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Found 78 results

  1. ...I would watch more often. 😁
  2. Nearly a decade after Goal 2010, the ambitious plan to qualify Singapore's national football team for the Fifa World Cup, the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) is reviving its hopes of competing in the world's biggest football tournament in 2034. Speaking exclusively to The Straits Times on Saturday, FAS vice-president Edwin Tong said that it was a "realistic" goal for the Lions to achieve in 15 years' time. "We've always wanted to be somewhere on the world stage, so we need to start," said Mr Tong, the Senior Minister of State for Health and Law. "2034 is 15 years away...so you're looking at boys today who are maybe eight, nine to 14, 15 and if you can cultivate the programme that has that endgame in mind, it will do us a lot of good." The FAS' goal for the Lions to play in the 2034 World Cup will inevitably draw comparisons with Goal 2010, which flopped over a decade after it was first mooted in 1998. Sceptics will also point to Singapore football's slump in recent years, which saw the Lions' Fifa ranking dipping to an all-time low of 173 in October 2017 after a winless run of over 11 months. Singapore are currently ranked 162nd. But Mr Tong remains unfazed, saying: "If we're worried about trying to set up a goal and failing, we'll never get there. So we have to be realistic about our prospects; we're not aiming for the next 10 years, but set ourselves a 15-year horizon." He also pointed to the expanded 48-team format for the 2026 World Cup and beyond, which will see the number of Asian places increased by the current 41/2 to eight. He added: "There are a bit more opportunities...The obvious powerhouses, Korea, Japan, Australia, maybe some of the Middle Eastern countries, Saudi Arabia and Iran, the next tier you have Uzbekistan, Central Asians, and of course South-east Asians." "We can look at that as a goal. So it's not unrealistic, but it's also not easy," added Mr Tong, who was speaking at the unveiling of Singapore's first "Friendly Street" at Jalan Bintang Tiga by the Singapore Kindness Movement. Goal 2034 would be used to "focus and shape everything" that the FAS and its stakeholders do and he stressed that grassroots football, youth development, infrastructure and schools would be key to achieving success in 15 years' time. The FAS is currently engaging its stakeholders and refining its proposal, he added. In November 2017, the FAS unveiled its three-point plan for youth development aimed at widening the base of players, improving the quality of coaches and increasing opportunities for youth to play football. The national sports association said then that it hoped to reap the benefits in five to 10 years' time and that the ultimate aim was to develop talented young players to compete in a professional league and eventually the national team. However, Mr Tong said on Saturday that this was "not enough". He added: "We need to have key pillars, we start with grassroots and schools, we must align the way in which kids play football in schools and then we must have the support of facilities for training and matches. "Inevitably we have to work out what to do with National Service (NS), how we can align NS, which is important, with the needs of football." He suggested a "relook" into former club models such as the Singapore Armed Forces Sports Associations (Safsa) and Home United, which allowed full-time National Servicemen to train and play competitive matches. While qualifying Singapore for the 2034 World Cup may seem like a lofty goal, Mr Tong said it would "mean a lot to Singaporeans and sports fans" to see the Lions on the world's biggest football stage. He added: "It will give the country a lift and it is a goal that we want to be realistic about. It's not easy, but if you don't try, you'll never get anywhere. So we set ourselves a target, we try to lift everyone and push everyone behind it."
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_AFF_U-18_Youth_Championship Singapore right at the bottom of the table. Why are our youth so lousy despite drinking plentiful of expensive formula milk since newborn?? Go sports school with highly-paid sports professionals to train them. Clean water. Clean air. Nice bed. Nice aircon bedroom. High education. High calories food. Wear most expensive sports apparels. Parents subscribed to expensive tv sports package. Still can lose out to 3rd world countries with little to nothing of the above while growing up. Think North Korea.
  4. Any website to recommend ?
  5. Caldina

    AFF Suzuki Cup

    Which country will win?
  6. Many thread on EPL, MSL and even online soccer management game and etc. So thinking of starting a thread to discuss our very own Singapore soccer league aka the S-league. I know many people will start to come in and throw all sort of insult to our local league. Bear in mind, this is our very own soccer league. If we don't support our league, how we expect a strong national team. Be it of interest to you or not, please give this thread and our league a chance to ''live'' in the world of professional soccer. ....Peace to all.
  7. Barcelona's Lionel Messi is the most valuable player in the world, what do you think? http://www.football-observatory.com/Top-transfer-values-Messi-outranks-Ronaldo-and-1141
  8. tenyawph

    Valenica FC

    After Valencia coach Pako Ayestaran took over from Gary Neville at the end of last month, Valencia is back on their winning days, winning 3 consecutive league games, and propelling them to the top 8 on the La Liga table. What a reversal of fortune! If Valencia can continue on this form, I don't see why Valencia should not deserve the top 4 spots in the next season of La Liga. So what can we learn from here? It is important that a Spanish coach be in charge of a Spanish football club, so that there is no language or culture barrier. I wish Valencia all the best in the remaining matches!
  9. Spurman

    Venga for fas president

    http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/singapore-football-has/3041302.html I like this interview. Machiam hard truths. Uncensored. And yes. FAS sucks... they need an overhaul
  10. Piangz............ But sibei funny too...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyn1NhnQXyA
  11. As per subject, dear members kindly advise where can i buy them? No online and no replica, i prefer any local retail shop, thanks Mod kindly remove or move this thread if u think off topic, thanks
  12. This thread is for Soccer Manager, the totally pointless game we love to hate. Currently we are mass orgy-ing in World Championship 6223 - Game world ID 28826World Championship 9191 - Game world ID 50548MCF Premier League - Game World ID 60665 (by application only) Register yourself and pit yourself against some of the brightest brains in the world of footy management. Square up against the legendary White One (not so legendary lately), the irrepressible Little Prince (press harder babe!) or the mercurial Lclub (mercurial = blardy inconsistant). Tear your hair out by drawing with the most tedious bus driver or lose all your dignity being trashed by a pussy. Find out that Takumi can beat you in driving and managing and Tarzan yells command at his players while swinging from stand to stand. We will eat you for breakfast,lunch and dinner. 3 times a day.
  13. We import Messi, Suarez and Neymar ? If not, the sea games?
  14. So Neil Humphries is taking shots at Singapore soccer. If you were "king for a day" and make whatever reforms you like - what would you be doing? Here's my personal prescription 1. Institute a comprehensive "four zone" inter-school soccer contest at primary school level. This should be a weekly round robin of at least 12 rounds or more 2. Arrange it so that the final of this contest is played as the curtain raiser to a "big" game - possibly at the national stadium, but if not to the S-League similar 3. More fields that are easier to access for a "kickabout" 4. Sponsor a children's league - to get more clubs and more kids playing 5. Stop the recent nonsense of "age limits" 6. Have the SSC "sponsor" coaching clinics from S-League players to give more career options. What else would you do?
  15. He bring shame to singapore.. since 2009 local soccer is 10 times worse off.. N he multi task as a lousy mp n many jobs. wtf, can he even dedicate 10hrs a week on fas, 10hrx a week as mp and blah blah ba
  16. Picnic06-Biante15

    Singapore Soccer Turning To Samba .....

    Hmmmm............ future SG players to play in Samba styles... Yahoo news: Singapore youth footballers earn 'once-in-a-lifetime' chance at Brazil club A group of Singapore youngsters are set to follow in the footsteps of Singapore youth international Mahathir Azeman by heading for a training stint in Brazil this November. The attacking midfielder impressed at SC Boavista during a five-month stint in 2013, subsequently earning a one-year contract to play for their reserve side this year. Now, former S.League player and current schools coach Fabio da Silva, who helped to arrange Mahathir’s trip, will be leading 10 boys for a 22-day experience at Vasco da Gama, a Rio de Janeiro outfit which has produced the likes of Romario and Liverpool star Philippe Coutinho. The trip is scheduled from November 14 to December 6 and the players will train with Vasco’s various youth teams and also take part in friendly matches. This time, the players come from various schools that Da Silva coaches at primary, secondary and junior college level. Their ages range from nine to 17 years old. “It is a huge group,” he said. “We’ve been following them and seen them play; we don’t want to send just anyone there, we want the boys to have ability. Vasco da Gama is [a] very big [club] and this will be a very interesting and very big opportunity [for them].” Paving the way Da Silva revealed that Vasco was impressed with some of the talented young players they saw whilst here for the 2011 Lion City Cup and subsequently approached him to establish a link. He added that the “right time” to organise such a trip finally happened this year and is hoping that it will be a regular occurrence in future. “A lot of people have been calling to ask me about this opportunity,” he said. “We are [already] planning [for more boys] to go next year in June and November… they (Vasco) want to do this long term. “We believe that in the long term, it can open the doors for other boys to come in [to Brazil] following years, and [also] maybe [for] these boys who are going over there, they [might] show something (catch the eye of coaches) and Vasco will want to follow up.” Meridian Junior College centre-back Soon Wei Jun admitted that he was surprised to be chosen, but grateful for the opportunity and aims to improve both physically and mentally. link: https://sg.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/fit-to-post-sports/singapore-youth-footballers-earn--once-in-a-lifetime--chance-at-brazil-club-032023762.html Only way I foresee is only Sambal Chilli ............
  17. Seems like the North Koreans are the best as far as 2014 is concerned. In SG, hardly see any female soccer matches. http://www.japantoday.com/category/sports/view/n-korea-beats-japan-in-womens-soccer-to-win-gold-at-asian-games INCHEON — North Korea upset defending champions Japan 3-1 to win the Asian Games women’s soccer gold on Wednesday—and again it was all down to leader Kim Jong-Un for sharing his wisdom. Kim Yun-Mi, captain Ra Un-Sim and Ho Un-Byol were all on target as the North Koreans totally outplayed World and Asian Cup holders Japan to avenge their loss in the final four years ago. The North’s players squealed with joy, some bursting into tears, at the final whistle as around 60 of their flag-waving comrades in official tracksuits hopped with delight in the stands. After the match, their coach dedicated the gold to North Korean leader Kim, a big sports fan who is reportedly ailing. “This was an inevitable result as the North Korean players trained with dedication and never stopped fighting to return the warm love of our dear leader Kim Jong-Un, who watched over us” Kim Kwang-Min told reporters. “Our respected leader visited our training camp on July 11 and gave the team valuable instruction on how to win the gold medal at the Asian Games. This victory reflects the boundless feelings of the players for our dear leader.” South Korean fans chanted support for their neighbors from north of the border throughout, many waving unification flags showing the Korean peninsula in blue on a white background. The North’s players sprinted over to the main stand after a celebratory team hug and unfurled their country’s flag as thousands of local fans seated behind huge unification banners with the same design serenaded them with: “We are one At the medal ceremony, local fans and the delirious North Korean delegation continued to chant the same mantra to each other from opposite sides of the pitch. “When our team was being cheered on by South Korea I felt we are one nation,” said coach Kim. “We are all brothers and sisters. I could sense a feeling of Korean unification.” North Korea took the lead after 12 minutes when midfielder Kim stabbed home from close range following some dreadful Japanese defending. They produced a moment of true class to double their lead seven minutes after the interval, Ra latching on to a long diagonal from Jon Myong-Hwa to finish with a clinical right-foot shot.
  18. haha as suggested by fellow Reds supporter Kar_lover... Predictions to the match tonight bros? I think will be 2-1 to us...
  19. Thaiyotakamli

    Goal of 2014

    This is it!
  20. http://sg.sports.yahoo.com/news/two-charged-english-football-fixing-probe-183113457--spt.html Two charged in English football fixing probe wo men with Singaporean nationality suspected of fixing matches in lower-league English football were charged with conspiracy to defraud on Thursday, prosecutors said. The men, alleged to be members of a Singapore-based illegal betting syndicate, were among six people arrested this week in an investigation by the recently-formed National Crime Agency (NCA). Chann Sankaran, a 33-year-old Singapore national, and Krishna Sanjey Ganeshan, a 43-year-old with dual British and Singapore nationality, will appear before magistrates in Cannock, central England, on Friday. A seventh man has been arrested and he and the four other men were bailed on Thursday, the NCA said in a statement. Sankaran and Ganeshan have been accused of conspiring to defraud bookmakers by influencing the course of football matches and placing bets on them between November 1 and November 26 this year. The maximum sentence for this offence is 10 years’ imprisonment. The NCA added their investigation was ongoing. Earlier, the Daily Telegraph newspaper said an undercover investigation by its reporters had triggered the probe by the NCA, Britain's answer to the FBI. No teams in England's lucrative Premier League are believed to be involved in the probe. A spokesman for the Football Association, the sport's governing body in England, said: "We have worked closely with the authorities in relation to these allegations. The FA will make no further comment at this time due to ongoing investigations." The Football League, which runs the three professional divisions below the Premier League, said they had not been contacted by the police. "The threat of corruption is something that the Football League and the other football authorities treat with the utmost seriousness," said chief executive Shaun Harvey. "The integrity of our matches and our competitions is the bedrock of the domestic game." In February, Europe-wide police agency Europol said it had found evidence of match-fixing in top international football matches and it had uncovered an organised crime syndicate based in Asia that was behind the operation. The biggest case of fixing in sport in Britain in recent years involved three Pakistan cricketers and a British agent who were jailed in 2011 for spot-fixing during a Test match against hosts England. The men were involved in pre-arranging no-balls for shadowy South Asian betting rings. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30Y1zmLqfx0
  21. Rally icon Ken Block has teamed up with Barcelona FC and Brazilian national football-squad star, Neymar Jr, to create the Footkhana film. Based on the popular Gymkhana videos that were pioneered by Block, Neymar Jr's skills and focus are put to the test as Block guides his Ford Fiesta rally car around the footballer in a series of sideways manoeuvres and tyre smoke. Meanwhile, Block matches the Brazilian star's precision by saving and scoring a number of goals with his Fiesta. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdBXpORSGu0 Freestyle footballers Andrew Henderson, Sean Garnier and Lassi Hurskainen also teamed up with the pairing to demonstrate their skills under the guidance of double FIFA World Cup winner, Cafu. "It has been amazing to work with Ken Block and the other freestylers," said Neymar Jr. "I can’t wait for football fans to see our freestyle tricks in action as we go head-to-head against Ken and his car. Block was equally as enthusiastic about the outing and commented: "I know my fans are going to enjoy this Footkhana film since it's a spin on my Gymkhana series, integrating some of the best freestyle football players in the world.”
  22. Rayleigh

    Latest Nike Soccer Clip

    Hey guys, enjoy this long nike video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XviR7esUvo#t=236
  23. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/iran/10622778/Iranian-women-footballers-to-undergo-gender-tests.html The country's football governing body is bringing in the random checks after it was revealed that several leading players - including four in the national women's team - were either men who had not completed sex change operations, or were suffering from sexual development disorders.
  24. Chapter1_andy

    What soccer jerseys do you own?

    Hello all soccer fans, Just curious, what football jerseys do you own? Please post any pics you have here as well. Also, what is your favourite jersey amongst your priced collections?