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  1. MAINTENANCE PACKAGE Comprehensive Maintenance which includes : -Exterior Wash -Dewaxing -Door Edges Cleaning -Interior Vacuum -Tire Dressing -Glass Cleaning -Removal of scratches, stubborn stains and watermarks (up to 90% removed) -Stage I Layer Reapplication -Stage II Layer Reapplication at the cost of : -Small - $132 -Medium - $143 -Executive /Luxury- $165 -Small SUV - $176 - Large SUV - $187 - Small MPV - $198 -Large MPV - $220 Paintless Dent Repair “Exclusive to CSII Customers only” 1st Dent = $22 2 - 3 Dents = $17 each 4 - 9 Dents = $11 each 10 – 15 Dents = $132 Package 16 – 25 Dents = $198 Package Disclaimers: Once the metal portion has been damaged, 100% restoration is not guaranteed.
  2. What I notice when i go Merc/BMW/Audi showrroms is that their price on price list is so high but actually there is huge discounts almost all the time. For merc is often in the form of overtrade. So I thought I would share some discounts that I know. Of coz it is updated all the time so maybe the bros here can share what you have heard so it is easier for ppl to have an idea before heading down to the show room. I shall start first: CLA: 173,888, 8k overtrade and 3k service credit 520i business: 242,800, 10k overtrade E-class and S-class got 10k COE discount or high COE rebate at 76k VW Jetta: 118,800
  3. Esso at sengkang 211 punggol road closing for reno. They are giving out discount voucher. Fast hand fast leg. Till 13th March.
  4. https://mothership.sg/2022/03/pandamart-day-march-2022/ Sharing is caring! First used Pandamart to order groceries and some of their pre-packed food and damn it's good! If you've ever tried the butter chicken from 7-Eleven and think it's good, then the one from Pandamart is even better. The curry chicken + fish burger also worth ordering. What's even better is that it's 24/7 so I ordered at 12am ish and it reached me around 1am ish. For those who haven't kena COVID, maybe it's time to stock up. 😆
  5. SPC is having a new SPC&U card. Register it online, you will get 17% discount in oct 2014 instead of 15%. If you have registered online to get 17% and intend to use with UOB card, please pump $62. $62-17%-$3 = $48.46 (21.8% discount) If you didn't register online and intend to use with UOB card, just pump $60. $60-15%-$3 = $48 (20% discount)
  6. Hi any bros heard of the new comfort taxi app Zig? Giving out free $3 off with every ride using ZIG3OFF promo code. Don't know whether it's true but I'm going to try it later. Anybody got lobang for other promo codes can share here?
  7. Here's are some of the things that I am buying during the 9/9 sales. Share with us your shopping cart! https://shopee.sg/Self-Wringing-Hands-Free-Flat-Floor-Mop-Wet-Dry-Scratch-Dry-360-Degree-Swivel-Mop-Stand-Without-Support-i.12480907.7530507824 https://shopee.sg/BASEUS-Power-Starter-Super-Energy-Car-Jump-Starter-8000mAh-800A-12V-i.10208.4602361421 https://shopee.sg/Seagate-Ironwolf-NAS-2TB-3.5-NAS-Hard-Drive-HDD-SATA-5900RPM-Internal-Hard-Disk-Drive-(ST2000VN004)-i.240218100.7524427018
  8. Discounts for traffic fines can be considered: Shanmugam in response to Pritam’s instalment payment suggestion source: https://mothership.sg/2020/03/pritam-fines-instalment/ Home affairs minister K Shanmugam said on Monday, March 1, that the suggestion to offer discounts on traffic fines can be considered. This issue was raised by Workers’ Party chief Pritam Singh, and addressed by Shanmugam during the committee of supply debate in Parliament. Pritam said that while composition fines have increased from S$70 to S$100 and S$100 to S$150 for a variety of traffic offences even as they serve as a deterrence, they affect low income road users more as they cannot afford to pay such hefty penalties at one go. “Those most heavily affected by the new high fines are taxi and private hire car drivers, motorcycle couriers, and the low income, who may not have the ability to pay such a large sum of money at one go,” Pritam said. “I would like to request the ministry to consider the option of offering an automatic instalment plan for comparatively minor offences that do not attract a custodial sentence on the condition that the offender undertake not to commit a civil offence, failing which, no instalment plan will be offered as of right.” Pritam added that many of the residents he sees who are on the receiving end of these new fines admit to the offenses and are usually contrite. Discounts for demerit points already implemented In response to the suggestion of instalment payments, Shanmugam said motorists who cannot afford the fines will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by the Traffic Police. Even though discounts have not been applied to fines yet, calibrating penalties to be more lenient have been implemented for the demerit points system, Shanmugam said. This scheme is currently available for eligible drivers who accumulate at least one-third of the maximum allowable demerit points to undergo a safe driving course. “Upon completing the course, four demerit points will be expunged from the driver’s record”, Shanmugam said. Full exchange between Pritam and Shanmugam here: Pritam: Generally, for example, the fines for illegal U-turns, while attracting zero demerit points, were raised from S$70 to S$100, while the heavy vehicle drivers saw the composition sum for the same offence increased from S$100 to S$150. In fact there was an increase in the compensation fines for all offences that attracted fines up to 12 demerit points. For offences that attracted at least 12 demerit points which could manifest, for example, in a failure to conform to a red light signal, the composition fine has been doubled from S$200 to S$400. While heavy vehicle drivers have seen that same offence have seen a jump in the same offense from S$230 to S$500, and so far as the fine amount is concerned. So I agree that road safety is something we cannot compromise upon and the need for deterrence is obvious. However, many of the residents I see who are on the receiving end of these new fines, admit to the offenses and are usually contrite. In most cases, there is no question of actual harm caused because that would attract more severe penalties, anyway. Those most heavily affected by the new high fines are taxi and private hire car drivers, motorcycle couriers, and the low income who may not have the ability to pay such a large sum of money at one go. In the appropriate case I would like to request the ministry to consider the option of offering an automatic instalment plan for comparatively minor offences that do not attract a custodial sentence on the condition that the offender undertake not to commit a civil offence, failing which no instalment plan will be offered as of right. This approach seeks to retain the deterrence and policy objective of higher fines. Some jurisdictions around the world even offer to halve a fine provided it is paid forth with. Such a proposal can be modified with for better policy outcomes, for example, with a requirement for some retraining or refresher defensive driving courses. I hope the minister, and for first the first time offenders only, I hope the ministry can consider such alternatives that achieve the objective of increased road safety awareness and deterrence on the one hand, and reasonable consideration for the financial consequences on frequent, usually low income road users, on the other. Shanmugam We amended the Road Traffic Act in 2019 to increase deterrence against irresponsible driving. Pritam Singh asked whether road traffic fines can be paid in instalments, and whether a one-time discount on points and penalties can be offered for low-income road users. We start with the basic principle. Traffic rules are enforced for all motorists, because the law must be administered equally and fairly. For genuine cases of financial difficulty, the Traffic Police will assess appeals on a case-by-case basis. Something we can consider is the other suggestion to offer discounts on fines to first-time offenders subject to conditions. There is a similar approach for demerit points but not for fines. The Traffic Police offers a safe driving course for eligible drivers who accumulate at least one-third of the maximum allowable demerit points. Upon completing the course, four demerit points will be expunged from the driver’s record.
  9. Last year 44% discount and a big big jam. This year have 45% or not?
  10. https://www.facebook.com/Singapore.Swimming/posts/30-more-days-to-the-fina-swimming-world-cup-singapore-2018-presented-by-yakultco/2124247730940623/ Looks like a small numbers of VW will be on offer. Go bug your fave Sales guy to get the units you after
  11. In Japanese, "Kansha" means "thank you" and this expression of gratitude is a value that Subaru holds strongly to. For all Subaru customers attending the event: Up to 90% discount on selected accessories. Subaru Maintenance Package (One free extra servicing session with every package purchased) 20% discount on Subaru merchandise Motor Image Singapore would like to take this chance to invite the public, as they offer exclusive deals on selected Subaru models, accessories, parts, aftersales services and even lifestyle merchandise products that will only be available during the two-day festival. There will be service clinics with participating sponsors such as Motul and Autoglym. What is Subaru EyeSight Driver Assist Technology? How Does it Work? Subaru’s EyeSight technology works as a “second set of eyes” on the road ahead. Designed as a preventive safety system, EyeSight can warn you when there’s a potentially dangerous situation ahead and can even apply the brakes if you don’t respond fast enough. Powered by dual colour cameras placed strategically at the top of your Subaru’s windshield, this safety system helps add some peace of mind behind the wheel. Watch these video and find out more about Subaru EyeSight Technology! In collaboration with Motul, Motor Image's exclusive engine oil supplier, there will also be car care clinics organised by Motul on how to choose the right engine oil for your car, as well as some car care maintenance tips. Plus all attendees will also get to enjoy other special and exclusive offers from Motul. [Join Subaru Kansha Day] So, what should I be looking out for if I am attending Subaru EyeSight Test Drive Event? 1) Intending to get a car? Come and test drive the Subaru Forester with the latest EyeSight technology and obstacle test drive! It’s now bigger and better with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, Boxer Engine, Subaru Global Platformand EyeSight for safer and more stable drives. Do give it a try! It is an excellent time to check out all the latest car technologies. It will show you why Subaru has performed strongly with its safety features compared to some of its competitors in the market. To sign up for their test drive, visit this link and you can get an exclusive Subaru goodie bag worth more than $100! Enjoy these exclusive deals! Get FREE five years Servicing 10% insurance savings on Subaru EyeSight models Sure Win lucky spin #besttimetobuycar [Join Subaru Kansha Day] 2) I am already driving, so what now? Subaru has partnered with various sponsors to show appreciation toward all your unwavering support! All attendees for the festival can participate in Motul tech talks on engine oil and maintenance tips. Autoglym car polishing & cleaning workshops will also be conducted! It's good to know what is going on with your car right? [Join Subaru Kansha Day] 3) It is a family-friendly event! Subaru has made it family-friendly. So you can bring your partner and kids along to the event. They have bread tasting from Asanoya Boulangerie, free head and shoulder massage, freshly brewed coffee and even kid-friendly activities like mini palm challenge to keep the kids occupied while you can check out what Subaru has to offer! 20% off on Subaru merchandise. Bread tasting from Asanoya Boulangerie Free Freshly Brewed Coffee Free Head & Shoulder Massage [Join Subaru Kansha Day]
  12. DYNAFLEX TECHNOLOGY New Shell fuels with Dynaflex Technology that helps to keep your engine clean and protected for an efficient drive What Is Dynaflex Technology? Dynaflex Technology is our new and improved breakthrough formulation developed for engine efficiency1. It is the result of 5 years of research and development and tested over 3 million km and more than 250 cars2. To meet modern demands, car manufacturers are making engines smaller and more powerful. However, these engines also run at higher speeds and temperatures. This results in more friction and dirt which prevent engines from performing to their full potential. Dynaflex Technology helps to reduce wasted energy in the engine, and also cleans and protects for engine efficiency. All New Formulation In All Our Fuels Now formulated with Dynaflex Technology, all Shell Fuels are even more effective in keeping your engine clean and protected for efficient running. Wonder got offer soon boh...
  13. Hi folks, just to share a lobang to save 10% via this link , for booking hotels worldwide. Cheers Mod: Link removed. Please note that referral (deemed as an advertisement) is not allowed in MCF.
  14. Hi everyone, I put a $3K initial deposit for a new Honda car but had to cancel the order due to some personal reason. Kah Motors not willing to refund my deposit but they willing to transfer my deposit to another buyer as a special case. Rather than forfeit all the $3K, I'm willing to discount $500 off the deposit to anyone interested to buy a new Honda. Everything will be done legally at Kah Motors so this is a legit deal. If anyone is interested or know of relatives or friends who are interested, please contact me at 98077700. Thanks.
  15. just wondering usually from the list price on sgcarmart, how much discount will the dealer give usually? eg $32k for civic FD 2litre, how much discount can i squeeze expect out of it?
  16. Some need to trade in car in order to enjoy the $5k discount etc. How much do they really make from trade in car or they are averaging out by earning some and losing some? If I push in a very basic or run down coe car the 5k seems not bad an offer for the body isn't it?
  17. Does anybody knows how do we get ESSO DBS 20% discount? I always see the advertisement at the petrol station. However the Max I have gotten is 17%. And most of the staff is clueless about it also.
  18. Just received a set of SPC coupons left on my windscreen at MSCP. the discount values from $2( for every $30 pumped), $3(dun remb) and $4( for every $70). I think using the coupon together with POSB Everyday...could SPC be the cheapest petrol in town? lets not talk about using special credit cards which offer more discounts than general cc.
  19. Hi all, I got 3 tickets from the Juventus match in Aug which you can exchange to get a $20 discount for each ticket to the Brazil v Japan match on 14 Oct 14 at 6.45pm. Pls PM me to make arrangements to collect from me. You have to go down to Indoor Stadium to get the Brazil/Japan ticket yourself and show the Juventus tickets to entitle you to get the discount. Discount valid till this Sunday 21/9 only, tel: 63335000 No strings attached and absolutely free but preferably you take all 3.
  20. any credit cards? use Nets only give 10%....am switching to Caltex Viewer's Choice for 14%
  21. Dear MCF bro Esso in Jalan Kayu closing down, giving discount booklet but only can pump in Ang Mo Kio ave 3 and Yio Chu kang area.bro who stay nearby will be best to get.
  22. The calculation is confusing. For $60 of petrol, is the net amount supposed to be $44.40 or $45.60? The cashier yesterday argued with me saying is because HSBC discount changed so its now $45.60. But I gotten $44.40 many times before.
  23. Hello everyone, Esso Hougang along Hougang Avenue 3 will cease operations at end of November due to lease expiry. They are now giving out Esso discount vouchers: $5 off with every $50 petrol, usable from 1 December 2014 onwards at all other Esso petrol stations; this discount is offered on top of prevailing credit card and station discounts. The discount vouchers are given for every $50 petrol purchased at Esso Hougang, and it is a booklet with 4 x $5 vouchers usable from 1 December 2014 all the way till 31 December 2015, ie 13 months, total nominal value of $260. Just to share the above with MCF forumers who pump Esso; good deal if you use DBS Esso Platinum MasterCard, the discount voucher plus the usual 17% discount works out to be 27% discount at the counter, further you still earn Esso Smiles points.
  24. Hi bros, If pump caltex diesel. How much discount and use which cards maximize savings?
  25. Hello all, I thought Citibank DIVIDEND Card can get 18.3% discount petrol at Esso, but the counter casher only agreed to give 14%, and said another 5.3% subject to site promotion do you have same experience?
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