn more money?
  2. Just a little reminder those who follow this series, today's broadcast is scheduled for 8pm - 10pm instead of the usual 9pm -10pm slot.
  3. Hi all, Any place to recommend for timing belt change and how much?
  4. The maintenance interval for the belt change was 60kkm according to the owner's manual. The odo is showing 76kkm. Any recommendation of a workshop who can get the job done for < $200? The AD is asking > $400
  5. Hi guys,First time car owner here,my car is a 9 year old toyota corolla fielder,its a opc car with 34k mileage Trying to check my timing belt,I saw that on tbe internet that a timing belt is black color but this belt looks brown color Would like to get your advice if this is my timing belt?
  6. Luckcent

    Timing Chain

    What are the models and make that uses timing chains ?
  7. Green_carnation

    Timing chain? Which cars?

    Besides nissan sunny and hyundai sonata.. which other cars run on timing chain?
  8. Oh boy, such thing can have a following....... http://www.discuss.com.sg/showthread.php/14341-Lucky-Timing-to-deposit-money-into-bank
  9. Ronleech

    Timing Belt Condition

    Bought a 2nd hand car planning for short term usage. Asked my regular workshop to open up to check the condition of Timing belt. He did it and say Timing belt looks ok as the numbering printing is still intact and clearly shown and edge of timing belt show no sign of wear and tear. Was worrying as i will be driving to genting with family next month. Technician also ask me crank slowly and all look fine. Does that sounded good enough to last for trips to genting and run for another 1 year? Thanks for your value view.
  10. Soya

    Matrix Timing Belt

    Checking for colleague who owns a 05' Matrix 1.6M on how much is the timing belt change package and recommended workshop in Sg? (he dun drive to JB type) He panic and asked if can help after i told him his mileage 100k+ and gotta change liao.
  11. Guys, anyone know if this ride on timing chain or belt? And can run on Ron 92? Appreciate feedback
  12. Hi all. Anyone knows of a good workshop that does timing adjustment for old cars? ride has been sluggish lately n I feel the timing is out. Need to adjust. Thanks in advance.
  13. Victor68

    Optra timing belt

    Hey guys. Anyone of you have changed your timing belt? Mine is almost 80,000 km and I was told it is time to change. According to mechanic, there are few belts and water pump also need to change. I did check it out in Malaysia and it cost SGD$400. Any advice?
  14. Vtec_Bao

    Timing or Chain Belt?

    Hi guys :) I wanna know that if 2005 Honda Jazz ride is on a timing or chain belt? if it is on timing belt, roughly how much to get it changed? Coz was told by someone that 2005 model got 2 type. One model no need to change as it is on chain belt. So can someone enlightened me and tell me how to check if it is on timing or chain belt. Thank in advance! Regards
  15. Hi all, quite curious about this issue. Those cars on belts, need to change belts, bearings, pump etc Those cars on chains, no need to change bearings and pumps meh??? Btw any bros driving Getz 1.3, my fil driving, like to know whether chain or belt? Many thanks
  16. Aimnfire

    Burst my timing belt

    sigh was sending wife to work before proceeding to work place at traffic light junction suddenly engine die off try to start but i hear the cracking sound i knew my timing belt gone already sigh was targeting another 4000km before changing the belt as it will reach 80k base on my calculation from previous belt change forgot my work environment alot of dust and dry marking most rubbers harden faster sigh sibei sian
  17. Hi! I just bought a 2nd hand Proton satria neo that has around 95K on the meter. Do you think I should change the timing belt and water pump right now or wait till its on the 100K mark? Thanks.
  18. Any Bros here know how much to get the timing belt/water pump change (non AD workshop) ? What is the market rate ? I have been quoted from $800 to 1600 ?
  19. Hi Bros Need recomendations for changing of timing belts for my Edix. Or any WS that does Honda cars. Cheaper the better. Was qouted $600 plus at comfort delgro. Thanks in Advance...
  20. As above...if it is timing chain..do we need to change it? My understanding only timing belt need to be changed..anyone know?
  21. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1130284/1/.html SINGAPORE: Member of Parliament (MP) for Mountbatten Lim Biow Chuan has conducted his own spot checks to verify complaints of irregular bus services in Mountbatten. According to Mr Lim's Facebook page, the checks were conducted on Monday and Thursday at two separate bus stops during the morning peak hour, between 8am and 9am. Mr Lim was accompanied by an officer from the Land Transport Authority during both checks. The first check was made at Jalan Batu, near the HDB estate at Tanjong Rhu while the second was at the bus stop at Block 56, Cassia Crescent. Mr Lim told Channel NewsAsia he was "horrified" that three bus services -- 158, 12 and 197 -- took half an hour to arrive, and said he has written to the Public Transport Council. He said by doing so, he hopes to influence the public transport operators to improve their service, and to stress the need for regular services. "I know how bus companies work," Mr Lim said. "They say there are traffic jams, breakdowns etc. I do empathise. But at the end of the day, bus commuters are frustrated and bus companies must know this." Mr Lim said residents had complained to him during the campaign period. Although he has made similar checks before, he said he decided to publicise his latest efforts on Facebook to be more visible to residents. Mr Lim said: "I realise that when you do it quietly, people don't realise you've been doing it, and come elections, they say you've not been doing anything". Mr Lim said he would follow up with SBS Transit and monitor the services for improvements. -CNA/wk Good sign.. In the past where got MP go do this spot check.. now it is coming.. well done.. and WP clinch aljunied GRC effort is not wasted. [thumbsup]
  22. So... How will TPL fare without SM GCT?
  23. My next oil change is 113000km. My timing belt change is recommended at 120000km. Is it safe to change timing belt at 123000km instead? It's a Ford Focus 05. Cheers.