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Found 103 results

  1. Maybe the mare knew that the our country is going into a semi-lockdown state and wanted to do some last minute exploring first... Spotted by several road users along Eng Neo Avenue, the white horse was apparently lost and was in fact trying to find her way back to her stable on 5th April. As reported by The Straits Times, its owner Ronnie Lim, who also owns Paisano Polo Academy at Turf Club Road, the 11 year-old horse was found 20 minutes later after running off at 4pm. A horse handler had taken it to the paddock that afternoon and was just about to close the door when there was a loud screech from some vehicles on the road nearby, causing her to take fright and run. According to Mr Lim, it was the first time this happened and Cocorita, was a children's riding horse and was usually mild mannered. "Horses tend to find their way back and we're happy she's all right," said Mr Lim, 58, adding that they had found her grazing on a grass patch along Eng Neo Avenue. "She probably got distracted and had a bite." ea6e93fa-bbff-46bc-a4a5-4d669c18cbd6.MP4 f2c06154-220d-4b9c-b3f3-59a2540bed49.MP4 b6a36525-3c1d-4249-bc54-5fc24182ea30.MP4
  2. Is parking free at MSCP @ Red Star (Chin Swee) on SUnday? thanks
  3. need a quick help here... one tyre kena nail and i wish to get it fixed today... weekday hor, busy with work.... any tyre shop open on sunday that u know??...
  4. Iisterry

    Sunday: Undercover cops?

    Undercover cops in Geylang. Excerpt: First, both men looked young, probably between 20 and 30 years of age. Too young to be a taxi driver in Singapore for one of them. Secondly, they wore similar, possibly identical, type of clothes. Not the formal police uniform, but in the same navy blue color nonetheless. Thirdly, and most conspicuously, they wore same type of caps in the car! Also in a navy blue color, the cap was same as the baseball cap, with a long, curved brim. But caps like this are also commonly used by army and police personnel around the world. They are customarily referred to as
  5. Guys, Saw this sign earlier (and many similar ones peppered around the place), off at a open air carpark near the Bukit Timah food centre & Market.There are white lots and red lots ( with the usual warnings on the road). Interestingly, many cars waited / parked at the white lots despite many available red lots. Thus i conclude that they are not season holders.and they didnt put any parking coupons. poor english or bo chup ? and for the record, i did put my parking dues. mice
  6. Does anyone here know the parking rates for Shaw Centre and Shaw House for Sunday? The Sg Mart site and my 2007 street directory seems to give different rates.
  7. Guys, I need your help. Can anyone tell me which air-con servicing/repair workshop is opened on Sunday? I need to go down for a chack...cos air con is not function properly. Thanks a million.
  8. dear All, May need some forumers infor. on the above subject....Thank You in Advance
  9. I hope you start a new thread on this to appeal to all Singaporeans and local residents to wear black this Sunday to honour this man. To mourn with our current PM with his family and also to show solidarity among ourselves as the people of this nation. On this day, we acknowledge one another in sadness but also in comfort, we have one another. We are Singapore. .
  10. Lalapunch

    Any Sunday job recommendation?

    Getting married soon and HDB coming liao Hahaha currently got a full time job but wanted to earn abit more But only can work part time on Sunday =( Any recommendation?? any idea?? I know I know just Sunday only abit hard to find, that why I post here and see you guys got any idea where can I find one.
  11. Sick of viewing carpark notice if is free anot during public holidays n sunday, y can't they just standardised all carpark that needs cupon display to be free on sunday. Won't be suprise some carpark areas 50m difference can meant high difference in charges.
  12. Duckduck

    MY GE this Sunday!

    tok kok here! likely BN win lah, but question is wat %?
  13. I am looking for a cake shop that opens on the 1st day of CNY for birthday. Due to space constraint in the fridge, cannot collect the cake in advance for a day. Anywhere the shop opens!!!
  14. Early Sunday morning at 5.00am, my wife received a call from her company worker that one of the worker (Indian national) was involved in a hit-and-run accident along Jalan Eunos. Whilst the worker was on the way to CGH, he died. The workers were laying cables at man-holes along the road with all the necessary warning lights & equipment but a taxi came and hit one of the worker & sped away. The taxi left behind the front mudguard and the top taxi display light 'indicator'. The accident happen at around 4.30am. Just to appeal any eye witness who happen to travel around this time and saw the accident. TP is currently investigating the hit-and-run accident. Wife had to go to office early morning to prepare reports with regards to the incident and does the necessary to send the body back. Came back only in the afternoon. So irresponsible of the taxi driver who doesn't even stop to help.
  15. On a sunday morning, this clown not enough sleep. I dunno what he is doing on a public road early morning. Got money buy 2L car, no money buy street directory or a GPS. Wake up clown!
  16. First, see the Vios, how it turned there, and the jam....this video shows the carnage. The second video continues, and taxi involved....again then Karma at it's best! Watch Camry SGS28xx...as he cuts in en route to PIE-Changi instead of queing....Follow the camry and see.....orbi good! I think the camry wishing it had not cut lane...... I would have told Camry i got camera n give evidence, but for cutting lane...naaaaaaaaah...let him be...karma Impact at 1.02...Camry bumper lousy man......knn I tell you, for me, if I had not given way to the Lancer at begining, I would now be making report as I believe the Picanto would have been behind me..... Final word....OPC.....dun flame me hor
  17. http://youtu.be/Y5qwrjo8M2Q Gonna be sadly missed. Guess many here grew up going to this particular McDonalds. So many memories.
  18. Previous experience on first day of new year, no recovery service at all. So, "gei kiang" ownself jump start and drove to office, took the battery from my company buggy, just wanted to "cham si tong" for 2 days and wait for the workshop to reopen. In the end, damaged the alternator, sighzz. Today Sunday, "seven morning eight morning" thought of going RWS happy happy, remote open door didn't work, so opened the door manually, turned key to start car, it completely silent - Dead, dead again. This round, I don't even dare to do jump start, request towing service at once and tow it to Autobac. Now they should be attending to my car. My question is, why my battery flat so soon, just 14 months ago I changed a brand new battery? Is there a possibility of power "leakage" somewhere?
  19. I was driving along Hougang Ave 3 towards Euno; and this is a hot area whereby any of the 3 overhead bridge along this stretch will have a TP standing on top to capture any car speeding. Road limit is 60km/h. Yesterday, I was quite surprised that even on a beautiful Sunday morning around 10am, there is one such on the second bridge overhead; he was so well hidden that normally, I would be able to see from far to locate the TP before speeding; he was standing behind a pillar beam on the overhead bridge. Got one offence a few years back (travelling at 70km/h), so was travelling at 65km/h yesterday and did my regular scan on the bridge; was shocked that when I come closer that I saw the TP with the camera on the bridge! The taxi and lorry in the centre lane surely travel faster than me as they went pass me who is travelling at 65km/h. Quickly stepped on my brakes double time a few times to signal the cars behind to slow down. God bless the taxi and lorry; and I do hope I dont get the speeding notice again....
  20. Scb11980

    Sunday On Sabbie's Mind....

  21. MAKE YOUR BELLA FAMOUS!!! Guys, we are going to be featured in HOT STUFF magazine's 100th issue. Please come for our photoshoot, and your car will be remembered for posterity in print. SUNDAY 11 SEP 2011, 0900hrs at Carls Junior East Coast Park http://arocsingapore.com/smf/index.php?topic=268.0
  22. Dear Members, It's astonishing how we've arrived in June - mid 2010 - so quickly! It's time once again for all you enthusiasts and owners to get together for the monthly exchange! This month's get together mini carnival session will be held at ... Autohub Grooming Pte Ltd Venue :304 UPPER PAYA LEBAR ROAD S(534936)(BESIDE JLN LOKAM-TAI KENG GARDEN) Date: 27th JUNE 2010(Sunday) Time : 3pm onwards OFFICIAL MEETUP TIME (Please note the change in timing) WATCH live demonstrations by specialized and reputable brands such as Clifford alarm systems especially for continental makes, Ryders sunglasses, 3 in 1 tyre rescue system, GPS systems, aroma diffusers Light refreshment, finger food, door gifts will be provided! In addition to the festivities, there will also be media coverage by Today newspaper + SGCarmart.com *APPLICABLE ONLY TO SGMERC MEMBERS - 50% OFF REGULAR PRICES FOR ANY GROOMING JOBS DONE OR PACKAGES REGISTERED ON THAT DAY!!DOORS OPEN FROM 12PM. **SGMERC OFFICIAL MEETUP TIME IS FROM 3PM - 630PM. Limited production SGMERC merchandise such as lanyards and member decals will also be available for sale on that day so just give us a shout out! ----------------------------- SGMERC 2010 Shirt - Quality + comfy quartz grey honeycomb polo t-shirts silkscreen printed with SGMERC logo on the front and URL at the shirt tail. Price : $25.00 ea Size try outs are welcome. The sample range of sizes available are XS/S/M/L/XL Please note that this will be the last session where one can try out the sizes. All those who have not indicated their size preferences will be sold shirts based on availability. Actual shirt collection will be in August 2010. -------------------------------- Remember Don't Be Shy, we all will welcome you with big hugs, smiles and kisses if you want! http://www.sgmerc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=14704 P.S. My Comand APS Installer is flying down from the UK to answer any queries and install a few sets. If you are driving any mercedes model and you would like to retrofit OEM Comand APS to your car, kindly approach him. He will have a banner and all.
  23. Wah sibei bloody expensive cars. I feel so poor after seeing this. Expensive rides
  24. hope driver is ok... this civic is i tink total lost liao....got tp there
  25. Anyone read the papers today(or whatever is left of today)? The focus is so much on the incumbant party. Not much mention about the Opposition parties. Our papers better wake up in order to be credible. Don't treat singaporeans like fools! We don't rely solely on papers to get news!