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Found 33 results

  1. Bluepica

    Ceiling fan

    Set aside car talk.... My home ceiling fan dunno what brand... apache...sounds like can fly... LOL... but it's rotating slower and slower... time to change. Any brand that is windy enough and suitable for low ceiling HDB? My flat ceiling is so low until if u stand and raise ur hand, ur finger sure kena the fan blades. Am looking at KDK...
  2. Bluepica

    Ceiling water seepage marks

    What do you guys see of this pic? Few months back, I have inform HDB and they came for inspection. Then it was half the size only. The officer said its not very wet and he didn't found any sign of water seepage on the above unit. Asked me to sand paper them off and repaint. But my question was what if I spent $$ re plaster and repaint it, but the seepage problem still exist? Wasting my $$ only if the source of it is not solve. He didn't answer me but keep saying he didn't find any problem with the unit above. Now, the water marks is getting bigger, covered almost the entire bathroom ceiling and paint started to peel off. Worst, it has seeps into my bedroom! I touched it, its a bit damp.... what should I do?
  3. RickyWee

    Ceiling Fan in Car

    https://www.motor1.com/news/436526/car-mounted-ceiling-fan/ We can also say with some certainty that this three-blade fan is mounted into a fourth-generation Subaru Outback, judging by what we see of the car’s interior. If you’re thinking that doesn’t leave much headroom for passengers, you’re not wrong. Fortunately the fan spins slowly, and the blades have all the sharpness of an old politician drunk-tweeting at 2:00 am. It’s also completely useless in the real world. The fan is, too. In that respect, then, this is truly a completely unnecessary invention, but is it really? We spent a full 30 seconds scrolling through the 2,000-plus comments in this Reddit thread to gauge the opinions of others. A Redditor named GophawkYourself astutely pointed out that windows are loud and air conditioning uses more fuel, making the fan an efficient choice. Taking the concept to the next logical step, Redditor akak1972 wants the fan for a convertible. Akak1972, that’s an extraordinary idea and we think it would look exceptional in your Range Rover Evoque droptop.
  4. Yr1985

    Toilet ceiling leaking

    Found out to be upstairs unit toilet flooring gone case, bugger refused to share the cost to redo his flooring. Have contacted HDB, but the process is going to take ages. Any other alternatives? Throw red paint?
  5. hello anyone has this very small tiny bug crawling on walls & ceiling? you have to go near to see them. anyone know how to get rid of them? thanks.
  6. Any bro/ sis bought their ceiling fan or lighting from JB? Pls share your experience.
  7. Folks need to seek your advice. Recently, my neighbour from one storey below mine informed me that water from my bathroom floor leaks through their ceiling. Some work might be needed to resolve the issue. As we are staying in old HDB flat, what is the best way to address the issue? 1. Contact HDB and get HDB appointed contractor to do the work. 2. Get an independent contractor to do the repair work. Would there be any subsidy from HDB for the repair work? How should the payment be split? 50-50 with neighbour, or 100% on me? Many thanks.
  8. thankfully no serious injuries... Workers hurt after ceiling collapses at RWS casino https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/workers-hurt-after-ceiling-collapses-rws-casino
  9. Octopus

    Ceiling Fan Mounting Bracket

    Hi All, I have purchased a KDK V56VK ceiling fan, but KDK does not provide the mounting bracket or hook for installing the fan to ceiling. Can someone advise me is the brackets in the photos suitable for KDK ceiling fan? Thank you.
  10. Spiderman302

    Drilling HDB Ceiling - Need help

    I am trying to drill a hole in the ceiling with a normal power drill and concrete drill bit. No matter how hard i tried, the drill bit cant penetrate beyond the "skin" later (which is about 5 mm). The concrete is very super hard. Anybody have the knowledge on this ?
  11. Cirruslogic

    Leaking water from toilet ceiling

    I live in an old 1960s apartment and I noticed in late December that water was leaking from the false ceiling in my toilet, right above the toilet bowl. Became worse 2 days later. Called NTUC Home Income services. The contractor came 5 hours later and sliced the false ceiling. He said it was bad. He found the concrete dislodged. The steel bars are exposed. Water is dripipping from the steel bar area. The owner above told me a tenant is living above and he is overseas. Anyone knows what are the next series of events I should expect? I am thinking that their toilet floor and bottom wall tiles (20 cm) have to be hacked off. Toilet bowl, sink all have to be removed. And a contractor needs to apply the water proof membrane on the whole floor and 20 cm of the wall tiles. The whole process may take 4 days. Should I alert the owner that her tenant would need to find an alternative place to stay for 4 days otherwise he will not be able to use the toilet and bath?
  12. Was planning to get a 5-room BTO this year as my current flat will MOP soon. Was thinking that the new income ceiling came in just nice... until my boss just suddenly gave a pay increment which puts my wife and me just a couple of hundred of dollars over the salary ceiling for BTO. Can I still appeal and has anyone in my circumstances successfully appealed to HDB before?
  13. Bluepica

    Ceiling fan splurting liquid

    for the pass few months, my KDK ceiling fan have been splurting drops of brownish liquid onto my wall. I thought my ceiling was leaking thru the bolts hole, but I have tried almost to dismantling the whole fan but found it dry all around. The blades was also dry. I wonder where does the liquids came from and it's like never ending supply! Anyone faces this problem>?
  14. Duckduck

    JEM/Westgate ceiling collapse!

    already kena 2 fires, now ceiling collapse!! super suay
  15. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_s3TUjhJPg[/media] http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/sport/ceiling-collapses-during/1342866.html Twelve Singapore players were scheduled to appear at the tournament, but none were injured at the Ho Chi Minh venue. Did they shout "Happy New Year"?
  16. those ceiling vaccum fans that draws out the heat and smoke in the toilet. anyone know where to get it? have attached a similar type below for reference.
  17. As above. I wonder how other town councils are managed.
  18. Donut

    Mold/Fungus on the ceiling

    Ok, i have another compliant (today is my Complaint Day) Last night i realised my storeroom ceiling has mold or fungus growing. Damm tulan. Any expert advice? What should i do? How i re-paint the ceiling? I dont mind repaintng it, since the surface area is not big and its just white colour. But first, how do i clean off the mold / fungus before repainting? What chemical should i use?
  19. anyone kenah this scenario before ? my downstairs neighbor sold his flat abotu 2 months back and the new occupants just moved in. prior to moving in, the new occupants did some renovation works. last week, after the officially moved in for 3 weeks, a HDB officer came to my house and told us that the flat downstairs is complaining that water from our unit is leaking into their toilets from the ceilings !! the officer even told us she was given a VIDEO of the water seeping through the ceiling !! now the HDB officer "offer" us to settle the leaking issue based on the standard HDB absorb 50% and the two owners (upstairs and downstairs) split the balance 50% half/half. I managed to get in touch with the previous occupant and asked them if they ever had any leakage issues when they were staying there and they told me that for the past 20 years, no issue at all !! now the new occupant move in and did renovation works, the ceiling start to leak ?? I am saying that their renovation contractor did a lousy job and caused the ceiling to be compromised and now we, on the upper floor have to pay for their incompetency !! anyone encounter this and did not pay for the rectifications ?
  20. My parents condo unit is leaking water badly in recent days. The water is coming into the unit from the cracks in the corner of the bed room is so bad, one full pail of blackish water accumulated in rain of yesterday when I went to check at 6pm. Complained to the management. They said the outside wall no cracks, so cannot be from the wall. The exterior hired contractor did the water test on one other unit above(who also faced water leaks into unit) and and the contractor dared to claim the wall is not the problem. The contractor claimed the water leaked into the window frame of the unit above and somehow leaked thru the crakes in the concrete to the unit below. This contractor really know how to taichi their responsibility. This same contractor was paid close to $1mill by the condo to patch up all cracks and repaint the condo in 2011. So now the warranty period the same contractor tried to taichi the problem away, and the joke is the management also kena hoodwinked by them. The contractor told the management to ask the window manufacturer how to seal up the water drain holes on the window frame, as the leaks happen due to water accumulate in the frame! If the water leak is around the window frame, then it's may be from the windows. But the leak is coming from the ceiling concrete cracked line(visible cracke lines in the ceiling concrete). Still the contractor insist that my parents ask the upper floor uniti to test water on their window frame to identify the water leak. I heard what my parent told me........I was stunt. Any one here is waterproofing expert? I need to patch up the cracks in my parents unit ceiling and wall. I need some expert that can apply pressure injection expoxy into the cracked lines into the concrete. To stop the water leakage. I don't care about the outside wall cracks as no-one believed the water came from the cracked outside wall n hard to identify the cracked outside wall because a fresh coat of paint was applied to the entire estate in 2011 reprinting exercise. Any one can recommend a expert ceiling crack repair expert?
  21. ST Forum Stuck in housing limbo despite higher ceiling MY WIFE and I were delighted when Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced that the income ceiling would be raised to $10,000 and $12,000 for new build-to-order (BTO) flats and executive condominiums (ECs) respectively ('HDB raises income ceiling to $10,000'; Aug 15). We checked the HDB website several days later but discovered that we were once again ineligible to apply for ECs even though our combined income falls below $12,000. That is because of a clause stating that an applicant cannot own any private property 30 months prior to EC application. We are prepared to sell our private property to apply for an EC. However, requiring us to sell it 30 months before applying for an EC does not make sense. Where will we stay for 21/2 years? In fact, if one includes the time taken for construction of the EC, we would have to spend at least five years renting a place or living with our parents. We have a toddler and plan on having another child. The waiting period will surely disrupt their education and childcare. Two years ago, we did not qualify because our combined income exceeded $8,000. With sellers seeking cash-over- valuations of between $60,000 and $90,000 in our preferred location - near both our parents' homes - we were forced to buy a small private condominium apartment that was selling at valuation as we did not have enough cash. The inescapable irony was that we qualified for a bank loan to buy a private property but did not have enough cash to buy a subsidised public flat. Being forced to buy a private home saddled us with a whopping $600,000 loan. We are toying with the idea of selling our private property as our joint income is just below the income ceiling for now, but we are uncertain if we will still be earning the same income 30 months from now. All we want is to live in a home we can afford and, yet, we are caught in a predicament. We think this could be our last chance to buy a Housing Board flat. We hope the Government would consider revising this rule for the sandwiched class. Lim Chong Wee
  22. Speaking at the National Day Rally, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said that this move was due to young couples' incomes increasing recently.
  23. Puteh83

    Lobang for ceiling fan

    Hi all, Any lobangs for cheap-mid range ceiling fans? TIA