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Found 9 results

  1. As per topic? Any places where there are lots of bathroom stuff?
  2. My bathroom sink plug is one that you push down to seal and then push down again to open and let the water drain. The black rubber seal has broken and so doesn't seal off the water. Anyone know where I can buy a replacement rubber seal. Thanks..
  3. Folks need to seek your advice. Recently, my neighbour from one storey below mine informed me that water from my bathroom floor leaks through their ceiling. Some work might be needed to resolve the issue. As we are staying in old HDB flat, what is the best way to address the issue? 1. Contact HDB and get HDB appointed contractor to do the work. 2. Get an independent contractor to do the repair work. Would there be any subsidy from HDB for the repair work? How should the payment be split? 50-50 with neighbour, or 100% on me? Many thanks.
  4. utterly disappointed with HDB (whats new?!) Long story short: collected BTO flat keys Feb 2016, punggol along waterway area recently spotted master bedroom toilet door starting to split at the edges from the bottom. first noticed in July 2017. called HDB and was informed past warranty period. nothing can be done. gave me contractor's contact for quote, contractor bo huh me. fine few days ago, spotted common toilet door starting to split at the edges from the top. emailed into HDB feedback. received call from the same officer who spoke to me the first time and regurgitated the same "out of warranty" story. when i refused to budge, another lady spoke to me and said it may be due to the owners not doing proper maintenance and due to usage issues. seriously? how to use until the edges split? bang the door daily as a hobby? if its only one door, fine, i suay. now its both doors. obviously its quality issues! we topup for optional components for inferior products! kaos. (no idea why after attaching the picture was rotated) any bros encountered anything similar and managed to get HDB do something about the issue? can share? im so sorry for starting in the wrong section.. how can i move it to non-car related! sorry!!
  5. Any suggestions on where i can get the above am looking for one that measures metabolism, bone mass, body fat percentage basically advanced models been looking around saw tanita one on the web but have to buy online. not osim because the tanita one seems to have more functions
  6. Bluepica

    Bathroom door

    For those who is having a frameless bathroom swing door from your bedroom to the bathroom, does the door block the acoustic noise from the bathroom? My current door is a bi-fold thin layer of acrylic door. Whenever people using the toilet/bathroom, it's very noisy to those in the bedroom. It's a common bath/toilet accessible from the bedroom as well. Then, the mechanism like going to pecah already, difficult to fully interlock close the door without having to kick at the bottom of the door (this will rudely awaken those sleeping in the bedroom) So I am planning to change the door at the bedroom side, at least to something that will have a little sound proof from the bathroom noise. 1. wooden door - not ideal as the bath room is small and water will splash onto it and will rot in due time. 2. new bi-fold door - not sound proof 3. frameless tempered glass swing door - I'm not sure haw sound proof can it be, Thanks.
  7. Wow. what a way to go. Perhaps he died a happy man. Boys & girls do not do this at home, okay? Man shower with gf....slipped and fell through glass bathroom door...didn't survive. RIP For those with glass bathroom door change them to acrylic or tempered glass . Safer....if you want to piak piak in the shower also safer. http://www.tnp.sg/news/singapore-news/man-dies-after-crash-through-glass-bathroom-door Sep 29, 2015 6:00am By SHAFFIQ ALKHATIB He slipped, smashed his head through the glass panel of a bathroom door and later died. Sebastian Wong Yu Lun was only 24 when he died in the most horrific way on Jan 25, in front of a frantic girlfriend who was helpless to save him. Details of the tragedy emerged in a inquiry into his death yesterday. When Mr Wong hit the glass panel, the sharp broken edges impaled his neck. He also had multiple cuts on his head. Mr Wong, a car salesman, had been taking a shower with his girlfriend, identified only as Ms L, at her flat at Teban Gardens Road. As Mr Wong was about to leave the shower, he slipped. Ms L was shocked to hear the glass panel shatter and frantically tried to free Mr Wong when she realised he was injured and trapped. Her sister, who was not named in court papers, called emergency services as Ms L fought to free her boyfriend. After a struggle, she managed to free him and he fell flat on his back. He was still conscious but struggling as she propped him into a sitting position. She dressed herself and used a towel to suppress the bleeding. State Coroner Marvin Bay said: "She noted, however, that Mr Wong stopped his struggles and appeared to lose consciousness after five minutes, lying unconscious on the floor. "Ms L tried to perform CPR by giving chest compressions in accordance with instructions by an SCDF (Singapore Civil Defence Force) operator through the phone and relayed by her sister." WEAK PULSE A paramedic who had arrived at the scene detected a weak pulse and the ambulance took Mr Wong to hospital, but he could not be saved. He was pronounced dead about 40 minutes after the accident.Mr Wong had suffered multiple incised wounds to the head and neck, said consultant forensic pathologist Marian Wang, which led to his death. She also said that Mr Wong died of multiple incised wounds to the head and neck. Coroner Bay said: "The nature of the incised wounds was found to be consistent with those caused by sharp, broken glass fragments." He found that Mr Wong had died from an "unfortunate misadventure". Following the tragedy, senior forensic scientist Li Yuhua from the Forensic Chemistry and Physics Laboratory of the Health Sciences Authority, produced a report on the analysis of the glass fracture. It revealed that the panel was not made of tempered glass. Instead, Coroner Bay said that it was likely to be made of heat-strengthened glass. In his findings, he added that it may be prudent to use tempered glass panels on doors or windows in places where falls may commonly occur. He said: "Tempered glass fragments are less likely to have sharp edges (when broken), which may help to avoid the occurrence of catastrophic or even fatal injuries, upon any person breaking or shattering glass fixtures."
  8. Porker

    Bathroom Floor Coverings

    Hi Guys, Where can I get those plastic floor coverings for bathrooms (made to cover those ugly tiles)? I think they come in different sizes (grid form for easy installation), colors and designs. Thanks
  9. I wouldn't go into details what this particular doctor did to secretly take the photos. Refer to the papers, it's headline. He is suspended from work but I can't imagine what's on his mind . I can't imagine what he does to his female patients. So much for foreign talent. To be fair, I have a fair share of friends who are good doctors. Hopefully this serves as a warning to those in the healthcare sector, they're here to save lives, not abuse them.