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  1. Thanks bro for the information.
  2. Scraping my forte soo.. Left 4 mths.. Any lobang? Manual... Odo 160++k.. Bro cmcex..manual one body how much?
  3. Ronleech

    Engine oil for 2008 Kia Rio

    thanks for all advice. Decided to go with liqui moly molygen 5w40 new generation. Lets see how good it was. currently using 5w40 too..
  4. hi, will like to seek advice. can or advisable for an old engine of 2008 kia rio to use Motul x-cess 8100 5w40 EO? Thanks.
  5. Ronleech

    Grab/Ryde issues and charges

    bulls**t CLAIM LOR. UBER operated in agreed upfront as well lah. The driver disputed the fare not uber system. Passenger can also dispute may. One sided story and ppl start to jump gun.
  6. Ronleech

    COE Bidding – 2nd Round of June 2016

    wait for serious recession to kick it else dun hope for anything cheap to come...
  7. Ronleech

    Brexit - Remain or Leave EU?

    if they really leave will it affect their football schedule? I think chances are they will not....pound will surely plummet if it does...
  8. Ronleech

    Malaysia: Directions to Genting

    tried bro but the shop say need physical item and blah blah.... I apps him to take a pic of the receipt and send to me and he gone quiet totally... I will skip this shop once and for all.... He dun even wanna try claiming ... U-auto, jln buroh SPC station....
  9. Ronleech

    Malaysia: Directions to Genting

    ya...the two tyres whole of the center two groves bloated all round... I had hump before but this is shit
  10. Ronleech

    Malaysia: Directions to Genting

    Nope...from a tyre shop outside
  11. Ronleech

    Malaysia: Directions to Genting

    notice the center potion of the bloated area??!! Both same.
  12. Ronleech

    Malaysia: Directions to Genting

    I think it was eco touring or something...... wonder if a tyre was properly stored only two plus years shouldn't have such issue. Or was it two years in store room can also cause the composition of the tyres to deteriorate so much? Somemore not one, both up lorry...
  13. Ronleech

    Malaysia: Directions to Genting

    saw that... at B8 entrance and exit. Had a tough ride cos 2 tyres bloated on the way there...only managed to change two used one and proceed to genting. Beware, kumho tyres really jialat. Maybe mine was old stock, tyres manufactured in early 2014 but I got it up in May 2016. Both tyres center potion bloated and become a egg end shape. To make things worse, it was a sunday (12 June) and many shops not open. Drove 80km/h all the way to Alor Gajah for replacement. No joke driving @80 on NSH... feels like crap.
  14. Ronleech

    Malaysia: Directions to Genting

    Hope all is well now. FWH carpark full??!! Amazing....