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  1. Hi Guys! We are Battery Empire, Your Car Battery Specialist. We carry car battery brands that consist of cheap all the way to premium cost, to cater to everyone needs. When we say 'cheap', it does not mean that it is lousy. At Battery Empire, 'cheap' can mean good and valued for money as well. That being said, who's up for more discounts? We have something for everyone! Check out our Bundles Of Exclusive Promotions on https://www.batteryempire
  2. I bought a spare tire for my car and it's an odd size. I wonder if bros can help locate a place to get a tire for this? And how often do you replace the tire? Thanks I've asked a couple of the more popular stores and they say they don't have this?
  3. Info sharing purpose.. 4AT Mfg yr: Jan 2009 Mileage: 121k km Think old sparkies didn't change @ 50k km when bought 2nd hand, no 2 coil failed cosing car humming sound, vibrating & lose of power with high FC.. Replaced new: 4 x ignitions coils, 2 mij & 2 made in mexico!! ($129.6 ea, excl gst) 4 x denso plugs (FXE20HE11) ($42.5 ea, excl gst) Above r "friendship" prices, 10% discount & no labor charges @ KB AS..
  4. Hi all, Car battery just went dead. Which car battery provider do you call? There are many choices and ads when you search by google, but would appreciate to know your reliable car battery provider based on your actual experience. Thanks in advance.
  5. I had a small accident today. My mazda 3 side mirror back cover is peeled off and broken. Anyone know how much does it cost to replace it? Also other than going back to Mazda, is there any alternative? I don't think this is covered by warranty right? Thanks
  6. Hi bros Can anyone point me to a place to buy high intensity LED bulbs? Sim Lim Tower? Struggling to take it out and I even broke one pin... 😞
  7. Need some help from bro in this forum...... one of my bedroom wooden parquet floor has a badly scratch area measuring abt 2.5ft x 2.5 ft. Wonder if anyone has lobang to get the parquet replaced and any idea how mush it will cost?
  8. I did not know ICA celebrate April's Fools so early …. ICA says paying for ICs brings “a stronger sense of pride and ownership” but netizens feel differently After journalist Bertha Henson wrote a forum letter questioning, “Why charge Singaporeans for new ICs?”, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) responded saying that they “believe that a system where the applicant pays a small sum is better: It brings a stronger sense of pride and ownership of the card”. ICA's statement drew mixed reactions from netizens, with some finding the fee completely unnecessary, much like
  9. I got this cheap water filter system from MY. It has a dome ceramic on top, the some soil and gravel in the tube, and bottom of the filter is some volcanic rocks. You pour the tap water on top and the water will slowly drip downwards. There's the plastic tap for you to push to dispense the water for drinking like those we see at those normal bottled water drinking dispenser. Where in SG can I buy the replacement plastic tap? Anyone knows? I have bought it once in KL but now pecah again :(
  10. Car reaching 100k soon , and planning to replace timing belt and wearable items : Is following pricing reasonable ? Timing Belt - $300 Water Pump - $120 Vaccume Pump O-ring - $30 Water Flange -$30 Coolant 2 Bottles -$60 Power Steering Oil -2 Bottles $60 Front & rear Absorber original - 1080 ( included labour 240) Labour -$300 Car model : Audi a6 C6 CVT 2.0
  11. My bathroom sink plug is one that you push down to seal and then push down again to open and let the water drain. The black rubber seal has broken and so doesn't seal off the water. Anyone know where I can buy a replacement rubber seal. Thanks..
  12. I have a 7 month old battery which is almost flat, (warranty is 1 year ) When for a replacement, According to the shop it is "new" replacement, But that "New" battery only lasted 1 month and I felt the car battery is weak again When back to the same shop to check, They used the meter to check and confirm it good and new. Claim that the fault is with my car. My car was unable to start on one occasion and needed another car to jump start it. But after difficulty cranking start for another week I when to another shop to check. The battery was indeed week and need replacement,
  13. Hi folks! I am currently planning for battery replacement and am looking for a maintenance free battery for my Aveo. Are there any good recommendations around? I am looking for a 55 to 65AH maintenance free (non-wet) type with battery status indicator that fits into my Aveo bracket. Currently, I am using the Delkor 55AH maintenace free battery with indicator, and it has been serving me well for the past 18 months. Is this brand good? Should I get back this brand? Should I just get it at Starsauto during my next servicing coming up in a few weeks time? Is it going to be very much more expensive
  14. Hi All, Anyone knows where I could get those Fielder parts for rear bumper & rear right break light cover please?
  15. Hi my 05 sunny now 106k km. When idling feels abit uneven. Read somewhere that if ignition coils abt to go will hv jerky or uneven idling & pick up. Is there a way to chk if the coils are going soon or juz replace at fixed intervals? Anybody knows wats the price for 4 coils fr fong tat? Tks
  16. My insurance only allow these workshops. Any recommendation among them which is the recommended one? preferably east or north area. Thanks http://www.gia.org.sg/pdfs/Industry/Motor/...apore%20Ltd.pdf
  17. Hi All, Any bros changed yr car engine mountings / suspension before, pls help advise costs involved. So far 2 different workshops quoted me: 1) labour charges alone for replacing engine mountings labour (1 at $160, another at $300) 2) labout charges alone replacing 2 front suspension (1 at $50X2 and another at $110X2) Parts costs are not included yet. The quotation difference are too great , thus seek yr help so won't kena chop-chop. By the way, mine is a Honda Stream. Thks/
  18. hi all.. want to tap on the collective wisdom of all the car owners here. am driving an airwave and the front seat headrests with monitors are gonna "uplorry" soon with 2 kid constantly hitting the screens with random things. i need to get generic ones to replace but searching ard the Internet /carousell is yielding unrelated results (i get more hits on "headrest pillow") does any one know where to buy stock headrests?!
  19. So my Finevu CR300HD and CR500HD battery went dead. Thatz the normal thing for Finevu car cameras with lithium polymer batteries. After reading dashcam forum on how others replace their battery, I going to replace mine my way. I was thinking, since the lithium polymer will be dead in one year's time, why not just solder a connect and replace the battery externally. Much easier than open up the camera again. So my journey starts : Forum read was here : https://dashcamtalk.com/forum/threads/problem-with-the-finevu-cr-300hd-internal-battery.1083/ Detailed instructions of how to strip the
  20. Hi, got a 9 year old impreza wrx windshield pump not working, anyone diy before and is it easy to get parts ? I dont think it will be a difficult job, so intend to diy. Used to buy honda part from fing tat and merce parts from thye soon but not sure if they carry subaru's parts. Thanks in advanced.
  21. recently just service my car and the tech pointed out that on both front lower arm bush (not sure is that the correct term, i think it's somewhere at the join as below picture which has some kind of rubber thing) have sign of tearing... they said must change but it will be a few hours job, so cant d it on that day ...... did ask about the cost but they didnt provide any numbers after that........... any bro has change it before, what is the estimated cost and where is a good place to have it changed?.. tyre shop or workshop a better place?....
  22. any suggestions or is mcwell the only place to get it?
  23. when you are dealing with OPC, esp related to number plate, it is a pain, due to the security seal. was told to replace this during inspection. but to replace means i gotta spend $200 to get the seal broken at LTA, replace the plates then go back to LTA to reapply the seal. that is extremely expensive for plate replacement. are there cheaper alternative besides hand painting the numbers with white paint? i heard of stickers. but scared those will peel after awhile. and BTW, how much does those stickers cost? any idea? Any advise is welcomed.
  24. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement remote for the Magicar alarm? Or where I can get it repaired as the remote's LCD is broken, so I need to get it fixed. Thanks!
  25. My home Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon louvre spoilt. I checked it and found out motor corroded n not working. Any idea where can I get this motor replacement? Such unique motor don't think sim lim tower will have ... Any idea? Thanks
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