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  1. Jaspok

    Curb Rash on Rim

    You may try Hurry Tyres at Mckenzie Road, reasonable price and quality is good too. Down time about 2 hours for 4 rims.
  2. Jaspok

    Mercedes Owners Thread

    Hi Guys, I'm looking to change shock absorber for my CLC 180. Any local stockists or overseas website to recommend?
  3. Jaspok

    Mark cool air con

    I also praise Ah Huat for his honesty and professionalism. He will tell u what's wrong and at what price for your decision w/o pressuring. The only prob is he is not familiar with Conti cars and is always crowded, can only catch him real early during weekdays. Pls don't go to other mech there for diagnose or u will get a negative exp. Nowadays experienced and honest mech like Ah Huat is hard to come by in sg especially a/c repair & servicing. Not affiliated to Mark Cool or Ah Huat
  4. Jaspok

    Can suspension be improved/changed?

    The smarter way is to buy absorbers/shocks from stockist (depend on car make/brand distributors) mostly in waterloo st & Little India area and head to your workshop for labour only. Remember to do alignment at tyre shop to avoid uneven wear. My last few cars was done the same way and it saved me quite a bit then going to workshop and carrot. Make sure they diagnose and change all affected/worn out parts (e.g cv boot/lower arms/bushings/mounts etc) while at it since the labour cost is going to be the same. For best comfort & occasional spirited cornering, sports shocks like Koni & Bilstein is a must. Coilovers are mostly harsh unless matched with the right springs(H&R,Eibach) which will take some trial & error.
  5. Hi all, looking for Scrapped Dodge Caliber/Chrysler Sebring/PT cruiser parts namely Instrument panel, a/c compressor etc. Do PM me if you have :)
  6. Jaspok

    Dodge Caliber

    Hi, any Dodge Caliber owners still around?
  7. Jaspok

    Saab cars

    I think most of us already knew that :), just like Volvo is under Geely now.
  8. Jaspok

    Forum for Saabstance?

    Is the forum still around?
  9. Jaspok

    What did you do with your Alfa today?

    Bro my audio shop is at Tradehub 21 so let me know when u free to drop by my place I can also do back the settings for u.
  10. Jaspok

    What did you do with your Alfa today?

    Thanks See Ming bro, I'm flattered but it was my audio shop that did a good job with the system while I just mix and match the equipments which were mostly used.
  11. Jaspok

    What did you do with your Alfa today?

    I will suggest u to find a used 4 chn amp and bridge for the front speakers, in case u need a subwoofer u can bridge the other 2. Y did u went for coaxial when there is separation for stock tweeter and mid driver for the doors?Component will be much better. If possible switch the coaxial to the back and find a decent used component(high sensitivity >86DB http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?app=sgcarstore&req=showprod&product=92669) for the front and u may do without the amp and subwoofer.
  12. Jaspok

    2nd Hand Saab 9-5 yr 06

    Hope its a gd car u can get, remember to check for repair receipts and best bring to yr own workshop to check for major leaks etc, not too sure of BW but having bought last 3 of my cars from dealers must be very sure the car is not having problems already..my Alfa cost me 10k+ to repair but it was still worthy.. We shld org a mini meetup for Saabs, we newbies need a gd chat from the 'Old birds'!
  13. Jaspok

    2nd Hand Saab 9-5 yr 06

    Sure no prob, I will add in the fuel filter (send me the item link) and calculate out the shipping cost for u. If u'r fine with 50% deposit and 50% collection then I will send a copy of the invoice to u.