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    Pump Petrol In JB - Worth it

    If the cost of living in Singapore becomes a problem then he/she shouldn't work in a job in Singapore in the first place. So saving on the cost of living in Singapore by choosing to reside across the border in Johor, despite a "real" need to work or study in Singapore, is a noble action and done out of altruistic reasons, and not because of their own selfish needs to enjoy the best of both worlds? Yeah, right..... maybe you need to listen to what you are actually saying for once.
  2. Lightbringer

    NUS GIRL takes her perpetrator to task

    This is the outcome of years of erosion of civil liberties, tearing down of the separation of powers, abuse of authority and a complete lack of accountability and transparency all the right up to the highest echelons of power - all in the name of stability and economic progress. This is what you get when a majority of the populace stay silent when faced with a intensifying creep of institutional powers and authority, staying mum in the face of blatant abuse of power, dishonesty and persecution of those who speak up. And people are still talking about they must vote for PAP because no other party is better, or will be more stable for Singapore, etc. I have news for you - most dictatorships are inherently stable, and it is not a question of who else is better now, but what else can be worse than what we are experiencing before our very own eyes today? When the organs of states cannot even be trusted, the ruling powers have a serious credibility and integrity issue at hand. Stop thinking it is not your problem, and it won't affect you. The rot that is spreading from the top down and through our entire civil society and all of its authorities, will touch us all in one way or another, it is just a matter of time.
  3. Lightbringer

    NUS GIRL takes her perpetrator to task

    It's about satisfying justice, not Monica. You might disagree but no need to slyly insinuate that Monica has a thirst for vengeance which needs to be satisfied.
  4. Your adventurous spirit is really inspiring! All the best on your travels :)
  5. Lightbringer

    Aloysius Pang dies after SAF trg Ex in New Zealand

    Add-on: I also saw some posts asking what do we expect the CO to do if there are some bobo soldiers who screw-up. I can very strongly, when the top always escape responsibilities for all manner of screw ups, what sort of messages you think that conveys to the entire command structure? Everybody with some sort of authority or command will simply pass the buck to the person below him! And what do you think happens? Well, just open your eyes and observe history - the deceased are blamed for having allergies, making mistakes, deviating from SOPs, etc. Or an unfortunate fellow comrade or the direct superior gets the brunt of the blame and punishment for his direct role in the tragedy. Everybody else gets a slap on the wrists and goes on to live happily ever after. This no-blame honest-mistake blame-the-dead-guy culture is a rot and cancer in any organisation in which it manifests. And in our case, it is a rot and cancer in the entire political structure ruling Singapore now - and yet the people still ask mind-numbing questions about what's the point of blaming the top people and punishing or removing them from office, what is it going to solve? Well, it's going to solve the exact same thing which the entire freaking criminal justice system has been set up to achieve: DETERRENCE AND MAKING AN EXAMPLE TO INCENTIVE DESIRED BEHAVIOUR. Rapidly losing patience over this....
  6. Lightbringer

    Aloysius Pang dies after SAF trg Ex in New Zealand

    Few thoughts of mine I wish to share for this sad incident: 1) Primary source of anger is the way MINDEF has controlled (or should I say tainted or oppressed) the flow of information from the very first day of the incident right up to the press conference. It is abundantly clear that MINDEF's priority has been damage control to their reputation in the public eye as well as their liabilities from a legal and governance standpoint. 2) Following 1, the deliberately obtuse and generic statements such as "serious injury" and "Corporal Pang was sufficient trained and well qualified" are all corporate speak for absolving liability and responsibility. Anybody involved in marcomms, corp comms or crisis comms will immediately recognize the specific goals which the statements released by MINDEF and their top people such as Ng Eng Hen and CDF/COA were meant to achieve. Very precise phrasing and lines of inquiries all addressed in clinical statements. 3) It becomes very clear that from the very top down starting from the Minister, the entire no-blame honest-mistake machinery is kicking into high gear again. Very little real, genuine, honest empathy for the tragedy and the pain experienced by Aloy, family and loved ones. 4) About those who asks why should the heads or even the Minister be blamed - adding on to the excellent replies from the others, especially about how responsibilities rests at the top of the hierarchy even as work flows down the chain - this is because accountability at the very top creates a very real and strong incentive for chief executives and top decision-makers to plan for and prevent such tragedies from happening in the first place, which in turn would flow down the command structure and reduce the inherent risks (which everybody who served NS before would know about) in the environment. Create the right incentives and human behaviour naturally follows - this is basic corporate management which also applies to the armed forces. 5) the reverse also applies - create a no-blame honest-mistake lets-hint-its-the-fault-of-the-dead culture, and decision-makers will start prioritizing other KPIs such as training time, winning awards and accolades, achieving XXX or YYY, over more-boring KPIs such as safety, zero-death policy or simple welfare. It's human psychology and behaviour at play all over again. Yes, the Minister, CDF or COA did not directly cause the incident with their direct actions - but they certainly could have instituted top down changes that prevents these from happening in the first place. And the buck stops with them - when the top never get held responsibilities for any screw-ups, how do you expect field commanders or line officers to assume responsibility as well? And what do you think the higher remuneration and benefits for the top folks are for - it's certainly not just because of their capabilities, but also because of their heavier responsibilities! 6) very very sad incident. my heart aches. and for the kids here commenting on the motives of those who are grieving - please take your juvenile bulls**t over to Eat-drink-man-woman, because that's where you probably belong.
  7. Lightbringer

    Lorry altercation with cyclist at Pasir Ris

    https://www.cyclingweekly.com/news/latest-news/driver-gets-life-for-murdering-cyclist-61030 Driver gets at least 13 years of jail. Cyclist dies, in a most painful manner, all alone on the road. Have fun enforcing your road rights when you encounter the same situation. Webb suffered horrendous injuries, including all of his lift ribs fractured. He had seven lung punctures and a tear in his main artery, liver damage, fractures of the skull, shoulder blade, pelvis and spine.
  8. Lightbringer

    Lorry altercation with cyclist at Pasir Ris

    All that talk about the law or road tax isn't going to give you back a mangled leg, or reverse your whole body paralysis. For the two clowns who are constantly harping about cyclists rights on the road despite the obviously hostile and risky environment for on-the-road cyclists - I hope you realise you might be causing more tears and grief down the road for other ignorant cyclists who are emboldened by your heroic words about standing up for cyclists right and teaching lousy kayu drivers a lesson by blocking them. If it happens, let's see how you live with the guilt then. Or maybe you would have been a victim of your rhetoric-fuelled ego by then - good riddance.
  9. Lightbringer

    Skoda Karoq

    Looks like the thigh support is quite poor, with a shortened seat bench. Most people just focus on the "leg-room" but dont realise that thigh support as in the width of the seat bench also matters in overall space. I rather have less "leg room" but more thigh support than the other way round.
  10. Lightbringer

    New Electricity Service providers

    Used to be that you had to check the fine print for whether the TLC (transmission losses charges, ~2%) were included in the advertised tariffs. That has changed now as EMA has mandated that all retailers must provide an all-inclusive in their fact sheet for each price plan. Check out the standardised price plans here https://compare.openelectricitymarket.sg/#/home One thing you still need to watch out for is the Carbon Tax, which takes effect from 1st Jan 2019 onwards. I know Keppel doesn't include the Carbon Tax in their rate, whereas Geneco and Ohm does. Need to check the fine print for this.
  11. You have no clue at all on how the policy wonks actually work.
  12. Lightbringer

    Malaysia may drop High Speed Rail project with Singapore

    Can you get off a plane mid-journey as easily as you can on a train travelling through an urban environment? Do exercise some critical thinking before making asinine suggestions, pls.
  13. Lightbringer

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Part VI

    3 words for you and this video - self esteem issues. Get over yourself already... it's a chore reading/viewing your on-road antics and half-assed justifications of your driving style. I rather take a foul mouthed ah beng on the road without the same self-righteous condescending attitude you have on open display. By the way, if your wife have enough issues with your driving style to make negative comments, and instead of doing your duty as a husband to address these concerns, you come right into a forum to justify your boorish behaviour (just so you can recycle the same arguments to your wife?), then oh boy, you really should spend your time learning how to respect your wife more instead of driving like an 18 year old and posting videos of your exploits online... Once again, how old exactly are you?
  14. Lightbringer

    Boleh Land Election 2018

    History in the making. Hidup Malaysia. Much respect to Tun M.
  15. Lightbringer

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Part VI

    zero sympathy for reckless bikers who lane split, swerve in and ou of lanes and speed, or all 3 at the same tim even in heavy rain! how about those bikers who deliberately speed up on Lane 1 when you are filtering to Lane 1 in an attempt to block you off - and when they fail, they try overtaking you from the RIGHT on Lane 1 (i.e. brushing against the barrier or bushes by then). they deserve all they have coming to them.