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Found 5 results

  1. excited and looking forward to the start of the new season! starting off on the news of Son leaving Spurs for Asian Games... Son Heung-Min sorry for leaving Tottenham to play in Asian Games http://www.espnfc.com/tottenham-hotspur/story/3580361/son-heung-min-sorry-for-leaving-tottenham-to-play-in-asian-games via @ESPN App http://es.pn/app
  2. BPL 2018/19 coming to an end with one more game to play on Sunday, 12/05/2019. The results were shocking and many teams that expected to do well but didn't. Its time to do some reflecting, repent and replenishing for some teams ...... Lets do some contributing to the teams who badly needs reflecting, repent and replenishing ..... First Stop :- ManUnited Reflect First third of the season was a shocking roller coaster rides. Ups & downs and went to the middle of the table listing. Second third of the season did better and catches up with the top 5 and in position to push for a UCL place. Was happy to see them reaching for UCL placing. Last third of the season was unbelievable shocking. Sloppy passing, wasteful shooting, doesn't seem to click together. Out of a sudden, their top goalkeeper lost his golden gloves and making silly mistakes. Repent 3/4 of the players needs to repent and reflect on themselves. Their 18 players (inclusive of reserves players) on every match total value more then 500 million pound produce the a result of unpredictable. Replenishing Needs a 80% replenishing of the players if they can't perform with such a high paycheque per week. Can see some of the players hearts are not here and just waiting for summer transfer window to open. No need to say who and these are the players thinking big that some big rich European Clubs coming for them. Come, lets hear some of your contributions on the other BPL clubs. I can't write all at one time, need your helps ...
  3. Picnic06-Biante15

    BPL 15/16 - The New Season Part 1

    Sorry brother OS, since no one started a new threat for the new season. I start it. First match this Saturday, 8th August 2015 ManU vs Spurs - 7.45 pm 10.00pm matches 1. Everton vs Walford 2. AFC Bournemouth vs Aston Villa 3. Leicester City vs Sunderland 4. Norwich City vs Crystal Palace 12.00 midnight Chelsea vs Swansea City Sunday 09 August 2015 1. Arsenal vs West Ham United - 8.30pm 2. Newcastle United vs Soton - 8.30pm 3. Stoke City vs Liverpool - 11.00pm Monday 10 August 2015 West Bromwich Al vs ManCity - 03.00am Lets the drama begin ............. May the best team win.
  4. The stage is set... http://youtu.be/O26kkBkjBhE
  5. haha as suggested by fellow Reds supporter Kar_lover... Predictions to the match tonight bros? I think will be 2-1 to us...