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Found 13 results

  1. Yes, ALOT is happening in this video, and the title speaks for itself. NGL, I am actually surprised I managed to summarise the entire video within the title itself. Watch it here: What Happened? After entering the AYE, a Honda HRV driver decided to perform something bizarre - he changed lane into a red Lexus ES not once but TWICE, despite having empty pockets of space to switch lanes into. During the second bump, the Lexus ES was forced into lane 2 of the AYE, causing it to cut off a Shopee Xpress van. As a result, the Shopee Xpress van had to brake hard to avoid rear-ending the Lexus ES. However, a motorcyclist riding behind the van could not react in time and smashed into the van, resulting in the motorcyclist flipping over. Idk about you, but the Honda HRV driver ought to be handed some heavy consequences for his actions. It is as clear as daylight that the Honda HRV driver did not bother checking his blindspot before changing lanes at the very last minute, which caused the accidents. Netizens' Comments Likely, the Honda HRV didn't even know about the presence of the red Lexus because he didn't bother turning his head to check his blindspot. I might be wrong, but it seems like the Honda HRV performed a hit and run after side swiping the red Lexus ES twice.... Wishing the rider a speedy recovery!! ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news, and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  2. Hi there I put a non-refundable deposit for a Honda Vezel at Ubi Automart from Cars & Coffee. I read on the LTA One Motoring site that there is a recall for HR-V in effect on June 4, 2020, which says: Due to incorrect manufacturing of the rear seat belt assembly, the component attached was bent. The vehicle sensor and webbing sensor could be inoperative. I know Vezel has had issues in the past for the 2016 models and there were recalls of 8% of all of them. Do you think there is anything to worry about with the new 2019 model that I bought? I will be transporting my baby around and don’t want to take risks. Thanks
  3. Honda Everus EV http://www.motortrend.com/news/honda-everus-ev-concept-electric-suv/ Honda may have been one of the first automakers to offer a gasoline-electric hybrid,introducing the original Insight for the 2000 model year, but it hasn’t been as quick to add battery-electric vehicles to its lineup. Even Honda’s lease-only Clarity EV is only available in certain regions of the U.S. But at Auto China 2018, Honda revealed the small crossover that will be its first mass-production EV. Called the Everus EV, the CUV you see here is essentially a concept in name only. Honda says it’s already been approved for production. It won’t, however, be available in the U.S. No, the Everus EV will only be sold in China. It will also be the first vehicle sold under the Everus sub-brand created by Honda and its Chinese partner GAC. Details are scarce at the moment, but the Everus appears to be a subcompact crossover, potentially built on the same platform as the Fit and HR-V. Then again, it could just as easily use a dedicated electric platform we haven’t seen before. When it goes on sale, Honda says the Everus will also be offered for use through Reachstar, a Chinese car-sharing service that Honda has invested in. Beyond that, the only other thing we know is that the Everus EV is one of 20 electrified—not necessarily fully electric—vehicles that Honda plans to introduce by 2025. We’ve reached out to Honda for more information, but a spokesperson wasn’t immediately available to comment. We’ll update this post when we get a response.
  4. Do you think that those car models that are acquired by PHVs actually helped to boost the sales of these models for private car buyers? i.e. - Honda Vezel / HRV - Mitsubishi Attrage - Toyota Prius - Toyota Prius C - Mazda 3 - KIA K3 - Toyota Vios Does their attributes like riding comfort, fuel consumption, availability of parts, etc, actually helped to boost the sales for the above mentioned models when they are recommended by PHV drivers and riders? Or does it actually turn off buyers, like too common on the roads, long waiting time at servicing centers, etc? Say if PHV doesn't exist here, do the above models even sell for private car market?
  5. Hi does any one if the engine mounting and front wheel bearings assembly is the same for HRV and Vezel?
  6. Was tracking a few cars and with a bit of home work, found out that some of the insurance write off cars are back on the market after a few months. What was more surprising was that the community of used car dealers are aware of those cars, like the Audi S3 that is on the market for a super long time. Which comes to mind, some of the daily wrecks of HRVs, Mazda 3 and Mitsubishi Star should be easy pickings for salvage and repair to be resurrected. Watch a few video and while the prices seem to be on average, higher then usual, I am sure can be done much cheaper. https://youtu.be/X1po3WhG9XY But still a little worried about doing this project resurrection in case the LTA starts to clamp down. But yes, good money to be made at the expense of integrity and full disclosure. Wonder if the car dealer is caught, would it be subjected to the lemon law.
  7. dnumde

    Vezel Rims

    Any one have any idea what is the recommended rim spec for Vezel X? I am looking at 18" rim that looks something like this. TIA!
  8. Visited KM showroom, cant decide which to book as they have their pros n cons and price diff only abt 1k. For a family with two teenagers, which will be a better choice? Anyone which has the same situation as me? Appreciate all the advises. Sorry for the typo error, should be Honda instead of Hinda.
  9. So after nine years and a bit, my Little Red Riding Hood, aka Honda Civic FD, is coming to the end of its life. Well the end of it's COE anyway, which means I can either cough up the money to renew this little piece of paper or explore new cars. Given that I can get back almost 10k for this baby, it's really been giving me sterling service, and I should try to get another car. So here comes the hunt: I have set myself a budget of around 130k but if I can spend less, that will be even better. i.e, with my car thrown in, my outlay should not extend 120k. First decision was to forgo renewing the COE. Second one was whether I should go for a 2nd hand one. Given the high prices I see for 2nd hand examples, a first hand car seems to be the way to go. What are the things I really need, and what are the niceties then? Needs: Reliability is paramount. No 'characterful' cars, a euphemism for unreliable. So most likely a Jap car, that is actually made in Japan, maybe a Korean one, or perhaps a Merc if they are made in Germany and not somewhere else. Not too low slung - I need easy enter and egress for my mum. Versatile seats: Folding rear seats, the ability to carry large objects will be very good. Fuel economy: Given the high oil prices, this will be a good thing. Enough power to merge with traffic. I don't need a speedster, but I don't really want to worry about having a heart attack every time I need to join traffic and there's a rather steep slope outside my home and I need to merge with fast moving traffic there. I also go on the North South Highway every now and then, so something that doesn't struggle on it will be nice. Niceties: Original leather seats Red color Quick turning radius Low turn to turn ratio SUV - high sitting position and hey, I haven't owned one before, but it was fun to drive Front and back cameras BT capability So what have I identified: Right at the top of my list right now is the Honda HRV, the authorised dealer (AD) version of the Vezel that has been taking the local market by storm. What are the plus points: - Jap made - very creative interior - SUV style - low FC - smart interior with decent soft touch materials abounding - many charging points, USB and other touches Negatives: - not as solid feel as a conti car - 130hp might not be enough compared to my older FD - CVT transmission So moving on, I have also tried a whole bunch of other cars. The main issue is that none, yes, none of the cars have everything I want. Each has their own pros and cons.. Mazda 3 & 6: Plus: - nice Conti feel - good handling - conventional 6 speed auto - soft touch materials abound - Jap made negatives: Heavy 3 combined with a 1.5l engine in the 3 doesn't help can't help comfy in the 6 somehow servicing can be an issue given that the new dealers aren't really setup for so many new customers US long snout styling ? reliability a little low slung rear legroom Corolla Altis Plus - Proven track record - Borneo servicing - Good FC - Improved looks compared to the older one - decent legroom - solid bidding process Negatives still looks bleah.. plastics aren't in the same league as the Mazda or Golf not too many nice features inside Hyundai Elantra - sleek looks - plenty of soft touch materials - decent legroom - lower price Negatives - bidding tiers means you aren't so sure if you will get your car Conti offers: Golf Pluses: Solid build, lots of soft touch materials in the cabin Good acceleration Negatives Tight legroom at the back Suspect gearbox Audi A3 Sportback An expensive version of the Golf, with similar pros and cons A3: The sedan is made in Hungary, and the Merc CLA is also made in the same country, and will cost 30-40k more than a Golf. It's hard to see how one can opt for this, even though most conti cars, especially the bigger brands are known for safety, and a solid metalwork. But servicing is not as easy, since these companies are much smaller than Borneo Motor or Kah, and the cost of repairs, spares and even basic servicing might be more. IMHO The A3 is a value for money car. The A4 is significantly more costly. Almost got this car. The build quality is very solid, the engine is quite powerful, rear legroom is actually quite impressive. It uses a more powerful 1.4t, has a bit more room and is made in Germany. It uses a wet clutch design. The cabin has more features but it's about 20k more. The soft touch materials, the gear shift knob, oh so wonderful.. It's the cheapest of the three marques. A Merc Cla will cost another 20k more for example. The big German brands are now more vague on the origin of their cars. For example, the popular C class Merc is made in South Africa, and not long ago, the previous model gave more issues than expect for this marquee brand. BMW 216: The 216d was IMO a better drive, more torque and instant response, greater urgency and the rear seats were sliding with a three fold capability. The cabin soft touch materials were also better. The diesel is noisier but inside you hardly hear it. The view out of the cabin was nice too as you sit higher. But the 216d is about 10k more and I wonder about the reliability? The CLA is made in Hungary, and the BMW 3 series is also made in South Africa. The B Class was a solid build car with space, ergonomic and good safety features. The engine specs are also impressive, but it's about 30k more than the HRV. Ideally a Honda HRV with a nice 1.8l engine or maybe that new 1.5 turbo will be superb! Even the hybrid version has enough ommph. Pity the authorised dealers aren't bringing it in. So basically I have sort of narrowed it down to two and a half: The HRV is the car with the stuff that checks most of the list. Well made, highly functional, the last Jap made car in the Kah showroom (the Jade has dubious origins China then shipped to Japan?) Spacious, and well designed. At 112k this month, it's also within my budget by car. BUT, is it powerful enough, and a thought, planted in my mind, ala Inception - YOLO and buy something you can like.. So there's plan B... The Merc B class. About 20-30k more.. It's safe, almost as functional, spacious - you will be really surprised how big it is inside. Easy for my mum and I to get inside. The engine is decent, and will lap up the North South nicely. The third option is a bit out of my budget.. BMW 216i Drives well, very torquey and the soft touch build quality.. wow Functional too. Diesel is cheap to run, but I don't know how maintenance will be. A friend said something which resonated with me: "Seems that my friends who own BMWs tend to swear at rather than swear by the car" Any comments ? Cheers
  10. AMK ROADSHOW CRAZY SALES FOR HONDA VEZEL! 13TH - 15TH MAY 2016 Come on down this weekend and join us to check out our latest promo! We will be located at AMK Hub Main Entrance (near Breadtalk). We are having a great discount for our Honda Vezel models. Honda Vezel X 1.5A $94,800* This car need no introduction. It embrace the practicality of a MPV, the sporty looks of a coupe and ruggedness of a SUV. 4 Bid Guaranteed COE No Top Up Required ALL Colors Available FREE $5,000 Worth of Accessories 5 Years Warranty/100,000km *10 x FREE Servicing (only for AMK roadshow customers) **We offer on your money back lowest price guaranteed** Find us at AMK Hub this weekend or call our salespersons for more info!
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