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Found 13 results

  1. Hi everyone, I put a $3K initial deposit for a new Honda car but had to cancel the order due to some personal reason. Kah Motors not willing to refund my deposit but they willing to transfer my deposit to another buyer as a special case. Rather than forfeit all the $3K, I'm willing to discount $500 off the deposit to anyone interested to buy a new Honda. Everything will be done legally at Kah Motors so this is a legit deal. If anyone is interested or know of relatives or friends who are interested, please contact me at 98077700. Thanks.
  2. From yesterday's BT. Wow....3,000 to 4,000 surplus PHV cars to be released into the used car mkt.
  3. Hiya brudders! Anything that caught your eyes and you itching to buy? For me, I'm eyeing a couple off things . . . LED Full HD TV, maybe an iPad and now dunno whether to get HTC Desire or Samsung Galaxy S. Problem is my current TV is working fine and that it is a MIJ Sony, lasted me 8 years and still going strong so LED TV is out. iPad is a want so forget it . . . Now the big question is Desire or Galaxy S? Gotta do some research but very likely going for HTC. How about you guys? Buying any thing during the GSS? Is it really cheaper or is it just a gimmick this GSS??
  4. AMK ROADSHOW CRAZY SALES FOR HONDA VEZEL! 13TH - 15TH MAY 2016 Come on down this weekend and join us to check out our latest promo! We will be located at AMK Hub Main Entrance (near Breadtalk). We are having a great discount for our Honda Vezel models. Honda Vezel X 1.5A $94,800* This car need no introduction. It embrace the practicality of a MPV, the sporty looks of a coupe and ruggedness of a SUV. 4 Bid Guaranteed COE No Top Up Required ALL Colors Available FREE $5,000 Worth of Accessories 5 Years Warranty/100,000km *10 x FREE Servicing (only for AMK roadshow customers) **We offer on your money back lowest price guaranteed** Find us at AMK Hub this weekend or call our salespersons for more info!
  5. In times like this, we can share auction and lelong news here. Some news is better than bad news.
  6. Dear sir/madam, I am the local rep of the famous Li Gong Knife company & I am happy for you today because we are having our 57th year anniversary celebration this year and as part of a series of celebrations, we are having a discounted price for all our brand name Li Gong Knife's knives. This is where you should feel happy because we always have your interest at heart & thus have been supplying good quality knives to folks here. We would also like to thank you for your tremendous support all these years in return. So like what I mentioned earlier, we will offer all our knives at a significant discount. Please be assured that even though our knives are made of plastic, it feels & look like a real knife. It almost can be used for cutting but try not to do that as it might break. You can be proud & tell other folks that you have Li Gong Knife's full set of knives together with your other real knives. Remember: Even they are not real ones, they look & feel like the real deal. Even though the actual sale date will be made in due course, you can order now to enjoy the discounted price plus a delivery charge of 7%. Our HQ has hinted but not confirmed that the delivery charge might increase to 10%if the costs continue to raise so please take advantage of the low rate now. Thank you once again for all your wonderful support all these years & we hope to have more good years to serve you better.
  7. Whisper_2000

    Lai Lai Expensive Goods Lelong

    Wah this lady spent so much on bags especially those Hermes. I think bags alone cost in excess of $100K. Cuff links alone $2600. Too much money lei. http://www.flickr.com/photos/49538011@N03/
  8. Lightspeed

    Another Octy up for lelong

  9. There are currently 5 Lamborghini Gallardos for sale in the market. Seems like maybe 1/2 to 1/3 of the total population of Gallardos in Sg for sale. Whats wrong? http://www.sgcarmart.com/main/listing.php?...=&sb.x=0&sb.y=0
  10. Read the ST There will be probably an auction for those cars in the warehouse is it a good oportunity to buy these car especially when planning to change car
  11. Actually, I feel this is just a temporary situation with over-reaction to the sub-prime issue. But perhaps I am an optimist. As the market was gaining from strength to strength almost very day recently, most people were already on the edge. Do you guys think we should pull out of the stock market now, soon or just leave to fate.
  12. Struggling Ford set to sell Volvo in final retreat from Europe Christine Buckley Industrial Editor Ford is preparing to put Volvo, the Swedish carmaker, on the sale block in a move that would leave the struggling American motor group with only its own-badge cars and Lincoln in the United States. Volvo is part of Ford