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Found 331 results

  1. This is a thread asking how much do you spend on your utility bill monthly and how we can reduce it Dear friends I was in a chat with some friends over lunch and I was shocked to find the variation, so I hope everyone can share the amount they spend and also how they reduce it. Maybe everyone can post the total bill size (including gas, water and electricity if it is from different vendors) and the number of members in the household and any other info? Eg I have a friend in a four storey landed with 9 pax and two kids who use $900 plus a month - they have the aircon turned on in the living room most of the waking hours. Another young couple only use $30 a month and they spend most of their time at work and seldom eat at home. Here are some tips on saving electricity from Asiaone : https://www.asiaone.com/singapore/10-hacks-save-your-water-and-electricity-bill-home More tips: https://iswitch.com.sg/save-electricity-tips/ https://www.pub.gov.sg/savewater/athome/watersavinghabits
  2. Bros who have used this product, please advise. Is it really that good? Or is it another over-hyped product? At $25 per piece, it is the most expensive MF towel I've seen so far. If it works as well as its ad, don't mind paying for it.
  3. Bluepica

    Ceiling water seepage marks

    What do you guys see of this pic? Few months back, I have inform HDB and they came for inspection. Then it was half the size only. The officer said its not very wet and he didn't found any sign of water seepage on the above unit. Asked me to sand paper them off and repaint. But my question was what if I spent $$ re plaster and repaint it, but the seepage problem still exist? Wasting my $$ only if the source of it is not solve. He didn't answer me but keep saying he didn't find any problem with the unit above. Now, the water marks is getting bigger, covered almost the entire bathroom ceiling and paint started to peel off. Worst, it has seeps into my bedroom! I touched it, its a bit damp.... what should I do?
  4. Since domestic helper went back for home leave for a month, has been thinking of getting a water dispenser to reduce the hassle of boiling hot water and storing cool water and cleaning works. With a big family size, this seems very logical to have. Chanced upon the Fontan office dispenser awhile ago and was impressed with its look. It connects directly to water pipe and can provide hot and chilled water. But am looking at Fontan Home since I do not need a 6L hot water capacity. http://blondal.com.sg/products/fontan-home/ Then I came across this Tong Yang water dispenser at a neighborhood shop in Bedok that specializes in water dispensers. The shop stocks nothing but water dispensers. The model featured was touted at $938 with free installation. Set of 3 filters to be replaced annually at $120. The uncle was very confident of the product, throwing Mount-E hospital clinincs as his existing customers. And check online found it could be had for $688 with installation, so still looking around. Btw, this particular model has been rebranded by several companies, most notably Novita. http://www.lazada.sg/korea-tong-yang-water-dispenser-hot-and-cold-water-dispenser-with-best-water-purifier-3-magic-korea-water-filters-black-2486152.html http://www.courts.com.sg/novita-hydroplus-water-dispenserhot-cold-with-installation-np3360-h-with-installation-ip093855-m.html http://english.magic.co.kr/App/product/proDetail.asp?prdt_no=70&ctgr_no1=3&ctgr_no2=12&page=1&iMNum1=2&iMNum2=1 I would like to seek opinion from fellow forummers if you have any personal experience in using this kind of products. But please do not bring the Alkaline/ distilled/mineral water arguments into this thread. I only want a simple water dispenser with some filtration function that is able to run off a pipe and serves water and chilled water. Many TIA... Added: seems like the cold water function could be turned off, serving just rom temperature water.
  5. Wind30

    brownish water from tap

    People, I noticed that from my 15 year old rental apartment the tap water from the 2 toilets is brownish if you don't use them for like 2 days. Basically, the first 3-5 seconds is brown but it clears up quickly and don't come back until you don't use the tap for like 2 or more days. I tried running the taps for like 5 minutes but the problem still come back. Not sure if it is because the apartment is left empty for long periods of time but I am wondering if I can fix this. Our renovation plumber say this is a common problem with old apartment and has no fix. I am hoping to fix this as I don't want to inconvenience my new tenant. Anyone have solved a similar problem before? Since it is only for like 3-5 seconds I suspect the sediments come from piping close to the tap. I am wondering if I can remove them or something... The water from the kitchen tap looks clear though.
  6. dnumde

    Fast and Convenient Self Wash

    Hi I am getting lazier in washing my car. But I wish to wash it myself. Any recommendation for All-In-One (AIO) product that I can do in less than 20mins? Preferably something that I can just spray water, apply, wipe off. Not trying to achieve any outstanding results after wash. Just a clean exterior will do. Thanks!
  7. SporeHongkong

    Engine water dry up fast?

    hi all, any idea wats wrong cause i jus filled up engine water into water tank in morning by evening i came back wash car suprised to see almost half of the water gone..there's no leak or nothing but surely something is wrong..any comments? thks alot..
  8. This morning i was running in the park and saw a jogger letting his dog drink from the water fountain. Then came a jogger shouting "u stupid or what! that water fountain is meant for humans not dogs!" it kind of get me thinking, the poor dog is thirsty after a run and i will always wipe off before i drink...why the fuss? whats your thoughts?
  9. the waterpipes at home is making loud constant 'duuuu' noise when we turn on tap, flush toilet, use washing machine. it sounds like as if its going to vibrate and burst. ended up we cannot turn on the water volume too fast n too much to avoid the sound. what can I do? sld I call town council or HDB or PUB? Will adjusting water valve works?
  10. Hi all, last year my new car was coated (i paid over $1k for it) by one of the more reputable coating companies. Car was only 2 days old when it was coated. 6 months later, there were scratches on the boot surface, and water marks on boot, roof and bonnet. The applied hydrophobic effects on the windscreen is also gone. I sent the car back to touch up. Another 8 months later, I had to respray certain panels because I cannot take the scratches. Yup, some ppl scratched my car. But besides that, I have many lines near the door handle, and lines on the bonnet and boot. I've never put anything on them. The guy who repainted my car told me the water marks on my car very bad. I told him cos I park outdoor daily, thats why I know. I did coating to prevent, also cannot. I have to send it back to be re-coated. So after 1 year 2 months of ownership, I don't think I get what I paid for. Maybe coating is not suitable for people who park outdoors. Am I the only one who feels that coating was over-rated? Or it has limited capabilities when it comes to handling the harsh weather, especially for people who park outdoors. What could be a better solution? (besides clean the car everyday! haha)
  11. Nlatio

    Instant Water Heater

    NB... are all Instant Water Heater all same same..... change a few liao... but all like CMI.... no pressure liek that..... the water come out like pan leo like that.... don;t tell me I need to install those Storage tank???.... Any one facing the same problem??? Still prefer instant Water Heater....save electricity and $$$$....
  12. Why the f*%k they chge the MSCP washing bay tap to this kind wan?!? Wan wash car like must buy $696969 worth of hoses n couplings n connectors like that then can wash, somemore reverted back to using coins instead of cash card, damn f*%king brilliant... :angry:
  13. Neutrino

    Bennington water heater

    The Bennington water heater we've had for eight years started leaking water from the unit yesterday. Anyone else had this problem and how did you solve it. Can't contact Bennington except to 'leave a message'. Any good plumbers to recommend and is it best to replace the heater with a similar model or change to an instant water heater and if so any recommendations.
  14. Dear All, Looking at adding a home air purifier and also a tap water purifier to my home. For the home purifier, was looking at Sharp Plasmacluster models and also Osim ILife while the tap water purifier I am looking at the Osim uPure. Anyone has reviews or other recommendations? For the tap water purifier, I prefer to have those like the Osim uPure which connect directly to the tap as I do not want to have a seperate unit as I have limited space in kitchen. Looking forward to all the recommendations!
  15. I got this cheap water filter system from MY. It has a dome ceramic on top, the some soil and gravel in the tube, and bottom of the filter is some volcanic rocks. You pour the tap water on top and the water will slowly drip downwards. There's the plastic tap for you to push to dispense the water for drinking like those we see at those normal bottled water drinking dispenser. Where in SG can I buy the replacement plastic tap? Anyone knows? I have bought it once in KL but now pecah again :(
  16. Blackwind

    Recommendation for water filter

    http://diamondwaterweb.com/products_dew.ht...PID=12373396929 i was looking at the above website... looks good anyone has tried or have links to better water filters..... thinking of getting a good one for my family any recommendations
  17. Any recommendations for a product of this nature?
  18. The Escape Theme Park in Penang is going to have the world’s longest water slide. Measuring 1,140m long, the waterslide is already 80 per cent complete, and is expected to be ready by next month. The theme park’s chief executive officer Sim Choo Kheng, said: “It is expected to be the longest in the world, longer than the water slide in New Jersey, USA, which is 602m long. “It can go into the Guinness Book of Records. “It is a challenge to build due to topographical factors and lack of machinery. “It is expected to open to the public in early August after a security check is carried out,” he said, after a site visit with chairman of Penang Development, Heritage, Culture and Arts Committee chairman Yeoh Soon Hin on Sunday (June 23). Visitors will slide down from the hilltop and cross Jalan Teluk Bahang to the suspension bridge and end up at the water theme park. The hilltop is also the start of other rides such as luge (sleds down the hill), zip coasters and sliding tubes. The theme park already has a 300m long water slide that was launched last year. Mr Sim said a 400m long cable car ride with 30 seats would also be completed at the same time as the water slide. “The cable car connects between the foothills and the water slide. “It is unique as it goes through the jungle,” he added. The theme park is listed in the international holiday assessor site, TripAdvisor.
  19. SINGAPORE: The supply of water to Singapore was disrupted after the PUB's Johor River Waterworks halted water treatment operations due to the high levels of ammonia in the river, Singapore's national water agency said on Thursday (Apr 4). A spokesman said: “PUB’s waterworks in Johor, the Johor River Waterworks (JRWW), has stopped treatment operations this afternoon due to high ammonia levels found in the Johor River. “The stoppage of treatment operations at JRWW disrupted its water supply to Singapore and some parts of Johor. Water supply in Singapore is not affected as PUB has stepped up production at the desalination plants and local waterworks to meet demand. “PUB is monitoring the raw water quality in Johor River closely and will resume abstraction and treatment of raw water when water quality is suitable.” Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/ammonia-pollution-johor-river-singapore-water-supply-disrupted-11413570 Everything there's something new about sg and msia. What's next...
  20. Singapore authorities recall bottled water from Malaysia containing bacteria Authorities here have issued a recall of bottled mineral water imported from Malaysia after it was found to contain a common environmental bacterium that is found in faeces, soil, water and sewage. In a media statement on Wednesday (June 12), the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) said that the bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa was detected in Malaysia’s “Starfresh” bottled drinking water during a routine sampling of the product. It comes in 500ml and 1.5 litre bottles. The agency said it has directed the importer Radha Exports to recall all affected products, with the process ongoing. It pointed out that the bacterium can multiply in water environments and also on the surface of suitable organic materials in contact with water. “Use or consumption of products contaminated with Pseudomonas aeruginosa can cause a range of infections but rarely causes serious illness in healthy individuals,” said the agency. Consumers who have purchased the product are advised not to consume it. Those who might have done so and are concerned about their health should seek medical advice, said the agency. Affected consumers, it added, can contact Radha Exports at 6220 2777 for enquiries or exchange of product.
  21. Gahmen is introducing the new Water tax in 2018 Let's discuss here
  22. Bluemice

    Timer for Storage water heater ??

    Hi, Anyone using a timer for the storage water heater ? Do reco brand. I have seen one sold in Homefix. now searching for alternatives. thanks
  23. Hi All, Any Civic drivers facing the same issue with water droplets in the head / back lights after rain or wash? Is it normal? My paint protection guys told me this is a defect for a new car, suspected sealant has not been done properly. But the Honda agent say it is normal
  24. For maybe a week there's been a da da da da etc noise coming from a 60mm diameter water pipe in our utilities cupboard. The da da da noise is extremely loud and the da da are as fast as you can say them. It kept me up most of last night as it seems to travel up and down the floors of our 40 story HDB, sometimes loud on our floor sometimes loud on another floor. My missus has spoken to Town Council and yesterday they sent a plumber to fix it, don't know why because I doubt if he has a clue - no disrespect to him. He removed a small pressure gauge from our Utilities cupboard and that was the sum of his work. He didn't even put a plug in the hole the pressure gauge left. I think this is water hammer, anyone confirm and who best to contact to deal with it. Driving me mad, like.
  25. Hi, Usually when we change the timing belt, we will change the water pump since they involve the same labour cost. But what if the water pump is leaking when the car is almost 4 years old at 40k, do we change the timing belt because we are changing water pump? Or is my friend mech trying to earn more money?