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Found 29 results

  1. Tmr last day All 3 outlets closing https://mothership.sg/2019/01/teck-kee-pau-closing-singapore/
  2. As topic braddell caltex closing this week, they giving petrol vouchers valid from jan 2017 till mar 2017. $5 off for every $50 pump. Can use at all outlets
  3. Today is the last day of Bukit Merah Library. I have a lot of fond memories of this library as I spent my childhood there. I remember a few forum members used to grow up around Redhill, Henderson and Bukit Merah areas. Want to catch up later there? @Angcheek, @Mustank and those I left out? Text me if you going.
  4. Dear Customers, Thank you for your support for the past 10 years Our restaurant Bottle Tree Pte Ltd will be ending our business in 31/3/2014 which is also our last day for all the activities in Bottle Tree Park. For information on new location for our restaurant do call 67597077 to find out. Thank you so much for your support so many year. we wish everyone here have your fun and happy memories here. This is taken from their website , sad to see a good place go. Its lease with the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) will run out tomorrow.
  5. Lobang for MCF bro, Shell station @ Tampines Ave 4, near St Hilda's Pri Sch, is closing down. They are giving discount vouchers valid for One (1) year and can be used island wide at all Shell station. In the booklet, there are 4 x $3 & 4 X $6 discount vouchers for the 12th months until 14 Dec 2016. Each discount voucher is for minimum pump of $30 for diesel or $60 for petrol (10%). The discount is on top of existing prevailing card discount. Existing Citibank - 10%, HSBC - 16%. Must registered with Shell Esc card to get d booklet. Each car owner can get only one booklet. The vouchers can only be used from 15 Dec onwards. The last day of getting it, is 14 Dec 2015. Just nice, my Esso vouchers is ending this Dec. Today, just got a booklet of d Shell vouchers. Hope, it's a good lobang for all MCFers.
  6. Hi guys, Wonder if anybody know what time the bbq seafood/satay stalls close at Pasir Panjang hawker center? And if anybody can give some recommendations for anyplace with such stalls that open till late around the West or CCK area? Thanks in advance
  7. Dear MCF bro Esso in Jalan Kayu closing down, giving discount booklet but only can pump in Ang Mo Kio ave 3 and Yio Chu kang area.bro who stay nearby will be best to get.
  8. I was told by the other branch of Shell that another Shell station at Yishun Ring Road (near Yishun Ave 5) is closing down and giving out vouchers for at least $30 petrol pumping. But those vouchers can only be used at 3 Shell stations. One @ Yishun Street 11 and another near SSC and followed by third place which I could not recall. So, those bros and sis staying in Yishun or sembawang might want to give it a try. It is till 25 March 2016. I will probably try next week.
  9. Hello everyone, Esso Hougang along Hougang Avenue 3 will cease operations at end of November due to lease expiry. They are now giving out Esso discount vouchers: $5 off with every $50 petrol, usable from 1 December 2014 onwards at all other Esso petrol stations; this discount is offered on top of prevailing credit card and station discounts. The discount vouchers are given for every $50 petrol purchased at Esso Hougang, and it is a booklet with 4 x $5 vouchers usable from 1 December 2014 all the way till 31 December 2015, ie 13 months, total nominal value of $260. Just to share the above with MCF forumers who pump Esso; good deal if you use DBS Esso Platinum MasterCard, the discount voucher plus the usual 17% discount works out to be 27% discount at the counter, further you still earn Esso Smiles points.
  10. Ms_tan

    Metro closing down sales

    Metro closing down sales @ Century Square... Sales till National Day...
  11. I've noticed some threads being closed because a particular topic or news link has already been posted in another thread. Most of the time, it's really obvious which thread it is, but sometimes it isn't. That little news link could be submerged in a gargantuan thread dealing with some other topic entirely. Case in point: http://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2696504-singaporean-in-worlds-top-10-earning-pastors-list/ That thread was closed because that post had apparently already been made in another thread. I wanted to follow up on this discussion. So I skimmed through the Lite and EZ subforum. Nothing obvious caught my eye. So I still don't know which thread had that particular discussion going. I even went as far as to do a search for "pastor". I feel that I should never have had to do this just to follow a supposedly current topic that should've stood out on the forum index, but I did it anyway. Here are the results of the search:http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?RPG=&app=core&DIS=&module=search&do=quick_search&req=&search_app=forums&search_content=titles&fullsearch=all&search_term=pastor None of the search results save the locked thread have a newer post than late 2013, meaning that they couldn't be referencing a brand new news article. So I'm left wondering which thread the mod was thinking about. Here are my gentle suggestions for our dear moderators: 1) Please go easy on closing threads as "duplicates". It's fine if it's an obvious dupe, but something as subtle as this, where the topic might be buried in another thread that started out discussing something else, is less clear-cut. Closing every single thread that *might* have *some* echo in another thread becomes oppressive if taken too far. 2) Even if you close, *please* link to the thread, or even better, the *actual post* (especially if buried in a large thread) that started out discussing the duplicate post topic. 3) And finally, wherever possible, *merge* rather than *close*. I understand there may be forum software limitations that hinder this, but if it's doable, then merging is far preferable to closing, especially when posters have taken pains to construct an argument about something to get the discussion going (behaviour we should be encouraging, rather than just having them link and submit). I hope my suggestions are taken in the positive way they were intended. I have been a moderator on international fora before, so I do speak from experience. I am aware of the challenges facing moderators everyday - frankly, it's a thankless task - but having a lighter touch can do wonders for the general tenor of the forum.
  12. one of the famous HK style roasted pork store at Tiong Bahru closing down. remember someone complaint in stomp that the price quite expensive there.
  13. after the closing date, can we still buy the bonds and if so how Are Genting Singapore Perpetual Bonds at 5.125% Attractive? All in all, I maintain that bond interest rates are currently very low due to the low interest rate environments. 5.125% is simply not enough to compensate me for an illiquid perpetual bond investment with no set maturity date considering my equities easily yield dividends of 6% and up. Also, with the denominations set at $250k minimum, it puts this issue out of reach of most retail investors except the high net worth individuals.
  14. heard that the suntect carrefour closing down soon, having clearnace price etc.. any one went there? spotted any good deal for engine oil?
  15. SIX years on from his most recent Formula One pole position, Michael Schumacher finally has a car that seems capable of putting him on top in qualifying, and at this weekend
  16. http://youtu.be/Y5qwrjo8M2Q Gonna be sadly missed. Guess many here grew up going to this particular McDonalds. So many memories.
  17. Coach to Malacca @ Lavender Street / Opp singapore Casket closing end Jan 2012 due to MRT works.
  18. Jman888

    Borders closing down?

    How long do you think it can sustain in singapore if the huge chain is not working in the US ? Times is not doing that well, MPH closes many of its outlets, Kino is niche, more people are buying from Amazon or reading ebook on their tablet.
  19. Heard from a friend that it's closing down despite newly renovated recently.... wonder y renovate if it's closing down... they have too much $$?? he's in Potong Pasir SMC btw... http://locator.dbs.com/index.php/branching...ils/37/DBSPOSB/
  20. 10 mins ago i came back from a work shop. I saw the workshop guy instead of "slam" close my bonnet, he press it down to close my bonnet in lock position. AND THEN WTF SMLJ MY NEW BONNET NOW GOT 3 dents at the area he press. Who experience this?! or is it just my bonnet material is too "soft" ?! :angry: And these s--t make me lose my sleep.
  21. SimonTan

    CWG closing

    Now looking those youths...cheering and so genuinely happy performing their dances. I was also forgot that I am not watching the youth Olympic closing!
  22. SimonTan

    YOG closing ceremony.

    Any one knows will there be an equally grand closing ceremony to hand over the flag to the next organising country? When is the last day of YOG? Can go or must buy tickets?
  23. Mcf777

    Shell Lavender Closing Down

    they are giving petrol vouchers 15% (4 pieces per month) booklet to be used from Jun to Dec 2010. To be used at the 3 SHELL stations 1) Serangoon Road (Opp KIN CHEW LEG) 2) Geyland Lor 7 (after exit from KPE - Sims Drive) 3) Aljunied (Beside MRT) Quick go and get the booklet. I already got 4 booklet during the weekend.
  24. In a letter issued to its customers, Ralliart, a Japanese high-performance subsidiary of Mitsubishi, has announced that it is closing its doors. The company's business case has apparently faded, a victim of the wilting domestic aftermarket scene as well as its lack of continued motorsports involvement. Naturally, we wondered if and how the closure of the company responsible for its high-performance parts and related merchandise would impact the development, production and marketing of Mitsubishi vehicles sold here in the States
  25. have you ever encounter people closing your boot hard? its very worrying as such actions may result in damage to some components such as speakers, rear wiper etc.