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Found 214 results

  1. Any bros here know where i can buy original parts for mitsubishi cars apart from CNC? I wish to change my shock absorbers soon thanks!
  2. Radx ask one, I think his leaking.
  3. Anyone bought car parts and accessories from taobao and care to share their experience? Been looking around and prices are really affordable for many things likes accessories and even service parts. Of course I am concerned about imitations but seems like some items are genuine but made for their local market. Currently, I am looking at stuffs like car door visors, windshield wipers and diy soundproofing rubber strips.
  4. "Add 2 parts Chrysler, 1 part Honda, a dash of Mercedes-Benz and a ton of
  5. I have always had high regards for Vincent, he comes across as putting customers first. I believe alot of people would attest to his repo with the customers on this forum. However after charging me for "using your own parts", he bear grudges for over a year and told me off last week saying that "I CANNOT BRING MY OWN" spares parts anymore. Oh well, up for awareness. Looking for other reliable workshops now for Merc.
  6. Assassin has listed with a link to a page in One Motoring for scrapping services. I now bring you the scrapyard for auto parts list! Here are the two most popular ones I got from the Starlet owners. Seng Tat Auto Parts Pte Ltd 62 Sg Kadut Dr Singapore 729571 Telephone : 6368 5657 Fax : 6365 1335 Soon Hup Auto Parts Trading Pte Ltd 11 Sg Kadut Ave Singapore 729647 Telephone : 6368 1123 Please add more if you know of any.
  7. Any shops that carry parts for Satria Neo? Cause I ask around for shops that sell spark plug cables. None..... Thanks
  8. Toyota has announced that it will put a good amount of third-generation and fourth-generation Supra parts back into production. At a recent Supra event in Japan, Gazoo Racing company President Shigeki Tomoyama revealed the news which will make many fans happy. However, the company did not specify which parts will be put back into production. “We can not answer about specific parts at this time, but we will make every effort to meet the expectations of owners,” Tomoyama said. The program is called the ‘GR Heritage Parts Project’ and is similar to a program launched by Nissan and Mazda. Nissan has been making various better-known weaker parts for its R32, R33 and R34 generation Skyline GT-R for a couple of years already while Mazda has recently begun offering new parts for the first-generation MX-5.
  9. Toyota will begin reproducing parts for the MkIII A70 and MkVI A80 Supra Sources: https://www.autoblog.com/2019/05/22/toyota-a70-a80-supra-parts-reproduction/ Toyota didn't specify which parts, but this is an exciting development It seems the Japanese sports car wars are heating up once again, after nearly a 20-year hiatus, particularly with Toyota reviving the Supra. Not too long ago, Nissan's Nismo performance and heritage department recently revealed its efforts to reproduce classic parts for some of its vintage Skyline models. Now, it seems Toyota is following suit as Japanese Nostalgic Car reports that Toyota will soon start remaking parts for its MkIII A70 and MkIV A80 Supra at the Japanese launch of the current model last week. Word came from head of Gazoo Racing, Shigeki Tomoyama, one of the developmental partners to the new Supra revival. Tomoyama announced the "GR Heritage Parts Project" at the event, which took place at Toyota's Megaweb showroom in Odaiba. "We can not answer about specific parts at this time, but we will make every effort to meet the expectations of owners," Tomoyama told the press during his presentation. The launch of the GR Heritage Parts Project adds Toyota to the list of manufacturers rebooting the production of parts for heritage models, which already included Nissan, Mazda, and Honda. Nissan scored highly among Japanese sports car enthusiasts and tuners when it announced it would be reproducing parts for its R32 Skyline GT-R. More recently, the list of reproductions expanded to the R33 and R34 generation models. In the mix was the remanufacturing of its RB26 straight-six motor from the famed GT-R. While not a complete motor, the remake is essentially the short block. Prior, Nissan also announced other engine parts, such as the head, the original engine harness, and also the fuel pump assembly. The list of parts reproductions also includes various body parts and other hard-to-get items, putting some relief to those currently building or restoring vintage models. Tomoyama's announcement wasn't specific as to which parts will be seeing reproduction. However, if they do end up getting around to remanufacturing parts for Toyota's equally legendary 1JZ and 2JZ motors, fans are certainly going to be drooling. "The new Supra is a great car," Tomoyama further commented, "But I don't intend to let go of this A80 Supra in my lifetime."
  10. Ahseng

    Teana repair/parts

    Hi bros, 1 REF/TOP HOSE (WATER HOSE) 1 $ 190.00 2 FRT BRAKE PAD 1PAIR 1 $ 130.00 3 ENGINE MOUNTING SET 1 $ 920.00 4 COOLANT R30 1 $ 50.00 Prices alright? Or robert pricing? These are the items in the quotation. water hose is the one connected to radiator, If no vibrations felt, issit no need replace engine mounting?
  11. Are there any mods that you guys think or find that it is useless? Let's crowdsource the list of items to avoid! This thread is catered only for performance part or power gains. I found this quantum plasma magnet online that seems shady. The last time I came across quantum physics is from Ant-man from Marvel https://innersoultech.com/product/vehiclemagnets/
  12. Mandrew


    Just came across an interesting article while browsing. Not sure how reliable this is ... I verified few of the parts on my vehicle and they are correct but not sure about the pricing (assume that is in RM). Sharing as it may benefit some.... SPARE PARTS LIST http://mforum.cari.com.my/home.php?mod=spa...pace&page=1
  13. Davc

    Audi Spare Parts

    For Mercedes, we can find parts from Gallop, or Benzline. For BMW, we can get parts from Eng Soon. How about Audi?
  14. Check out for this month's latest deals & discounts. One of the best deals, promotions and discounts specially for our members that could never be miss out. Hurry and Grab your favourite deals today! Quote SGCARMART PROMOTION to the retailer. CNY Grooming Promo $8 Car Wash for all vehicles! Grooming promo for small car $58, medium $88 and large $118. Contact us at: 91550452 / 97213331 $38 Drive Home Service ChauffeurME-Singapore renders drive home service to party-goers who care for their love ones. Drink.Drank.Drunk? What ever it is, why put yourself at risk? Drink driving is a serious offence not only in Singapore but throughout the Globe. Worried getting stopped at Police road blocks or getting into accidents causing injuries or fatality? Well, we won't know what is exactly going on around us when we start getting tipsy. Put all these worries aside. We are just a call away! Our experience drivers will pick you from your location and drive you home to your loved ones safe and sound! Nothing else matters more isn't it? Advanced bookings are welcome. Our friendly operator will allocate you a driver to send you home SAFE! Only @$38. Contact us at: 8777 7087 Cool n Lite Titan Series The Titan series offers optimum protection featuring both excellent UV rejection coupled with an extremely high level of solar energy rejection. These range of solar films are manufactured with the industry’s latest technologies, using only the finest materials to guarantee a long lasting performance for your investment. The metallisation of the Titan series uses ground breaking Sputtering process, applying Titanium as its main element together with a combination of other exotic metals such as copper, gold, silver, inconel, chromium and aluminum to achieve its amazing heat rejection properties. The Titan series exudes a cool neutral grey tone, exclusively available for Titan users. The application of Titan films on your vehicle will further enhance the luxurious contrast of your interior. Definitely a must on any luxury automobile! Contact us at: 6100 6262 Mcwell Online Store! Up To 40% Off! Singapore's best car parts and accessories online store, discount up to 40% off! Visit us now! Contact us at: 9838 7743 Pro-Jex V2D 3-In-1 Package 3-In-1 Package at only $240. Includes oil change, air con restoration, throttle and intake manifold flushing. Tested and proven on cars, bikes and boats running on carburetor or fuel injection. You will experience e following after this procedure : 1- Easier start up. 2- Very light throttle response. 3- Fuel efficient. 4- Engine vibration will be minimized. Contact us at: 8668 7676 Instant Cash For Your Scrap Car! We want your scrap car with parf eligibility! Instant cash on the spot! No need to wait for LTA refund. Contact us at: 9787 6217
  15. Do you know that MCF has a group page on Facebook for you to share/post your USED items? Find us at MCF Marketplace on Facebook! Please note that it is only for the posting and sharing of Used Car Parts & Accessories. I would also recommend you to post your used items first on MCF Marketplace, then use the 'share function' to reach out to more car owners on Facebook (who could be MCF Users and non MCF users). This makes it easier to consolidate and track all your ads + share out to other groups as well! For the sharing function, if it's not working for you, please check your 'pop-up ads' blocker. Thank you!
  16. If you are observant enough, you should have seen the appearance of a new tab in MCF. We have long realised the need for a section for members to sell their extra car items, and that the Garage Sale folders are inadequate to handle the high volume of ads. We have thus come up with sgCarstore, the new only niche classifieds set up for members to place up their extra car items for sale. The Garage Sale folders will be closed on 10-Mar, so be sure to quickly repost all your items for sale into sgCarstore. Visit sgCarStore now. Meanwhile, you can use this thread to point out any errors, or give any feedback for sgCarstore.
  17. StreamRSZ

    Geely Parts And Accesories

    Dear All, For those Geely MK and CK drivers, if you decided not to go back to AD for servicing and worry about servicing parts hard to find. I will be glad to help you to source. Currently i m importing original parts like Air filter,oil filters from supplier. Other parts are also avaliable. Just a source for Geely owners. Hope it helps.
  18. Rustyz

    Nissan Teana Spare parts

    Dear all, Could anyone advice me find I could find a good deal on the following Nissan Teana parts.Coming to 4 years, the car need the following parts replaced. 1)Front and back Suspension 2)Steering Hub( TC say the joint is leaking) 3) Engine mounting Thank you for reading Cheers
  19. Fluffy

    Part No. for VAG parts

    for all VAG brothers and sisters: http://etka.auto2.ru/?lang=eng hope this helps you find the part nos. and the assembly drawings should help DIYers.
  20. Hi, Anyone know if these front suspension parts for 2009 Japan built corolla are compatible with 2008 Thai built corolla sold here in Singapore. Thanks
  21. Wavvyykaa

    Vezel and HRV parts

    Hi does any one if the engine mounting and front wheel bearings assembly is the same for HRV and Vezel?
  22. Hi All, Anyone knows where I could get those Fielder parts for rear bumper & rear right break light cover please?
  23. Hi does anyone knows any supplier in jb that provides parts for Honda vezel?
  24. Anybody knows where can I get genuine toyota spare parts beside getting from BM? Anybody heard of a stockist by the name of "ong"?
  25. Front, rear Mazda emblem and Mazda steering wheel emblem. Gear shift and door handles guard